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    I just ordered a KS 18xl

    Flyboard inventor Frank Zapata also rides a King Song
  2. Check out this eScooter video gem by Mr. Ben Fox over in London. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLd98Mhl5TI Just a few days later, there was an article that the government is reviewing current policy toward PEVs, concluding with a dampener statement by bureaucrats over at the DOT... https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-47624566 Electric scooters and other new modes of transport could be allowed on Britain's roads under a wide-ranging review. It is currently illegal to ride powered scooters - which can travel up to 30mph - on public roads or pavements, but the government has said the traffic laws are "a barrier to innovation" and is considering changing them. That's the headline anyway. The Department for Transport has subsequently played down the possibility of reform in the short term.
  3. Jason McNeil

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    The pedal bracket is being redesigned with magnets, instead of spring-loaded lock into position of the current KS wheels. This means that the XL pedal will not be compatible on the 16X ; however, the new pedal length will be just 1cm shorter than the 25cm on the XL. Question to the forum: KS are reviewing the possibility of changing the texture finish of the outer body panels to a faux carbon-fiber, ala Z10. What are you thoughts? Would you prefer this to the plain finish in the 3D renders?
  4. Jason McNeil

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

  5. Jason McNeil

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    If only life was as splendidly perfect as 3D renders.
  6. Jason McNeil

    Orange KingSong App is dying?

    Agreed, firmware shouldn't be getting updated at a frequency as one washes undergarments. Gotway have never had OTA updating, Inmotion has not updated since the last glacial period, once stable the FW ought to be frozen. Murphy's Universal Law of Probability dictates it's likely to mess something else up or have a not insignificant chance of bricking the controller in the process. Looking back in nostalgia, look at how clean & rational the first IM App was compared to what we have today. It's the same with all the manufacturer's, their first forays in App development were simple, compact, non-intrusive App that got the job done. Is adding on +60MB of social media bloat progress?
  7. Jason McNeil

    Orange KingSong App is dying?

    My personal take is that this drive towards Registration-for-Use model with all the permissions required is not a step in the right direction, all the manufacturers use the same s***y CN App developer. The registration process is also very messy, identified over a dozen issues in the registration process: SMS verification codes do not work, defaults to China, country field drop-down is in Chinese, only gives 60 seconds to enter verification/password while the confirmation message says you have 5 minutes, keyboard obscures the 'Register' button & pressing enter does not submit form, other screen defaults back to phone login. We (eWheels) need to fund an independent App effort, as the message from Customers/Distributors doesn't seem to be getting across, we want an App that 1) doesn't require registration to access, or if it does, then it needs to work flawlessly, 2) use without signing away more permissions than are absolutely necessary, 3) stable, reliable, descriptions that reflect the actual function, 4) is not a resource hog, 5) App & FW downloads that are hosted outside the CN Great Wall.
  8. Jason McNeil

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    So true. The difference between the top level KS & GW Management, is that the GW owner is an Engineer who makes his own Wheels. The upside is that he's knowledgeable about the mechanics, but doesn't feel the need for outside enthusiast/Rider input; all the development work is done in secrecy, when new releases are made, that's what we're getting... King Song can be more amenable to suggestion-input, but is also run along similar top-down lines. If there's enough people asking for a seat, then sales $$$ can influence what we see in the final release. Yeah, we should see this in the production version. Kuji & I are pushing for the 50kph. Taking a line from the Cold-warrior handbook, when a contractor pet project was under scrutiny, 'well the Russians are building x hardware', as an unassailable riposte to getting what they wanted
  9. Jason McNeil

    ks 16s handler fragility

    We're finding the same thing. In the later 16S production runs, the two extensions connecting the handle to the rails are pretty fragile. The good news is that they've finally redesigned the 16S handles to the same magnesium alloy as those that are found on the other models—this project is about 2 months late... Both the rails & handle will need to be swapped out. Contact your local dealer to see how you can get your replaced, we have some arriving by DHL early next week.
  10. Yeah, the sales of the Monster were pretty small, about 60 in total. There's been a recent resurgence of interest lately, probably on account of the newer controller & that there's no successor on the horizon.
  11. Jason McNeil

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    That 4-5 week estimate is wildly overoptimistic, production won't start till June, at least another month for deliveries.
  12. Jason McNeil

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    The bracket that extends from the axle to the pedals.
  13. Jason McNeil

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    Good point, these are the changes they're working on for inclusion in the final production release. 1) Shell at the bottom will be cut a little, current one too close to the ground 2) Pillar, we will revise to Ninebot Z10 style 3) Add brake light + turning light 4) Make the shell which with LED underneath transparent to make the LED more bright.
  14. That's what I'd been told, maybe there is a new variant of the Monster on the roadmap, but I've seen no evidence of this.
  15. Jason McNeil

