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  1. Yeah, we're on the Gotway order queue bandwagon already.
  2. Cool! The YT Review for the Lightning went semi-viral, currently at 270K views, it's giving the Dualtrons a run for their money.
  3. Just received some mock-up photos for the upcoming 16X. The proposed faux carbon-fiber finish looks rather nice, similar to the Z10, I think they're still debating on whether to go with this, or the same rubberized matte black as on the 18XL, 16S, etc... One of the unresolved topics is the color of ornamental side pads. I rather like the dark grey pads to give the Wheel some contrast, from the monotony of the all black, but it is still somewhat in the air. What do you guys think? Put in a vote if you have an opinion.
  4. 98% of the time, the Inmotion Covers do come in the box. In this instance, it was our few remaining V5Fs, the cover stock for this model was depleted, ordered some replacement to be flown in.
  5. Gotway did a similar thing with the Tesla v2 too; even while our order was underway on the production benches, they released the v2. The plan with these Monsters is to negotiate obtaining a supply of these shells to offer as either upgrade replacements or a packaged deal. It doesn't appear that the structure of the body has improved, which was/is the main weakness of this model. Charging at 20A, IMO, is really not a good idea. Will GW be offering a $2m insurance policy if the battery goes up in flames? It's good to see that they've finally adopted the reverse diode protection that we've been using on our special Gotway orders for the past 1+ year.
  6. Preferably a Full-time, there's some flexibility with hours. We're approaching 1000 shipments a month (Wheels, scooters, parts), I'm simply out of capacity to deal with everything.
  7. There is a development update to report; they will be using a new 2200W motor, using a different PWM waveform, to try to match the silent & instant responsiveness of the Gotway controller. Tina says this is not expected to delay the production, currently still on target for next month, however, the demo Wheel is delayed until month's end now.
  8. The clearance between the innershell & the tire is pretty tight. Factors that can influence this are 1) tire pressure, 2) rider weight, 3) position of the foot on the pedal, a stance further out will exert greater inward pressure & flex in the shell body.
  9. This is the information we have so far: The Wheel had 7000km, in 9 months, when it was sent in for repair in late November It had sustained multiple crashes (David had written this in an earlier communication), destroyed inner-shell, chew-up motor wires, which also destroyed the controller; it was a unique specimen of a damaged Wheel. We have a good documentary trail for this repair. When it was sent back out, everything was changed except the battery pack. There was no visual indication, or other evidence that anything was wrong with the pack at that time. Assuming that it had done similar mileage over the intervening 5 months, it had then clocked up a further 4000+ km; possible subsequent crash damage? Quite probably. He had been using only the standard 2A charger with the Wheel, he has also confirmed it was not charging at the time it lit up. His therapist is another first-hand eye-witness account who can corroborate what exactly happened at the time. I will be contacting both the therapist & the NY Fire Department to assist in the investigation. At this moment, it's not clear what evidence is recoverable from the site. If one had to speculate into causation, then based on what we know from the V10F affair, if water does permeate into the cells, accelerated corrosion will cause a short between the electrodes, creating a runaway cell thermal chain reaction. Understandably David is in a state of shock & is angry, replacing the Wheel is small beans; what is important to me, is that we have a clearer picture on causation, so a similar event does not happen again. As bad as the situation is, it might have been a whole lot worse!
  10. Yeah, we use Stripe already as well. Stripe is excellent for general payments, they also accept Apple & Google Pay. Paypal was so easy to make payment adjustments on orders, send referral credits, or request payments for parts orders. There's many other invoicing solutions out there, but it's something else to maintain, more time doing the same things... Rossman's point was the incremental computing effort to process refunds is negligible, these settlement systems have existed for decades, are well-established. There doesn't seem to be any justification for this unprecedented move; the fear is that if there is not a substantial reaction, then other merchant services will feel they can get away with this measure as well. The whole Consumer legal protection system could be codified to: 1) try to act in the interests of your Customers, 2) Don't be Evil! Using these two yardsticks, does Paypal pass the test? Merchant services is already incredibly lucrative, what does it actual entail, a couple servers in a data-center? It was Paypal that launched Elon Musk, as well as endowing Jack Dorsey with his other couple billion.
