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  1. I stand corrected @enaon. Apologies for questioning your expertise. What an odd situation, flashes red a lot but isn't the brake light as stated. Sorry for hijacking this thread with this info too. I'm looking forward to the reviews on the 'Hero'. I think it might surprise us.
  2. I just tried it again the back light certainly works and senses tilts and lights up although I didn't test the brake specifically hard as its hard to see at the same time as riding in my hallway. Maybe that is what they fixed on the firmware upgrade 2.07? or maybe it doesn't work as a brake light. I will try checking again when I go out on the wheel proper. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. No it doesn't disable the brake light. The settings on the S18 let you put the front light on dip/fullbeam or both it doesn't effect the brake light. You can check this out yourself. Switching on EUC puts it automatically on light sensor mode; both beams. Press power button again; main beam only always on, Press power button again dip beam always on, press power button again turns lights off.
  4. I imagine they will let you change the setting so lights are always on like the S18 does.
  5. Looking good, Price £100 less than S20, UK Delivery expected Jan 30th. Two types Speed or Torque..
  6. When jumping curbs If you are not already doing so remember to press down your weight on the pedals just before so the tire acts like a spring.
  7. As you are approaching higher speeds, if you are not already I would practice emergency stops and hard braking at the speeds you are now hitting. When I first went out the birds had no clue what I was and were not startled like they would have been had I been walking. It is so true that dogs in a garden bark and get alert whilst out in the parks they either don't bat an eyelid, want to play, or I had one who is scared of any type of wheels (Cars/Bikes/EUC's). I don't really get any grief from them although I had one chase me and I just played around with it going in circles and slaloming
  8. I would consider the MCM V2. Its light and slim (38lbs) has pretty good range and torque for its class. Its waterproof. Good bang for your buck. I do not own one but have ridden one a few times and was impressed.
  9. It does seem very cloudy. So the upshot is the results from SHARP are meaningless because they don't use the correct methodology. But the methodology they used actually over emphasised the impacts used. Does this sound right? https://research.birmingham.ac.uk/portal/en/publications/critical-evaluation-of-the-sharp-motorcycle-helmet-rating(280d89b4-7f74-4b4a-b5b0-a0bf029d7989).html
  10. I bought this helmet. PROS: Cheap, Well made. SHARP 4Star rating CONS: Slightly Heavy at 1506g on scales but manageable for me. Field of view is not a major issue as use a mirror on helmet too.
  11. I think Kingsong has already implemented Hall sensor redundancy in the S20. They are certainly working on it. See 2min 28seconds in of this vlog for details.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VaZHyoZI2nU
  12. I love it, I found your channel previously and it has been a great inspiration for me and to see what can be achieved. You sir are a Master. Respect.
  13. I am going through exactly this at the moment. I am currently 18 days in learning how to ride one legged on the opposite pedals. ie Left leg right pedal, right leg left pedal. It uses different muscle's again to standard one legged riding. I'm also finding riding backwards one legged is another.
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