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  1. TBF, out of all the PEV markets, I'd say we have it relatively the easiest, as there is far more possibility for deception and chicanery in the bigger escooter market. But yeah, proper QC would be nice for sure, so we wouldn't have to buy blind.
  2. These statements are head-scratching if you're in the know of battery communities that live this stuff. Tesla exclusive Panasonic NCR21700A's don't have the marking "TESLA" on them, they basically have no markings, as they are kept in-house. Again, don't believe me, search eBay/Google. [eBay: X2 Tesla Model 3 Battery 2170 Cell 21700 battery] Perhaps I did read you incorrectly yes, but this is still inconsistent with the stated initial Nikola 21700 release, where most of the usual suspect dealers referred to the 21700 cells being used early on as Tesla 21700 or Panasonic 21700, aka the mysterious Tesla-exclusive, non-commercially available NCR21700A cell in question. You can still see the verbiage in the product pages below. And if you're trying to claim it's another Panasonic 21700, Panasonic does not have other commercially available 21700 format cells, only the 20700 Sanyo-branded ones that pre-date this Tesla-Panasonic collaboration. eWheels [source] ecodrift [source] Loomo [source] FWIW, it doesn't have to be Gotway that's disreputable, it can very well be their outsourced supplier. This statement proves to me you are wildly unfamiliar with the culture in still-Communist China and how they conduct business. Just search for "vaccine scandal", "food scandal", "fake beer" etc. etc. If you haven't lived and breathed daily life in China, as a fluent Chinese speaker, please don't assume and project your Western ethics and values there, business is much much different there than in the US. The corruption of the leadership trickles down to the people, leading to a very 没办法 / Mei banfa / nothing-can-be-done mentality regarding policing/correcting such disreputable practices.
  3. It's cause they're borrowed front scooter tires, not a big market. Proper size markings would really read XX/YY-ZZ where XX is tire width (mm), YY is tire sidewall ratio (%) v width, and ZZ is rim diameter (in), since overall tire diameter varies by payload v tire PSI.
  4. If they even WERE true Pano's (all it takes is one sketchy new supplier).
  5. Always something lost in translation, they always speak very vaguely ugh. Really hope this means structurally a brand new mold design and not trying to just “reinforce” band-aid the old root design problem in the long, thin, and unsupported screw hold columns by only employing fake carbon fiber and metal screw anchor insets. Something along the lines of the Nikola, which has been structurally bulletproof IMHO. Seems by the Veteran article that the engineers have been very aware of this issue persisting despite past “upgrades”.
  6. First I’m hearing that, I really really hope so! Something like 3 or more multiple axle securing, like a proper vehicle It does make sense that perhaps the Veteran engineers splintered mid-20” new wheel design and other upgrading, and then took some of those same ideas with them to implement on General Sherman
  7. Bleh, that CYT center tread doesn't have enough grip lines down the center. I would probably try to source a Kenda 18x3, or just stick to this tire.
  8. Can't lie, I had zero interest in Senior Sherman, but after reading the ecodrift article, my interest has been perked. You could perhaps devise something to attach to the base guard rail to protect the headlight and taillight impact points ecodrift pointed out. And the more I look at that tire, I think it'll probably be fine on city straights, a little gapp-ier than the stock Monster CST, but fine. The more interesting thing is that ecodrift alludes to the fact that this might be the standard 14" rim we find on all 18" EUC's I believe, but the sidewall has been increased to bring the overall outer diameter to 20", which means the sidewall height will be taller than most EUC tires we've seen at ~3" or more, which is great for more cushion on impact (read: rim dentage), and gives one more tire model swap/mod options, what with the shell clearance. Really wanna know now what that axle-securing mechanism is, since I don't see a clear hex nut there.
  9. Strong disagree here, sorry. You realize, Tesla does not outsource their Panasonic collaboration 21700 model NCR21700A to any other company or distributor, right? By all reports, they are struggling to even make enough batteries for their now 4 models of ev cars & trucks, a major bottleneck for them in car production, a key reason why they've resorted to bank-rolling building their own Gigafactory largely for in-house battery production, instead of just depending on outsourced Panasonic & LG owned manufacturing (whose resources they are also competing with other lithium-battery hungry customer companies like Apple, Samsung, etc.) Don't take my word on all this, Google it. So, again is my original question: where the hell were they sourcing these marketed "Tesla batteries"?!? Knowing all this, is it such a leap of faith to think 3rd party China battery distributors couldn't source re-salvaged Tesla wreckage cells from all across the world, or have a connect to Panasonic factories to siphon off cells via a paid in-house confidant? After all, China distributors have for a fact used warehouses in other countries to skirt China trade tariffs. Additionally, if you follow the battery forums (vape/powerwall) like I occasionally do, you'll know that fake cells replicating the appearance of top manufacturer cells is an actual reality, when put through cell drainage tests, etc.
  10. I refuse to ride a wheel called "Sherman" Exactly my point, blown up MSV3/MSX shell.... how disappointing (not to say I'm not getting it)
  11. ? It looks like a blown up MSV3/MSX to me, ugh.
  12. Sorry for your incident @davinche No one seems to have noted this, but I was skeptical on where the heck Gotway was getting their supply of these Tesla-use-only Panasonic NCR21700A cells from the start. Back when this Nikola 21700 was launched, and still today, you cannot buy these cells from the usual reputable online outlets, only sketchy Chinese direct pages and sources (for reference, all our favorite EUC cells like MJ1, Pano GA, LG 50T, are widely available through reputable dealers). The only thing I can think is that these are bulk salvaged cells from Tesla car wreckages, which would concern me regarding buying a new wheel.
  13. This torque argument is funny Most riders don't realize the "standard", Frankenstein-planted-feet-then-lean-forward doesn't tap into anywhere near the max torque of a wheel, as your body weight is primarily down your heels, which is a brake, hence the need for something different in technique. The whole pad-up-tug-and-superman fad going around seems to be guys seeking to cheat this, but comes at a price in safety because you still have no back-leaning leverage/stability from bumps and other unexpected falling type scenarios.
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