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  1. houseofjob

    Ninebot Z10 Carving?

    Yeah, I'm with you on the Z speed, definitely wish there was more of it (without hacking the FW). For sure, I love the quick carve of a 2.5" just as much as the delay of the Z 4.1". Probably 2.5" is the bare minimum width before you start sacrificing bump absorption too. The Z is definitely about anticipation, but you have more of a timeframe to do it I think. Yes, the Z is weaker braking than the competition, but I feel I can shift and anticipate easier than a quick reacting 2.5" wide, in order to S-curve to shave off speed. (and wow, you have a lot of slower wheels for a guy who likes speed! No Monster though? ) Sure thing~ As much as I love my Z, if this will be your one-and-only wheel to rule-them-all, that KS18L might be a better first buy for the versatility. But your call in the end, the Z can suffice by itself as long as you accept the practical limitations (lack of long-range, no speed charger, not top-of-the-line speed, etc.).
  2. houseofjob

    Want To Buy: Defective Z10 for parts

    I was just connecting the dots, as 1Rad has apparently sold Z's, and they're known for making custom aftermarket battery packs, plus if they would be able to make a custom Z pack, you could choose 3.5 Ah cells like LG MJ1's so that the capacity would be greater than the Z10 (as the current packs were lower due to supply constraints). I've heard the 1Rad guys speak great English, so wouldn't hurt to hit them up. Or perhaps @US69 could chime in, as he is well acquainted with them I believe.
  3. houseofjob

    I just ordered MCM5 as my first wheel.

    Yes, I remember that. A wide 12" EUC would be interesting, as OG EUC-ists seemed to love the OG Fastwheel Eva Pro form factor, albeit that model was apparently not a very good quality wheel. As these companies do, they could piggyback on the existing and seemingly prevalent 12.5" x 2.5" or 2.75" wide escooters tire supplies.
  4. houseofjob

    I just ordered MCM5 as my first wheel.

    LOL, I'm more about widths, not diameters, having to navigate our moon crater NYC streets! I loved the MCM5 in general, but not the thin 2.125" for our pothole roads; can't hit the top speed safely enough for fear of intitiating launch sequence😞 I'm sure I would've kept the MCM5 if I was blessed with your West coast smooth pavement 😄😄 But I really really want one of these EUC companies to come out with something like a 14 x 2.5 or 14 x 3 tire, as I really want to test that on our crap roads before I fully rule out 14's. I know now that the 10" of the MTen3 was a bit too small and sketch here in NYC, despite the 2.75" wide.
  5. houseofjob

    I just ordered MCM5 as my first wheel.

    Who says you should pick any specific wheel as a beginner? I think you should pick the wheel you want to buy IMHO, as all models between the Big 4 are perfectly capable, and one can learn on any wheel. I'll say as a former MCM5 owner, be careful though once you are fully comfortable with the MCM5. While we tend to think lighter wheels mean better, the combination of 25mph speed and lightness did not mix in my experience, especially when you hit a pothole, as I did near Times Square, which sent me flying in the air into a parked bus, unable to brake. And if you need any pointers or local NYC community support, you can join the links in my signature below on desktop
  6. houseofjob

    Ninebot Z10 Carving?

    Like-width tires with only 2" difference in diameter ride pretty much alike IMHO, as evidenced by the 3" wide wheels of the 18" MSX vs 16" Nikola (relatively similar tire feels upon riding), or 2.5" wide wheels of the 18" KS18XL vs 16" V10F (again, relatively similar tire feels upon riding). Every other EUC 3" wide and thinner require much less effort to bend the wheel parallel to the ground to carve/turn; the thinner you go, the less distance in width the tire has to travel, thus the faster it falls over for carving & turns. Some regard this as more "agile" and "maneuverable". But what if you think these wheels fall too fast? What if you want to be able to play with that fall, ie. manipulate the falling wheel with your leaning bodyweight for more nuanced control when turning and carving? This is what the Z wide tire feels like to me, and for me, and it's awesome; no other wheel has this feel, not even the 3" wide ones. Honestly, comparing the Z vs all other wheels that go thinner is pointless IMHO, they are simply not the same kind of rides, like a boulder (Z) vs a sportsbike (thinner EUC's), there's an application for both, and both are fun, but different fun, and I would always opt to have one of both. With the Z, everything is in bigger delay in terms of changing your directional vector, but because of this delay, it's so easy to do stuff like figure-8 in place, do pendulums and different pendulum-like maneuvers while changing directions mid-ride, as change directions is much easier on the fly on the Z. Doing the same on thinner EUC's are much more jerky, as everything has to happen in a shorter timeframe due to the quicker fall of the thinner tire (on the Z at a stop light, I literally don't have to get off the wheel because I can eggbeater/figure-8 in place until the light turns green). And yes, IMHO it is super fun to do lean turns on the Z, much like how I imagine the motorcyclists do (for sharper turns, you have to lean, but within reason). While yes, the ability to go closer to parallel with the pavement is not as sharp on the Z as compared to a thinner tired EUC, it's not to the degree where I can't make the same maneuvers I need to do in the typical city environment, just requires different technique than the norm. I think the boulder example is really the closest way I can describe what it feels like to ride the Z, with the wide roundness of the tire feel, along with delay in changing directional vectors. And I'm not sure your carving example is quite the correct one to explain the difference/advantage of the Z versus other thinner EUCs, as carving is usually equated with quick and sharp turning, which is most certainly not the feel or attraction of the Z.
  7. houseofjob

