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  1. As a fellow beginner It would be really nice to hear what felt about each wheel. Like you I've read or watched all the reviews but they're always from very experienced riders, it wood be interesting to hear what a less experienced rider makes of all these different options. How far is your commute by the way? and are you having to lug it up stairs etc? Must admit I'm really impressed by the amount of testing you were allowed!
  2. Personally, I hate listening to other peoples noise. If pedestrians are always in your way then perhaps just riding a little to fast for the conditions.
  3. That's great if you have the time to do this and an encyclopedic knowledge to handle all the different subjects that might arise. Usually wiki's are edited by members because it's much quicker to get things off the ground and it's more likely to get corrected if issues are found. I'm sure it would be possible to limit which users could edit (maybe 100 "likes" or by number of posts or just those given permission). If malicious edits do arise then you can usually rollback the edits to a previous good state. I'm not saying it's wrong you should do all the hard work, I'm just saying there are easier ways
  4. If there was simply a section (sub forum) called Wiki with a load of empty posts (or threads or skeleton entries or whatever you want to call them) with the titles of what you'd like to see. Then let others fill them in. It doesn't have to be original prose as most of the entries can be copied and pasted from existing threads. It might also be good to have an entry for what people would like to see in future.
  5. Many forum sites (on other subjects) have a separate Wiki section that allows you to find the answer to common questions quickly rather than having to search around or ask the same question again and again. If you're not sure what a Wiki is then here is the one on the Modern Vespa forum. There is currently a thread on EUC batteries which should definitely be in a wiki. We could also suggest other topics that other more knowledgeable folk might want to start. Topics like "How to get tyre pressure right", "How to clean your EUC", "EUC acroymns" etc etc. This would leave the main discussion areas cleaner rather than having lots of threads pinned. It would probably be best if anyone can edit any piece. Just a suggestion any way. Mike
  6. @Marty Backe : My apologies for the digression. It was just when you asked whether the Polish health care situation was because of Communism that I thought a quick injection of reality was needed
  7. Wikipedia tells me that 15% of Americans do not have any medical insurance and, of those that are insured, 16m are under insured. That must mean that 65m people in the US are living in that worst case scenario. Then there are those that don't show up on the statistics at all - I spent 8 months travelling all round the US (motorcycle and tent) and I was amazed by the number of families I found living permanently off the grid in tents. I never asked about medical insurance but I'm fairly certain that these folk had none. It's a beautiful country but not a place you want to be ill (and poor).
  8. I suppose for comparison we should ask how long would it it take to get fixed up in a US hospital (assuming no insurance)?
  9. I'm just a beginner but I'm fairly sure the V5f would be a better option than those others you've found. The wheels the other guys mentioned are definitely much better wheels but obviously they are also quite a bit more expensive. Also, if it's only a mile or so, there's always the extreme option of walking
  10. If you'd prefer to keep costs down then the Inmotion V5f is quite cheap if sourced from China direct. It weighs pretty much the same as the mten3 but has a 14" wheel and a handle with a cut off switch for stairs etc. You would have to wait 40 days for it to arrive though. It only has a 500W motor but, depending on your weight and terrain, it should handle your commute quite easily.
  11. Totally agree with on this but also wanted to mention a couple of smaller points. Motorcycles have gears so there's no requirement to try and reduce the rear wheel size by weaving. Also, if you're fully accelerating and weaving from side to side then you're very likely to loose traction. Spinning the rear tyre doesn't matter so much if you're going in a straight line but if you're banked over then it will take considerable skill (and nerve) not to crash.
  12. I guess it depends on where you live but is it really fair on others to have your music blaring out as you're riding along at 30mph in the bicycle lane? Would it not be better just to learn to ride a little more defensively?
  13. You'd think it would be fairly easy for manufacturers to implement a decent firmware alarm. They could use a class 1 bluetooth on the wheel which would give a 100 meter link to your phone and warn you that the wheel is being moved. I guess you could set whether to have silent, audible and visual alarms. If you don't turn it off with your phone then the wheel won't work for an hour. That way, if your phone dies, you can still ride it home eventually. Once the alarm has been triggered though (and not turned off by your phone) after a set time It will require linking to the original app on your phone to continue working. This will then broadcast the location of the wheel continually via the app. The wheel could also have a warning mode just to tell people it's armed if they touch it. The only extra hardware cost would be the upgraded bluetooth unit. If the major components of the wheel (battery, motor and motherboard) had mac-addresses or similar) then all the parts can be logged as stolen.
  14. Perhaps you should look at pictures of Tyrol Austria ... it's not a typical environment for the urban meth head
  15. It just seems a little odd to me that it would be stolen. It's a relatively high mileage model with worn out tyres and somewhat "unique" colouring. It also has extra security. There's also the very low chance that a criminal would be able to ride it. Are you sure someone didn't object to it being left outside their shop/house and just moved it?
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