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CES 2018 Mini-report

Jason McNeil

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3 hours ago, houseofjob said:

these Relync guys / The Verge can mosey about the whole floor of CES

At 2 minutes into the video, a woman on a traditional mobility-scooter rolls by... It's kinda hard to distinguish this Relync guy from someone who might actually be disabled. 

(...but yeah, let's get these lazy security guards get off they're butz and harass everyone riding sit-down scooters.) :blink1::angry::(

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You look pretty able-bodied to me... Get up and dance. Dance I say!
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1 hour ago, Ombre said:

In the end we were forced to flee the convention center without the second vehicle. Instead, Jason heroically carried a folding bicycle and @houseofjob carried a 43" TV (in box) while riding their wheels, around the block and down a section of The Strip, at night.  It was epic.  Wish we'd had a camera for that but it was like the fall of Saigon—we just bailed out as quickly as we could.

These are what we call memories! Lol! You guys Rock! I am not sure I wouldve had the patience for that kind of brow beating. I for sure would be just stepping out of a holding cell and into main Las Vegas municipal prison population at this point had I stayed for Friday. Judges dont work til Tuesday. Dont ask me how I got that knowledge holstered around the holiday calender.

It was a blast cruising around Vegas strip on these things. The rest of the Convention guests were fantastic! We really got a lot of interest and I hope it translates into more converts. Marc Cuban entered the Convention through a side door near our booth, but charged right by to get into the heart of the show. He winked at me ;)

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Good showing of electric unicycles @Jason McNeil with your booth even with the ridiculous CES security breathing down your necks. Swagtron, Fastwheel, Gyroor and other similar ridable companies on the Sands Hall A-D (2nd floor) seemed to have no security at all since they let people freely ride all over the place. 

That DJ that @Stan Onymous ran into is known as Spindizzy on KVEG Las Vegas and he works with and/or sponsored by Solowheel. I ran into him riding around on the 2nd floor Sands and had to literally chase him down on my Msuper V3s+ so my friend could talk to him.

Great to meet all of you guys though and look forward to more EUC representation at other events in the future! 

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16 hours ago, Jason McNeil said:

On the last day of the show we had the unique honour of being assigned a dedicated security guard glowering over us. 



15 hours ago, houseofjob said:

So eWheels isn't allowed to step out of their 20 x 20 confines, but these Relync guys / The Verge can mosey about the whole floor of CES?

Suppose @Jason McNeilcould have been deceptive and rode around wearing dark glasses carrying a cane. 

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