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    King Song Battery Bank for Extra Range

    King Song have just come out with an external battery bank. Although it's intended for the eScooter products, they're considering making a version for the Electric Unicycle as well. With a max power output of 420W, 5A @ 84V, it's roughly equivalent to 18MPH cruising speed. It's not a perfect solution, but if you're looking to eek out some more ride time this could be an interesting product.
  2. Jason McNeil

    New 16″ unicycle from King Song

    The info I've received is that the tire will be a 2.5", there is however enough width clearance for a 3" tire as well—no doubt this will be the most popular option. It has an entirely new, bold styling, more akin to Rockwheel than anything KS has put out so far. There's a few other unique features that might make there way into the production Wheel. Trying to have KS let @KujiRolls do a first unveiling/release video after the Chinese New Year in around 4 weeks.
  3. Jason McNeil

    Shipping offer for ewheels.com customers

    The offer still holds. The link display permission problem is probably because the original author sold his Wheel & delisted the topic.
  4. If anyone is in the market for a pedal upgrade on the V8, we've just received 100x sets of the V10 pedals. The brackets on the V10 are a couple mm wider than the V8, so William 3D printed some alternative ones that keep the pedal closed when folded up. https://www.ewheels.com/product/new-inmotion-xl-pedals-for-v10-f-v8-glide-3-v5f-glide-2/ Looking for better foot support & comfort on your V8/Glide 3? The new V10 XL pedals are 1.5″ longer & provide 30% more surface area than the existing V8 supports. To achieve a closer fit to the smaller pedal support bracket on the V8/V5F, we have 3D printed special spacer washers that can keep the pedal in the upright position.
  5. Although there's now a ton of different Wheel models available to fulfill nearly every possible niche, the one area where there remains a void is a plane compatible Travel Wheel. The MTen3 has a lot going for it, but without easily removable battery packs, it really isn't designed to be frequently taken apart, battery removed & reassembled once you reach your destination. I'd like to see King Song take up this gauntlet & produce their own variant of the 10" format, but with modular batteries that can be easily slotted in above the motor similar to the MTen3, installing 20 cells on the side will make the Wheel too fat. Another advantage of a competing 10" design would be higher pedal brackets to fit the larger XL pedals. Beyond the application of a travel/portable Wheel, another advantage to the design is that the modularity allows it to be upgraded to fit the needs of a learner's budget, with a base model of just 20 cells (1 module), then slot in another module at a later date. The batteries can be provided in either a travel size of 158Wh (per side), or 256Wh (high capacity) flavours. What do you think? If such a Wheel were available at under $500, would you consider adding one to your Wheel collection? Here's the request I've put in with Tina.
  6. Jason McNeil

    King Song Battery Bank for Extra Range

    Guess the way to think of the power-bank is charging-on-the-go, the input charge interfaces is only 5A, while a large capacity battery pack can pump out 10x this current. A optimum use-case strategy would to use it between 25%-75%, depending on the model. If the voltage has fallen below the limp-home mode, plugging in the external pack is not going to immediately raise the pack's voltage.
  7. Jason McNeil

