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  1. For me it is. In essence single leg riding is like stepping on the wheel but MUCH longer. The Mten IS a hard wheel to step on compared to say a V10F. So yes it is hard to single leg ride on. Amazingly for counter pedal riding it is easier than some. For me the Mten3 requires an extra 3" lean over the center line of the wheel making it difficult to stay very long unlike my other wheels. Therefore I have to make some special mod to my normal stance. In short, pointing my toes inward and forward my shin contact point. I hope you visualize All in all it is also a matter of morp
  2. pico


    @ShanesPlanet And Thanks for the nice comments! BTW, I rarely fall nowadays...But I do have forced dismounts, lots of them...
  3. pico


    I hate to say this not to offend @Marty Backe The Mten is terrible for single leg ridding... At least for me...(but great for backward riding!)
  4. pico


    Let me put it this way: Everything is difficult until it eventually becomes easy. And it takes a LOT of time to go from difficult to easy. I train mostly everyday, static or dynamic. I don't actually do show off stuff, like jumping and get hurt... I train systematically. I was marvelled when you described YOUR magic moment. I did not want to comment and appear presumptuous in saying that in three years I went thru at least ten "magic moments" and I am aiming for even more. I have learnt in the last three years that my 66 year old body and brain are FAR more capable than
  5. pico


    Yes, they all are. It all depends on YOUR weight and "vigor" They take longer to learn on the bigger wheel because your brain does not know YET what to do. Once your brain knows it becomes easy. The problem with the bigger wheel when you test a bad move it gets amplified very quickly because of the weight.
  6. It did to me too, in the beginning. You have to give the time to the body to adapt. Skip one or two days, then do it again. You will build muscles in the foot it self and in the leg and knee. Eventually it will become effortless... The last P, patience.
  7. My first tutorial is finally in! It took longer than expected and I nearly gave up. I hope you like it.
  8. The first tutorial is in! I hope you like it. It took much longer than I expected.
  9. @Coco66 Don't take Bob too seriously He is just being Bob. This forum is therapeutic for him and us. But only one Bob per Forum, right ? Cheers!
  10. The idea would be to have a "last resort" (pre cutout) short burst of 10sec to give enough time to the rider to get out of harms way... Those lipos would be encased in a special (shockproof) enclosure with special monitoring circuitry. The electronic current paths would have to be modified... But of course someone would find a way to defeat this arrangement! to brag 106.66666km/h!
  11. @Demargon I expected an Angry Toro Decal with the Spanish red...
  12. Please keep doing what you are doing! You are NOT the elephant in the room...
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