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  1. I like everything about KingSong S20. Add your battery 2486wh to it would be perfect. Where is your website? What's the price including shipping US? Competition is fierce!
  2. I am now learning how to ride backward on one leg. So far, it has taken me over 6 months and not completely successful yet...but slowly getting there. Next is one leg backward 360s. There is so much self-learning and thrills in this learning process. Hopefully soon things will just flow like water and dance like butterflies...my friends!
  3. An old couple--61 and 69--have been riding 5 years. Love it, even a fall once in a blue moon is well worth it. We are always running our own local travelling tours covering easily of 30 miles of scenic route that otherwise by walking would be unlikely
  4. Be careful? This time is a puddle of water. Next time it may be a tree, a wall, a cow or a kid.... Don't get carry away by the thrill of speed, esp. in a dark surrounding. Now you are wiser!
  5. BB-gun for self defense against pitbull attacks! Will I win or lose in court for self-defense against a dog?
  6. Decrypted: I think she wants to be known as the one who taught you how to ride it, though she wasn't...and she is always the driver!
  7. It's indeed one of a kind fun! I use it to commute to work and cruising/sightseeing on my days off. Take it with me on vacation. 5 years later, it's my most used way of commuting, beat buses, cars and ....walking.. Sick me, got 8 of them
  8. When you get cited and found guilty in court, then it is illegal. Otherwise, anything goes these days! Running over anyone is definitely never legal!
  9. Too many either crazy/irresponsible drivers are always in a hurry to go somewhere trying to beat the pedestrian light. I always have my little 140db horn alarming when I cross a crosswalk or intersection...make eye contact and hand raised to make sure if someone do hit me, they can't make the excuse of not having seen me. Of course, we also have drunk drivers who might have seen you and decide to run over and kill you! It's a hell out there sometimes. Just be defensive, small objects have to give way to big powerful objects, as simple as that! Even a 10-million dollars verdict in your favor is
  10. You can ride an EUC simulating skating and skiing. Skating is start riding with one leg and then switch to the opposite leg. Skiing is like doing squats at the same time swaying the lower half your body. Another exercise is 180 degree body twist by rotating your body 180 left or right. If you want to exercise, you can carry a couple of dumbbells along to do curls. Really, anything you can think of, it's up to your creativity! How high can you jump?!
  11. I thought I saw a pair of wings on this wheel!
  12. I can remember 4-5 years ago the first time learning how to ride the KS16, it was so un-instinctual not having anything to hold/grab onto. It was scary... scary of what? Falling? Or nothing to grab? Or somewhat existentially free? Those of us who ride and fall in love with riding EUCs know the kind of freedom from not being bounded by the conventional existential feeling of holding onto something. What is the life lesson in this mode of freedom? I find this mode of freedom is described by the philosopher Alan Watts in a book "The Wisdom of Insecurity." Holding onto things/concepts/beliefs see
  13. I never have considered KS S18 due to its limited range. Love the design and suspension. But now, Lukasz has changed my mind with his battery upgrade. Lukasz, I don't know if any of these scenarios is possible to share your technical expertise with us: 1) Sell a DIY upgrade kit to the rest of us. 2) Import KS S18 into your home country, then upgrade them there and sell abroad. 3) Show your upgrade to KingSong and see if a collaboration with KingSong to sell an upgraded KS S18XL. I wish everyone can win in this situation - happy sellers and happy riders! Looking forward to a KS S18XL!
  14. EUC world screen...


    1. Scubadragonsan


      Only a suggestion: Your screen seems to have sacrifice a lot of top and bottom space that could be minimized more so that key features can be more prominent. With Wheellog screen, user intuitively swipe to left/right to other screens. I have the same issues with 3 watches: Unihertz Jelly 2 (shown now in photo), Lemfo and Conquest F2. 

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