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  1. Sorry you're facing so many issues on your first wheel. FYI, FreeMotion shop doesn't have the most sparkling of reputations over the years (see below). I've been through my fair share of crap distributors, so I'd say document Everything (including dealer interactions), and at the very least, like said before, PayPal dispute is fairly easy and typically sides with the buyer, so you will be made whole worst case scenario.
  2. Every diehard esk8 person in NYC I've ever talked to (and there are a helluva lot of them here in NYC) have all panned remoteless eboards, from the early Zboard, to the Starkboard, to the EUC mfr offerings of this Gotway Moonwalk and the InMotion K1. They all say boarding does not lend itself to foot sensor or gyroscopic input (outside of the OneWheel) because everyone's stance is different foot positioning for balancing, and high speed braking becomes precarious because you usually have to counter your body's forward momentum against the brake force by sticking your front foot, which is an acceleration on these remoteless eboards. Not to mention, I was under the impression many of these products, including this Moonwalk, were either discontinued, or very low selling for a reason, compared to their remote control counterparts.
  3. Yeah, I keep forgetting the offroad thing cuz I have zero interest in it.
  4. Ah, I forgot to put a disclaimer that I'm talking for non-offroad (which is my predominant use case). Of course, offroad, suspension makes perfect sense, but many cases here are guys who never offroad but think suspension will magically get you out of troubles with potholes in the city, to which I don't agree.
  5. @chulander LOL, dude stop pulling me into conversations I know has no point, guys too stubborn on here to listen! Suspension guys want their suspension cuz they don't realize and utilize the fact that their body has 5 potential areas of shock absorption, just wanna stay glued to the pedals and let the wheel do everything, so let them have their wish!
  6. Headlight it's using runs 12V or 24V, gotta imagine it's using the lower 12V. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000008737225.html?spm=a2g0s.8937460.0.0.147d2e0eci8H1s
  7. You know me too well 🤣🤣🤣
  8. What are you kidding yourself? You’re gonna get them all as usual!
  9. Ok, that’s good to know, but I also smell a little BS here as he’s proclaimed to never ride soft mode when asked 🧐
  10. +1M on this sentiment, although it's pick your poison really. While Gotway firmware can change production line after production line for the same damn model, King Song ride signature is not nearly as sophisticated for forward-moving riding as a Gotway, or now Veteran, as I don't find changing modes nearly as helpful and/or different from each other on King Song and InMotion wheels, as they're all kind of too similar. My dream would be to just flash the MSV3 OG soft mode on all my wheels; I imagine it would be the MCM5 or MSX brickwall hard for the Hard mode guys.
  11. Right, but did he re-calibrate? Why can no one answer this when this complaint is brought up?... this is EUC 101 guys. It is if they're complaining ahead of a shipment fulfillment last-minute tweak.
  12. Circa which board? They've changed it apparently over several production fulfillments.
  13. I only had limited time with the wheel, and my runs were mostly in soft mode (as I hate hard mode), but just out of curiosity, I did flick on hard mode for a few passes, and I didn't feel a significant dip at all on casual ride. Note that I am obviously biased, and the dip is actually a feature I look for, not something I deem a 'bug' (I used to complain about dip when I was newer to EUC). Also note, if you are looking for MSX brickwall rock hard, the Veteran is 100% not that. The response has a sponginess to it across all modes, akin to like I've said before, something like the GT16 (RIP) pedal/gyro response feel.
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