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  1. As is, could a wheel ever pull-off a loop? (Even if you went really, really fast...)
  2. Sadly, it appears that the GenZe line of electric scooters are to be no more... Say goodbye: The only made-in-America electric scooter company closes The prices on these kept creeping up until they were way too expensive for the 50cc scooters they were supposed to compete with. (Note: 50cc scooters are limited to 30mph.) They've also been outclassed by newer electric scooters; (such as the Niu NGT which offers 125cc like performance, but still cost less than the latest GenZe 2.0e). It looks like they sell Niu scooters at my local Vespa shop... Hmm? (I'll pass on the 30mph limited ones, but that NGT model looks tempting.)
  3. Albeit crude, you're definitely innovating with your pad placements. (I especially like the large round one you used for maintaining grip...) Sure it could look nicer, but once it's shown to work, we can always go back and shape the foam so that it looks a better. (I think you're on to something.)
  4. $80 chest protector, who am I Mr. Money Bags? (I'll just eat a bunch of ribs and be protected by a thick layer of fat.)
  5. RayRay


    Not for EUC's, but may start seeing on bicycles once prices come down further due to increased interest and competition... (It looks like the competition is heating up in the smart-jacket market with the Dainese D-air system and Alpinestars Tech-Air 5 going head-to-head.)
  6. RayRay


    Not tethered. Uses Irken technology for deployment.
  7. The competition I noted earlier has already brought the price down into the $600-700 range and that's for motorcycle crash protection. My hope is that similar systems for bicycles would be a little cheaper and adaptable to EUC's. (Also, the pricing for airbag refill and replacement programs are coming down as well.)
  8. It looks like the competition is heating up in the smart-jacket market with the Dainese D-air system and Alpinestars Tech-Air 5 going head-to-head. It seems to me that sensor-based systems are going to be the predominate technology going forward. (Tethered systems are just too low-tech.) We're starting to see gear manufacturers like Klim and others adopt In&motion's sensors in order to offer a comparable product. (Helite offers a multi-sensor system which may catch on as well.) The algorithms for all of these black-boxes evolved out of AI machine learning from MotoGP racing before being modified for street motorcycles. In the future, I'd like to see a multi-sensor system modified for EUC riding. Something like Helite's B'Safe with sensors in the vest and a separate Crash Detection Unit (CDU). You'd think they'd already be working on an upgraded protection system for BMX/mountain biking and (with any luck) modifications could (in theory) be made for EUC's. Unfortunately, all my hopes for this are based solely on the fact that they are French and (just maybe) take EUC's more seriously...
  9. RayRay


    @Marty Backe Good to see you stand-up right after falling. That sort of fall will knock the wind (and confidence) out of you. We hope you recover soon; (now that the adrenaline has worn off).
  10. Budget some $$$ for protective gear, regardless of whether buying a wheel with max capabilities or not. (Powered wheel makes a big difference in a crash or fall.)
  11. I don't know if I'm ready to become a "quarry rider", but do you have any thoughts about the upgrade appeal of either of these? Specifically, coming from a previous model Kingsong or Inmotion; (Gotway owners would never consider a slower wheel an upgrade.)
  12. So, can you ride that thing yet? (I assume Flyboy Adam showed you a thing or two.) Just one weekend left to get you up to speed. We've got another group ride coming up on the 1st...
  13. "adds self-balancing and autonomous capabilities. The eScooter T can be remote controlled via app" https://www.engadget.com/2019/12/17/ninebot-escooter-emoped/ (Although, I'm not really sure what the practical uses for this feature are, it does seem to self-balance on it's own for short distances...) Speaking of Segway-Ninebot, they brought a lot to CES this year, including a Wall-E style pod/wheelchair for the truly lazy among us...
  14. Technically, this doesn't belong here... Okay, so here's a weird one. What if the typical e-scooter was self-balancing? Confused? Well, don't be. It's a feature we now take for granted. I'm talking about (self-balanced) trolleying... Folding electric kickscooter rolls with self-balancing ease (New Atlas) Gimmicky, to say the least. Although, it's cool how it can travel short distances without falling to one side. Kinda like this guy... Hasbro Star Wars D-O Interactive Droid (Geek Culture)
  15. RayRay


    That's one stealthy stick! ...Now this video goes with the Lake Murray/Cowles Mountain stuff above from the SD-EUCers. After the lake run, I meandered around looking for easy stuff the whole group could enjoy and wound up at Mission Trails main path through the mountains along the San Diego River. This is a preview of routes we could combine with (too short) Lake Murray.
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