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  1. Nice!!! how's the cornering and stuff going? I've started practicing crouching once in a while, found that for some reason the wheel wobbles less if I put my hands out in front of me... probably just better balanced or something. Can you continuously ride in circles yet?
  2. the rash was a bit refreshing actually, it had been a long time! I've simply met too many people who's lives have been devastated in an instant not to wear a helmet. As for the other gear, I'm with the OP in that I don't want to be laid up in recovery or have a preventable injury that sidelines me from my new EUC hobby. I've had enough injuries in my life to know what difficult rehab and recovery is like, the minute it takes me to strap on gear is well worth the effort!
  3. wtf... so today I'm hitting the buzzer at 34kph all the time... I see the temptation to go faster now! When you're on the road and navigating traffic and bikes the impulse to just out run things or to stay ahead of the bus behind you starts to really creep in! I'm sticking with the 34 for now though -- they can just wait! Speed wobbles are for the most part well contained. So long as I don't space out and start getting all 'dead sailor' on the wheel and keep moving my weight around and shifting they don't seem to get established. I can feel them start but shifting and staying fluid seems to correct them. I still wonder about the wheel though, they aren't a fully side to side thing, there is some front to back oscillation (by front and back I mean the wheel moves sort of in an S pattern -- it doesn't ever overcome the motor and move directly forward or back. sort of like the front and back of the wheel go side to side at slightly different times) in the way the wheel moves. Unfortunate we can't pull the motor/wheel/tire and balance it like a car tire... it would be nice to know 100% for sure there isn't an imbalance somewhere. crossed 100k on the wheel today and rode up mt. tolmie, down to caddy bay, past the QA and then up along ash road. nice!!
  4. Day 1 LOL -- I'm fully geared up now though! wrist, elbow, knee shin and full face helmet I was doing at most 15kph when I did this, was rolling so well in the field next to my house I decided to ride a couple blocks and bailed on the pavement. I'm in a very quiet suburb though, and there was zero traffic. I have stepped off the wheel many times since then but I haven't actually fallen since! the mistake I made was trying to stay with the wheel too long, now I just run away from it at the first sign of trouble You'll be rolling in no time! like I said, try for longer sessions. It seems to take an hour to get anywhere useful and back and knowing you have the endurance for the trip is the fist step
  5. If it was me (I'm in the final stages of a research phd in cognitive science) I would challenge myself, in an incremental manner, with some cardio exercise. I would start slow and see if this caused me to feel dizzy or in any way fuzzy or disconnected. If no, then I would gradually step up the intensity and stop to check my status at each step. I would do this until I was confident that I could push hard at 80% or more of my VO2 max. If I became symptomatic during any step of this stress test I would be more inclined to believe I had a concussion. I would then seek out a PT who has experience in concussion rehab and work with that person to build back up my capacity. That's just me though, you do you
  6. Any problems with memory, cognitive fatigue or attention?
  7. Have you tried doing any light endurance exercise since the injury? For example, doing controlled exercise on a stationary bike in a gym. Injuries to the brain that don't reveal changes during imaging (MRI, CT) are often metabolic in nature. Increasingly, assessment and rehabilitation interventions involve cardio exercise. If you're seeing a physiotherapist who has a background in concussion rehab they may be able to guide you through this aspect of recovery. It's not necessary to hit your head to sustain a concussion, the injury occurs due to rapid deceleration. Think whiplash in a car, people don't usually hit their head in these events either and these accidents often involve injury to the brain. All the above said, cervical/neck strain and injury is notorious for causing unremitting headaches as well.
  8. A pic to celebrate breaking 100km on my first EUC!! A little hill climb to challenge myself too bad it's so misty, can't really see the ocean and mountains in the background...
