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  1. Agreed. Your adventures sum it up nicely. (An exceptional story.)
  2. You can learn to ride an euc at any age. You can fall from an euc at any age. Riding an euc is fun at any age... (but be prepared to take the ups with the downs).
  3. I upgraded from a 16S to a 18XL (same speed as 16X) to avoid the stress of constantly riding at the limits of my wheel and risking cutout. It's a worthwhile upgrade for the added range and security. ( I prefer a mellow ride.) However, if you even suspect you may want more speed, then get a Gotway. Also, a Nikola feels nothing like any Kingsong, so please try one first...
  4. I want to try to address the 'stupid' question, because either you've already figured it out by now, or something is not quite 'right'. When you turn the wheel on (assuming it is unlocked), then it should balance and remain upright while you walk it around. This becomes obvious when you turn it off and it no longer balances... Not balancing means it wants to fall either forward or backward and not maintain level. (It will feel limp and you can easily move the handle 180 degrees along the wheel axis.) A better explanation might be: you should be able to tell the difference (on vs. off).
  5. The 2021 Ford F-250 Lariat Tremor With A Ramp Kit Makes A Pretty Great Way To Haul A Changli Across The Country [Jalopnik]
  6. "Carson Brown has made many things, but can be blamed (most notably) for his part in making the Uniwheel." This is a sad comment on the fate of the Uniwheel (and a jibe at electric unicycles in general). Switching to a crowded scooter market is going to be a tough sell.
  7. The last micro-scooter I bought turned out to be a crowdfunding nightmare... The MiniFalcon (The E-Scooter That Fits In A Backpack) was never delivered to most backers. (I actually got mine, but haven't ridden because it's probably a piece of junk.) The first crowdfunded scooter I posted about (The Swan) didn't meet it's targets either, but eventually became the basis for the Unagi Model One E500 electric scooter. Hard to tell what's total crap from what isn't with crowdfunding (you take your chances), but I have one more to mention because it's kind of relevant here...
  8. I know nothing about Uniwheel, but came across kickstarter for scooter influenced by one of its designers. Look closely at photo... Can you spot the euc influence in this design? (Hint: stance.)
  9. I'm looking at these tees and I'm thinking they are guys.
  10. I tell people it's the poor man's Tesla... (The one wheel was all I could afford).
  11. Maybe 'yukes' is catching on, I dunno. (Probably the best we can do with only 3 letters.) Among ourselves we tend to say 'wheel' (in singular form); but I'm still waiting to see what name the media comes up with...
  12. A certain amount of jacking can be tolerated (in fact it's expected) on this thread. However, please refrain from playing with other people's balls. Thank you.
  13. It's usually a brand name or an acronym that catches on. Unfortunately, Segway's have moved on and Gotway's (or the even worse alternatives) - not too catchy. EUC isn't much to work with... It sorta sounds like "you-see" (but not quite.) It could easily be Li-EUC, which sounds like "lew-see" or simply "lucy", but... (where was I going with this)?
  14. It's hard to find anyone who has compared the 16S to the V8F. The 16S was popular when it came out because it was more powerful than the V8, but not much heavier (similar size). When V10/V10F came out, most preferred the V10F; (V10 used cheaper batteries to undercut 16S on price). By the time the V8F came out, the 16S was considered an older design (along with V8). However, since the original V8 was a true competitor to the 16S (and a classic), InMotion decided to upgrade the V8 as a cheaper alternative (versus V10).
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