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  1. outcast00096

    Considering switching from Onewheel+ to EUC

    Onewheel push back is very noticeable. Most people ignore it in the quest for greater speed. They, do not, usually shut off for no reason. Having said that, the last time I rode mine at 13.5 mph with 82% battery, it randomly shut off with no pushback. Keep in mind that mine is a V1 model but it still can go 15mph. I was not on an uphill. I was on mostly flat ground . I could have taken my foot off the sensor because I was adjusting my foot placement 30 seconds before, however, it is unlikely. I have not heard of random shut offs on the newer models except for the early XR models.
  2. outcast00096

    Seattle Meetups and Group Rides

    I'm going to try to make this... I wanted to be at the one last week but I literally had my father in law ask me to go to lunch with him an hour before it got posted in the time frame. I'll see if I can make the time to come out. Be nice to meet other riders out there. Oh, hey. You have Levi in the picture for this event. He's the leader of the Eboard group in Portland. I know him.
  3. outcast00096

    Bad Accident on Onewheel+

    Sonny Wheels is smart guy. Nice guy too. Sadly, Fangs and Divesafe are much maligned in the community. People who get these are mostly ridiculed. I don't get why though. You would think people would like to pull their Onewheel along instead of having to carry it everywhere like we do with our trolleys.
  4. outcast00096

    Gotway MSuper V3S+ and Fast Charger

    @atmadams Hey, there. I saw your post on your accident. I have to tell you that I've had nothing but problems with DarknessBot and my Msuper Vs3+ and my Mten3. It always sets my tiltback way low even if I have it off (at one point it set my tilt back to 3-5 mph during a group ride when I tried to check my speed). I got frustrated with it (I had 6-8 rides trying to figure out what was wrong) and switched over to Gyrometrics. I haven't had problems since switching over at all. Have you tried any other tracking programs? Also, my Msuper V3s+ was oscillating as well. I had to send it back to Jason to get it fixed. It would dangerously try to throw me into walls when I rode (it jerked left and right weirdly after I plugged in my phone to the wheel to charge and was trying to use Darknessbot). Keep in mind, I was a very experienced rider at this point with around 1,500 miles on different styles of unicycles. Maybe you should have someone look at it before you sell it? Unless you're totally done, which I can understand. I was afraid of my Msuper for awhile when I got it back because it was unsettling how bad it was trying to buck me off it. *edit: I should mention I've had this wheel since March/April of this year*
  5. outcast00096

    King Song 14s 680wh (USA) $675

    Scott's my best friend. I talk to him often. The item has been sold for a long time.
  6. outcast00096

    King Song 14s 680wh (USA) $675

    Scott Henley sold this item a few months back. It is no longer available.
  7. outcast00096

    Seattle Meetups and Group Rides

    My bad. I was only saying I was checking if there was a ride in Seattle because I'd come up for it and if you happened to be in Portland then you could ride with us. I did not intend to say drive out to us. Just extended an olive branch.
  8. outcast00096

    Portland Oregon Riders??

    Friday 7:00. Ride at 7:30. OMSI
  9. outcast00096

    Portland Oregon Riders??

    Jealous of the 2nd hand Ninebot. Great ride. I had a C+. I learned on it. If you need help let us know @Sidestreet Reny and I are down to help new riders.
  10. outcast00096

    Portland Oregon Riders??

    The summer is heating up with regular rides. Friday at 7 behind OMSI until further notice. Hosted by OneWheel Portland. Tonight at the Moda center at 5:00 p.m. Hosted by Portland Eboard crew. @Fortaye @Michael Lutge @Marco Stahlmann
  11. outcast00096

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Interesting about Tishawne's observations. I get the feeling that they looked at the Onewheel quite a bit because it is super popular for offroading type folks. Maybe they thought about making one up until the debacle a few years ago when Trotter when to a trade show and OneWheel was there and had the FBI confiscate all their stuff for infringing on the copyrights. However, riding on a 6.5 (stock Vega Onewheel tire is somewhere in there) tire does feel different and you feel everything on it. The stock Vega tire is very solid. It is actually much easier to traverse grass on an EUC as a wider tire catches all the bumps and you feel like your a tank rolling over things going up one side which is disconcerting. If you have never had that experience before then you might have to adjust to it. EUC on grass is far more comfortable. The other thing to know is that a wider tire tends to do better in mud. I've seen OneWheelers destroy mud when all I did was spin out. A wider tire also takes running into things head on better than ours do. I've seen Onewheelers attempting ""bonks" which are basically running your wheel straight into an object then tipping your wheel forward so that the motor forces you over. Basically, it would have bent my rims. They were running into a tree stump that was probably the size of one and a fourth of an office desk cabinet. The contact stress point should be spread across the wheel. You can also stand straight up without moving when you run a PSI around 13 or above on a Onewheel. I assume that is why Tishawne was able to let it stand on its own for awhile.
  12. outcast00096

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Yo. Great video. Your edits are on point. I"m excited about this wheel once again.