  9. Welcome, I'm a relatively old guy -- turning 50 in a few weeks. I've been riding for a few weeks now, approaching 100k on the wheel. I'm not sure aggressive riding is good riding... perhaps you mean more willing to attempt corners and practice technique? One of the things I worked on early is getting my endurance on the wheel built up so I can ride for an hour or more during each session. This was a combination of learning how to relax, becoming more efficient in managing the wheel and likely a small improvement in endurance for the muscles involved. There seems to be zero cardio involvement and I think the big gains were in relaxation and technique though. Once I crossed the 30 minute mark I started to clock more distance and to progress with my technique a lot faster. For example, today I went out for about an hour over lunch and practiced cornering and riding in circles. Then I drove down to drop off my car for repair about 10k away and rode it home. These days I tend to alternate my riding sessions between technique and distance runs. I'm slowly, very slowly, inching up the speed and today barely hit the beeper one time at 34kph. I was at 29 for the last couple runs and was bumping against the beeper constantly, 34 feels fully functional for now and I can run away from bikes on the our regional trails enough to keep space and stay safe. reducing time in danger is a key motorcycle skill, it also makes a lot of sense on the EUC.
  10. @CGPro856 very helpful for me to learn the cut off switch only works when it is not moving! Very helpful indeed! From above, I finally figured out how to turn it on but after a day noticed that the switch is twitchy and sometimes shuts off the wheel when I extend the trolly handle or otherwise interact with the handle even if I don't put any where near enough pressure to actually lift it up. This spooked me -- big time! and gave me visions of the handle turning off the wheel going over a bump or something... but, I'm guessing some poor schmuck was the lab rat for that experiment long ago and the risk was mitigated by a software solution. Regardless, I don't miss having the lift sensor enough to tolerate it's inconsistent behavior when I'm moving the wheel around so I'll probably just leave it shut off...
  11. I found this on another thread, just updated and live in the last couple days https://euc.world/library They are FUNNY!! I do notice pedestrians seem to appreciate hearing me coming, something a little more friendly than a fat boy harley will be nice. I'm thinking the horse track with the sound of a horse munching grass on idle. The slow gallop sound will probably sound great at speed... will need to give it a try soon!
  12. LOL -- they all have a pic of you taped under the sun visor with red bolded instructions to leave you tf alone it's all about who you know hahaha
  13. Thanks for putting this together @Seba!! It works perfectly on my android phone, I just navigate to your website and install/download direct to my phone. Turn AVS on again and the tracks work perfectly!! They are soooo bloody funny!! I'm still undecided about which one I will use the most but I like them enough to reconsider buying a wheel that doesn't have bt speakers! thanks!
  14. I didn't word that well, what I was trying to get at is that while EUC's may not be 'legal' for road use does this also mean they are not 'legal' for use on regional trails and sidewalks? I went for a training ride this morning to practice turns etc and then took the EUC to go drop off my car for some work down by the Bay St. bridge. On the way towards the goose from there I was on the sidewalk, going the 'wrong way' against traffic, and a bit wobbly as I had just made a tight and poorly executed turn off Bridge St. and rolled right past a cruiser (could have touched it). I just kept my eyes forward, my speed down, and then stopped as I approached a pedestrian and walked it for a bit to ensure it was clear to the officer that I was respectful and in full control. He drove on, that was that. I wonder if the outcome would have been different if I was on the road even if I was going the right direction... I'm just speculating, and probably over thinking (a chronic pastime ) perhaps they are genuinely interested in actual criminals and reckless drivers and not in pulling over a middle aged white guy (insert white privilege here) riding some weird thing they don't understand.
  15. Great thread, it seems 'the wobbles' remain somewhat of an enigma although I do like the term "self-exciting oscillation". And no, this is not what I do in the shower when nobody is looking I have about 72km on my first wheel and started to encounter self-exciting oscillations (gawd, I'm going to use this term everywhere lol) as I got faster than 25kph. I'm cautious though, and they never got out of hand. I have noticed that the wobbles get 'set up' on slightly uneven terrain that creates a certain frequency when I ride over it with some speed. I haven't encountered them, ever, when cornering or while being more active on the wheel. I continue to work on some slight weaving and will need to keep practicing how to do them at higher speeds. I sort of 'pretend' carve when going faster so I'm shifting my weight a bit (which might actually be enough on the wobble front) but I'm not confident enough to dig in to it. I have definitely also notice the wheel becomes unstable and starts to wobble when I need to crouch down to go under branches etc., @Rywokast it makes a lot of sense that I should spend some time practicing how to crouch! I hadn't fully considered how far away (literally and figuratively) using one of the seats for my 18xl actually is, if I can't crouch under a branch without setting up a wobble the idea of sitting on the wheel is simply naive!
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