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  1. Experimenting with V10F "Beaver Tail" slalom aerodynamics.
  2. Very, very interesting links. You made my day Thanks!
  3. Love the dismount style!
  4. In the earlier days of Lipos, an engineer at Kokham stated a SIMPLE way to remember how to store those batteries (applies to lithium-ion also): Treat them as a baby: You don't want them to go to sleep with a full stomach as they will burp, and you don't want them to have an empty stomach either...
  5. 110% in agreement. Saw it coming with the wish for even larger pedals... Going to titanium, may be ? Underinflated tires can aggravate even further everything. Hit the rim and a crack will surely develop.
  6. Thanks! Here I am not reading my docs. Grrr!!!
  7. Don't worry, any wheel is a good choice! The only bad choice is no wheel! We are just talking for talking (politely if possible), as always on this forum! Whatever you do, persevere. This is what counts!
  8. Luffy! been contemplating for a while getting one of those! And put Lipo's in it! And make it sing! Laughed really hard when Speedyfeet (super competent rider) tried on the spot 180 and ended up on his butt. Priceless! Yes, one wheel is not enough...
  9. Old or bad battery, I personally responded that you had a battery with abbysmal internal resistance. And that it was a miracle that you never hurt yourself badly. A big wheel with a bad battery is even more dangerous! I saw a guy ( I will not name him) that had a crash with a Monster 22. One of the batteries fell out of the wheel on the cement from about a foot high. This battery should be QUARANTINED. He is going to put it back happily in the Wheel and store it in his appartment, or sell the wheel on Ebay and risk a house fire... Your battery is the most single important item in your wheel. It is also the most likely to cause problems and to be ABUSED. Guess why the manuf offers a very limited warranty on the battery... Counter point. One BIG advantage of the big wheels is that there is redundancy of the packs. Still, your speed limits (hear faceplant limits) depends on the good status of ALL the packs. Personally I would rather LEARN about battery limitations and other limitations(hear: wobbles, tire pressure, calibration, modes etc...) on a V5F or a NB1 than on an MSX at high speed... In my other hobby, (model airplanes and helis) we call that "pay your dues" or earn your Wings...
  10. After getting the V10F, I quickly realized that one can QUICKLY forget the finesse those under powered units require and end up on our back when Downgrading. This is like saying a 777 is more stable than a Cessna 152 so let us skip learning the 152. My 2 cents. Not popular to say that...
  11. Sounds like a battery problem to me... Here is my current 132wh ride! I use it for practice every day! Don't pity me , I have a spanking new V10F, and a used V5F and a NB1
  12. Are you sure you are not just listening to the normal small growl that the wheel makes at idle? Strangely enough the Inmotion App shows a fan. But to my knowledge there is no fan in the the V10F. May be for a future upgrade? Here are the insides of the v10F. https://ecodrift.ru/2018/04/18/predserijnyj-inmotion-v10f-ne-kataemsya-a-izuchaem-ustrojstvo/
  13. As always, I am sure I am not going to win a popularity contest with that post. Seriously, there is no reason for someone to faceplant on an MSX and or a 18XL and blame it on the machine. Occurrence of machine failures are rare nowadays if we operate the machine within its WORKING PARAMETERS. (Speed, temperature and weight) Someone was even asking why an MSX did not come from the manufacturer with a tethering cord because he was told to start on such a machine! A starter wheel is what it is: a STARTER wheel to learn the BASICS. I'd rather have an ankle mangled by a V5F rather than an MSX. Protect yourself, learn and upgrade end of the story. Stop blaming the machine. Even a measly NB1 can hold those two guys. That is >200lbs! And don't go and tell me the NB1 is UNSTABLE and UNRELIABLE. I bought one used for $300, I weight 170lbs and it NEVER cut out on me even at 5 deg C and I do crazy things. I got SURE that the battery is in PERFECT condition.
  14. And acquire technique and finesse.
  15. @trya Fantastic find! Thanks a lot! They are really good and now I have a greater appreciation of their work. My GF and I started some successful static practice on the V10F until she got taken by her Mom's illness and passing. She will therefore start the season late. In the mean time I am getting more familiar with the V10F. Some maneuvers that I master on the V5F, I am still struggling on the V10F and vice versa.
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