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  1. I believe the space that's been freed up is currently used by the batteries which is why the wheel is so slim. Electric motors on vehicles don't tend to have or need gears - even Tesla's don't have gears. Gearing would add a very real point of failure. The gears would also need to operate in both directions which is difficult to implement. I suspect it would also be difficult to make the rider feel perfectly balanced if the gearing keeps changing in the wheel.
  2. Not really. Obviously it all depends on rider weight, speed etc etc but the KS18XL and KS16X have a similar battery size but manage almost twice that range. It's all a bit immaterial to me though as I never get close to riding even 60km in a day.
  3. Boris is very pro PEV's (personal electric vehicles) and the Covid thing is also keeping people away from public transport so it should be a brilliant time for making EUC's legal. The problem is that some of these vehicles are very fast and many riders have no driving license and seem to have no real idea what the rules on the road are. Many riders wear no protection and none of us have insurance (it's not available). Rental scooters are currently allowed but that's because their speed is limited to approx 15mph. At the moment the police tolerate us on the road if we're riding with due care and attention but it will only take one accident with a heavy EUC hitting a pedestrian at speed to make the police clamp down. I've filled in all the questionnaires and signed all the campaigns but I can't see anything changing. If you want to try and make things legal (here or elsewhere) then ride sensibly, stop at red lights and avoid riding near pedestrians. Years ago there used to be someone that rode over London bridge each day on an EUC and often took an umbrella for when it rained - many people used to talk about him and it seemed like the future of transport. Now when I hear people talking about EUC's it's usually in a negative way.
  4. It was a good review and I could understand all the words this time! Dare I ask what happened in the accident? Hope you get well soon.
  5. I was just curious cause I'd never heard of technology but that was probably because it's aimed at motocross. I just read a couple of reviews to find out more. Motocross Action had a review of them and said "PSF and TAC air forks were too complicated for the average rider to adjust and too hard to keep in the sweet spot once properly adjusted. Consumers hated having to check multiple air valves every time they rode—and they revolted". Other reviews said similar things like "The Showa SFF-AIR TAC fork is finicky and doesn’t really feel the same throughout the day" or "I also found the Showa spring-cartridge fork, while being a massive improvement over the SFF-Air TAC, to be a little too soft and the shock a little too hard". Maybe the suspension was good when new but then degraded quickly with age? Either way, Showa only put this suspension on a couple of bikes and then stopped using the technology.
  6. Weren't those forks an experiment that was dropped after a few years as most riders didn't like them? I'd read that they were too complicated for an average rider to set up and difficult to keep adjusted.
  7. I'm quite impressed by that but how does he start off? The OW has a sort of foot switch but that wouldn't be available here. Similar question for how would you stop? Would you just try and slow down and jump off?
  8. The 18XL appears almost indestructible but the V11 does have a lot to go wrong plus it's the first batch. If you have the money burning a hole in your pocket then it's a nice feeling to go with your hearts choice (V11) but you are taking a bit of a risk. I'm surprised that the 18XL isn't available cheaper though, you'd think it would have reduced in price as it gets older. Personally, I'd also consider the 16X as it's a go anywhere wheel with a massive range and it also looks good (obviously depends on price). Realistically though, it's top speed is probably under 30mph.
  9. Weird, North America usually treats everywhere else as a war zone ...
  10. It means something is in motion or happening, usually a devious plan. The word was first written down in Shakespeare's play Henry IV in 1597. Isn't Google great!
  11. I'd also be more interested in the wheel without the suspension. I'd prefer it if they could lose the turret that sits on top of the wheel and move the motherboard into the space vacated by the suspension. I'd be quite happy with decent LED front and rear lighting perhaps incorporated into kuji pads that also protected the wheel in a fall - it's great that they've produced decent lighting on the V11 but I just don't like the look of the turret and I'd worry about it in a crash. Hopefully all this would make the wheel lighter, more robust and cheaper. It would also be nice if the pedal height was adjustable.
  12. It's certainly more comfortable than the 18XL but wouldn't the reduced range on the V11 rule it out from being a long distance king? Personally I'd of the thought the Veteran Sherman would be the more obvious choice. Other benefits would be not needing to carry a pump, a screw extractor and masking tape
  13. I'm getting the same thing. On Chrome I get: Your connection is not private Attackers might be trying to steal your information from forum.electricunicycle.org (for example, passwords, messages or credit cards). Learn more NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID
  14. When you've given it a go, I'd be interested in what you think. PS and your first post!!!
  15. Marty's test is a stress test and it's interesting to know what the limits are. All wheels have their limits but fortunately most of us aren't trying to run our wheels up mountains under the hot desert sun so we'll never meet those limits.
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