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  1. pico


    "Fast dismount" ! Love it ! Those long legs are fast! Cute couple!
  2. Thanks for asking. This was my original plan when I bought the V10F. To have my GF on the other side, and do a lot of tandem work. We did some practice. Not ready for showtime She is developing outstanding skills on her own. I have to be patient. This will eventually happen and more. I hope...
  3. Dub Ridin' soon in video...
  4. "How single leg riding saved my face and shoulder." I am rewriting here the response to a comment on my YouTube tuto on single leg ridding. Since I think this is more or less an accident that happened to two of our members on the forum, and they broke their shoulders. I will rewrite my story here. Beware of optical illusions! I was happily cruising in the car lane and decided to join momentarily the bike lane. We are talking about a long stretch of parallel lines. As EUC riders we are used to watch as far ahead as we can to scan for anomalies.
  5. 100% in agreement! In the end you will end up buying many anyways! A wheel for each mood and each season. So far(!) no wheel is perfect for all uses, all situations, all people. BTW, The rider's weight is probably the most important parameter to specify when asking for or listening to recommendations. Second only is the type of usage you foresee then the typical distance you want to cover.
  6. I think, I know how you feel. For a quick "pizza run", I usually chose my nimble and light V8F over the V10F. The new V8F shares the same pedals as the V10F. The V8F is SUPER silent... However if your legs are shaped )( like my GF you will hate the V8F.
  7. You now have a BIG problem. Living up to your avatar! Welcome to the madness!
  8. pico


    You and @ShanesPlanet already performed! You with the light show (yeah!!!) and Shanes being Shanes , time to leave the scene to the others!
  9. pico


    Let the show begin!
  10. pico


    I had fun making a little promo video.
  11. Pimping my ride: Mten, ShanesPlanet style! @ShanesPlanet is taking orders! Upcoming Mten Riders Association promotion video.
  12. Well, well, well... The manufacturers... Think about it. The BIGGEST element of uncertainty is Cell matching. In an Ideal world all the cell would be closely matched and would age together gracefully with no special care, like a BIG single cell. And the packs would last a long time. 500 complete cycles nominally is a LOT of kms! (over 15000kms for a meager V8F!). The built-in safeguards are already there. (no under voltage, no over voltage, no over current, primitive balancing) Unfortunately with the consumer products we are dealing with, a lot of those manufacturers
  13. Check this video of mine "Peace and Love" a lot of subtle ASS WORK at 00.23.
  14. Think ASS FIRST! Like if you wanted to SIT !!! In forward the motto is LOOK WHERE YOU WANT TO GO. In backward POINT YOUR ASS WHERE YOU WANT TO GO. Hips will follow, then shoulders, and last the eyes (when you are a pro) When you make corrections lead with the ASS !!! Leaning backward with straight legs is the biggest beginner error. You rapidly lose control and risk falling on your back (ouch). The amount of sitting in the beginning will control the speed of the rearward motion.
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