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  1. pico


    Absolutely, use only one pedal at a time or none at all to minimize wear and tear... and don't forget to flip up the unused pedal to avoid potential pedal scrape
  2. Sorry to hear about your mishap. Get well soon. Gee! Time they market an auto inflating bag to protect our body...
  3. pico


    I think he is "Karate Chop Man" Here he is doing some incredible moves...Seems to be a tester for Kingsong, But then, I have seen him doing stuff on Ninebot E and Inmotion V8... I am collecting his videos... Some Print screens
  4. pico

    ninebot one (c/e) cooling/handle mods.

    Wow! Super nice video! I can relate to your post. This wheel has some special properties. It can spin on the vertical axis like no other wheel (I think). Thanks for the mods!
  5. I just love Spain and its people! Everything can be smoothed over wine and food! Perfectly appropriate video!
  6. And one was tinkering with batteries and left forever the hobby after a visit to the hospital. Shit happens. We are one open circuit away from total oblivion. This board has seen quite a bit of drama. My motto is "Respect the fallen and the ones that are going to fall!" Different people have different level of risk tolerance. They prepare or act accordingly and I respect their choices...
  7. pico

    Riding Backwards.

    Way to go! We all start with an ugly representation of the maneuver and then spend another two months perfecting and then say what was the fuss all about?... You seem to be a quick learner...It took me much longer than that, accompanied eventually by a splat or two! LOL
  8. Guys, guys, come on. This is a friendly forum. Let's keep the temperature down...
  9. Seriously, this is the type of video I would like to see: controlled and curteous power. Not reckless display of ability(?) in a crowded environment.
  10. pico

    Riding Backwards.

    My primary pupil, the GF, is doing fine! She made her first backward 360 today!
  11. pico


    The GF did it! Second time ever! Not pretty yet, but it will be better soon at the rate she is going! She now has consistent entry and exit to backward riding. Serious tandem work will start next year. Her: Inmotion V5F Me: Ninebot E
  12. pico


    Thanks for the nice videos. I just a few weeks ago I acquired a Ninebot One E(old technology some would say ). Nice complement to the V5F. Very torquy at extremely low speed. Lower Center of Gravity. Completely different personalities!!! Lotus Elise vs Army Jeep! One responds to your very thoughts, the other can be coerced(muscled) into unimaginable prowesses... Enjoying both to the fullest! Life is good!
  13. pico

    Riding Backwards.

    Nothing wrong in doing pendulum on a modern HEALTHY wheel with Bluetooth. As long as you keep track of the temperature with a software like Wheelog... As you approach runaway temp. most wheel will give you a warning. But then, they may not have the time, specially if you make a sudden movement triggering a large current surge. Not a good thing on a hot day. The wise man will know intimately the temperature of his wheel... The equivalent of knowing your blood pressure and heart rate for a human... p.s. The situation is even worse on a half depleted battery or a battery with high internal resistance. Sudden surge of current induced by pendulum will quickly get you in cut out territory. Again not a good thing. I ALWAYS practice high surge manoeuvers on a nearly FULL battery. NEVER on two Bars left on a V5F.
  14. pico

    Riding Backwards.

    200% In agreement. I can hear those FETs in the power section screaming for help!!!! My GF fried one of those in 5 mins flat, while I was looking away doing my thing and her: Pendulums! 24hr Part from Digico and a soldering iron later and she was back in business. Told her she was lucky she had a EUC surgeon as a a BF!
  15. pico

    Riding Backwards.

    Just another tip btw. The rear going leg position also controls the rate of turn. You will find some very interesting variations in this video with my female heroin gookgai. There is a lot to learn by studying and mentally rehearsing other people's videos Before learning a trick, I spend hours imagining myself doing the trick. Another hint is to use a fence or a wall that you can hold on to for your first inches...