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  1. My brother had other expenses. If your still interested. Let me know thank you.
  2. Hi Fadkar . My brother got some other expenses. So if you still whant it let me know.
  3. I still have it. My brother whants to buy it this coming weekend. If he doesn't come thru I'll let you know.
  4. I also travel to SF I got family in san jose area. Let me know and we could meet.
  5. Yes ita on the ventura county are between LA and santa Barbara
  6. Hi Paul I got a tesla with no more then 100 miles. For $1200 firm. it is the v2 with speaker and lift switch. It is in excellent shape. I'm in the Ventura county California area.
  7. I got a gotway tesla new on it's box I only test it for a mile or so. It crosmail with another company and I end up with two teslas. I'll let it go for 1,200 cash.
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