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  1. houseofjob

    San Mateo Police Confrontation

    Wearing a helmet is good, yes, but realize exactly what current helmet tech is protecting you against (skull fractures) and what it IS NOT protecting you from (concussions). I’ve seen the phenomenon where eboarders here in NYC will drive crazier (middle of the street in heavy car traffic) because they feel they are invincibile wearing a helmet, when they really aren’t. Same increased risks when a rider gets too comfortable and blazé when traveling the same comfortable and familiar roads, not paying enough attention. Education and defensive riding is waaaay more important IMHO than wearing a helmet, but humans are visual creatures, not always logical, so a helmet plays visually safer. Same reason why fans can excuse such sports as professional boxing and the NFL / American Football, even though we now well know players’ headgear is not preventing concussions / CTE. Ok, I’m ready for my flaming now 💩💩💩
  2. houseofjob

    MA, Boston

    Boston's great for EUC riding, used to go to school there, and rode with 2 fellow NYC riders last summer! EUC Forum Member search lists 16 users who list Boston as their location, and another 6 who list various Mass in their location, although looks like roughly a 1/3rd of those profiles haven't visited the forums this year.
  3. Not sure how legit this is but just saw this on EU Guy FB Group:
  4. houseofjob

    Monster 100v with 2500Wh Battery?

    Easy fix is just use better, more impervious metals for the shims I think.
  5. houseofjob

    Monster 100v with 2500Wh Battery?

    Exactly. I loved my 84V Monster, but I'm not buying another one until the shim wearing issue is solved. No other wheel I've owned has forced me to undo the pedal axle bolts, and I'd like to keep it that way (sold my Monster with warped shims / pedal-play as-is... and I only really rode the damn thing, no real incidents).
  6. houseofjob

    MSuper X, 18L, V10F, Z10 Production/Delivery Update

    You must think these companies are waaaaaay bigger than they actually are. Segway-Ninebot is probably the closest, but the company you would invest in is their multi-billion dollar Chinese cellphone conglomerate backer / parent co(?), XiaoMi (think Apple or Samsung). But even then they still haven't IPO'd yet: Xiaomi's IPO Will Make Dozens of Lucky Workers Millionaires InMotion is a fraction of the XiaoMi-Segway-Ninebot partnership AFAICS, and Gotway or King Song don't even register into the conversation from a money perspective.
  7. houseofjob

    NYC EU group

    RESCHEDULED: Z DEMO Date is now Sunday June 3rd 12PM
  8. houseofjob

    18l presale specs

    Looks like Singapore / The Wheelies have their KS-18L preprod:
  9. houseofjob

    18l presale specs

    [Repost from Baidu] KS-18L Black Glossy
  10. houseofjob


    @Jeffrey Scott Will What is the low battery safety mechanism (tilt, beep, speed throttle) on these X1's? What voltage do these operate at and what is the charging port standard?
  11. houseofjob


    I said this on the FB thread too, but I agree: there's way more potential here than the naysayers only looking at specs from an EUC perspective. These basically ARE mini EUC's, with what looks like flat, solid wheels, adding more balance, and thus reducing the learning curve (in terms of mass adoption). Backpack-ability is very key here I think. Super-protable, and the battery is small enough to not attract FAA attention. And turning off the lights (to draw less attention), I'm not sure anyone would be able to tell if you were on Heelys, etc. Plus, the use case would not be for the streets IMHO: it would be to surf the crowds / sidewalks, where you can't go that fast anyways (a first stepping stone to proper e-inline skates). Additionally, detaching the 2 wheels removes some of the stigma of being a 'hover'board; thus, not sure why you would want to put 'hover' in the name, I would personally call these eskates or similar. Only downside I see here is having no lift/disengage mechanism, so you could step up curbs and such. If I were @Jeffrey Scott Will / @Bobwheel / @RoseInMotion / InMotionUS, I would feed these to the proven social PEV-related influencers like Casey Neistat, Justin Bieber, etc, and watch these X1's blow up into the hottest 2018 X-Mas gift.
  12. houseofjob

    Providence June 7th, 2018

    Can’t do that week but will definitely be there the day of the 26th if you want for ride! (albeit somewhat limited being on my MTen3) Might try to band some of the NYC riders for a trip up to Providence to ride, as I know it is a good ride up there! (did Boston last year with a couple of rider friends)