    I just ordered a KS 18xl

    We're about 3 weeks before reaching the next shipment into port, or four weeks to shipping them out to Customers.
  16. These Blue Monsters are only going to appreciate in value: Gotway have depleted their Blue shells, sales contact says they're not intending to make any more. They're also down to the last 100x Monster shells in Purple & Red; I'm told there are no plans for a replacement on the horizon, nor are they plans to make any more shells. For additional icing, they've also just increased the wholesale price by $300.
  17. I've been in frequent contact with Tina about shuddering while trolley issue. Here are the essential facts that I have so far: The shuddering only happens while trolley, not riding King Song produced a version of the PCB with 4 layers of fiber-glass to try to make it more immune from static. Two Customers who have had their boards changed to this other type, have had repeated episodes (2 out of 2), implying the culprit is not with the controller. It seems completely random, may be fine for days-weeks, then go into this this haywire mode when trolleying. Among the small sample set, about 5 reported cases in 150x Wheels; there is some evidence to suggest there might be a connection with the firmware version—it's quite possible the behaviour was inadvertently introduced in a later release. Obviously the issue remains a top priority, but there is some assurance in the low statistical likelihood & that there does not seem to be any significant ride safety consideration.
  18. Jason McNeil

    Is it possible to put a seat on the ks18l?

    KS say that the reason they did not produce a seat option for the 18L/XL is that the internal shell is quite a bit thinner than on the 18S. A large percentage of the Rider's weight & the mass of those 120 cells is being transmitted down to six bolts on either side of the body. While the 18S had some structural weakness around this area, the risk of fracturing the innershell on 18L/XL is going to be greatly increased with a seat.
  19. Jason McNeil

    In the news...

    The white side-panels date the MSuper to early 2017 vintage. https://www.sunlive.co.nz/news/201379-meter-reader-zooming-between-jobs.html Meter reader zooming between jobs Wells meter reader Craig Poole travels around using an electric unicycle. A Tauranga man is paving the way for a new form of meter reading transport. Wells meter reader Craig Poole travels between jobs on an electric unicycle, compared to the standard meter reader on foot. Craig says he is the only meter reader who uses an electric unicycle as it was his own personal choice to ride it. He describes it as “economical” and “time saving”. “I get sore legs, so I purchased it myself. It cost $2500.” Despite the dangers of unicycling along public paths and roads, Craig is well equipped with knee pads, bike gloves and elbow pads.
  20. Jason McNeil

    Questions for EUC dealer in Taiwan?

    Sure the Wheel will never be as popular as an el-cheapo eScooter, but in our experience & from other Dealers I'm in contact with like EcoDrift in Russia & URBAN360, is that there's a solid global growth trend for Wheels. If we look at the history of Ninebot product development, their failed product releases like the P & Z10 troubles are nothing inherently fundamental in the product architecture, but the attention to detail in build execution. Up-rating motor wires or programming the PCB robots to add a bit of extra solder around high current ICs ought to be trivial. If they had a strong management team who was more committed to improving quality, it wound't be necessary to throw out the baby with the bathwater. This is great news for King Song & Gotway, who are very far from perfect, but at least have the willpower to acknowledge what they've got wrong & try to continually improve models. For the liability excuse, it's public knowledge that the Ninebot ES2s/Xiaomi are a liability bombshell. https://mashable.com/article/escooter-lifespan-shared-new-models/#O5IouIhkFqqG "At the end of last year Lime was struggling with combusting scooters, and more recently a braking bug." "It's based mostly on Bird rides and found between August and December the average lifespan of a scooter there was 28 days."
  21. Jason McNeil

    Latest Shipment of KingSongs

    KS has promised to release some photos & info next week.
  22. Jason McNeil

    Latest Shipment of KingSongs

    Kuji should be testing out the 16X in the next few weeks at the King Song factory.
  23. Jason McNeil

    [EcoDrift.ru] Ninebot Z10: A Diagnosis of Common Issues

    Roberto, I respect your opinion & it's wonderful you've had a personal positive experience with the Z10, but you're asserting some definite points of fact which are not correct. We made three separate acquisitions of the Z10 (150x in total) from August to November, these out-of-box board failures (15x) occurred over all three production runs. The Z10 failures are not limited to the controllers either, we've encountered many self-discharged batteries & a few melted motor wires as well. Ecodrift, in this thread, has reported a similar experience with their Customers. A battery pack where the cells are discharged below 2v per cell are, according to the cell manufacturers, beyond redemption. You might be able to boost them up to get it going again, but it's going to have an impact on the longevity of the pack. This is also not true, I've requested to purchase spare parts many many times, going back from August until more recently in January. Has anyone at Ninebot made any statement acknowledging the earlier production problems & what they're doing to remediate them, as the other manufacturers have had to with Wheel releases that have not gone smoothly? It's not as if they haven't had time, remember this product has been under development for nearly three years from today. Is there information from Ninebot themselves on this claim? Recall that Ninebot had promised a global Z10 release going back from December.
  24. Jason McNeil


    Sorry if you didn't receive a response, thought I responded to all the status inquiries. The shipment got caught up in the Chinese New Year shutdown, pushing out arrival until the end of the month... The shipping agent did not tell us about this delay until late yesterday.
  25. Jason McNeil

    King Song Battery Bank for Extra Range

    King Song have just come out with an external battery bank. Although it's intended for the eScooter products, they're considering making a version for the Electric Unicycle as well. With a max power output of 420W, 5A @ 84V, it's roughly equivalent to 18MPH cruising speed. It's not a perfect solution, but if you're looking to eek out some more ride time this could be an interesting product.