    Electric Scooter Classifications

    This year interest & sales of eScooters has surpassed Electric Unicycle sales—this isn't to say that the market for Electric Unicycles is diminishing, in fact Wheel sales were up 2.5x over last year —but with the continued deep pocketed expansion of the eScooter rental business, it's fairly certain that more people will take to Electric Scooter ownership, with a corresponding number of new suppliers/models being released to meet this demand. In the past two weeks, I've launched three new products: the Dualtron Spider, Turbowheel Hornet & the Turbowheel Dart. The Turbowheel brand will be the eWheels branded line of scooters, since the Chinese manufacturer names are both unfamiliar & IMO not the most marketable... During the exercise of launching these new scooter lines, it had me thinking that there should be some sort of broad classification of eScooters for prospective buyers to have a sense of where a particular model falls into. Similar to what we witnessed back in 2014-2015 for Electric Unicycles, where >80% products were pretty dreadful 16 cell, 350W machines, most of the scooters being pumped out of China are the 8" <300Wh, 250W feeble eScooters that won't last more than a few months on the rental circuit—in the Bloomberg article, it was claimed the average replacement rate is less than four months. There's quite a few other differentiators beyond just the wheel diameter, single/dual motor setup & speed, such as braking capabilities, whether they have branded battery cells (most of the cheap ones do not), but there is a rough approximation between Scooter quality & its performance. What do you think of these classifications? Are 10 categories sufficient to capture the different classes? Class 1: Cheap carbon-fiber scooters Class 2: 8”, <300Wh, <30kph. ES2, Xiaomi 365, Stryder (280Wh), Gotrax GXL, Swagtron 5 Class 3: 8”, 300-600Wh, >30kph. ES4, UScooter V/S+, EcoReco L5/L5+ Class 4: 8”, >600Wh, >30kph. Mini4, T8/Zero 8 Class 5: 9”, single-motor, >600Wh. Dart/T9/Zero 9. Class 6: 10“, single-motor. SW III, IV, T10/Zero 10 Class 7: 8”, dual-motor. Hornet, DT Raptor Class 8: 10“, dual-motor, ultralight. DT Spider Class 9: 10”, dual-motor, >1kWh. DT3, DT2, D4+, D5+ Class 10: 11”, dual-motor, ultra-wide tire. Thunder, Ultra
  8. Jason McNeil

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    Pretty idiotic really. It's all very well playing Aquaman on preproduction Wheel, but for any normal Customer who then infers it has the same IP rating as a submarine, puts it to a test with a resulting warranty request when their bearings/motor seizes up (or the battery catches on fire) is going to be in for a rude surprise when Gotway resolutely reject their claim. Clearly there's a cognitive disconnect with Gotway failing to think through the consequences of promoting action that will inevitably destroy this expensive hardware.
  9. Jason McNeil

    10" Travel Wheel, King Song version of the MTen3?

    Latest update on this: KS will be reaching out to their other Distributors to evaluate the possible market demand for the concept. They had mentioned the possibility of dusting off the old 14B; I suggested it's too old, too ugly, too large, not enough battery/power, in short not good enough for 2019. It won't be until at least 3-4 months until we see a 10-12" preproduction prototype.
  10. Jason McNeil

    Msx 82v is some battery faulty

    From other bad battery cases, a bad cell is typically manifested in a full 4.2v below spec, which would be reading 78v. If you have the ChargeDoctor plugged into the charger, but not the Wheel, is it displaying ~82v? If true, then very likely the charger needs to be replaced, which is the best case scenario. In troubleshooting battery problems beyond the charger, we disconnect one of the packs (it's a complete coin-toss which one) then try charging up, a bad cell would be on just one side—I don't think this is what you have here, but it could be a first. Gotway battery packs are statistically the most reliable of any manufacturer making Wheels right now.
  11. Are you passionate about EUCs & eScooters, & are seeking a career change? I'm looking for someone to help with the remote support, emails & customer communications. If there's interest, please send over a copy of your C.V. to jason@ewheels.com Requirements: Written fluency: the typical daily communication volume is between 75-150 messages a day. The candidate must possess strong written skills, to cope with getting through the daily support load, while being able to balance volume with offering adequate quality responses. An area for improvement in the Company is the production of tech-notes, knowledgebase, self-help guides & videos for offering help to our Customers solve common problems independently. Technical Proficiency: experience with owning at least one Wheel/eScooter is a necessity. Possess an understanding of current products, what their various strengths & weaknesses are for providing Customers with accurate purchasing advice based on their stated aims & needs. Work Discipline: must be motivated & self-disciplined, working independently, get the work completed without direct supervision. Be able to maintain the various logs—Customer defects, parts shipments, shipping labels, & website ordering system. In addition to being able to adhere to the current processes, help refine/evolve them to yield improvements that will help the business to scale. Evaluating/analyzing key service metrics, including but not limited to, average time to response, success rate of dealing with after-sales problems, repair turnaround time, identifying problems with manufacturing that require further action, etc. Complementary Skills: if the applicant has experience or knowledge in other areas like website work, electronics, video editing or graphics design it would be a plus Location & Citizenship: US Citizens preferred, the midterm plan is to relocate with the service center to Nevada, this has not yet been finalized. What eWheels has to Offer: An exciting growth opportunity: at this time, there is no other Company in North America offering the selection & range of Personalized Electric Vehicles (PEVs). It is our goal to maintain & improve the momentum going into 2019, expanding into other areas like eBikes, retails outlets & start with shifting some of the final assembly work to the US. Competitive salary & performance based compensation: we'll be able to offer a decent starting wage, with a bonus structure that is correlated to the value of one's abilities & contribution to building the business. Working Flexibility: choice to work from home or at a co-working office space.
  12. Jason McNeil

