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  1. hi guys, i have 16x since february, i have done 2700km on it without any cut-offs, i am quite heavy (100kg geared) and ride up to 45kmh. I honesty think that this wheel is pleasant to ride but has some issues which really annoy me : 1. Wheel is not dust proof at all, it has many open holes, even front light was dimmed by dust lol, to clean it up i had to dismount almost entire wheel https://i.imgur.com/sagJtHu.jpg https://i.imgur.com/6dSWaWY.jpg 2. Pedals dipping for few minutes after first power on - i think it happen when the engine and battery is cold, when i power it on immediately after charging the issue dont occur 3. Loosy trolley handle makes bad noise when i break, this noise sounds like some kind of problem with engine but is actually not
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