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  1. I understand that part(CC/CV), thanks! My case is a trust issue to balance cells with a cheap OEM $55 5A charger that has a loud fan for hours! Let me rephrase, for my own use. Say I am in a hurry. I use the fast charger up to 90-95% charge and go ride. Every now and then when I have time, I use the silent/sealed IM stock charger for long charging and balancing.
  2. I did not mean to stop charging to cool down , I meant top up at a lower rate (when needed), generating less heat...
  3. As you said, unfortunately no much reliable data available. My personal guidelines for my V10F: Fast charging (I have a 5A charger) only to 90% then top up at regular charging rate if needed (allowing the pack to cool down a bit ). Attended balancing only on the company supplied charger, once every 10 charges or so. My guess is that any weak cell in a pack will have a higher temperature when fast charged (higher internal resistance) and the higher temperature will cause that cell to degrade even faster...
  4. @Chriull Nice write up! May be some mentions of pro/con of fast charging?
  5. pico


    Love it! I tried at the end of last season on the V10F with platform shoes of the 70's. Not easy and exhausting!
  6. Karate chop man strikes again! Impressive, BUT that confirms some suspicions I had... Some single leg maneuvers require a totally different technique... I wish @Hirsute was shown handling the V11. (hint, hint Inmotion... ) It would be interesting to know if the suspension was in the "locked" position...
  7. The dizzy part IS the competition!😂
  8. This would have been my second entry last year! 20 and 3/4, I believe. I would have to retry this year but I am presently in confinement.
  9. NOT so quickly, I have to locate my second entry recorded last fall!!!!
  10. Love your trophee @rehab1! There are quite a few more Mten3 owners out there... Don't be shy post your entry! The number is one thing, the fun is something else! 17, really? that was my first and only entry the bar is much higher now! In the meantime enjoy Mten3 Funny Charlie!
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