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  1. Looks like those police trikes can go over 35 mph. (Must have gone by the cop at top speed the first couple of times.)
  2. I use a combination of cheap pads (in layers) that provide decent protection while remaining comfortable. Low-profile D3O layer (slip-on) Low-profile Gel/Foam layer (slip-on) Shin Guards with hard shell protectors (strap-on) I wound up discovering these work well together after buying (Demon) D3O Smartskins on sale and found them lacking. So, I added some (Asics) volleyball knee pads on top of the D3O and topped it off with (Shift Enforcer) Knee/Shin Guards. + + If you buy D3O knee pads, make sure they stay securely in place. Originally, I added the extra
  3. I say: "Give the kid an Mten3 and let 'em rip!" Disclaimer: (Not a parent.) Too bad they don't make these anymore...
  4. There was a fire and they had to relocate.
  5. I held on to my Motorola flip-phone until 2015 (or thereabout). Loved those old phones... I briefly used one of those little Nokia's before "upgrading" to the Nokia Lumia; (my 1st "smartphone"). I wont get into what the whole Windows Mobile experience was like; but the phone itself was well made. I remember learning to ride euc's and dropping that phone a lot, but the Nokias at the time were indestructible.
  6. IMO, this is the important part of the question. (I will now repeat things already said on this thread...) Power (watts) is a product of volts and amps, so higher voltage is being used to offset higher amperage. To balance 'cheap wiring' vs. 'not overheating', we tend to get the former because we are guinea pigs. (About 10-20% of our forum discussions address this while giving a 'basic overview' of how euc's work.)
  7. When I feel the wobbles coming on, I tend to grip the wheel a bit more (with my legs). Maybe that only works for me, I'm a heavy guy with a low center of gravity... The 16S is a small-ish wheel with less surface area for your legs to apply pressure; but its side pads are grippy enough to maintain a straight-line on paved surfaces. In a week, it will feel a lot less tiresome and a lot more awesome.
  8. Agreed. Your adventures sum it up nicely. (An exceptional story.)
  9. You can learn to ride an euc at any age. You can fall from an euc at any age. Riding an euc is fun at any age... (but be prepared to take the ups with the downs).
  10. I upgraded from a 16S to a 18XL (same speed as 16X) to avoid the stress of constantly riding at the limits of my wheel and risking cutout. It's a worthwhile upgrade for the added range and security. ( I prefer a mellow ride.) However, if you even suspect you may want more speed, then get a Gotway. Also, a Nikola feels nothing like any Kingsong, so please try one first...
  11. I want to try to address the 'stupid' question, because either you've already figured it out by now, or something is not quite 'right'. When you turn the wheel on (assuming it is unlocked), then it should balance and remain upright while you walk it around. This becomes obvious when you turn it off and it no longer balances... Not balancing means it wants to fall either forward or backward and not maintain level. (It will feel limp and you can easily move the handle 180 degrees along the wheel axis.) A better explanation might be: you should be able to tell the difference (on vs. off).
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