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  1. Weird, I thought it was the other way round and that was why everything is moving towards the 21700 batteries (if they fit the case).
  2. Personally, I'd prefer it if it had a simpler colour LED matrix display that could just display either one big number at a time or perhaps a bar graph. I'd have to stop to read the current display while an LED matrix display showing one number would allow me to glance down and just see current speed or battery% or whatever I've set it up to display. [EDIT] or no display at all if it makes the wheel cheaper and more rugged.
  3. You're obviously going for a very unique taste!
  4. It could also estimate range for different weight riders, speed cut offs and battery throttling percentage. With a little extra work it could also give a figure for comfort. If you didn't mind risking damaging the wheel then you could have an additional test for waterproofing.
  5. There are loads of wheels that might suit you (KS16S, V8, V8F, MCM5, Mten3 to name a few). You really need to state your weight, how far you want to ride and how fast you want to travel.
  6. I don't want one.I find it fascinating to read about these new wheels but, if I was to get a new wheel, then it's likely to be a more standard touring wheel just because of price, range and weight. Do we know how many of these suspended wheels have been preordered? Or even the sales of other more standard wheels? I was very impressed that Kuji could lift the V11 up onto the kerb
  7. You should talk with @Preston Palmer on this site. I believe he uses his to explore. I think the sunglasses are optional.
  8. LOL - that counts as pretty anecdotal then
  9. Is this just anecdotal or is there some actual proof that this really happened? The V11 is a great wheel - great lights, great design, decent motor, reasonable range, waterproofing etc. But somehow you don't seem to accept the basic physics that dictates that the suspension won't be as good as the S18. Kuji rode both wheels and his comments in the V11 video were "the shocks feel a little bit choppy", "the suspension works wellish" and "Inmotion's suspension is definitely inferior to a design where the tyre moves independently. It's just not as responsive". You have to remember that the other V11 videos you mention are marketing videos put out by Inmotion. Perhaps, most telling was when Kuji came to a kerb. He stopped and lifted the wheel onto the pavement! On the S18 he jumps the wheel over a chain that's suspended about a foot above the road.
  10. Or the upcoming Veteran Sherman which has a similar capacity and supposedly costs between $1500 and $2000.
  11. Places where people walk. (I guess this illustrates the difficulty of defining laws )
  12. But what would be the perfect law that would cover ourselves and other PEVs? There's been tonnes of debate but it's difficult to say that's the best way forward. If we have EUC's riding at 35mph+ on the road with no insurance and (possibly) no driving license then it's not going to be long before we make headlines in the newspaper. Some folk seem to have no idea that pedestrians like to feel safe and ride far too fast on pavements. What rules do make sense? My own attempt at a "law" would be 6mph on pavements, 20mph on the road unless you have 3rd party insurance and a driving license of some sort in which case you could do 30mph. Obviously 3rd party insurance would have to be available.
  13. Unfortunately I'm not getting alerts for responses at the moment so sorry for the late reply. There is no difference between gravity and centripetal (centrifugal) force. If you're on the wall of death then gravity (for you) not only feels like it's going outwards, it is going outwards. If someone put you in a sealed box in space and accelerated you at 10m/s/s then there's no way you could tell you weren't sitting in the box on Earth. Similarly, there is also no way for the EUC to know that it's riding round a wall of death rather than riding straight down a road. One of the types of gyroscope mentioned in the article that @null refers to is something called a MEMS accelerometer. These are the ones they have in your phone (and most likely in your wheel). If you do the experiment I mentioned above you'll see that gravity does not point straight down when you spin round. If you haven't got a fancy phone then you can do the same thing with a weight on the end of a string.
  14. Unfortunately it didn't mean much to me at all. It doesn't help a lot when give a 15 min video of Marty riding rather than indicate a particular moment in the video that best illustrates what you're trying to say. I did enjoy watching the young lady in the red dress and watched that most of the way through. She didn't feature in the 3rd video so I skipped that one.
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