    Has anyone had their Solowheel turn off without warning?

    A blown fuse is typically symptomatic of a board/MOSFET failure, if it's a failure of this type, even when the fuse is replaced, it will immediately blow again. Don't understand why they didn't offer a warranty board replacement; what is the point of a 'warranty' if it's not for something as clear-cut as riding along on level ground with the Wheel cutting out from under you.
  13. Jason McNeil

    New GT16 S/IRON - 1600WH-2064WH , expected release March 2019.

    That's interesting that the news about this outlier Wheel came from Korea. Would you believe the 18L/XL is still not available there. In a call with Tina earlier in the week, she tells me Korea has a Wheel certification process that's far more stringent than the UL2272 & takes 4 months! Because of this certification, there's now a 4-6 month lag for general global product release for the rest of the world & Korea. @houseofjob has not had a good experience with the last RW, it's amazing these guys are still coming out with new designs, keeping GW on their toes.
  14. Jason McNeil

    KS18XL range report...

    KS's new App is in the offing, tried it out on Monday, but couldn't get past the registration. Some brilliant mind programmed a 10 second timer from sending the email/SMS, takes a minute to get the notification, in the meantime.... please try this version of the App & ignore the prompts to update. https://images.ewheels.com/KSv1.7.apk
  15. Jason McNeil


    Thanks for sharing, need to chase up my Ninebot contact on getting these replacements. Claimed that these headlights were not available for general release.
  16. Jason McNeil

    Has anyone had their Solowheel turn off without warning?

    A 40 cell Wheel 16" is in the lower tier these days, a decent Wheel will have 60+ cells—you need more when going up in diameter. This detail suggests that in this instance you had not fallen off the power cliff, but rather that the controller simply failed on you, a statistical risk that is higher on the V8/Glide 3 than on say a King Song or the newer Gotways, because Inmotion use weaker MOSFETs—during a production run of say 100,000 MOSFETS, there might be a microscopic imperfection in 1:20,000 that leads to an underspec chip. Unfortunately one cannot predict this type of failure, the best advice is to try to minimize the impact by wearing at least wrist-guards at all time. What sort of range are you able to realize? We've sold close to 1000 V8s, in my experience, this is characteristic of a bad cell in the pack & the battery will likely need to be replaced.
  17. Jason McNeil

    10" Travel Wheel, King Song version of the MTen3?

