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  1. See at 00:22 of my just posted video. Cheers!
  2. Two and a half year of EUC
  3. You mean like this? No need for an armature...just an amateur...
  4. Congrats! You are one of the few people on this board that understands what those wheels are for...And IS using them to their full potential... The "dated" NB1 and the V5F, V8 are some of the best wheels designed to acquire those advanced skills. I saw you coming! No pun...
  5. Irina is making the V10F rock!
  6. Beautiful! I am envious!
  7. You guys are really an interesting and surprising bunch: The new benchmark: W(T)F Watts per Flicks... courtesy of @chrisjunlee This IS the absolute, most relaxing and efficient posture to ride an EUC...
  8. For those interested in the brushless motors that power our wheels. https://hobbyking.com/en_us/news/rewind-brushless-motors It may make things clearer or more obscure for some people. I must say that I rewound quite a few brushless motors 10 years ago to experiment on model aircrafts...
  9. That is dedication my friend! I am exhausted, just looking at your video...Respect!
  10. Draco crash. "The harder they fall"... The owner is a good sport...and lucky.
  11. Or some people are trying to generate Quantum Entanglement with the Gotway threads.
  12. I just love that statement! I could not say it better! I can now go in peace to my winter hideaway and fire back when needed!
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