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  1. RayRay

    Help a New/old guy out

    Fat at 165? (Are we talking kilograms?) How much did you weight when you were younger? (You aint Texas fat.)
  2. RayRay

    To buy a EUC or a different type of E-Vehicle

    Well now I just have wheel envy. (...and I just finished upgrading to 16 inches, but I guess nobody will be impressed). Go big or go home! (Sell your fancy car if you have to, just don't expect props for riding that 'puny' wheel...)
  3. RayRay

    To buy a EUC or a different type of E-Vehicle

    Seems like recommending 18 inchers for new riders puts a lot of emphasis on performance, but could potentially discourage newbies who might also be weighing other factors such as cost, convenience, and practicality. I cannot speak to how wonderful an 18 inch wheel is, because I've only owned 14 and 16 inch wheels. I traded a 840Wh wheel for a 420Wh wheel because the small weight difference made carrying the lighter wheel like a suitcase no problem. (Very practical when using public trans and more convenient than having to trolley everywhere).
  4. RayRay

    Flexmeter alternatives

    Aside from the fingernail thing (owww!), it looks like the Triple8 Wristsaver II really did its job. This is comforting considering many of us (myself included) use the same wrist guard and wonder if it's protective enough. I sometimes wear loose fitting gloves over my Wristsavers for added protection (and warmth). So far, my worse injury was a cut on my finger (no glove that time).
  5. That is a bummer. Had a similar experience with a 14C - just before I was about to sell it. (Would not power on and I sold it for parts too.) Eventually upgraded to a 16S, but had to settle for a 14D in the meantime. Luckily, the 14D is great on short routes and buses; but even though it's easy to lift, I don't think I'm going to keep both. Did you already try replacing the fuse?
  6. RayRay

    I'm looking for a used euc in florida

    Any questions?
  7. RayRay

    Handling the Elements: Wind

    Makes sense. The dirt bike scene needs the whole goggle, full-face protection, and visor... (Hasn't changed much in a long time.)
  8. RayRay

    Handling the Elements: Wind

    Oh, is that was visors are for? I thought we were pretending to be ducks or something... Seriously, am I the only one who thinks they are getting a bit long?
  9. RayRay

    Handling the Elements: Wind

    Why do full-face motocross helmets have such huge visors attached? These things catch wind... Not a problem for typical euc speeds, but it seems like form-over-function. (Why so long?)
  10. RayRay

    Shoulder Braces

    Nobody seems to make standalone shoulder braces (other than football style pads). The only other shoulder protection I could find were for (single) shoulder injuries. EVS has a wide selection, including one shoulder support that covers both shoulders (SB05). Unfortunately, that version does not come with extra shoulder padding... Here are some of EVS shoulder supports (SB03/SB04/SB05): EVS SB03 covers one shoulder with an adjustable strap (no padding). EVS SB04 has better padding; (SB05 has only the strap). Demon has D3O shoulder pads... (These would be nice to cover both shoulders.) However, the closest I've been able to achieve is to combine EVS SB05 with Demon X D3O Smartskin knee pads (which I already own). I just slip the D30 knee pads underneath the shoulder straps of the SB05 (which holds them in place). I was going to buy separate pads for this, but the Demon D30 knee pads worked out fine (due to their shape).
  11. RayRay

    Tampa bay area

    Riding forecast: Frequent, unexpected rainstorms and possible hurricane... (i.e. same ol') BTW: Have you run into anyone on the Pinellas Trail yet? (A couple of euc riders probably frequent.)
  12. RayRay

    Opinion on 14 inch wheels?

    I think weight and center of gravity have a lot to do with it as also. Going from 840W (14C) to 420W (14D) made a big difference in stability. Then I went back to 840W (16S) and it felt stable and natural. Although, the first time I tried to turn I fell (so embarrassing).
  13. RayRay

    King Song Social Media Representative

    Yes, we all said that we needed huuge pedals... (but I was just boasting, average size pedals work just fine.)
  14. RayRay

    Tampa bay area

    I was thinking of doing an early ride this weekend on the Courtney Cambell if you want to run into me (not literally).