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  1. So, can you ride that thing yet? (I assume Flyboy Adam showed you a thing or two.) Just one weekend left to get you up to speed. We've got another group ride coming up on the 1st...
  2. "adds self-balancing and autonomous capabilities. The eScooter T can be remote controlled via app" https://www.engadget.com/2019/12/17/ninebot-escooter-emoped/ (Although, I'm not really sure what the practical uses for this feature are, it does seem to self-balance on it's own for short distances...) Speaking of Segway-Ninebot, they brought a lot to CES this year, including a Wall-E style pod/wheelchair for the truly lazy among us...
  3. Technically, this doesn't belong here... Okay, so here's a weird one. What if the typical e-scooter was self-balancing? Confused? Well, don't be. It's a feature we now take for granted. I'm talking about (self-balanced) trolleying... Folding electric kickscooter rolls with self-balancing ease (New Atlas) Gimmicky, to say the least. Although, it's cool how it can travel short distances without falling to one side. Kinda like this guy... Hasbro Star Wars D-O Interactive Droid (Geek Culture)
  4. RayRay


    That's one stealthy stick! ...Now this video goes with the Lake Murray/Cowles Mountain stuff above from the SD-EUCers. After the lake run, I meandered around looking for easy stuff the whole group could enjoy and wound up at Mission Trails main path through the mountains along the San Diego River. This is a preview of routes we could combine with (too short) Lake Murray.
  5. Poway seems pretty remote for luring OC riders (nevermind Angelinos). Maybe we can look into something in Carlsbad or Vista...
  6. RayRay


    Oh, but it is that dark. (No sun before 6:30 AM these days.) Haven't you ever noticed the lights attached to my backpack? Try one of these on your AM ride...
  7. Some footage from that ride... (I posted the 1st part in the videos section.)
  8. RayRay


    Some footage of my helmet from a recent ride...
  9. Proposed Run: Reservoir to Reservoir Start at Spring Valley Swap Meet (South Parking Lot across Quarry Rd.) Quarry Trail to Golf Course Cross Bridge to Sweetwater Summit Regional Park Proctor Valley Rd. to San Miguel Rd (and bike path) Follow bike path to Centennial Trail (Otay Lake Reservoir) Take Eastlake Trails from Olympic Training Center on return trip Retrace San Miguel/Proctor Valley Rd. back to Sweetwater, etc.
  10. RayRay


    Part 2 (2 long) of Treacherous Trails... (of Otay)
  11. I've been looking for rides our group might enjoy in the South County. Nothing too technical (some of the guys prefer off-road). I said I'd report back on the "Gravel Loop" that was optional for the 'Bike the Bay' event this year. I made a long video, here's the first part...
  12. Is this really what the law states? Cuz aint nobody gonna ride a hoverboard on the highway unless they HIGH AND WASTED OUTTA THEY MIND!!!
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