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  1. Everyone can use an electric scooter but it's a lot harder to learn to ride EUCs. People like the idea of riding one but aren't sure they'll master it. Currently they have to put down $1000 to see if it suits them. That's OK if you have disposable income but it doesn't suit all. Anyway, it was just an idea ...
  2. Another thought but for sellers this time : Sellers could provide inexpensive rental wheels for people to learn on. These could be robust used wheels that are already padded up. Potential owners could pay £100 to use the wheel for a month. If they take to it then that money could possibly be taken off their next purchase. If they don't take to it then the customer hasn't risked too much. Either way the wheel gets sent back at the end of the month. The seller would obviously also have the opportunity to sell helmets, wrist guards, knee-pads and T-shirts each time.
  3. Just thought of another one. Wheels should have an tyre pressure monitoring system showing the current pressure.
  4. @Mono I thought my wheel was scratched until I saw yours - I think mine is pristine in comparison It may be possible to attach a standard air pump but I find it's not at all easy. I'm going to start riding with EUC world running on my smart watch. I know I have a little bit of headroom at the moment but it would be nice to know how much. @mrelwood The V5f was fairly cheap to buy and did exactly what it said on the tin. It's been a pleasure to learn to ride on and I don't feel I'll loose much if I sell it on. Spending £1000/$1000/1000EUR on a wheel to learn on didn't look clever in my books but then I'll admit I'm quite tight with my money. I'll probably start looking for another wheel in a few months time and I like the idea of either a KS16S or Tesla V2 but I want to see if KS produce a quieter/lighter version of their wheel or Gotway produce a more robust Tesla with proper rear lighting. I can't really go bigger than that because the wife will notice I've bought a new wheel, it would also be more likely to attract attention from the police and finally I'll most likely ride too fast and crash. That last point has been a recurring pattern when riding motorcycles and unfortunately I'm not quite as "invincible" as I used to be.
  5. For general info I'm 96Kg (211lbs), 192cm (6'3") and aged 56. I was looking for an inexpensive wheel that would allow me to learn and hopefully still be moderately useful after I'd actually learnt to ride. I didn't want something expensive because I'd likely be crashing a lot and there was a decent chance I wouldn't be able to master it. The V5f looked ideal and the cheapest deal I could find was from GearBest in China however I had to wait 8 weeks for it to arrive. This is obviously way more frustrating than ordering locally and getting your wheel the following day and I admit I found it very hard waiting. I'll also admit I'd forgotten to mention the new arrival to my wife so, when it did arrive and she had to sign for the package, her only comment to me was "an electric unicycle? really?" I'd been shown the basics of riding 2 months ago by @Wonderwebb but now, 2 months later, it appeared I'd forgotten everything. It took me a good hour to cross the tennis court without falling down. Another hour later and I could circle the court without stopping but I was so knackered I had to stop anyway. You fall a lot while you're learning and it's knackering on you and on the wheel. Luckily I'd ordered a protective cover and some extra foam padding for the wheel. The protection helps but you still end up with scratches on the wheel and scars all over yourself. I think this is fairly normal though. If you're just beginning and someone suggests you spend your money on a fast expensive wheel then just smile at them and walk away. On the 2nd day I could consistently circle the tennis court without waving my arms about. I also found it important to practice going round in both directions otherwise you end up with hangups about being able to go one way but not the other. On the 3rd day I actually looked like I knew what I was doing and quite a few people stopped to ask about the wheel. I also added stopping quickly at specific points before continuing on with my circuits. On the 4th day I practised doing smaller circles ie doing a circle on one side of the tennis court before going back and doing the same thing on the other side - that might sound like large circles but it felt god awful tight to me. On the 5th day I could do complete turns within a service box and ended up doing figure eights going from one box to the other. Things were going well so I went for a maiden voyage down a quiet road in the neighbourhood - I managed to get all the way down the road and was half way back up when I ended up having a speed wobble at the heady speed of 7 mph. I decided I needed more time on the tennis court and needed to learn how to rearrange my foot positioning so they weren't stuck in whatever random position they ended up in when I boarded. That was pretty much what I did on day 6 though I also managed to do really tight circles by having one pedal nearly touching the ground and altering the weight on the higher pedal to adjust my speed. Instead of resting on day 7, I went back out on the road again to visit a friend who lived a mile away. The foot position practice must of helped because I had no issues on the roads or the speed bumps or the little ramps as you change between