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  1. The video was well done and informative but: Most reliable wheel???? it's barely started shipping to customers! Changing the colour of the flashing lights - just warning folk that having any flashing lights (apart from indicators) is illegal in the UK unless you're an emergency vehicle. No news on a mudguard?
  2. mike_bike_kite

    MSuper Pro?

    Agree with you there. I love the look of the 16X but I'm heavy so I know I'd run the risk of cut outs. I tried an 18XL and loved the range but I was quite surprised how sluggish it felt to my 16S. Fortunately I don't think I'll be allowed another wheel for a while. The advantage of either of them is that you can take them into coffee shops and people just assume it's luggage but I can easily see myself being asked to leave if I pushed in the Sherman.
  3. Make sure you have the tire pressure right for your weight. Set the make speed to something low until you get used to the wheel. Practise somewhere quiet until you've mastered turning and stopping etc on the new wheel. You could try looking for foam protection in a hardware store.
  4. Ian goes for long rides in the woods and Marty goes for long rides in the Californian desert. I'm not sure that quite qualifies them for a comparison with Chuck Yeager. Kuji certainly gets closer. If you're into heroic test pilots then it's worth watching the BBC documentary on Eric Brown. I think their end comment was he made James Bond look like a bit of a slacker.
  5. Can you try using a hair drier around the switches? It sounds like there's damp in there that's shorting out the switch (I'm guessing here). If it does start working then use clingfilm or tape to cover the switches in the rain.
  6. I think I understand his comment. I own a few motorcycles and one of the best designed ones I have is a Honda NC750X. It can cruise forever at 70mph and return almost 80mpg while doing that. It's not fast by motorcycle standards but 0-60 is still under 4 secs and the top speed is over 120mph so it's more than fast enough for me. It rarely needs servicing and I honestly doubt it will ever go wrong. It even has storage built into the design. I even like the look of it. I bought it for commuting and it does the job brilliantly. It is however quite boring to ride.
  7. I find it a bit ironic that someone who goes fishing can say an electric unicycle is boring
  8. To kill - just stand beside one and nudge it over 45 degrees then sprinkle with water. (If you're listening to this, you are the resistance)
  9. Isn't every test with an EUC flawed? Range depends on speed, rider weight, rider size, tyre inflation, wind, incline etc etc. Top speed depends on how willing to die the rider is. I know manufacturers report figures for a mythical 70Kg rider but few people believe the numbers even then. It seems a shame there isn't a standard way to test all wheels so they can be properly compared rather than relying on YT videos where sometimes the reviewer is a smidgen biased. Waterproofing, shock absorption, energy efficiency could be other interesting tests to add to the mix.
  10. Now he just needs to add the 16X, Veteran Sherman, mten3 and the V11 with it's new motor into the mix.
  11. Do you have any pictures of the types of roads you're taking? It would be easier to picture your journey that way. Many thanks.
  12. I thought @mrelwood's experiment was quite good but I'll admit I wasn't wholly convinced. With my version of how things work the wheel would detect you'd tried to tilt the wheel forwards as you moved it and obviously the motor would move the wheel forward to counterbalance the wheel. When it hit the concrete (in my version of how things work) the wheel would feel that gravity was now infront of the wheel because of the inertia and so the wheel should try and accelerate to rebalance but obviously the concrete is there so it couldn't. I tried a similar experiment at home where just the top of the wheel connected to something solid and unfortunately (for me) the wheel didn't move forward to rebalance. I've been trying to come up with a better proof (one way or the other) but eventually lost the will to continue
  13. I guess I'm wrong then. I still can't understand why they do it this way but hey ho.
  14. and do you know why manufacturers would implement tilt detection in that way (against the horizon) as opposed to wherever gravity is felt to be (on a wall of death it would point into the wall)? I just can't see why they'd do that unless they deliberately wanted to make the system more complicated, more expensive and wanted the wheel to cut out on riders doing fast turns. Is there some advantage in doing it this way?
  15. Personally, I'd go with the 16X. The only issue is the weight but all the wheels you'll be looking at are going to be fairly heavy. I'd avoid the S18 and V11 as they're both very new wheels and therefore unproven. There are 2 other issues with the 16X to be aware of - it is prone to cut outs for heavy riders riding at close to 30mph but you seem fairly light and not a speed freak. Waterproofing wasn't brilliant either but you live in Spain ...
  16. You sent me approx 6 hours worth of video and I'm "supposed" to find your proof somewhere in there? If you want to see an EUC where the pedals are not flat to the horizon then look in the first video I posted in this thread and watch from 3:00 to about 3:30. Can we move on now?
  17. I just wasted 10 minutes watching the first video watching people ride round a skate park with no falls. Actually she was very pretty so it wasn't that wasn't all that wasted. Why not just provide a video that actually demonstrates what it is you want to show and preferably give me the time in the video it happens?
  18. I have my top speed set at just over 20mph and I tend to cruise just below this. I think as long as I'm riding at bicycle pace then I'm fine on the roads. Saying that, I don't ride on main roads at all as I just don't feel all that safe but I do feel fine on the smaller roads and I plan my routes accordingly.
  19. You'd do far better riding it on the road than on the pavement. I find that if you're riding with due care and attention that the police won't bother at all (can't guarantee that though). Obviously you'll need to ride faster on the roads and that also means having appropriate protection - I just have a bicycle helmet and wrist guards but that's probably the minimum. It also depends on what type of traffic you have to deal with.
  20. EUC World running on a smart watch allows you to use gestures to do things like beep the horn.
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