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  1. Sure and thanks! I measured it to be a hair over 6.25" wide, which makes sense, as it's packing so much into a tight shell. And yes, the 16X indeed looks wider than the 18L/XL, given the latter wheel has more longitude to spread components thinner. As @Afeez Kay said, the first 2 clips of Andrew and Eddie Moy, I was chasing on 18XL's, while the rest, I was chasing on MSX's, so I would listen more to the other clips. But also FWIW, King Song is further tuning their firmware to try to be even quieter than this not-ready-for-production demo model. Listening first-hand, I can tell you it is significantly quieter than an 18XL, but not whisper quiet like a Ninebot or InMotion.
  2. Thanks! Not really a review, but just people's unadulterated first impressions. Yes, it's always amazing to me how different people's opinions can vary about a wheel depending on their skill and preference, usually tied to the wheel they're used to riding, so I wanted to show those biases.
  3. I took a hard look at it, but decided to let the 18S go. Still love that form factor, but I get a bit of wheel wanderlust after awhile, not to mention wheel resale value falls off a cliff into years 2-3+. I figured I rode it a ton, and never really keep wheels past the 2 year mark, but the 16S / 1500W spec by next year I think will feel a bit old (with the release of every 2kW+ new model), plus I just got back into a Monster with my recent 100V purchase. My hope is that the King Song bosses will wise up and make a seated 18 or bigger, with 55kph and 2200W motor power or more, maybe this time in a more attractive shell so the sales will be better. I actually wouldn't have minded if the KS16X reached the 18S height for proper seated riding.
  4. Totally agree, hence why my signature is 17 wheels long, but I've only really owned 3-5 at a time, currently down to 2. I do the same with sneakers, you never really know what you'll use until you actually live and breathe with it. And as soon as I know I won't use it enough, even if I just bought the damn thing, it's gone. Gather as much info as possible, then ignore it all and go with your heart. I will say that, as a broad generalization, like-width tires, even 2" diameter tire sizes apart, tend to have similar tire feels in my wheel buying experience, so the wheels you list above in the 16X/MCM5/Z10 are pretty diverse IMHO. And FWIW, all 3 of these models are still popular, so you won't have a tough time selling one if you don't take a liking to it I think.
  5. I would have loved to get that on video!, but I didn't even realize she tried the KS16X, as she seemed a bit intimidated by the weight when I mentioned she should try the demo. Thanks Dan! Thanks! Totally agree on universal / adjustable pedals and pedal angle.
  6. Thanks, formerly-known-as-KS69! Yes, I wanted just a video of people's unadulterated, first impressions. And yes, it would have been great to have known about the pedal angle correction prior, but oh well..... Well, on this "almost-ready-for-production-but-not" KS16X here, the pedals were the same super-aggressive, rip-apart-your-sneaker-outsole griptape they've been using for the KS18XL large pedals.
  7. Thanks Marty! They are a hair under 6.5" measured (I lost track of what the highest pedaled wheel models were) Yes, that seemed to come up a lot, as our ridership is heavy on Gotway & King Song riders, which we all know are not flat pedaled wheels. But along with @US69, @Jason McNeil is confirming that KS HQ said the pedals will be ~10ยบ No, no, you Californians don't understand! By New Yorker speak, this means "Hello, lovely weather we're having here, isn't it?" But isn't all this very Eddie Moy? What can I say? I'm a sucker for dog/cat gifs and will always try to sneak one or two in if I can
  8. Thanks! Yes, this vid was to buy me some time to work on my 16X review I'm chopping up right now, so if you don't mean the big guy up in the sky by "the man Himself", then I will definitely be chiming in, don't you worry
  9. perhaps @EcoDrift can chime in on that KS14M to KS14D conversion, as I believe the M model might somewhat have been targeted at the Russian market (?)
  10. Sorry, not really sure, as we have no KS-14M's in the US
  11. LOL, you know the pain of editing Marty haha. Yes, good turnout, probably the biggest(?) I've seen yet (not everyone was pictured unfortunately),.... and the rain co-operated, minus a few momentary passing drizzles. Dunno if he reported here, but @Hsiang's Z is grounded due to something, either battery BMS or motor, as both his original board and replacement board sensors got fried, ala the ecoDrift report, but doesn't look like the sensors themselves are the root cause.
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