road and pavement. I did feel very vulnerable when cars went past though. It was also weird because every single car that passed me also stopped to ask me about the wheel - this in turn meant I had to practice my standing starts, In case you're interested, practising turns on the tennis court for 40 mins and then going for a 2 mile ride took up 20% of the battery. If you weigh less than me then obviously you'll go further. When I can ride a bit more efficiently then I figure I'll probably be able to get close to a maximum of 14 miles range on the wheel - that probably translates to half that if you don't want to worry about speed limiting etc. I could of bought a wheel with a larger battery (mine's 320mwh) but that would of cost more and added to the weight. Currently, this wheel seems quite capable of accelerating me up gentle inclines to reach speeds that are faster than I want to go. I haven't tried going up or down steep hills yet. I currently top out at about 12mph but this will probably change going forwards. I definitely need to practice doing turns on road cambers but mostly I just need to get more confident when I'm close to moving cars. This is a review so I'll mention the little issues I've had. One footplate doesn't seem to stay up all the time - I'm sure I just need to tighten the screws on the pedal but I haven't got round to sorting it. If I come off and don't pick the wheel up immediately then the wheel seems to need turning off and on before I can use it again - am I missing something? I should also mention that pumping air into the tire isn't easy with a standard pump and you really need to get a flexible valve extender but I think this is true with all wheels. The valve on my wheel is positioned alongside a wheel bolt which adds to the difficulty. There's a flap on the wheel that folds up to make access to the valve easier, it works well but I've bust one of the little catches that hold it down - my own fault and the flap still fits flush. Conclusion: I'm now 2 weeks into owning the wheel and I'm very happy with it. It's been great to learn on and quite useful for getting around the neighbourhood. Perhaps I'll need something better in a few months but I want to wait until I'm better on this wheel before upgrading. I haven't heard any beeps from the wheel as I ride so I guess I'm not near it's limits yet though I want to use an app to confirm that. I did demo the wheel to a friend and he was very impressed as I rode up and down in front of his house but then perhaps he was just being polite. The biggest advantage of a smallish wheel is that it's quite incognito so I can take it into coffee shops etc and no-one notices. Overall, I'm very happy with the wheel and I seem to be getting better with every ride.
  6. What went wrong with the V8's, just curious why they needed replacing?
  7. Fragile from the point of view that that pretty shiny black casing is going to be hitting the floor every 60 seconds while the OP is learning. That expensive $2K wheel is going to look knackered after a week or two of learning but at least we agree that neither wheel is good for a beginner. The OP is aged 64 and stated "I have a ONE WHEEL that I struggled learning to ride and am still not very confident on it". Many folk say that learning EUC is 10x more difficult than learning the one wheel. Is it fair to recommend getting an EUC at all?
  8. Everyone falls on an EUC! I don't think there are any exceptions. It might not be the wisest move for you. I don't think age or sex is a big issue, I'm in my mid 50's and started riding very recently. I'm enjoying it and ride for a couple of miles each day. I currently wear a helmet and wrist guards but I'm thinking some knee pads might be a wise investment also.
  9. It would make a good T-shirt slogan "Go Ecletric" (and perhaps "Support dyslexia" on the back)
  10. Only the word Segway was used in the movie but that doesn't alter the association.
  11. Yes, I agree, Sale & Sold do look too similar. Thanks for doing this. Hope it all works Mike
  12. Thanks for doing that, hopefully in time it will make things easier. You did ask for improvements East Coast isn't very location specific, we have a very pleasant East Coast here in the UK. Suggesting adding a wheellog status (or similar) might be useful though not essential. If it was me then I'd ask for a fairly fixed pattern [WTB or Sale or Sold] - [Location] - [what you're selling or buying] - [optional price] WTB - Beginner wheel - California WTB - Gotway MSX - London Sale - KS16S - New York - $700 Sold - KS16S - New York - $700 I'm not sure what the past tense of WTB is? Bought? Mike
  13. "Segwheel" - conjures up images of the film Mall Cop.It's not something anyone sane (and young) would want to be associated with. "Just look up EUC" - if you just look up EUC then you get 3 pages of links to End User Computing. I don't know why I looked for 3 pages as no-one else looks past the first page.
  14. Different words: A wheel is a good name but it was sadly taken by the Mesopotamia's a few millennia ago. I didn't bother looking but I'm guess our wheels don't appear on the first dozen google pages or so. Ewheel would be good but the name is already taken by a web site. EUC conjures up little to anyone. Electric unicycle doesn't describe anything cool at all. Roue is just "wheel" in french. Gyroroue sounds interesting but is almost unpronounceable to non-french. Gyrowheel? Elctrowheel? just my 2c
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