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  1. JZT-Colorado

    MSuper Pro?

    What is this side pad you're using, and where/how can I get them here in the U.S.?
  2. Anybody know a good place to sell a used OneWheel XR with Fangs bumper wheels, removable carbon fiber fender, Hoverpads concave footpads rear AND front, clear rails (installed before first ride), power plug cover, etc.? Only 410 miles. No serious crashes. Only $1700. Thanks!!
  3. V10F is up for sale. Only 267 miles. Has some scuffs, but nothing major. Includes plastic cover. GREAT beginner wheel! I love this wheel... but find myself gravitating toward my Nikola for speed and my MTen3 for around the house. $900 seems like the right price for such low mileage.
  4. The Nikola is probably better at night, with brighter and fancier lights.. plus BT speakers... so the Nikola is a better "party wheel." Any other situations where the Nikola is superior to the MSX?
  5. Are there any riding situations where the MSX is clearly superior?
  6. Marty, do you prefer the MSX for rides like this (over the Nikola and/or 16X) for the larger wheel and greater stability? i also saw that Chooch has recently gone back to his 100v MSX too...
  7. I'll be doing a Fort Collins ride tomorrow... if anyone wants to join, just DM me or call or text (if you have my number... if you don't, just ask in DM).. -J
  8. @Jimmy Chang, You said you bought another wheel from eWheels.com, what did you get? :-)
  9. If y’all are willing to come to Fort Collins, I know an AWESOME trail ride we can do! Who’s in?
  10. Just picked-up a 100v Nik+!

    1. tessa25


      Congratulations! You've got a few more to buy to catch up with @Marty Backe.

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