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  1. Hey EUFers, I've enjoyed Duf's Nikola+ 100v 1845Wh hugely, but have now placed my order for an S18, so it's time to leave the stable. This is the one with 18650 batteries -- that won't catch on fire. I've now REPLACED the sides, so she looks good as new with only 762 miles. She runs GREAT and everything works. Only a slightly-bent handle (which I prefer now, because it stays in place). She was $2k new and looks BETTER than on Duf's YouTube videos now that she's all clean and shiny! Looking to find her a good home... now for only $1450 plus shipping. Could more fun possibly be
  2. Is that an MSP Hi-Torq or Hi-Speed?
  3. I got my MSP hi-Torque yesterday too... and it's friggin' AWESOME. It's soooo smooth and stable!!
  4. Absolutely, completely true. Add one more to the list: Very experienced PEV rider; I’ve been riding e-bikes, e-scooters, hoverboards, e-skateboards, OneWheels, and EUCs from their first availability. I’ve fallen/crashed all of them. I’ve only had ONE serious injury (torn meniscus— 6-months to heal), and that was from a OneWheel cutout. Add to that a certain arrogance from the OneWheel staff, and I think you’ve got a recipe for a significant class-action lawsuit. The sad part is, with a modicum of sense of responsibility, the safety of the OneWheel could be improved dramatically;
  5. Correct. Weight-savings is a benefit on 100% of my rides... but when I want music, I just clip one of these to my belt: https://www.jbl.com/bluetooth-speakers/JBL+CLIP+3.html
  6. What is this side pad you're using, and where/how can I get them here in the U.S.?
  7. Anybody know a good place to sell a used OneWheel XR with Fangs bumper wheels, removable carbon fiber fender, Hoverpads concave footpads rear AND front, clear rails (installed before first ride), power plug cover, etc.? Only 410 miles. No serious crashes. Only $1700. Thanks!!
  8. V10F is up for sale. Only 267 miles. Has some scuffs, but nothing major. Includes plastic cover. GREAT beginner wheel! I love this wheel... but find myself gravitating toward my Nikola for speed and my MTen3 for around the house. $900 seems like the right price for such low mileage.
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