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  1. I had a similar choice between an MSX-84V and 18XL. I chose the Kingsong for it's smoothness and comfortable riding stance. However, I rarely feel the need to ride at speeds close to (or over) 50 km/h. An 18XL does okay on unpaved paths, but it's best at cruising along paved surfaces. Non-speedsters generally get good range. MSX was (and still is) a brute. Faster than an 18XL, but slower than the models that replaced it. This model has since been refined a couple of times into an overall better wheel. Still, the basic structure is there; like the fat wheel for better unpaved road performa
  2. Nice try! Apparently, neither wheel can be less than 14 inches in diameter to be considered a bike in WI. E-bike max is only 20mph anyway, (unless adding 'pedal power').
  3. Trying to categorize vehicles (for legal purposes) gets out of hand really fast... Characteristics that can impact a vehicle classification: overall dimensions (weight, width, etc.) number of wheels (+ relative position) propulsion system(s) power and speed steering mechanism stopping mechanism safety features (horns, lights, etc.) point of contact (foot vs. ass) other dumb stuff... When a new vehicle is unlike other's in more than one of these characteristics, they're basically screwed (in a legal sense). I'm just saying...
  4. I doubt that the law or lawmakers would ever favor euc enthusiasts interpretation of what constitutes a 'safe' vehicle. We're better off now (in legal grey area) then in a future that regulates euc's to 5 years ago specs. (i.e. slow & weak) Enjoy it while you can.
  5. Hmmm, maybe... but There's not much we can depend on with absolute certainty; least of all euc warranty repair. As wheels get more expensive, our risk only grows. Only spend what you can afford to lose...
  6. Maybe they decided to skip a step because they were worried that always being the last to adopt a higher voltage was hurting their brand. Although, I'm worried it's just about bragging rights; reminiscent of the "chip wars" of the early 2000's and the competition to produce the highest clock speed (Hz). Also, this strategy distracts from the top speed (kph) competition which KS has all but ceded.
  7. Take @Richardo up on his invite. At least you will see how big euc's have gotten lately. (His V11 is midsize compared to new wheels coming out.) There was a time when these were built for compactness/transportability (say pre-2018), but then the wheel sizes started getting big and heavy. I started with a 14" Kingsong and upgraded to a KS-16S. It was only slightly bigger and I kept it as my 'compact' wheel. (I'm way too big for an mten3.) The 16S is fairly compact, smaller than a V8/F/S; (but larger than a V5/F). The V8S was created recently to compete with the battery/range of t
  8. Re: 4680's Imagine fitting 30/60/120... in an euc. (They fat!) (Multiples of 30 because people kept bringing up 4680's in thread about 126V...)
  9. We need to get you on our telegram group and facebook page, but I'll ride with you. I'm familiar with that area and I'm close by...
  10. I commuted just under 2 miles for a while living in Florida; (I even downgraded my euc for a while). At the time, I was walking (ugh), biking, euc-ing, and moped riding to work; and had no general preference; (unless it was raining). However, after work I wanted to ride more and longed for more euc battery. An 800W wheel was enough to get my 100kg ass to work everyday; (in no particular hurry). At 125kg, you'll need more power than that, but maybe not much more if your main concern is avoiding walking. Then again, you might consider other options (for such a short commute) and want to focus on
  11. Is this wire constantly flexing with the suspension? (Yikes!)
  12. Here in Southern California, we have a rider "Sitting Jim"; so called because of how he rides. (Also, not to be confused with "Standing Jim".) As with all Jims, he's a big guy who rides a big wheel; plus he's mastered seated riding. (His joints suck too and EUC's aid his mobility.) Of course, it takes a while to master (regular and seated riding); and most of us benefited by learning on smaller wheels and graduating to larger ones. Starting on the largest wheel available isn't generally recommended, as it makes learning much more difficult. (e.g. Sherman, Monster Pro, etc.)
  13. Solved: Up the voltage and motor power. (Worked so far...) What could go wrong? (Go!)
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