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  1. Oh wow, thanks! Hopefully this is a trend, as I think it was mentioned in the recent news that Gotway was working on more efficient build components(?)
  2. @erk1024 cool report! You should realize that everything you heard prior about the Monster was based on the previous versions, as V1 & V2 had a much less slicker & refined shell as the V3, as well as the pedals have alternated production batch to production batch, and most reports are based on the smaller MSX-style or old Tesla-style pedals, which are significantly shorter than the new V3 pedals (also, size 14 is rather large compared to the average US men's size foot, so you are naturally more advantaged at your size & weight to leverage any EUC, one-size-does-not-fit-all with tech that is based on balance distribution and leveraging force input). I keep hearing this, but I remember my old V1 84V 2400Wh 1500W nom, which has 36 more cells than your V3 (about 4lbs of additional battery weight), weighing 72 lbs on my bathroom scale. Is this V3 Actually 60 lbs? If so, really wondering how they shaved off that extra weight
  3. @mrelwood @Ben Kim FYI judging by the new 16X 0% being 3.15V, seems this will be the case for all KS going forward
  4. You mean the people discussed here or here? Or how Ninebot was prematurely pronounced dead in several posts like the one here in 2017, after the P Pro recall and the lackluster S2 retread of the 16" OG One tech? It still surprises me how people will just automatically believe whatever they're fed online, don't question things..... like why would $80 million be invested to acquire Segway only to give up exploiting a key segment of their IP?
  5. @FreeRide I understood it as it delays either the powering on of the BT speaker module, or the speaker connection itself, using powering on the wheel as a trigger. Regardless, the startup sound I believe is keyed to the wheel powering on, and not the BT speaker module powering on. But curious to hear if I'm wrong here, and how exactly this all works.
  6. Nice! would be good to see a 3-digit @hobby16/hobbyist-style charge doctor capable of reading above 100V
  7. Oh nice, I might bug you if you succeed. Also, really wanna do 2.1 sub system with something like this board, if possible: https://www.parts-express.com/tpa3110d2-21-channel-bluetooth-41-digital-amplifier-board-2-x-15w-30w-with-volume-control--320-644#lblProductDetails
  8. FYI, this is just one of the several generic chargers you can find on AliExpress and configure to your needs (if you know what to ask for, and better if you can solder): https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32961214439.html Also, while in the EUC world, we for some reason use maximum voltage (4.2V max x 24 cells = 100.8V or "100V"), the other PEV worlds seem to go by nominal voltage, so either 3.6V x 24 cells = 86.4V, or 3.66V x 24 cells = 87.84 Every charger is slightly different, but without claiming to be an expert here (and as @Rotciv has indicated for the Wate charger models), the blue potentiometer nearest to the output charging plug seems to usually be voltage control, while the other 2 are current and charging threshold. Measuring current/amps, I'd just rotate one at a time, noting the original position, to figure out which is which (totally didn't realize this when trying to tinker and re-purpose my old 67V v2 eWheels charger).
  9. Awesome, thanks man! Out of curiosity, do you know as well how to build chargers? Are you an EE?
  10. @Jack Frost my BT speaker module was fried trying to do the @Dzlchef speaker mod (didn't disconnect the right power), but the good by-product is I only hear the typical alarm, 1 beep, no fancy boot-up sound (also I don't really use BT speakers anyways), so this isn't actually a bad suggestion Chris/Diana.
  11. Perhaps the cutoff/full threshold is set wrong, as @Rotciv has instructed me in the below post:
  12. Ah, ok, thanks! I accidentally messed with this not knowing on my old eWheels 67V 5A charger, trying to set adjust the voltage. So you just multimeter that potentiometer for 10mA while adjusting? Thanks!
  13. @Rotciv out of curiosity, what is the 2nd trim pot beneath the Current pot? Thx.
  14. Ah, you are the product of your environment, as are we all! You're right, I fell into the trap everyone else usually falls into when they see NYC riders and say "that's dangerous" without ever knowing and experiencing what it is to ride here. Suburb car traffic moves much faster for sure, and being able to get out of the way of traffic is key, as this is one of 2 reasons why my speeds when up (the other being keeping up with other way faster riders than I) since many times, with moon craters and cell phone zombies proliferating our bike lanes, we have no choice but to ride with the car traffic. If it weren't for this, I as well would be a slower rider.
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