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  1. I think many here might say that you are more likely to fall forward. This has been my experience, especially once you get some speed because if you step off you either keep pace with the speed of the ground below you or fall forward. You might get lucky and roll, but many people fall face first onto the ground. For me, shin/knee guards, wrist guards and a full face helmet are the absolute minimum. Many would then add a chest protector, but my next piece is elbow guards as I scraped up my forearm the first time I fell without them. As a person who studies brains, I must advocate for the f
  2. @mrelwood I really appreciate these reviews, it's super helpful to have the perspective of a full sized person. I actually steered away from the V11 initially, and went with an RS HT as my second wheel. Who knows, perhaps I'll eventually sell the XL and get one of these. AND the leather pants kill me bro you're one stylish f'n dude on the EUC!
  3. You got it, I didn't pick up that you lived in Richmond. Many don't know this, but Vic gets about 30% less rain than the GVA and about the same percentage more sun. In the summer we're in the rain shadow of the Olympic Peninsula and it is pretty much semi-arid and we'll easily go 4-5 weeks with no rain at all.
  4. I'm on the left coast in the warmest winter region in Canada, actually just a bit below the 49th parallel that defines most of our border. Surrounded by the pacific ocean on three sides we don't usually see more than a week of snow each winter. It can rain and blow like crazy, but there are always sunny days (like today) where the temperature in 7-10 degrees Celsius (45-50 f). By March everything is in bloom, from March 4-10 we have our annual 'flower count' where a bunch of bored folks wander around and estimate how many blooms there are in the city.
  5. It's part of a broader set of learning principles related to embodied cognition and yes, it is possible to improve the rate of learning a new skill by visualizing and practicing it in your mind before attempting the movement or activity. It doesn't matter if you have experience with the activity or not. I used this strategy and was up and rolling within 30 minutes on the EUC, I've shared the concepts in other threads and others here have also endorsed the learning technique. At the very least you have everthing memorized in terms of how to get on the wheel etc. If you're good at visualiza
  6. @Paulo Mesquita any timeline for when you'll get your wheel? I'm 50 and learned how to ride last summer. I found it quite helpful to watch and study lots of beginner instructional videos on how to ride an EUC prior to getting mine. It's helpful to 'embody' yourself in the imagination of learning how to ride in advance of actually getting the wheel. Sorting out details ahead of time like the right technique for mounting the wheel, how to get going forward once your on etc. can be really helpful. I now use a 'skateboard' style launch nearly all the time, although it does require you to com
  7. Sorry for my ignorance, I'm catching up on tyre tech. I have a new RS HT that I really only plan to use on the street, it seems obvious that a different tyre would improve it's performance. Where did you source the tube for it then? Do you order these separately somewhere? That tyre looks fantastic and sticky, me want
  8. @XaBi are you running that tire tubless? If so, can you share the steps needed?
  9. @atdlzpae if you would like to learn more about personality disorders and the typical behaviors people with these mental health conditions display perhaps explore the Out of the FOG website https://outofthefog.website/ There are times when a person's behavior goes beyond what is rational, beyond the point where the person can be reasonably communicated with. This has nothing to do with left or right. This will fade away after Trump has less airtime and less ability to split people and pit them against each other. "Splitting' is a classic PD behavior, both in terms of polarized views of p
  10. +1 on this comment, it's totally muscle/implicit memory learning. I lost a bit of ground (like perhaps 15%) the first break I took but got that back within 15 minutes on the wheel. I've taken a break for as much as a few weeks since (just started this past June) and get back rolling immediately now. I also got my second wheel recently and by the time I was at the end of my street was rolling perfectly well.
  11. I continue to maintain that all of this chaos is the direct result of Trump's actions which are invariably driven by his personality disorder. From my previous post, it is the group of people who believe in the lies and propaganda Trump has been touting who will be impossible to communicate with. As a final comment on this thread, this isn't about red or blue for someone like me who is outside the country, it is about a toxic leader who has actively manipulated his base for over 4 years. Trump doesn't care if people are hurt, if the country is split, he only cares about Trump and is unabl
  12. Why? You'll invariably get drawn into an irrational discussion with people who have been misled and adopted false views. I don't believe for a minute my interpretation of Trump is polarized or part of a group think, nor am I at all interested the false politics based on delusional conspiracy theories. As a atheist, there is also no type of religious argument that would convince me of anything other than yet another person who is unable to think for themselves. There is no word of god, only the words of people put to paper. When sanity, truth and neutrality are portrayed polarized 'group t
  13. As an observer with a bit of distance, the loss of perspective your friend and so many others have experienced was an intentionally constructed political act. I would guess that even Trump and his early advisors would be surprised at how well it has worked and how easy it was to convince otherwise rational people of false believes when the 'leader of the greatest nation on earth' tells them some thing is true. The last 4 years has been a brutal example of brain washing on a national scale in the US. If only the victims of this could understand how precariously the US has lurched towards nation
  14. For sure, I can agree with that. Trump is one step further though, to the place of being clinically a narcissist. It is the destructive, negative actions he takes which distinguish him from a politician who needs to generate attention to be successful but does so through a lens of prosocial values. Take all the lies for example, time and time again he lies and lies. He simply does not care that he's teaching millions of children (and impressionable adults) that lying and manipulating to get your needs met is acceptable. It's all about the attention these lies generate for him. There is no righ
  15. Refreshing...! I work in mental health and have a 'doctorate' (you know, one of those things Trump and his thugs have said repeatedly has no value). As a scientist of human behavior there are a couple observations about Trump that are too often overlooked. It centers on the basics of narcissistic behavior and the chronic, compulsive, need of the narcissist to acquire 'ego supply', which in it's simplest form is attention, of any kind. I won't get into the politics because it's not my country or my issue beyond the instability that his actions bring to north America. He may be 'anti w
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