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  1. This was a pretty exciting wheel when it came out a couple of years ago, and I think it still is a great wheel for a beginner. About 15 MPH top speed, with roughly 15 mile range with 150 lb rider. The V5F is light, thin, and easy to ride. It's also good for tricks. This one has less than 1,000 miles on it and is in good condition, with the usual cosmetic scratches. Everything works correctly. A big "Captain America" logo is applied to the sides. It comes with an eWheel rapid charger, worth about $100 by itself. The tire has been lined with an anti-thorn layer (like those used
  2. Had a good impromptu ride last night with @Zerloth and two others, on the Pantano River Park trail. Man, the weather is PERFECT in Tucson right now. Upper 70s, dry, clear. It doesn't get any better. Too bad the heat is coming this weekend. We've got 7 confirmed for the upcoming Cinco de Mayo ride: Me, @Playarider, @MacPara, @Zerloth and Laura, Jeff & Emma.
  3. Note: the route for May 5 has changed! See post above for the revised meeting point and map. Hope to see you there. Please RSVP if you haven't already, so we know how many to expect (this affects where we stop for re-charging).
  4. The 1st Annual Tucson Cinco de Mayo EUC Ride May 5, 2018 starting at 7:30 a.m., at Highland Parking Garage, 1420 E Helen St This may be our last big group ride of the season, so don't miss out! Since all of the new Tucson crew are now skilled enough to ride sidewalks, we're going for a mixed ride of 65% sidewalk/bike-friendly streets, and 35% on trails. Roughly 20 miles as planned. Please disregard previous map & instructions. I changed things because I discovered two events happening in downtown for Cinco de Mayo and re-designed the route so that we could crash both of the
  5. Fahrenheit reading correct? NO EUC manufacturer: King Song EUC model: 14S, 840 Wh
  6. Check with @Playarider. He'll keep riding up in Scottsdale no matter how hot it gets!
  7. We ride both. Check some of the older rides in this thread. In fact we just did a big Scottsdale ride on Saturday (April 21) that wasn't promoted here, and it was awesome. We may be done with Phoenix area rides for the season, though, since it's hotter in Phoenix than Tucson. We'll get back to Phoenix in the fall.
  8. Glad you asked! ? We are planning an after-work ride this week on Friday (4/27/2018), starting at Grant & I-10 (Waffle House parking lot) and doing some of The Loop toward downtown. See map. This will be a shorter ride because we'll run out of daylight but we still have time to play around downtown a little. Total mileage will be <15 miles so no need to bring a charger. Three people have already RSVP'd for this ride. The next ride planned after that will probably be our first-annual Cinco de Mayo Ride (May 5) in Tucson. Location and route TBD, but we'll probably try to cr
  9. Ombre

    KS14s owners

    I'm afraid you are asking questions that I can't answer. I haven't done such extensive testing that I can offer anything more than guesses. But I will say that the tiltback behavior of the 14S has been so far markedly more refined and less abrupt than an Inmotion V5F (for me, at least).
  10. Ombre

    KS14s owners

    I believe it's both tiltback and beeps. Beeps for sure, at least. Really good question, but I can't say definitively since I haven't been anywhere near a hill when this has occurred. My theory would be that hills have some impact because the algorithm is based entirely on the voltage of the battery. A higher load lowers the voltage when the wheel is in use, so you'd see a commensurate decrease in the speed limit. But I would expect it to be fairly gradual. Interestingly, when I do go below 30% I've found there's a temporary work-around. Just take a break. With no load
  11. Ombre

    KS14s owners

    The speed starts to drop off at exactly 30%, but only by 1 kph. The speed decline is linear, so that by about 15% the wheel is going pretty slowly. For me it bottomed out at 5% and about 8 MPH, at which point I stopped riding and caught a ride home. With the much larger battery of the 14S, this isn't as much of a limitation as you'd think. There's still 25-30 miles of range in it before the speed limitation starts to be really noticeable. And I like the added protection given that the likelihood of a cut-out at speed increases substantially with lower battery voltage. In other words,
  12. Ombre

    KS14s owners

    Me too... in fact, most of our local riding group are on 14S (five of us so far, plus two 16S and one Inmotion V5F+). Most of those people aren't active on this forum, so I'll speak for them: I think most of them chose the 14S because it represented the best choice for a smaller wheel with a realistic 30 mile range. One of our group upgraded to the 16S because he wanted more speed (22 MPH vs 18.6). I didn't update the firmware because I saw no reason to do that. The 14S is a great wheel: fast enough (18.6 MPH), reasonable weight (~38 lbs), decent range, powerful motor. My onl
  13. Ombre


    Not my video, but from our group ride in Scottsdale last Sunday. We did a lot more off-roading than the video shows and the 14" wheels all did very well. This was an experienced group of riders.
  14. UPDATE: Five people are confirmed for this ride (2 arriving late). We've had to alter the route somewhat due to traffic limitations (Tempe Arts and Dragon Boats are having an impact), but the meeting point is the same. There's also a good chance we'll do a: "The Loop" ride in Oro Valley on Saturday, March 31 Time and route TBD -- watch this space!
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