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  1. RayRay

    Triple 8 wrist guards

    I would have loved to...But no I don't. I wear G-Form Pro-X Padded Compression Shorts for bottom protection (alternating with EVS Technical UnderGear 'TUG Shorts'). These have cocyxc (tailbone) protection, but I'm a big guy and I sometimes think I need more padding in that area. (Then again, I guess it's heavily padded already...) D30 Azzpadz would be ideal, but I also like the side padding I get with the protective shorts I already wear. Perhaps something like these Triple 8 Bumsavers or Tortoise Pads (might require larger pants). Also, speaking of tortoise pads...
  2. E-wheels has 2 battery pack pulled from a (new at the time) 14C. These are 420Wh packs that @Jason McNeil might sell individually, (but probably prefers to sell as a set).
  3. RayRay

    first ride in downtown traffic ...

    They shoulda been first on your list... (Now you know why.) Even cheap ones are better than nothing. (Human instinct is to brace for fall.)
  4. RayRay

    Noob first try - meh

    I'm not sure how unusual this is, but I developed a habit of placing my right (dominant) foot on first. Now it feels weird to to go left first. I'll need to work on this I think...
  5. RayRay

    Portable e-Scooters (MicroMobility)

    Maybe something lightweight like an Inokim Mini+ if available where you are. https://sgscooters.co/ladies-here-are-the-best-e-scooters-for-you/ (Most people here are enthusiasts looking for more speed/power and portability is usually an afterthought.)
  6. RayRay

    Hit by speeding car on Z10

    I still recommend the Veglo (under $10 at Amazon). Very bright beacon with a glowing red X on you back.
  7. RayRay

    Hit by speeding car on Z10

    I wish you a speedy recovery. So sorry to hear about your injuries. Thank goodness YOU didn't end up lodged under that car. Sounds like you were well prepared for night riding (reflective wear is important). Unfortunate this drivers bonehead maneuver caused headlights to shine off the mark (until too late). I sometimes feel like I'm taking night riding visibility to ridiculous extremes with all my lights and reflective gear. I may look silly, but at least you see me... Then again, nothing you can do when horrible Tampa driver decides to pay no attention and hits you. 🤕
  8. RayRay

    Hey folks, need some advise.

    Finally, a use case for a Uni-Cub... Otherwise, a stable at low speed MiniPro makes a lot more sense.
  9. RayRay

    Well I got got

    Doesn't matter. When we fall it's face first, no time to react. No time to tuck-and-roll. You become a 'human pendulum' (head slams to the ground like a closing mousetrap)....
  10. RayRay

    Well I got got

    So sad, but cheer up -- you'll be healed and back in no time (stay positive)... Try not to lose your sense of humor over it. I'm glad that can be repaired (re-placed). A fractured humerus isn't funny, but hopefully you'll laugh about it someday.
  11. RayRay

    Fat Wheel Scooters

    Do you mean an actual scooter called "Fat Wheel" or just fat-tire scooters in general? Is this wheel 'fat enough'? (Or do you mean really fat?) There are a lot of knock-offs of the extreme 'Fat Tire' variety, but beware... There's an Amazon seller "ewheels" (not the one we know and love) that supplies medical mobility equipment and peddles a (not so) cheap version.
  12. RayRay

    Practical range of Gotway MSuper X 1600wh

    Time to diet.
  13. RayRay

    Yet another bitten by the EUC bug

    Vibration could be normal, but grinding...? Is there anyway you could possibly record the sound... (like with a selfie stick)? Post Youtube link?
  14. RayRay

    Yet another bitten by the EUC bug

    Hmm, vibration? Dunno... That doesn't sound right. I have a 14D, but I don't think I ever experienced what you are describing. If you're concerned and are able to make it to say... Al Lopez Field (next to stadium); I could probably take a look and maybe provide a couple of pointers... Have you tried level re-calibrating?
  15. RayRay

    Unable to put Slime in MSuper X Tire???

    It would be interesting to see how a beginner adjusts to the different riding styles (Z10 vs. MSX). A lot of experienced riders have commented on how they had to re-learn (or un-learn) how to ride other wheels to master the Z10. (I hear it's difficult for many of them to switch back and forth...)