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  1. The watch works great but the user interface isn't at all obvious. Rather than adding extra functionality all the time, it would be nice if it could just be made simpler. I worried about this but the watch keeps it's charge for about a month so it's a non issue.
  2. What could go wrong? I always hire a moped when I go to the Greece. I have a special deal with the guy who rents them as I'll ride anything as long as it's cheap. I usually pay £7-£12 per day but the mopeds I get aren't usually that safe. If you're wanting to make money then I'd probably rent escooters rather than EUC's but if you did have EUCs then I'd be more interested in trying out higher end models for the day just to see if I like them. I'd happily pay $40/day - that's assuming my wife let me have the day off. You wouldn't want to set up anywhere hot as people wouldn't wear enoug
  3. I had the same choice when looking for an upgrade from my KS16S. I loved the look and functionality of the 16X but I'm fairly big at 6'3" and 200lbs and the safe top speed on the 16X wouldn't be much of an improvement over my 16S (about 4mph). However, if you need to use your wheel on public transport, then I think the 16X wins. I ended up buying a Nikola+ never having seen one in the flesh and I'm really glad I did. People talk about it's width but it's just the initial 10 minutes and after that it appears quite natural. I never worry about riding too fast on the Nik+ but I do worry about scr
  4. I particularly like how the riders force the cars to all drive closely past the exploding wheel
  5. Thanks for that. Great to see that you've tested it but in the demo it didn't seem to contain the fire for all that long. Perhaps version 2 could have a stronger bag that has a chain underneath so it doesn't shoot off? It would also be good if there was something you could grab to drag the bag and wheel outdoors. A nicer outer covering is also essential for me (or at least the wife).
  6. The price is great ... if it works. Has it been tested at all to withstand the heat and the explosive nature of these fires? Sadly I don't think my wife would allow the current design in the house - perhaps you could have a fire proof hessian outer coating that might make it more presentable?
  7. I tried a guitar stand with my 16S and just ended up with a bent guitar stand. I then built something out of wood but it wasn't pretty. In the end I had a stand printed and must admit it made the wheel look like the centerpiece to a room. It also stopped the wheel from falling over every time anybody went near it. I'd recommend buying a stand.
  8. Perhaps it's best just to buy the one your heart yearns for then make up some logical reasons for your decision afterwards.
  9. I'd be more worried about a curious kid pressing the on button to see what it does - then the EUC damaging itself on the lock or removing the kids fingers. I always take my wheel with me. One of the disadvantages of the V11 is that it does look so much like a vehicle that shop owners might refuse it. My KS16S never gets a second glance and my Nik with the black neoprene cover just looks like fancy luggage - I just have to remember to switch the lights off.
  10. Thanks for the correction. I'm not sure why I thought they had. I did even do a quick peep on the internet before posting and saw a few sites saying mentioning the hollow motor but I guess you can type and random words into the net these days and find matches
  11. I also vote for the 18XL. It's just easier to ride, more comfortable over long distances and it won't get hurt by dropping it repeatedly while learning. The MSX 100v will be faster but keep in mind even 30mph can feel terrifying for most of us. The hollow bearings on the MSX won't be great in the rain, the case can be fragile, the trolley can be a pain for most. Lastly the pedals on the MSX tend tilt inwards which is great for control etc but painful on longer rides. The MSX would be better in rough off road stuff though.
  12. I just wonder what your post was like before you edited it.
  13. I honestly have no idea why you're quoting me (or resurrecting this thread) but London is no different. In all probability I'd say it's a lot worse here as I've had two gangs try and steal my own (petrol) scooter while I was riding it. This was the major reason for me moving back to motorcycles as the little dears didn't know how to ride those. Sadly anyone from the age of about 6 knows how to ride an ebike or an escooter but only a tiny percentage of people can ride an EUC and a 30Kg ewheel isn't the easiest of things to just run away with. Here the most likely group to take your EUC by force
  14. @Paul AWhy go to the trouble of listing all the headers of a report without simply showing us the section of data we're interested in and that proves your case? If we search for the report you're referring to then we have to sign up to get the report which can be a PITA if you already get swamped with unnecessary emails etc. The company producing the report is Indian so how do they actually get the data for this report if all (most?) the companies producing wheels are Chinese?
  15. Other wheels use these batteries and don't burst into flames so I assume there's either special hardware to avoid this risk (this costs money) or there's different firmware that reduces this risk. Could it detect that one battery pack is imbalanced and, if it can't balance them, then provide plenty of warnings to the rider. Or could the firmware just detect that the wheel isn't being used but the temp is steadily rising inside the wheel while the outside temp is constant? I'll admit it does bothers me that a wheel might burst into flames while I'm asleep. I think it's unlikely as I ride q
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