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  1. LOL I prefer the stealth version of this. When I did used to frequent the bike path (not worth it these days with suitable EUC speeds to take the road, plus too much f-kery with pedestrians occupying the bike lane), I would "shave" unsuspecting pedestrians that felt the bike path was their party dance floor, silently speeding close-to and past them on their blind sides, where they would react only when I was zooming past and by them
  2. I do most of the beginning part of what you are saying, but the whole "I'm representing all EUC riders" I don't subscribe too, because every PEV segments will eventually adopt bad actors the bigger the rider adoption they get. The only way to counteract these bad actors truly IMHO is proper legislation, as humans don't just act on some imaginary honor system (and they definitely won't all be reading dorky forums like this one ) And in the end, it's mostly all just common communication of intent on the road, EUC or not, and I do it for myself/rider safety, not some bigger noble cause.
  3. A little bit of both then, but yeah, can't argue with you there. I still think boss man with only incompetent yes-men now in byJesus central is as visionless as InMotion historically is.
  4. Because Gotway has lost all their good talent and forgot how to tune EUC firmware properly. No need to buy inferiorly programmed wheels, there will be more better tuned wheels that sport 3kW nom motors soon enough. I can understand pads for off-road, jumping, but just for flats, no way, they get in the way if you know how to leverage the wheel properly. Ask a pad rider to cut a sharp 90º turn at speed without slowing down: they can't do it.
  5. LOL yes, because Asians being "racist" towards Asians is.... "racist"(?) If only people did the homework in staying informed, experiencing the people directly, and not just blindly trusting foreign media (that also don't do their homework), and making assumptions only based on their own worlds without truly having lived elsewhere (language+work+life+etc) *sigh*
  6. LOL, don't kid yourself, Jack Ma made his way up through connecting with CCP officials in a government that blocks foreign competition after they strip foreign company IP, and they took him down when he got big as well, same story has happened so many times already if you are in tune with China news. Yes, all you say about the west is true, but the Chinese version is not for the same reasons, and it is clear to me you don't understand China, which is unfortunately still a huge problem today: Westerners only seeing what they want to see and superimposing their own home values in a place wh
  7. Yup, which is what they will wait and do. AFAIK there hasn’t been a successful EUC US outlet that hasn’t been sued and/or settled. Same goes for all IP trolling, as in my field of music, copyright lawsuits also only come when there is enough blood money in the waters. Yup, hence no US EUC companies since the mother of all EUC patent trolls Shane Chen set up shop here. Then you don’t know China. Even the Chinese who aren’t CCP shills will tell you this. China is great at manufacturing and manufacturing quickly, but if there is no accountability, they will
  8. If you knew more, you wouldn't be saying this, but I'll leave this right here. Like all listed, there was the same "wow, a new wheel is coming!" fervor / assumption of release, that all gets forgotten with each actual Real new wheel release from the tried-and-true China EUC producers. (and which I archive in my files and throw back at people later) Gonna leave this alone too, but I believe the product was up on sale for pre-order on their now-defunct website (wish I had screen-grabbed had I known they would ghost). Maybe @Fred Bonus can tell us more as he wen
  9. 1,000% this. Just count all the graves and complaints from ghosted backers on most PEV Kickstarters, sporting flashy marketing vids that still have yet to make it to production after X years. "Made in USA" is already a huge red flag here IMHO because: a.) anyone who knows the ebike/escooter/EUC parts manufacturing world knows there is essentially no market to source from but China for the bread-and-butter parts; and out-of-sight, out-of-mind, if you don't have a trusted QC guy directly nitpicking in China, they are famous for half-ass-ing, Chàbùduō 差不多, and you can essentially be sen
  10. Wireless charge the wheel itself? or wireless charging for phones?
  11. Without dragging things out as I've done plenty of times on this topic: Hard mode lean, you are leaning all everything in your body forward, wheel being upright, so your balance is compromised in the event of an unforeseen bump, etc. Even with pads, which is better than none on hard mode since they at least keep your body upright and not superman-ing, your balance is still compromised all forward in case of unseen obstacle. For Soft mode lean, because of the perceived "pedal dip", you must always tilt the wheel body away from fully upright, and counterbalance weight one foot at the heel,
  12. But this doesn’t make sense. The motor assemblies coming up from 1500 to 2000 to now 3000+ W motors, there is nothing different in the design except thicker magnets and more windings in the same motor volume space, but the weight increase is universal, as you go to higher wattage motors. The steel stator is the same from the older motors to the new, no? At least visually, nothing seems different when comparing older motors to today’s higher power motors.
  13. Yes, it's not as much as stripping whole motor magnets, but it still has significant weight, because the motor needs to be isolated from the elements. And I've never seen plastic EUC motor covers, ever, do you have a source to show this? What is the principle? AFAIK, "more powerful" and "lighter" are complete opposites in motor design: more powerful motors need more windings, bigger magnets, ie. you cannot make a more powerful motor without increasing weight.
  14. If you’ve seen the innards of an iPS i5, you’ll see that one of the keys is to shave the weight of the metal motor covers, as the i5 forgoes those and houses the exposed stator and rotor assembly in the case directly (albeit not super successfully protecting from outside debris). Maybe the stator circular plate can switch to lighter materials and have some cutouts as well, to decrease material(?) Outside of that, yeah not a lot of places to shave more weight, as everyone uses lightweight plastic for the shell.
  15. It means Chinese are terrible at Western marketing and English.
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