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Found 13 results

  1. Moderator notice: Hello and welcome. This is the King Song S18 discussion topic (you can make further topics as you like). This has been split from the official info topic for the S18, so the info is easily available to everyone and not hidden in some monster thread like this one. The official information topic for the S18 can be found there: Discussion about the S18 can happen in this very topic (or you make a new one). Say what you want to say, no holds barred The official info topic is only for posting official info (indeed!) by the King Song representative or sellers. By the way: You can quote posts from other topics into this topic by using the small "+" button next to the quote function. - Original post:
  2. What are the main differences between this and the master?
  3. Rumors of a new Kingsong suspension wheel named S20 confirmed. Official reveal August 26, 2021. These are the leaked photos and specs. 20" tire. 126V. 3300W motor. 2220 Wh battery. 70km/hr. Dual 10amp charging. Integrated display, seat and kickstand. Spiked pedals comes standard. Adjustable power and jump pads. Wow! Tentative: $3200 USD. 66lbs/30kg. Expected delivery Dec 2021 - January 2022. Suspension System: DNM RCP-2S 240-75 spring suspension, 750lbs. Non-linear dampening, 130mm suspension travel (30mm more than S18), 75mm spring travel (57mm for S18), Motor Power: 3300 Watts (7500 watt max). 40 degree climbing angle. 70km/hr (43.5 mph) top speed. 105 km/hr (65 mph) free spin speed. Custom 60mm hollow bore motor, custom bearing seals and temperature monitoring. Controller: Modular controller integrates lights, charger, on/off, and display. 4-layer design. 12 high voltage MOS TO-247. 16 heatsink columns for fast heat dissipation. Battery: 2200 Wh. LG50LT 21700 5000mA, 120 cells. Smart BMS. 10amp dual charging. 4 hour charge time. 200km est. range. Comes with 6amp charger.
  4. Now this could be a true Master with a sweet 2400wh battery Spot and 134V What do you think?
  5. Inmotion V11 Inmotion introduced its first ever electric unicycle with Air spring suspension system. Release date: 2020-Apr-03 Shipments date: Approx. 2020-July Specifications Color Black (+Carbon print) Weight 59.5 lb 27 kg Range 75 mi 120 km Speed 32.5 mph 50 km/h Lifting angle 35 deg Maximum load 120 kg Charging time 10 hours (5 with two chargers) Motor Power 2000W (rated) Charger 84V@1.5A Battery 1420 Wh (80 cells, 21700, 20S4P) Headlight 18W, automobile-grade Wheel diameter 18" Tire width 3" Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0, BLE Water protection class IP55 Dimensions 26.6 * 19.7 * 7.87 in 67.5 * 50 * 20 cm susp2.mp4
  6. * Can anyone recommend a few shocks that are compatible with the Hero? Cheap ones and as welll as expensive ones. Whats the best bang for your buck? * Are there any other videos of the procedure besides the one I have posted above? * Anyone complete the upgrade? What did you use? What are your thoughts of the result? Big improvement?
  7. Officially unveiled just now, similar suspension design as S18, has a display. Video with Kujirolls riding it on Facebook and youtube: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GotWay/permalink/4428493350542286
  8. This was recently posted in the Gotway Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/352845635409860 Model name :Gotway EX Motor:3500W Battery :2700Wh Suspension Speed: 70 km/hr Tire size: 20 inch Here is the link to the video. https://www.facebook.com/groups/352845635409860/permalink/612687079425713/
  9. Hey Everyone! For the past 3 years I have ridden my Kingsong 18XL everywhere and anywhere. I would say I've become somewhat of an advanced rider over the 3 years with that wheel. It is the wheel that I learned to ride on, and truth be told I haven't touched any other EUC's ever aside from my 18XL. That is until yesterday! Yesterday I payed a visit to an EUC distributor and touched another EUC for the first time! In fact not only did I get to touch them, I was able to ride SIX new wheels! 😎 It might sound kind of funny to some of you, but I was like a kid in a candy shop! The wheels I tried for the first time were- M10, V8, 16X, S18, the Sherman, and the S20. Obviously coming from nothing but an 18XL, the Sherman and the S20 stole the show for me. So to get to the point of my question- I rode the S20 for maybe 30- 40 minutes (wow what a good looking wheel), and the Sherman for about 1 hour. My thoughts after riding these wheels- I expected more from the S20. It hurt my legs quite a bit (probably just the pads) but I had a hard time feeling in control of the wheel. I also thought the suspension would have been a little better. I did play around with the suspension settings, but thought it would have been a little bit better. Granted, the wheel felt quite nimble for its size. The quality of the wheel is worrisome. While visiting the show room, another customer checking out the S20 broke the power button right off the wheel. We were still able to turn it on using a pin 📌 though lol. In regards to the Sherman- I expected good things from it, and it gave me more than I expected! I went in fully thinking that the S20 would give the Sherman a run for its money, but I found myself soon drooling over the Sherman with its stable and strong stance. With what felt like endless power it became an extension of my body very easily. Yes the bumps were a bit harsher without suspension. But not as big of a factor as I thought it would be. Seated riding was a breeze, and I love the idea of a bigger battery (something that concerned me about the S20). So after riding all these wheels (with most of my time on the S20 and Sherman) I feel like I'm leaning more towards buying a Sherman over an S20. I wanted to know what your thoughts are comparing these 2 wheels! For those who have tried the S20 and or Sherman. Yeah I would rather own both, but for me that's not an option unfortunately 😕 FULL DISCLAIMER! I only had under 2 hours combined with the 2 wheels. My opinions could change if I had more time. These are just my initial thoughts. Please let me know what you think! Thanks 😊
  10. What do you guys think? Is it a pro or con? Looks crazy fun tho!
  11. Hello Iron Korea, this is Kim Young-il Development of light suspension conversion that can be installed on iron products This video is a promotional video about Korean sales. New projects will be equipped with more upgraded suspensions. Please pay attention to Iron Korea, which is always developing. Changes Light version with suspension Pedal height 15cm -> 18cm Tire change 16x2.15" ->16x2.5"
  12. This information is provided by Daniel Kot of EUCService. Does anyone know something?
  13. Here’s my DIY ‘suspension’ cushion to make the ride smoother
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