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Local Southern California Rider Caught On Video

Marty Backe

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Well, gadgets are cool and all... but how about a compact folding table, so Mark can have a nice dinner on the move? Imagine the astonishment of tired LA drivers sitting in traffic when they see this guy not only sneaking around cars, but to add an insult to the injury, devouring a nice steak with a glass of wine!!! (non-alcoholic, of course) Youtube will be flooded with videos of him, and Mark will instantly become a Hollywood celebrity!

I don't see why a capable rider can't do this on a Monster.

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On 12/22/2019 at 3:03 PM, mrelwood said:


Especially the propeller! :roflmao:

Laugh all you want but that propeller had something to do with guidance system for his missiles... :P

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