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  1. There's this thread that covers putting in such a switch. I don't think you need to do much accept connect the switch to the motherboard. Might depend on your motherboard though. If you google for "MSX Pro 100v" then you'll see another, slightly more amateur, cut out switch
  2. I'll go and crawl back into my hole now then.
  3. I like 2.01 too and I'm sticking with it unless there's good to moderate chance I'll die horribly but on this thread today @Chriull said "Yes. 2.0 and the new 2.0.1 were revoked and 1.09 is the newest fw again..." Perhaps when they release firmware in future they should do a staged release first to those that wrote the software, then those in the factory, then to people in different locations around the world that like to try new stuff and then finally to the public. It would also be good if they state clearly what the new features are, how to use them (the lights!) and allow bugs to be reported and viewed.
  4. FYI : Apparently KS have now reverted back to 1.09 firmware. I'm currently on 2.01 and quite like the silence so I'll stick with it unless anyone knows of any serious bugs. Hopefully KS will sort out the issues shortly and put out new firmware. My only issue has been the lighting - all I really want is full lighting (headlamp on, tail light on and braking light), automatic lighting (all previous stuff but just when it gets dark) and no lighting so I can trolley the wheel into a shop and not get noticed. I don't even need the automatic mode. I'd also prefer to have the tail light at full brightness and then indicate braking by flashing between dim tail light and full tail light. What would also be nice is if the LED lighting turns on while charging so I can see when to stop - I normally keep my LEDs off when riding.
  5. I think you guys all worry too much. Has anyone here actually had an EUC go up in flames on them? particularly while not charging? @Preston Palmerit looks like you're having far too much fun in life. Can I ask how the indicators work - do they just come on after you turn or would they be on permanently on a windy road? Also how do the headlamps work - is it just based on speed or do they dip for oncoming traffic? do they adjust for hills and the like?
  6. I don't think you'd find the 14" trainer wheels that useful at your size. I'd go for something with a 16" wheel or larger. Definitely a good idea to get some padding and/or a cover. It takes a week or so to learn and then perhaps a month to get competent so don't head off to work on the first day. Get protection for yourself too - helmet and wrist guards minimum. The KS18XL is a great wheel but I'd also look at the KS16X and the inmotion V10F. Recently there's been a few queries about wheels for big folk so I added a report to my wheel database to show some possible rides. It just shows wheels said to carry riders over 100kg, with a motor power over 1600W and with at least a 16" wheel (if anyone has better criteria then I'll use that). If you're particularly heavy then I'd be wary of the Gotway EUCs as they tend to have weaker axle set ups.
  7. Earlier this year I was being filmed for a small piece on bees. The presenter was very nice but the crew looked a bit bored. When I told them I was going to be getting a swarm out of a tall tree nearby, the crew started to perk up. When I looked down I saw that not only was the camera man filming me, the whole crew had their mobiles out hoping to catch that fleeting moment of a novice bee keeper literally up to his elbows in a swarm of bees, while standing on the last few rungs of a ladder and at the top of an ancient tree, before he fell back to earth. They were probably arguing over the best title for the youtube video! Good luck with your piece.
  8. Something tells me it will be the final clip of the interview. They'll start with queues of traffic in the snow. Then ask if there's a better way. Then they'll have you rolling along in the snow. After a few moments it will be you telling the camera why these things are so brilliant you can't understand why everyone isn't on one. Finally, in the middle of the interviewer signing off with the snow coming down, they'll have you in the background hitting the deck
  9. Not really a first impression of the wheel, more a first impression of the spec sheet. Shame they didn't improve the handle.
  10. Have you tried just stopping the app on your phone while the wheel thing is going round and no numbers are being shown and then restarting the app? Does the app detect the wheel?
  11. It should take 5 mins to complete. If you just get the message that it's upgrading the firmware but nothing showing the percentage then stop the app and restart it. It will ask if you want to continue with the upgrade. Just say yes and you'll see the percentage going up. It's worth turning on the LEDs on the side of the wheel as these also show how complete the update is. You'll probably have to set the speed settings, ride mode and recalibrate the wheel when you're finished. Everything should take less than 10 mins.
  12. I got bored again and tried out the new 2.01 firmware. This made the wheel feel much better and more solid. Interestingly it kept all my settings this time (speed, LED, ride mode). On the 2.00 firmware I felt it doing a few odd things in corners - nothing serious but it just felt like it was rethinking it's balance as I turned. I'd installed new large pedals so I wasn't 100% sure that the issue was me being not used to the new pedals or the firmware. The wheel felt rock solid on 2.01 and it's still silent. Performance is the same and I can't comment on whether the range has changed - probably the same. I still had the issue with the firmware not immediately downloading onto the wheel. It says it's upgrading the firmware but no percentage shown. Waited a few mins then stopped the app and restarted it. It asked if I wanted to continue with the upgrade and I said yes then it started showing 1%, 2%. It took about 5 mins to load. You need to keep the app open. After upgrading I did the calibration of the wheel. This time I got 2 blocks of wood to rest the wheel on. Obviously the wheel span up when I turned it on but once it had stopped I did the calibration thing - press calibrate, get it level, then press the power button and wait about 5 seconds. I did it twice to be sure. I strongly suggest doing the upgrade to 2.01 !
  13. Can the admin just create the initial page and then grant a few people access to just creating and editing pages? Or is it you don't have admin permission? I'm afraid I just don't think it would work with a thread. What's needed is a hierarchical page structure that can be pointed to from the front page and then edited by people as we go along. If using the Pages feature is not a possibility then we could expand the current wikipedia entry for electric unicycles. Obviously the down side is that it takes people away from the forum if they want to find information but I guess they'd have to use google anyway to find the info. The upside is that we could have a link to this forum to channel people towards the forum. Wikipedia is free to use and has complete backups of all edits but there aren't many restrictions on who can edit pages (this is good and bad). You can also set up a dedicated wiki on your server but I'm assuming you wouldn't have access to that. There might be a cost there as well. Opinions?
  14. What changed? I knew I should of waited a week before updating.
  15. It suspect it won't work as a standard thread. The information just gets lost, then people stop posting to it, then the thread slowly disappears. Let's see if @Brendan Hallidaycan offer any light on using pages. I think Pages are the Invision Community way of doing wikis. I suspect some sort of permission will be needed to add them unless one of the mods wants to do it.
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