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  1. No license is required and you also don't need any safety gear. Because the rental e-scooters only go 8mph then it limits the amount of damage you can cause. EUC's are motor vehicles and motorised vehicles need insurance. If you don't have a license then those 6 points will go on your driving license when you eventually get one. Also those points on your license will affect how much you pay for insurance etc. I understand you can also be fined and have your wheel confiscated. A fairly easy to read explanation of the law in the UK is here. I try to stick to quiet suburban roads and ride f
  2. That's true. I forgot to mention that and it's quite important.
  3. You get penalty points on your license for driving offences like speeding. If you get 12 points on your license then you're banned from driving for 3 years. If you're stopped by the police for riding your EUC then they "can" give you 6 points for driving a motorised vehicle without insurance. This has already happened a few times in London, if you're lucky then they'll take your details and issue you with a warning. Get a few warnings and you're back to 6 points. I've been driving for 40 years and don't have any points on my license so the thought of getting 6 points is quite alarming. Yo
  4. I tried my hardest to understand your post, I really did. Either google translate was having a laugh or the meaning was absent to start with. The whole piece reminded me a little bit of a Zen Koan.
  5. I originally bought the wheel from one of the aliexpress sellers (greentravel or something like that). With Covid, Brexit and port closures in Europe I ended up waiting for 3 months and eventually cancelled my order. I have now bought the wheel from a private seller of new wheels in the UK via ebay. It's not a perfect deal as he offers no returns and no warranty but it's a price I can afford. If I had just a little more cash then I'd of gone through a local supplier like erides or speedyfeet.
  6. There's nothing wrong with having a little excitement. What is unacceptable is causing danger to others like the mother and child on the pedestrian crossing. What is really stupid is then filming it for fun and posting it on Youtube. The problem with young impressionable riders (I may of called them imbeciles above) is that they then copy this style of riding because they think it's "cool".
  7. Maybe, if the main interest of these "EUC enthusiasts" is just to get Youtube clicks, then the obvious way to counter them producing all this bad publicity is for the rest of us is to simply dislike their videos - not just one but all of them. It hurts my enjoyment of the sport when we get bad publicity. Here in the UK we recently went from being in a legal grey area to being outright illegal. That occurs because videos like this encourage local imbeciles to ride in the same style because it's "cool" and that's how they ride in NYC.
  8. Immediately after the last post, I ordered my Nik+ from China and bought a neoprene cover locally. The cover arrived a couple of days later however the wheel never arrived. I've now ordered a wheel locally and it should be arriving next week if all goes well. Few more questions: Can the lights and current LED setting be turned off and on easily or do I need to cycle through everything? I often go into shops and having all the lights on makes it more likely that I'll be asked to leave. I'm most likely to stay around 24-30mph - am I the slowest Nik+ rider out there? what would be my
  9. I'm fairly certain the dinosaurs died out long before that Stunning pictures by the way. I live in inner city London so I'm lucky to see the planets but I can occasionally see the rings of Saturn and the Galilean moons. I also wave to the space station whenever it passes over head.
  10. So would you stop and turn your music down at traffic lights or when riding through residential districts? Having no immediate way to turn the music down would just piss people off. You live in the countryside where no-one else can hear your music but these wheels are largely marketed as urban transport. In cities, no-one wants to listen to other people's music. Personally I'd prefer they stop putting speakers on wheels.
  11. Personally I'd go for the Sherman as it will hit any speed you want and go for as long as your legs will last. It seems very reliable too. I personally wouldn't go for the EX mainly because of the price but also because of the potential reliability issues: there's the hollow bearings which fail far too soon, there's issues with some of their 100v batteries bursting into flame and there's the worry about how long a suspension system based on 1200 psi pressure will last in a rough environment. I also wouldn't go with the Monster Pro as, whatever question you ask, the Sherman seems to be a
  12. It doesn't really matter whether it can match the braking of one brand of escooter, it needs to be able to brake as fast as the the other vehicles on the road. Even the old motorcycle I ride, which was designed in the 1940's, will stop in a 1/3 of that distance. I suspect you'll soon become a trunk ornament.
  13. I'm pretty sure they can tell you what you can't do. Skiing is fairly safe compared to racing but then look at Schumaker.
  14. I'd imagine their insurance (or their agent) would stipulate that they're not allowed do anything "dangerous".
  15. Learning: it helps to have someone show you the ropes and also prove that it is possible. If you don't have someone then it will take you a week of solid practise. After about a month of riding you'll feel safe in traffic. After 2 months you might actually be safe in traffic. I'd get some protection for whatever wheel you get. Fun : it will be fairly terrifying for the first few weeks. There's always a new challenge. Just remember that you will fall particularly when learning. I am between the Kingsong 16S and the 18XL: The 16S is far more manoeuvrable and accelerates quicker but it
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