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  1. Hurry up before we put a time limit for your entries !!!
  2. All right! That means 36 per minute on the Mten3! Seriously, I am surprised you can maintain such a high rate of turn on a big wheel. That is 3 sec per rotation. Don't be shy: just post. We just want to have a good time...
  3. Guys, seriously yesterday I had close to 25 but exceeded the time limit. I figured I will try to stay ahead by increasing the turn rate. Obviously I don't know how to count, zzzzzzzzz so boring If I am in the lead, I will not enter my 2nd submission. If not grrrrr. Just went on a high speed ride (first time) this wheel is amazing! And can be improved...Still learning it.
  4. Guys you are making me work hard! I am retired you know... I had to get my 65 year old butt out of bed to film this... Not even warmed up yet. I think, I counted 19 or 20, anyway count for me. I am off to breakfast with my GF.
  5. Nop! But what about a max of 2?
  6. The Mten3 has a bias for one side. When I stand both legs on one pedal(Sideways!) The left side does not react the same way as the right side. I am at 175lbs. It could be the bell of the brushless motor touching the inner portion ----[l----
  7. Yes, exactly. And my GF still curses me because I made the mods before she had the chance to try the wheel without them. We are built quite differently leg wise... She still loves the wheel! The Neoprene foam is the original pad.
  8. A bit more complicated... This would have been unnecessary and the wheel would have been lighter if Gotway had not extended the pedal holder that far away and used right away bigger pedals. The advantage would have been also the Nirvana for Curb Hoppers. This would have also avoided the so-called "Gyro" effect a la Z10 which I think is quite strong on the Mten3 when you want to turn at high speed. The reverse of the so called pedal dip effect of the V5F, which is IMHO is a more a Wheel geometry problem and has only a little to do with actual gyroscopic forces. (-but hey, what do I know? I have not ridden the Z10... I am opening here a Big can of worms)
  9. Yes, I am having a blast! You have a sharp eye and perspicacity! This is a great wheel, yes, BUT Gotway lost the occasion to make a SUPERB wheel! Coming from a V5F, I know Gotway designers/testers are not Tricksters. The original pedals are wrong(except for for Brandon). I changed the pedals, took out the bottom side pads, extended the side pads. Now I can single foot ride with more ease (without being a contortionist), stand on TOP of the wheel, and do a lot of other advanced maneuvers more easily. I call this one R2D2!
  10. Why are you exposing my secret maneuvers Now @trya is going to practice the ‘Rev-Shpounz’ too!
  11. FYI only: This is the "Shpounz" !
  12. In fact the number of reverse spin is not really what limits me. The rate of spin does! I filmed the video this morning and was actually highly disappointed by the porosity of the surface (my first time at this location). I was not ready to increase the tire pressure to compensate, no pump... On a better surface I can perform a hyper fast, dizzying "Shpounz" for at least 5 turns... I will take your challenge soon
  13. I think he does. I would not be surprised this is why he has a radio in his back pocket... He may have buddies down the road to warn him of upcoming traffic...I would.
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