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  1. Totally worthy of a series of "meme" by other riders...
  2. Geee! You did not fall for the bait @Rehab1! I was expecting a photo-shopped GrandMa facing me or something... You are losing your touch...
  3. Are you Ready to Rumble?
  4. My recommendations for quick(?) results: PPPPP P for Prepare: think about what you want to do today at this session. P for Practice. P for Pushing slightly your limits (one inch at a time!). P for Ponder to see what you have accomplished. P for Protect, according to your risk tolerance. Here is my lady doing some Pushing. This technique was suggested by @trya
  5. May I suggest a change of pedals on the Mten3. Yes, it does make a difference. I had also been interested on an off also about acquiring the I5 for it's last mile practicality but so far have resisted the urge.
  6. We all are neophytes compared to this guy...Except Hirsute... @Rehab1 you should be proud of your skills, @Marty Backeis just jealous of your garage and Photoshoping skills
  7. Thanks@Nic , I have been collecting all the videos of this fellow for the past two years. This one is new to me. He keeps on getting more and more superhuman...
  8. For those interested in Compact and Efficient Electric motors. Axial flux motors: Ours are Radial Flux. https://www.magnax.com/magnax-blog/a-new-generation-of-axial-flux-ev-motors
  9. Closing the Outdoor season
  10. pico

    V10F vs KS18L?

    Interesting as you are deeply familiar with both...This was a nagging question for me when I decided to go with the V10F. The turn off of the 18L, XL was really the noise. Of course for my own needs top speed is irrelevant...
  11. Thanks @trya! In fact the whole community inspires me. YOU jolted me yourself with some of your prowess's!
  12. Is that a new wound or an old one? R2D2 feels to see the innards of his brother ...
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