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  1. I have sherman and this issue dont exist
  2. Has anyone notice high-pitched sound from sherman? Its not very loud but annoying
  3. Hey guys, can i connect back light to the front? Just for testing purpose
  4. Hi,has anyone noticed strange motor behavior after turning on front light? It feels like motor is choking for few seconds, sometimes changing position of front light cable helps. What is goin on?
  5. wait for test of production v11
  6. some People consider this as a nice feature :-)
  7. Marty do you think if v11 will allow to ride sitting if rider is 200lbs and more? sometimes wheel support only light riders
  8. i felt this pedal floating issue on my firends msxs 84v, my 16x is solid hard compare to gotway
  9. Is it true that peak motor power is only 3000W? When i accelerate on my 16x i often exceed 3k W, i really like v11 but i dont wanna soend my money on potencialy weaker wheel:(
  10. hi guys, i have 16x since february, i have done 2700km on it without any cut-offs, i am quite heavy (100kg geared) and ride up to 45kmh. I honesty think that this wheel is pleasant to ride but has some issues which really annoy me : 1. Wheel is not dust proof at all, it has many open holes, even front light was dimmed by dust lol, to clean it up i had to dismount almost entire wheel https://i.imgur.com/sagJtHu.jpg https://i.imgur.com/6dSWaWY.jpg 2. Pedals dipping for few minutes after first power on - i think it happen when the engine and battery is cold, when i power it on immediately after charging the issue dont occur 3. Loosy trolley handle makes bad noise when i break, this noise sounds like some kind of problem with engine but is actually not
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