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  1. pico

    V10F vs KS18L?

    Interesting as you are deeply familiar with both...This was a nagging question for me when I decided to go with the V10F. The turn off of the 18L, XL was really the noise. Of course for my own needs top speed is irrelevant...
  2. Thanks @trya! In fact the whole community inspires me. YOU jolted me yourself with some of your prowess's!
  3. Is that a new wound or an old one? R2D2 feels to see the innards of his brother ...
  4. pico

    My new Mten3!

    I guess I have to agree. Video coming soon...
  5. pico

    My new Mten3!

    They screwed up on my order. One pedal yes the other no. Be specific when ordering that it's for the Mten.
  6. pico

    My new Mten3!

    FYI I am also using the ACM pedals. They are a perfect fit for me.
  7. Congrats! Well done! I like the shoulder engagement in the turn...
  8. See at 00:22 of my just posted video. Cheers!
  9. Two and a half year of EUC
  10. You mean like this? No need for an armature...just an amateur...
  11. Congrats! You are one of the few people on this board that understands what those wheels are for...And IS using them to their full potential... The "dated" NB1 and the V5F, V8 are some of the best wheels designed to acquire those advanced skills. I saw you coming! No pun...
  12. Irina is making the V10F rock!
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