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  1. I really enjoy the album "Hers was as thunder" by Wildlight. Pretty sure it's Polish Ambassador and Ayla Nereo. So good. I also really enjoy cruising to Ott and Pink Floyd....or Griz if I'm feeling dancey.
  2. I am now far more likely to install a seat on my Nikola....that is insane!
  3. By that, do you mean things like aggressive acceleration?
  4. To start, my riding weight is probably around 180-185lbs (I haven't weighed myself in gear yet). I'm riding a 100V Nikola+ 1800wh w/ 21700s in soft mode. I got my Nikola a few weeks ago and last Tuesday I decided to do a range test with it. I had just lowered my tire pressure to right around 38psi. I didn't start at a completely full battery. I had done a quick lap around the neighborhood the night before so I was down to about 99.9V at the beginning of the ride. This was also a new route for me since my MCM5 could not make it this far so there were a few small turnarounds on this ride, but nothing major. I rode my wheel from downtown Denver to downtown Morrison and took a picture of Red Rocks Amphitheater from the south side. It was a glorious ride! Unfortunately, I started with a low phone battery and was only able to record the first half of the ride until I turned around in Morrison. Overall, I made it 53 miles and was riding tiltback for the last mile or two home. Here's the link to the first ride: https://euc.world/tour/584445150505235 Yesterday, I pumped my tires back up to 45psi and tried again. This time I started the ride a bit closer to full battery (100.4V). Since I didn't have a log of the first trip home, I decided to do the same first half to Morrison, but on the way home, I took a different route south to explore some new trails. Because of this, it's not a perfect range comparison, but still something worth sharing. I'll probably try to repeat this test a few times with the exact same route to gather some more data. Because I knew the route a bit better this time, the first half was a little smoother, but I tried to keep them as similar as I could. Overall, I was able to get 58 miles before I felt a tiltback. Here's the link to the second ride: https://euc.world/tour/584668238080230 When I reached my "turnaround point" the first time I was at 91.1V (52%). The second trip, I was at 93.4V (64%). I'm very interested to see what this is going to look like when the routes are identical. I had 12% more battery at my "halfway point", but by the end, I only saw about a 10% increase in range. The second ride was also slightly colder out. The first trip, the temperature was in the 50-60Fs, while the second trip I started in the upper 40-50Fs. Has anyone else tried to measure how much extra range they're able to squeeze out with increased tire pressure? Any other tips for increasing range? I'd love to squeeze out 64 miles so I can try this awesome loop I mapped out.
  5. I just ordered a linear sheet of it and cut out what I needed. The Nikola isn't too bad to wrap.
  6. For those of you who have the new Insta One R, how are you liking it so far? Was it a good buy? Seriously considering one to start filming these glorious rides.
  7. I want to say yes, but part of it could be me getting used to the wheel. Going to lower the pressure today and report back.
  8. What tire pressure do you enjoy best for your Nikola and why? What is your riding weight? I'm currently around 50PSI at ~185lbs. I'll probably drop it back down to the 30s and build back up to try and find my preferred pressure. When I first got my Nikola, I was getting speed wobbles around 20mph. Not sure if it was just me getting used to the new wheel or if it was pressure related. I think I was around 40PSI then. I ended up going up to 50 to see if it would help at all with the gyro effect I was feeling and I think it did, but I still struggle taking turns at speed. Will keep adjusting to try and find the sweet spot. @Patton250, if I remember correctly, I saw you mention having issues with speed wobbles in an old thread. Did you do anything to get rid of them? Did they disappear as you got used to it?
  9. Saaaaaaame. It was such a pleasant surprise. I had even warned my coworkers about how obnoxious the new wheel would be, but it's no worse than the MCM5
  10. Glorious idea. May have to try this mod soon.
  11. Thanks! My girlfriend took the lead for most of it. She absolutely killed it! No screws under the stickers on this model, but the screw holes are still there. Definitely made life easier. I definitely see what you mean about the pedal pad. Will add something there for sure. As far as the LEDs go, I think I'll try to find some thin black tape to bridge the gap after I trim back the vinyl.
  12. Saaaaaame. I can't decide if I want to learn to love the stock tire, or try to get something that feels a little more natural. It's such an odd feeling when it just wants to keep going straight, though I imagine that come in handy for things like snow/ice riding where leaning = instant fall. It's insane how drastically different these wheels can feel.
  13. Stage One Complete!!! Still need to cut out a channel for the LEDs. They're too pretty to hide. Considering wrapping the top trim and handle as well. Also want to make some power pads for it and some rubber bumpers around the edge. Will post progress as it happens.
  14. I'm honestly still on the fence. I can't really say that I don't like it. Just that it's different. I definitely plan to give it a few hundred miles before I make any decision. It may grow on me. The gyro effect is just a really weird thing to get used to. Adjusting my tire pressure may also have a large effect on how I feel about it. We will see. Definitely looking forward to comparing it to the MSP though. Thanks for all your reports, Marty!
  15. I definitely know what you mean. I just got my Nikola a couple days ago and it's such a different feel than something like the MCM5 where I feel like I have a robot leg. Can't decide if I like it or not, but it's definitely a different feeling. I wonder if you would like the Nikola if it had the tire swapped out? I've heard it makes quite the difference. I'm definitely considering doing it on mine at some point, but I want to give this one a bit of time....see if it grows on me. Now if I can just get Chooch to let me try out this MSP...
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