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  1. pico


    Of course! You are so sharp! Another rider will be on board (there is a free pedal left, right?)!
  2. pico

    New Inmotion V10 / V10F

    Bug confirmed. It happened to me 3 times to a brand new V10F with latest fw. Can be quite dangerous. The wheel stops after 2-3 secs, but great damage could occur during that time.
  3. @seage I would say what most of the others say: You have performance anxiety. Just relax and enjoy and everything will fall into place. I was surprised that you got yourself involved so early in group rides...That is a lot of peer pressure...
  4. pico


    I finally graduated after 23 months! My first "Big" Wheel !
  5. pico

    14.5 miles round trip :)

    To get the most range equalize your battery pack every 10 charges. It means keeping it on the charger two hours after green "charged" light. Don't keep the wheel charging unattended during that time(just in case you have old deteriorated cells in your pack). Use your wheel if possible less than 12 hrs after the really full charge (li-ion don't like to be stored full to the brim) Plus when fully charged don't get accidentally into regenerative mode, i.e. downhill at the start of your journey as you may get regenerative overvoltage cut off. Hope this helps you get some extra range before your upgrade.
  6. pico

    New Inmotion V10 / V10F

    App updated on Playstore. (Android) Corrects connection problems.
  7. pico

    14.5 miles round trip :)

    What was the temperature? Keep in mind range will be better at 25deg. C. If I were you, I would refrain from riding under 30% on NB1. Congrats on your progress!
  8. pico


    @Marty Backe Are you sure you are not preparing a video for the super duper wheel (I forgot the fancy name ? Wind jammer or something? someone ?) I admire your lightness of being, respect!
  9. Ohhh! One thing these 3 wheels have in common: they are QUIET...
  10. Well, my fleet is now complete, for a while If that may help: The GF finds that she has issues with the padding of the V10F as her legs are reverse bowed, she has to stand at the outer edge of the pedals(!). The V10F feels exactly as a more stable V5F and she had no problems riding it at the first try...
  11. pico


    @hirsute is back! With new videos!
  12. May be V5F or V8 then? This is my girlfriend on a V5F. If you are light you can make quite a few Kms. Easy to carry but a bit twitchy to learn on (14 inch).
  13. Welcome! Before you commit to the NBE, I suggest you to watch this video. I currently ride a V5F and a NBE and I will be receiving my V10F today! BTW, I understand your fascination for the Ninebot but the V10F will offer you much more flexibility.
  14. pico


    Nice to see more ladies into EUC! I never occurred to me before that the Z10 would be so adapted to grass riding.
  15. pico

    18XL top speed firmware update?

    I could not stop myself... One day we will hear 6000W motors and 10000Wh batteries and "It cut out on me!" Just kidding Sorry to hear that you got hurt.