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  1. You should also have a look at the KS16S which is similar to the V8F but offers more range. It's also available now.
  2. My apologies, I thought the video was showing how useful these cameras were to be able to prove who is to blame in an accident.
  3. Not at all. I'm just pointing out that, without the 10 seconds before the incident, your video doesn't "prove" who is to blame. I tried to explain why in my previous post.
  4. Inmotion is drip-feeding specifications and details every couple of weeks to hype the product tbh this has gone on for so long now I'm starting not to care either way. If it was sending humans to Mars then I'd understand the wait but adding suspension to a wheel shouldn't really be rocket science. We still don't even know if it's even helpful.
  5. The problem with this type of video "evidence" is that it's heavily edited by the owner. In the first few seconds of the video we assume a car has overtaken the rider and then immediately turned into a parking spot - the driver would obviously be completely at fault here but it doesn't show the car overtaking. What if the car had stopped in the road before pulling into the parking spot - I suspect the rider would then be at fault. Thing is without the moments before the incident we can't say who's to blame so it just doesn't make good evidence. Obviously, because those vital seconds have been edited out, I have my suspicions
  6. The problem is you've only stated one wheel you want. Why not state what you want it for? how much you'd like to spend? distance you want to travel? on road/off road? do you think you'll ride fast or steadily? do you need to lift it up stairs? do you want to walk it through crowded places? Then people can provide some suggestions. Also, Inmotion is likely to announce some new wheels this week so there's a chance something new might come up or older models like the V10F might become cheaper (if you're still keen on that). It's also worth looking on places like aliexpress and gearbest to see if you can find cheaper prices that are more in range (obviously you'll lose out on the support of a local dealer that way).
  7. @Stillhart Why consider the V10(F) if it's got a reputation for overheating and you live in a desert on the top of a hill? What sort of range are you after? Are you going to be riding on roads or trails? Are you a speed demon or happy to go steady?
  8. I'm a bit confused. How do you manage to be courteous to others while playing loud music?
  9. I'v already fixed the garage roof, serviced most of the motorcycles, cut a drainage channel for the garage and have just finished servicing the bicycles. Thinking of taking out the windows at the rear of the house and replacing all the hinges as they've been bad for a few years now. My main hobby is programming old style arcade games so all this has allowed me to finish off one or two. Reading (a lot). Trying to set up an outdoor gym and other amenities on the local park. Thought about taking up piano but the rest of the family voted me down on that one.
  10. It's strange times we're living in but, here in the UK, you could probably get stopped by the police for riding your EUC for "pleasure". We're allowed out if we're going to work (that's assuming you're classed as an essential worker) or if shopping for essential food or once per day to do daily exercise. I'm not sure how an EUC ride in the forest would fit in It's obviously more relaxed in Finland (and I'm guessing the US) but it's far more stringent in Spain, Italy and China. I did try setting up a very tight circuit in my small garden but I got thrown on the downhill section into a bush - fortunately the wife was asleep.
  11. Totally agree. Perhaps an official version could include a higher spec charger to make use of the 21700 batteries. Maybe even include a tail light and brake light to make it more "road legal". I already have the KS16S so it's not sufficient a change for me to get one but it would be an easy wheel to recommend to others.
  12. Just wondered if anyone has experience with the above wheel? Particularly interested in weight, real range and charge time. Has the case strength been improved? Do any of the Tesla's have a rear light and brake light or are they planning to? Is the wheel an official Gotway wheel or a mod?
  13. I seem to remember some folk were fixing a vibrator to their wheel (that might have the wrong word ) so, rather than hearing the beep, you could feel the beep. I'd normally google for the correct term but I suspect google would just send me adverts for sex toys for ever more if I did.
  14. I guess it depends on how much range you need. If the existing battery suits your needs and you're not getting speed throttling then getting a larger battery will just cost money and make the wheel heavier. Unless you have issues with the current motor then I'd stick with it, it's supposed to be one of the most reliable motors out there. A nice improvement might be getting the XL pedals though.
  15. They might of removed the update because of the pandemic (lack of possible support in China). It may still be possible to load FW2.01 it using the EUC World app.
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