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  2. Hi everyone! Question for Nikola owners: have you encountered any problems with front light? In my case during the night rides it sometimes turns the light off, then in a second light turns back on and the wheel plays the activation sound. It doesn't affect the ride itself, but definetely doesn't seem to be normal behaviour.
  3. Hello, Would some of you have photos with tesla pedals on an MSX? Does the magnet work well? Thank you !
  4. Selling my inmotion v10 i just change the motor on this one still in good condition. 700 miles on it. https://imgur.com/gallery/mjJq0N4
  5. Thinking this tyre will reduce my current crash rate from 4 down to 2 a month
  6. Yes, you must have missed his signature, president of the Australia Rick Astley Fan Club, imagine that, what a small world. I wish it was a video of Rick Astley riding a 118V Monster 2.
  7. 6: das hab ich beim inmotion v8 erfolgreich getestet. Online rechner zu geschwindigkeit bremsweg zum berechnen des maximalen bremsweges für 3,5 oder 5 m/s^2 dann an nem schönen tag mit helm und schonern raus, boden markieren, ab wo bremsen und bis wo stillstand 3,5 m/s^2 sind, und paar mal üben, was maximales bremsen ist. ich kam so weit, dass die trittflächen etwas hinten runter gehen beim scharf bremsen, also an der Grenze der Motorkraft. Dann klappt es mit 3,5 und mit 5 m/s^2 Die Idee von Nils Reichert finde ich gut. Wir fahren einfach den Testaufbau der Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen nach: Bremsen Vollbremsung aus V max = jetzt wohl 20 oder 25 km/h Zielbremsung auf eine Linie auf der Fahrbahn aus 15 km/h Wenden: Kreisfahrt links rechtsrum bei einem Radius von 1,7m, also 4 Pylone im Abstand von 2,4m aufstellen und innerhalb dieses Vierecks wenden. Ausweichen: Torbreite 1m, Torversatz 2m, Torabstand 3m. 8 Pylone aufstellen und eine links rechts links Kombination mit 15 km/h durchfahren. Benchmark ist das Fahrrad mit einer Durchschnittsgeschwindigkeit von 13,5 km/h. Ich habe es noch nicht ausprobiert, aber alle die diesen Parkour fahren können, sollten am Samstag den 15.06.2019 zwischen 11 und 17 Uhr nach Bergisch Gladbach zum Tag der offenen Tür der Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen fahren. Ein Programmpunkt lautet: Elektrokleinstfahrzeuge zum Ausprobieren Mal schauen ob man den Leuten zeigen kann, wie sich ein Einrad fährt. Vielleicht trifft man ja auch auf die Verfasser des Heft F 125, Untersuchung zu Elektrokleinstfahrzeugen, Maxim Bierbach, Thorsten Adolph, Alexander Frey, Bernhard Kollmus, Oliver Bartels, Heike Hoffmann, Armin-Laszlo Halbach oder irgendjemand anderen, der an der Studie beteiligt war. Es sollen ja 30 Leute aus dem Amt beteiligt gewesen sein, vielleicht gibt es ja ein Umdenken. Grüße Axel
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  9. I tried contacting him a bout a wheel 1,5month ago but didn't get a reply on two occasions. :'(
  10. Wow she's really good some nice trails, nice father and daughter time 😊 for people with younger daughter's who are to young to ride could always try this father and daughter combo this video will make you smile 😊 😁
  11. Outstanding! A simple solution to a big problem for some. Thanks for sharing your skills! Edit: Sorry to be a pain but I can't get the Crydom or Amazon relays in the UK. Would you be kind enough to select the correct relay from this page please? The filters really help but I have no idea where to start! https://www.mouser.co.uk/Search/Refine?N=18383526
  12. https://www.1radwerkstatt.de/epages/80603321.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/80603321/Products/9b_Z10
  13. No problem my friend, thanks! Just wondered if I had missed an update
  14. Yes, but I'm still working on some features for the next release, so please give me few days
  15. Hi Seba did you manage to correct the Tizen mileage issue yet?
  16. i ride the msx and when doing a high speed turn, you have to be committed and lean into the direction you wanna go and trust the wheel. if you are turning left for example, leankinda like diagonally forwards and left and dip the left side of your body, push down on left pedal and sort of tip toe on your right foot
  17. Could use some pinch weld on the edges, but they haven't damaged me or been damaged yet - and I've stacked it many (far too many) times since fitting them.
  18. Swipe your finger from left screen edge to the right, as in the movie that @Lefteris uploaded few post earlier:
  19. An Inmotion dumping you at top speed with plenty of battery? Thought I'd never hear of such a thing. Are you under the 220 recommended weight limit? If you are within the specs of riding that wheel I imagine there must be some very unlucky rare fault with your V8. Like KingSong they limit the speed lower than they are capable of and the wattage of the motor can peak much higher than the rating they give.
  20. I really like that customisation - really makes it personal and yours! I guess the pedal extensions might dig in a bit in a crash and get bent out of shape, but should be economical to repair. Looks super comfy - I'm jealous. All I've done to mine (in the vein of road bicycles) is to add a few ~ 10 cm sections of front (white), rear (red) and side (white) reflector tape in a vague attempt to make it appear more "road-legal" and less toy-thing I guess.
  21. Yup totally. I don't know the grade of Alu I used, it was scrap from a mate but certainly this is more than enough for the job for me and I'm over 100kg. I needed slightly longer screws and countersunk would be better than the dome headed ones I had handy. The old top plate acts as a template for the holes and skateboard deck tape over the top finishes the job. Can still get the case off easily with them on and it doesn't interfere with the normal pedal operation.
  22. Yeah, that's what I thought too. Useless fall, not even any data was collected!
  23. I'm on Pixel 3 XL, just installed the latest version. The first time the app launched it showed the settings but now I can't get to them. Is there some trick (long press or something)? The wheel isn't connected yet (it's downstairs).
  24. Great that nothing grave happend! Not really anything to be seen... You have a bad bluetooth connection - there are many disconnects of 10-20 seconds in your log. So maybe also just while your accident
  25. Unfortunately EUC are extremely hard, and in my opinion impossible, to keep a constant radius with a constant lean angle turn. Instead, at all times for all turns one describes an S turning pattern. You can make it fairly constant by leaning off the wheel one way or another...basically using your weight...but as far as I can tell wheels require constant S turns or leaning off the wheel. In contrast, any two wheeled vehicle can angle its front tire to achieve a constant lean constant turn. They use their rear tires as a keel, so to speak, in order to provide the rider with leverage that doesn't move, but no such keel is available to EUC riders. As an example, take the Z10 and try to ride it in a large perfect circle. 1. You get one countersteer, after which the wheel rights itself. Keep doing that and that's the S turn, but be mindful that everytime you twist your hips to turn the wheel you have to untwist before you can twist again. You have to "pay" with time before you can chamber another round, so to speak. 2. Lean off the wheel. In my opinion, wheels having "no keel" places a very hard limit on the top speed of wheels, beyond which countersteering won't be enough to get you around a turn and where you can't lean far enough off the wheel to get it to make the turn.
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