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  1. I don't understand the advantage of doing that. It seems like a lot of effort to build something that's 10% (1.5 kg) lighter but offers 13% less Wh and presumably range.
  2. You guess correct - I still have the first car I bought 35 years ago! I loved it then and still love it now even if I don't drive it much these days.
  3. Use the EUC World app to load the latest firmware and make sure you recalibrate the wheel afterwards.
  4. The problem for you though will be that both wheels will have almost the same range so you wouldn't be getting the full benefit of having two wheels. If you saved a few dollars more and you could perhaps get an Gotway MSX 84v 1600Wh or perhaps even last years model Nikola.
  5. I think it's because the V10 only used to have a 650Wh battery which was quite small for the size and cost of the wheel. The V10F offers better value with a 960Wh battery. Things have changed a little recently because the the V10 has recently started shipping with a 750Wh battery and the price has reduced a bit. I find it a bit weird that beginners are often recommended the most expensive wheels out there. I accept the argument that a high end wheel will continue to be useful after learning but I'd just ask - how many folk here bought a new high end car to learn to drive in? I'm guessing no-one. I'm the same size, and nearly the same age, as the OP but I bought a lowly V5F to learn on. It made it easy to learn on and I didn't feel heartbroken every time I dropped it. A big advantage of the Inmotion wheels in general is they have a fairly inexpensive cover available for them which protects them during the learning phase. The disadvantage of learning on any cheaper, less capable, wheel is that you soon hit it's limits and feel the need to upgrade. For me that was less than a month but I live in London and found it fairly easy to sell the wheel.
  6. I'm not sure how accurate the information you get is from pinky and the brain. Solar output hasn't changed much and, if anything, is at a low at the moment. NASA explains it fairly well here: ' One of the “smoking guns” that tells us the Sun is not causing global warming comes from looking at the amount of the Sun’s energy that hits the top of the atmosphere. Since 1978, scientists have been tracking this using sensors on satellites and what they tell us is that there has been no upward trend in the amount of the Sun’s energy reaching Earth. A second smoking gun is that if the Sun were responsible for global warming, we would expect to see warming throughout all layers of the atmosphere, from the surface all the way up to the upper atmosphere (stratosphere). But what we actually see is warming at the surface and cooling in the stratosphere. This is consistent with the warming being caused by a build-up of heat-trapping gases near the surface of the Earth, and not by the Sun getting “hotter.” ' I know it's hard to believe climate change when you live in a city surrounded by snow but I I have a small place in France near the foot of one of the largest glaciers in the Alps. It's currently retreating by 40 meters back up the valley each year. It's mildly amusing reading what you write but sadly the reality is in front of me.
  7. Don't get me wrong, I really like the 16X and I suspect it will be my upgrade wheel in a years time. The waterproofing issues I've heard about (gaps, holes, on/off switch) are all things I'd of thought would of been addressed by the 3rd generation of a wheel. All KS wheels seem pretty good at protecting the rider from themselves but there have been a number of instances with cut outs and heavier riders - no doubt they were all enjoying the great acceleration until the wheel had had enough. I'd of thought that would be quite an easy thing to fix in firmware.ie slow the rate of acceleration as the speed increases if under exceptionally high load.
  8. Was anything done about the waterproofing? Or the high speed cut outs for heavier riders?
  9. mike_bike_kite

    MSuper Pro?

    I think it was this video. The guys he's talking to don't seem like the type that go half measures on their rides so I'd guess it would be the larger model.
  10. Was the wheel shipped to you in a locked state? This is a safe way of shipping KS wheels because they then can't turn on in transit. Try just going to the KS app, connect to your wheel and then click unlock.
  11. You may find it's how you ride and what you're dressed like that are upsetting people. Chooch recently posted a video with him being shouted at on a narrow footpath and declared that old folks just don't like EUCs. What he couldn't seem to grasp was that riding at speed on an MSX straight between a dog owner and his dogs might not of been the best thing to do. If you slow down when near people or their pets or their kids then people appreciate it. If you're riding at speed through a pedestrian area then you won't be making friends. Similarly, if you dress like a storm trooper and wear a mirrored visor to hide your face then the public (and police) won't look favourably upon you. PS obviously I've no idea how you ride so please ignore if none of this applies to you
  12. Don't have a Nikola but the cover in black looks very nice. Not sure about the issue with the handle though - is there a way of keeping the handle outside the cover but strapping it down with a Velcro strap which would allow quick release for those that need it?
  13. KS pulled it because they couldn't support the change during the Chinese new year holidays. Use the EUC World app to load it in.
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