    The V5 was never intended to be taken aboard a commercial flight, that the battery pack was below the IATA 160Wh requirement was purely coincidental, up until the V5F+, Inmotion were wedded to a 22P cell type... What ruled it out for this purpose was that it's a 1-2hr job to remove the battery, which is a must for airline travel. The proposal is for 2x 160Wh packs, which is permitted by the current IATA rules (with permission), this machine would have the same power spec as the MTen3, you won't find any complaints on the forum of owners being unsatisfied with the lack of power here. Trouble here is that the i5 has a complex & expensive magnesium alloy shell, it's a completely different kettle of fish to the standard plastic injection molding, & you're still stuck with a battery that can't easily be removed. King Song's first Wheel, the 14B, had the removable pack, for what it was back in circa 2014, it was a reasonably popular Wheel; in Russia, they've sold over 1000 of this model, still sold today! https://ecodrift.ru/product/monokoleso-kingsong-ks14b-174wh-black/ Let's consider the power question: King Song is making the 14M, which is a 16 cell, 67v machine, with a nominal battery power output of 3.6v x 16 cells x 10 amps = 576W. On a 20 cell machine this is increased to 3.6 x 20 cell = 720W, then with a more compact, higher torque 10" motor, it's probably going to feel twice as responsive as the 14M. Once you slot in the other 20 cell module, you're going to double the power output yet again I've seen a few reports of this taking place in other countries, but can't locate a instance of confiscation in the US of batteryless Wheels. I guess the point of trying to advocate for this design is that while it's intended principally as a travel Wheel, it also opens for the market for a low cost, super portable, zippy machine which can be upgraded in seconds, with the XL pedals, what's not to like about this?
  18. Jason McNeil

    10" Travel Wheel, King Song version of the MTen3?

    Going up in size from a 10" to 14" will add 4-5 lb of additional weight & another 3lb for the trolley. If the primary objective is for portability/travel, the MTen3 shows what's possible in this format, I think a 14" with all the bells-and-whistles is going to be too large, too compromised for this mission. It's been several years since airlines have introduced the <160Wh rule, getting a formal request for authorization ought to be a mere formality by now. Think of how cool it would be to pack your travel Wheel in your carry-on, arrive at your destination with a decent spec'd Wheel that has 15 miles of range all ready to go!
  19. This is a tough case, King Song stopped supplying the 16B motors almost two years ago, they're completely unobtainable now. If KS Poland doesn't have these old motors (we don't), there's not a lot that can be done. To convert the 16B into a 16S is quite involved: changing the battery connectors from the XT60 to the MT60, control-board swap & motor. The cumulative price to perform the conversion with parts, labour, shipping is pretty close to a new 16S. Maybe you can request to trade-in the 16B to a 16S for a decent discount to amicably resolve the dispute?
  20. Jason McNeil

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    Got to agree, there's quite a bit of retrogression with the Nikola. During my last Gotway factory visit back in February, spent a full day with the brains/owner of Gotway, Mr Lin. We spent quite a bit of time talking about the board reliability—this was in pre-TO247 MOSFET era. Lin showed me some videos of their stress-testing process, where the boards would be programmed not to cut-out on reaching max RPM, the Wheels would be spun up & held up, then flicked backwards, effectively going from max speed to reverse speed in a fraction of a second, stressing the system far more than would be experienced in any 'normal' use scenario. What was remarkable, was how the original IRFP4368s would go quite literally explode, while the HY/TO247 MOSFETs held up. Lin said that while KS, Inmotion & other manufacturers current limited their firmware, GW did not, which is the reason they still don't use fuses. Perhaps with the Nikola they've made the decision to current limit their boards as well, but the hardware shown in this preproduction Wheel doesn't look all that more substantial than a first generation 350W machines.
  21. Jason McNeil

    My KS18XL Trials, Tribulations, and Failures

    The BMS is contained within the battery pack. There's no data interface between the BMS & controller as there is on some other models, such the Inmotion, but there's definitely one in there. King Song will be sending over some images of internals of 18XL battery pack after their holiday. For contribution to the cost of the Wheel, a decent BMS is less than $20.
  22. Jason McNeil

    My KS18XL Trials, Tribulations, and Failures

    This is what's so right about KS & Gotway, these guys are constantly tweaking/improving the Wheels. Don't think anyone put in the request for a brighter headlight, they took their own initiative to make this change.
  23. With the new-improved board architecture introduced in the later part of 2018, EcoDrift will be offering Gotway again, it will be interesting to see how these holdup in their statistical view; for us, the MSX, MCM5, MTen3, Tesla have been superb. Some observations: 14M, this is really a low-end product, 16 cells, <20kph, the low failure rate with this Wheel is probably owing to the fact that it's not stressed nearly so much with lighter less aggressive Riders. V10, maybe they got hit with an early bad batch. Our experience is not nearly so bad for this model, though we ordered just 30x of these. There has not been any further information about what, if any, improvements there has been to the V10/V10F. Holding off on future orders until these are addressed. At a functional level, King Song & Gotway are much more responsive & adaptable to making improvements. Our experience with the Z10 is not nearly as severe as EcoDrift's, its clear that Ninebot have a significant degree of organizational dysfunction.
  24. Jason McNeil

