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  1. Aneta


    Any issues riding on the Las Vegas Strip sidewalks? I thought bicycles, scooters, etc. were prohibited on the Strip sidewalks. They don't enforce it?
  2. Didn't this person know that 16X cuts off at 30mph, seeing that they posted their incident on electricunicycle.org "something" (telegram? I don't know what's that app the screenshot is of)
  3. Has anyone thought about making auxiliary battery packs on the sides? One layer of 18650's is 18mm thick, 20s1p can be arranged in 2 lengthwise by 10 diameterwise (130mm by 180mm by 18mm) that can be attached to the side, with a 3D printed cover, for only 20-22mm extra thickness on each side. Provided that you redo the built-in pack with Sanyo GA and auxiliary packs with Sanyo's as well, you'll have a 20s4p configuration, with 1024Wh capacity and 3x redundancy factor! Question for those who own Mten3: would adding 20mm slab on each side make it uncomfortable/impossible to ride?
  4. Will 20s2p made of 21700's fit there? Very doubtful. That's 50% more volume and 740Wh capacity, not 900.
  5. If you ever get to making a DIY pack for Mten3 to increase the capacity (325Wh version uses 40pcs. Sony V3 2250mAh cells; 512Wh uses 40pcs. Sanyo 3450mAh), consider rearranging it into 2x independent 20s1p connected in parallel (with two output connectors) configuration, vs. current 2x 10s2p connected in series (with one connector). This is to replicate the battery redundancy that exists in many wheels with independent battery packs on each side. With current configuration, if the power connector or series nickel strip burns, you're kissing the Earth; with redundant configuration, you simply lose half the range.
  6. Rockwheel uses Kingsong communication protocol, or Kingsong uses Rockwheel protocol? That is the question. It would be interesting to know exact early history of hoverwheel manufacturers, who was first, who left whom and who stole what from whom and when.
  7. Aneta


    Curious: how many watt-hours are in a sled dog (fully fed)? Would be interesting to compare to wheel's capacity and predict how much the range can be increased with the dog pulling you. Perhaps, someone on the sled dog forums already estimated mechanical work performed by a typical dog (force times distance)?
  8. Cannot dig up the source now where I got that info about GW/RW split. But if it's of any indication, GT16 uses Gotway BMS: Also, battery on Mten3 is made of the same 10s2p blocks connected in series, just like on each side of GT16. There's definitely more GW-RW connection than GW-KS.
  9. Just as another data point, Rockwheel GT16 also has these "80% beeps", and these beeps are not controlled by Rockwheel app or Wheellog. It beeps when starting hard from standstill or going up very steep hill. These beeps have nothing to do with speed or battery level. Since Rockwheel and Gotway were one company (Gotway boss left RW and started his own company), Gotway firmware evolution started from the same code base as Rockwheel, so they probably still share the same philosophy - 80% load beeps, giving the user all the power that hardware can produce, no FW updates (no need - "it just works"), etc. My guess is that these 80% beeps on Gotway and Rockwheel hoverwheels simply indicate 80%+ PWM level, you have less than 20% margin left.
  10. If we had quick release clips on our hoverwheels like sports bicyclists have on pedals, it might actually make high-speed riding safer, because if you accidentally ride over a deep pothole, your feet become airborne from the pedals, and when the wheel hits the opposite side of hole, it may slow down and you want to have your feet on your pedals at that moment. Without the clips, it would be an inevitable faceplant.
  11. If it starts smoking, there's only one right thing to do - throw it out. If it started smoking, it means thermal runaway has started, and it won't get any better. Burning li-ion batteries produce deadly smoke, you may lose consciousness in seconds in that tight space. If you try to land asap, you may find you have to bail out anyway at too low altitude for parachute to work. These things are like grenades. So, trying to land if there's already smoke is like having a box with ammunition and it starts smoking... bad idea to waste any second. Fires in li-ion batteries do not necessarily start only when charging.
  12. Great answer, thanks! I guess even on your plane if you keep it at arm's reach, you can smash the side window and push the smoking hoverwheel out. It won't hit the wing or the horizontal stabilizer - it'll fall like a brick. But if you ever have to use your parachute (I certainly hope this will never happen) not because of the wheel, you might save it by clipping it to your harness with a carabiner and bailing out!
  13. Shopping cart or baby stroller will do wonders, you'll learn much, much faster. Also, use a leash, you will have much less scratches and dents.
  14. Curious: does FAA regulate the Li-ion battery capacity that a private pilot can take on their plane? At least, on board a passenger plane, the personnel is trained to put out lithium battery fires: But what to do for a solo pilot when this happens? Jump without a parachute? Serious question.
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