    Want To Buy: Defective Z10 for parts

    Ah, crap, I'm sorry. You isolated the issue to the bad cells or bad battery BMS? You might try to haggle with China sellers, as that's the culture there, haggling is a given. Also, 1RadWerkstatt I've heard briefly sold the Z (not sure now), and they're experts at batteries. I might contact them and see what they might be able to do for you, might even be able to build you a higher capacity pack with 3.5Ah cells!
  8. houseofjob

    Want To Buy: Defective Z10 for parts

    Why not just buy parts from AliExpress Green Fashion?
  9. houseofjob

    Can everyone learn to ride an EUC?

    I've heard of many people here in NYC that have EUCs in their closet unlearned. In the end, it depends on your will and stubbornness to learn, I think. But the answer to your thread title: Yes, anyone can learn. I took me like after the 2nd or 3rd day, once I finally sucked up the courage to learn outside. I would highly suggest you go immediately and learn outside, rather than succumb to the temptation of "learning" in a building hallway next to the comfort of leaning against walls.
  10. houseofjob

    Going from a 14in to 18in wheel, suggestions?

    Bigger diameter wheel means the same turns you did from the knees down on a typical 14" wheel, will now need to come more from your hips & torso due to the higher center of gravity of you on wheel with the bigger diameter wheel. The wider tire of the 18 x 2.5 KS-18XL tire when compared to the thinner S1's 14 x 2.125" tire, means balancing should be easier, as a thicker width of the tire means it's slower to fall over, as it has more distance it needs to travel to fall over.
  11. houseofjob

    [YouTube] Dualtron X

    Wow, the X suspension seems legit
  12. houseofjob

    Gotway Nikola EUC.NYC Post-Demo Impressions

    Yes, I forgot to note, that, while I probably won't be purchasing a Nikola, I'm excited that Gotway is finally able to deliver a sleeker, more streamlined wheel design package here finally! Very exciting for future Gotway models ahead IMHO!
  13. houseofjob

    Gotway Nikola EUC.NYC Post-Demo Impressions

    From this weekend's EUC.NYC demo: AFAIK, that's an early ecodrift.ru demo Nikola unit, not production FWIW. Didn't look on the underside of the handle on the production EUC.NYC demo unit, unfortunately OG SBU v1-3 and KS18 tall series! Good point, didn't think of that. Also, this design let them recycle the 84V "800"Wh packs from the 84V MSV3/Monster/MSX/ACM, so they don't have to go making another custom BMS. I'm used to lifting my former MCM5, so lifting the Nikola just felt like a version of that with more weight, and the thickness orients it a further away from the body. Because there is a slight ridge to the Nikola handle, as seen in the ecodrift pic @erk1024 posted, I don't really feel it all that inadequate to lift with one hand, combined with the fact that the Nikola felt lighter in-hand than previously assumed pre-demo. FWIW, in general, Gotway seems to be making their current wheel line lighter than their competitor's counterparts, ala how the MSuperX is probably the lightest 1600Wh wheel on the market.
  14. houseofjob

    <Need your Help>potential Ergonomics issue of Ninebot Z

    Argh! I know! I just bought a few extra action cameras so I can dual film my feet/legs in synch. Just need to figure out a mount/rig to film, etc.
  15. houseofjob

    Gotway Nikola EUC.NYC Post-Demo Impressions

    You picked the right wheel I think! By no means is the Nikola a bad wheel, in fact quite the opposite, it's excellent. Just miffed about it being a 'tweener in the spec and size department. I'd be perfectly happy picking the Nikola over all the wheels you mention above (MSX, KS18XL, Tesla, V10F), mainly because: I like the Nikola looks; it's the best spec version of that Ninebot One E+/KS18XL/V10F spinning LED design I dislike the Tesla design / body shape, always looked like riding a desktop gaming computer to me I dislike the MSX design being an MSV3 re-tread / re-cycle (don't mind the looks, just don't wanna pay today money for a yesterday design) I absolutely dislike the ergonomics of the Tesla (pedals are too low) and MSX (too stiff across all modes, plus the body height vs pedal height ratio is imbalanced, since they're just shifting the pedals up higher on the existing MSV3 shell.) But I know, contrary to my tastes, that the MSX and Tesla were very popular models, so I imagine fans of those wheels would pass on the NIkola. Either way, great times we live in to have so many wheel options! Great minds think alike The Nikola is the same 💩to me as any of the other spinning LED circular designs (Ninebot One, KS14/16/18, V8/V10F), and those were popular for a reason, so I'm a bit perplexed at all the Nikola design complaints (the edge-to-edge LEDs really pop at night to me!). Personally I think it's because they kept the white borders, which don't really bother me anymore. Interesting. I always thought the majority of wheel buyers preferred round EUC's, hence the prevalence of circular designs. I don't have a preference either way on wheel shape per say. And I never understood this LED argument, as a wheel like the Nikola can be ridden in stealth mode (LEDs off), as many V8 and V10F owners do. To each their own~