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  1. outcast00096

    Portland Oregon Riders??

    Jealous of the 2nd hand Ninebot. Great ride. I had a C+. I learned on it. If you need help let us know @Sidestreet Reny and I are down to help new riders.
  2. outcast00096

    Portland Oregon Riders??

    The summer is heating up with regular rides. Friday at 7 behind OMSI until further notice. Hosted by OneWheel Portland. Tonight at the Moda center at 5:00 p.m. Hosted by Portland Eboard crew. @Fortaye @Michael Lutge @Marco Stahlmann
  3. outcast00096

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Interesting about Tishawne's observations. I get the feeling that they looked at the Onewheel quite a bit because it is super popular for offroading type folks. Maybe they thought about making one up until the debacle a few years ago when Trotter when to a trade show and OneWheel was there and had the FBI confiscate all their stuff for infringing on the copyrights. However, riding on a 6.5 (stock Vega Onewheel tire is somewhere in there) tire does feel different and you feel everything on it. The stock Vega tire is very solid. It is actually much easier to traverse grass on an EUC as a wider tire catches all the bumps and you feel like your a tank rolling over things going up one side which is disconcerting. If you have never had that experience before then you might have to adjust to it. EUC on grass is far more comfortable. The other thing to know is that a wider tire tends to do better in mud. I've seen OneWheelers destroy mud when all I did was spin out. A wider tire also takes running into things head on better than ours do. I've seen Onewheelers attempting ""bonks" which are basically running your wheel straight into an object then tipping your wheel forward so that the motor forces you over. Basically, it would have bent my rims. They were running into a tree stump that was probably the size of one and a fourth of an office desk cabinet. The contact stress point should be spread across the wheel. You can also stand straight up without moving when you run a PSI around 13 or above on a Onewheel. I assume that is why Tishawne was able to let it stand on its own for awhile.
  4. outcast00096

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Yo. Great video. Your edits are on point. I"m excited about this wheel once again.
  5. outcast00096

    Green and fashion

    How good is your computer? The GoPro Fusion eats high-end computers for breakfast because it uses a double SD card system to record. There are several Youtubers who have new computers this year and cannot get the files to load very fast. We're talking about hours of loading footage from the camera. The files are huge. It also likes to crash. You're better off going with the Rylo (which is widely considered the best stabilization in the market) or the InstaOne360 which I use. You should also make sure that your editing software is up to date or else it will downgrade the video (a problem I'm having). InstaOne360 has a new update that makes it nearly on par with the Rylo and shoots better at night. I can't test it because my lighting tab broke off and the "Flow State" update is only available on IOS at the moment.
  6. outcast00096


    So true.
  7. outcast00096


    I agree with the thought of we all need to be more careful what we film and what we don't film. You have to remember that you're creating evidence against yourself if you get in trouble. If you have a speedometer on your video then I'd be careful not to go over 15 mph or whatever your state allows. You also need to be careful of smaller infractions like not telling a pedestrian that your passing them without an audible signal (I've read my laws pretty close). Yeah, someone is going to get in trouble with the law and we're all going to be pay. I would suggest we all be more prudent with what we upload when that time comes. Law Enforcement is already looking at drone videos to see who is operating illegally and they are catching people. I suspect that will come to us when something happens.
  8. outcast00096

    Help with KS18S maintenance

    Interesting how you mention a loud female voice. The only thing that an 18s does is say, "bluetooth connected". But it's a loud male voice with a lot of bass. I don't think you got what you think you got. You might have been given a KS18a or KS18ay. Just thoughts though. I have a KS18. Reliable and solid. If you bought an 18 then I assume you bought it from @Jason McNeil (I don't know of any other US based seller who sells a KS18). If it is so then you will find that he is more than willing to help you.
  9. outcast00096


    You should ride your new Mten3.
  10. outcast00096

    Larger MTEN3 pedals

  11. outcast00096

    Larger MTEN3 pedals

    @Marco Stahlmann, I have the same problem on mine. I'm looking forward to switching them out soon. I hate the pedals. They hurt my feet so bad.
  12. Looking pretty good! The thing that really made me turn the corner and start riding correctly was a solowheel training video. They said, “turn towards the way you are falling.” I had control once I grasped that dynamic.
  13. 18 does handle bumps better the 16. I prefer 18's to 16's. You are smart on that fact. Wide tires are an interesting case. I ride OneWheel which is a 6.5 tire. You can definitely turn better on an EUC just because of the skinner tire. However, there are tons of proficient OneWheel riders who can do amazing things on the 6.5 tire. They can turn corners that I think are iffy. Of course, that's the community for you. They are a daring bunch, at least, here in Oregon they are daring. What I have noticed otherwise riding with OneWheelers (since they are the dominant electric ride here) is that they do better in mud. Where EUC's spin out, they tend to roll through, it could be skill or the tire. I'm not sure yet. Having said all that, given a choice, I want a bigger and fatter tire if everything else is equal. The only other thing to keep in mind is that some bumps, because of uneven surfaces, will feel like you ran over the curb. You know that feeling when the car is inclined? It happens on the OneWheel at times which, if you are not prepared for it, can throw you for a loop as far as balancing.
  14. outcast00096

    OneWheel XR

    Saw that vid. It originally ended up in the OneWheel group. It was laughed at immensely. They aren’t getting any of the OneWheel market.
  15. outcast00096


    I know nothing of this list you speak of...