    First Impressions & Photos of the KS18XL

    After two weeks of being held up at Customs, the long awaited pre-production 18XL turned up yesterday For some context & background: I received one of the original 18L pre-production Wheels back in April; the packaging foam wasn't properly thought out, so that the power button came into contact with the foam, causing it turn on & burn-out the control-board before even taking it out of the box. This time round, KS have really taken this issue seriously, so that the foam is positioned below power button, & if it were to somehow turn on, the Wheel is shipped with the software lock enabled—they've started doing this on all their Wheels. I've now accumulated about 1000 miles on the 18L, switching from an early V10F. While discussions on the V10F are bound to bring on a fierce debate between owners, it was, probably still is, the most ergonomic & comfortable Wheel ever made, with its comparatively narrow body & large pedals, that fat 2.5" wide tire, made for a wonderful ride experience. I switched over to the 18L mainly because of the V10F's throttling on <60% battery became annoying, while of charge remaining, the 18L satiated this need to maintain a >40kph cruising speed, but it was not without some loss. Within a week of making the change, I hit an unmarked speed bump, resulting in an unplanned dismount crash... While I was wearing minimal protection (wrist-guards) it was reminder of the potential hazards of Wheeling, during the couple days of down-time pondered if some larger pedals might have allowed a surer foothold & recover from that second of air-time. I've been lobbying for larger pedals with King Song for four years, but there wasn't much interest on the their end, citing that it would 'ruin the aesthetics' & 'not requested from other Distributors'. After clocking a 1000 miles on the V10F, with the accumulated experience with this Wheel, it was evident, the significant advantages that would accrue from this comparatively small change. Undeterred I proposed that eWheels would fund the larger pedal project, the results of which can be seen below. Although only 20% larger than the original type—25cm vs 20cm—visually the new pedal simply dwarfs the original, Notice how the edges have been tapered, more oval than rectangular. These preproduction set were CNCd, the production version will using the same magnesium alloy as before, the profile does seem to be slightly thicker for greater strength & durability(?). One minor compliant, is that the grip tape pads the same as size as on the smaller 20cm pedal, would prefer that these extend to the outer edge of the pedal. The real substance of the XL is inside, the massive 1550Wh battery pack. To accommodate those extra cells, the cell depth has been raised to two cells in height, 7 cells across columns one & two, & 9 cells in column three—the pack is asymmetrical, with more cells on packed on the right side than the left. Unlike the 18L, where the pack is enclosed in a battery casing, in this sample, the battery structure is comparatively primitive, with a single layer of blue wrapping around the pack. A concern could be that the outer shell body is now in contact with the pack, where if the Wheel receives a sufficient hard side-blow, it might place stresses on the nickel plates weld joints between the cells. Is this simply a characteristics of this prerelease prototype? Will there be silicon injection between cells, as there are in other packs, to transfer the physical stresses from the conductive plates? These questions should be answered next week. Here you can see the reinforcing 18L rib has been ground down to fit the fatter batter pack, presenting a challenge to existing Customers who might be considering upgrading to the 18XL. Another enhancement to the 18L is the new cleaner looking mud-guard, it's also made of a synthetic rubber that is screwed into the shell. I'll be posting an update with some further impressions sometime tomorrow, sorry, I ran out of time on this initial report.
  25. Jason McNeil

    Help! MSX charger or wheel is malfunctioning

    These brick chargers are pretty rubbish, 10-15% annualized expected failure rate, AEFR. They're not all the same though, the King Song & Speedway chargers fail at a higher rate than the Gotway ones. After some design changes to our rapid-charger, expecting to see the AEFR metric improve to just 2-3%.