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  1. Above 30mph is way too fast on a 16X. It's a great wheel, but it's not meant for speed. It obviously depends on battery charge and your weight etc but I'd set the tilt back to 27mph - I've never ridden the wheel but that's the number I remember from various discussions on here.
  2. Would a fire blanket "sack" work? It would need to fit the wheel reasonably well and fit down to the floor to stop new air being fed into the fire. Not sure how forceful the explosions are - would It need a stronger material surrounding the fire resistant material? On the outside it could be a simple jute like material so it would fit into many homes - I store my wheel in the hallway and I'm fairly sure my wife would object strongly if there was a red fire blanket over the wheel. It could also have a nice wheel Logo on the front to make it arty. The sack could be rolled up when not in use.
  3. I think the problem with the liftable lid version is you need to pull your 25+Kg EUC out the box. I'm not sure I could even do that but I'd also have to lift the water filled lid which would probably weigh even more Wouldn't it be easier just to have a fire proof box with a front opening door?
  4. I once lived in one of the most expensive cities on Earth. I also wanted to save money and ended up buying a very cheap bicycle to commute on. Not only did I enjoy the cycling, I actually became quite fit. The only issue was when it rained (or snowed) and then I regretted not splashing out on the next model up which had mudguards The only issue with an EUC is they take a little time to learn and the weather affects them ie they aren't great in rain as you always worry about the electronics, they're not stable in strong winds, they're not stable in the snow either and the cold reduces their ra
  5. KS16S approx 34" or 84cm I'm 6'3" and find the handle just a smidgen to low. Any 14" wheel tends to be a bit twitchy for general use unless that's what you're after. Of the wheels you mention I'd recommend the V10F or the 16S but you could also look at the MCM5 v2 or possibly even the Tesla v2 (no idea of the trolley heights though).
  6. That isn't a safe speed for a 16X. You're living on the knife edge of a cut out.
  7. It's a ttgo watch 2020. I should point out it's a very dumb smart watch when it arrives as it only shows the time in China when it arrives! However, once the program is loaded, the time corrects and it connects to your wheel very easily. I'm sure the documentation will improve on how to load the program but, if not, then I'm sure either pickelhaupt or myself will be able to help. You need a PC of some variety and a USB port. EDIT - I just realised I got my watch from baangood and not aliexpress. It took 2 weeks to arrive which was pretty good. Make sure to get the 2020 version as this is
  8. I expect they just want the previous alarm to finish. If you don't have any gap then how do you know you're listening to a one beep alarm that's just being repeated endlessly because you've got to the first beep speed or is it the 4 beep alarm being endlessly repeated because you've got to the 4 beep speed ie: beep [no_gap] beep [no_gap] beep [no_gap] beep [no_gap] beep [no_gap] beep [no_gap] beep [no_gap] beep [no_gap] beep beep beep beep [no_gap] beep beep beep beep [no_gap] beep beep beep beep [no_gap] beep beep beep beep [no_gap] [edit]I typed too slow
  9. I also use this program and I'm very impressed. It does most stuff but the standout things for me are: It runs on a £25 "smart watch". There's an option for a simple screen which just shows me speed and battery% but there's also a full info screen for those with better eyes. It has vibration alerts that I can easily feel through my wrist guards. I can turn my lights off and on with a single long press on the screen - great for when going into shops etc. It doesn't need a mobile phone. It's fairly easy to use.
  10. I was hoping you'd reply but wasn't expecting such a comprehensive reply! I ride almost exclusively on the roads and here in the UK (and I suspect most of Europe) you need to have a rear light. Obviously EUC's are illegal anyway but it's good to show you're at least trying. Having a rear light just gives us one less reason to be stopped by the police. I only considered EUCs with a proper rear light - I'll admit I'm a bit disappointed to discover that Gotway doesn't make it function like a brake light also! The MOLLE system looks interesting but I'm not sure what lights or reflectors I co
  11. I'd be very interested to know if the cover allows you to grip the wheel for hard braking and whether you think the supplied pads are worthwhile.
  12. I was a bit confused because their description says "Cut-outs for the charging port, headlight and side LED lights". It didn't mention a cut out for the brake light. Then I just came across this video which seems to show that it does cover the brake light. The brake light is the round red light on the back embossed with GW. Is your cover different to this one then?
  13. I used to have an XJR1300SP but sold it in the end as my car got better mileage! I do occasionally transport large things on bikes but it depends a lot on the bike. With yours I'd get a strong bag with lots of strong attachment points then use a pair of heavy duty ROK straps to attach to the bike. You might need to remove the grab rail on the back to make it fit better. I'd also use the pillion footpegs for the main attachment points as they'll be stronger than the bungee hooks under the saddle. Use the bungee hooks also Better still would be to find a passenger and get them to just carry
  14. Can I ask how easy it is to access the trolley handle? Does the cover cover the brake light?
  15. Do you have these fitted to your Nik+? Are they any good? Do you have a photo?
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