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  1. The Mten3 will always make this noise on one of the sides when doing single legged practice. This is due to a too tight tolerance between the stator and rotor bell. The BL motor is assymetrical. ---[--- Same here and I am at 175lbs.
  2. V10F The V8F is however my preferred wheel for that purpose...
  3. pico


    Ooops! So now I have to print a Bigger one!
  4. @Tawpie Pico tricks are a hoax! @Rehab1 outted me a long time ago....
  5. Welcome to the forum! Your wheel is most likely a generic Airwheel X3 clone. The charger must be a generic 67V charger. I would advise you strongly not to take any chance with it. The battery are probably too old and you run a risk of fire. I practice crazy tricks with a one of those, but I must say the risks are VERY high and that you will most likely seriously hurt yourself.
  6. @RockyTop btw my V12 is somewhere on the Pacific ocean...
  7. Noooo! I abstained to say .002 mph ! Working on this! (not me in the pic...grrrr) Of course on 130Wh !!!! and no handle... You favorite troll
  8. pico

    InMotion V8S

    @AtlasP Like you I own both lines. Two very different beasts for different purposes. I use V10F for comfy rides. V8F for tricks or get my Pizza fix 10 minutes away...I stripped mine it down to a mere 13.5kgs (no Handle, no side lights, no side panels (!) )
  9. Let me be serious for a second(!) I think we overemphasize the whole foot placement thing. What I found after so many years is that the shoulders position actually controls everything. Start with the gaze and the shoulder naturally follows, then the CG and then the legs and then the wheel follows. Simple enough Well the fine blend of it all is what control what the wheel does... The wheel does not really actually know (we do) where our feet are and what we are doing with them. Even when we put pressure on any part of the pedal we are actually forcing a CG move and the wheel
  10. This is a very serious subject. I am still in the experimentation phase... The more I ride, the less I know...
  11. As soon as I get my new Clark pads I will have the fastest start ever...
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