  11. Effective from tomorrow, Paypal has updated their terms of service, where they will no longer be crediting back the 2.9% fee when orders are refunded. For small transactions, it's inconsequential, but when your selling Scooters & Wheels, on a $3850 transaction, this equates to $111 that Paypal feels entitled to. No other merchant service anywhere in the world has this daft measure, guess it's time to say goodbye to Paypal from this point forward. https://www.techspot.com/news/79545-paypal-new-refund-policy-has-sellers-up-arms.html
  12. Linnea just confirmed that it's just a black shell for the Monster, no great game-charger for now.
  13. There's various advantages & disadvantages to selling/buying either domestically & from abroad. On the one hand, the Ali-Sellers cost of shipping by UPS runs to $250-$300, because of the batteries, they have to be sent as Dangerous Goods. We have the advantage here, in that containerized freight is about a tenth of this cost. Where we're at a disadvantage is the 25% tariff, whereas Customs may not be scrutinizing single packages entering the country from AliExpress... Running a parts/service center isn't trivial, with two [currently] full-time employees, site, storage, etc runs into the low five-digits/month— there's still a lot to do to increase efficiency & capability of the facility. For stocking spare parts, our inventory is about $200k; from an Accounting standpoint, this is mostly unproductive capital, since turnover for parts is much slower, & these type of purchases are typically not very lucrative. Obviously there's recognition that we have to be in the same ball-park as the AliExpress sellers. With King Song there's confidence that we're getting fair pricing vis-a-vis domestic CN sellers, but with Gotway I'm not so sure.
  14. The Monsters that were shipped out late last week were labelled Monster 2, with the new Controller. Linnea has repeated said there are no new Monster projects in the works, but there is also the precedent that she also didn't bother to advise of the updates on the Tesla even while our order was under production
  15. Agreed, recommend having a chat with @Henrik Olsen. Had the pleasure of meeting him in Berlin at an IFA tradeshow in 2017, not only is he immensely experienced, but also has some experience with selling Wheels in Denmark at one point.
  16. The Amazon Basics Metal Guitar stand does a good job for this purpose, it only costs $13 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B018FCZKR2
  17. Evidently this is what happened. To remove any ambiguity for the future, will be classifying Wheels as Electric Scooters, until Canada adds a special 100% tax rate on eScooters too.
  18. Michael, can you instruct this Developer to remove these geo-restrictions. The Manufacturer should not be imposing arbitrary restrictions on Customer hardware. Once a Customer has paid for the equipment, it is theirs to do as they like with it. As is seen here, these ring-fencing measures are ill-conceived & poorly implemented, creating a lot of unnecessary frustration & work for everyone. I appreciate you participating on the forum, so you can experience this first-hand.
  19. Something's not right here, we always send shipments by Express because clearance is usually swift & there's none of these nonsense brokerage fees slapped on. I've just contacted Fedex to see what's going on, they've promised to investigate & get back to me.
  20. KS has promised to ship out a preproduction sample in the next couple weeks. It's schedule will start out with Marty in LA, then make it's way East Coast.
  21. Gotway has an incomprehensible pricing policy for their 100V Wheels. On the Monster, the wholesale price on the 84V & 100V is the same, despite loosing 555Wh of capacity, fair enough. Yet on the MSX there's a 370Wh capacity gap, but the 100V MSX costs nearly $200 more, in volume, than the 84V. I've tried to get an explanation on why this is so; the physical hardware is the same, just with a few firmware tweaks & battery packs that are wired differently. We shift a fairly decent quantity of Gotways, I've tried to negotiate, so that at least there is pricing parity, but they're completely resolute on keeping this structure in place
  22. For all the products we offer, including the V8, we offer a one year warranty including the battery pack; if necessary paying out of pocket for a replacement pack. The annualized failure rate on the V8 pack is really low, like 2%/year.
  23. Yeah, it's a massive pain... The industry needs to standardize connectors to voltage, eliminating accidental over-charge scenarios by plugging in the wrong charger. Minimotors are the worst, all their 54.6v, 58.8v, 67.2v scooters all uses the same GX16-3 interfaces, it's not uncommon for Customers to own a Dualtron & Speedway, the risk mixing up chargers, despite disclaimers, is a very real one.
  24. The diagram is wrong. Pin 3+ & 4-. How do I know? Our charger supplier got the pin-outs wrong (again!), we have 100x 3A rapid-chargers in need of soldering! Six months warranty on a brand name battery pack is lame; in Europe, they're required by law to provide 2 years from date of purchase. 1 year should be the absolutely minimum.
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