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  1. Yes, most certainly the EX doesn't feel underpowered at all, quite the opposite: it feels too resistant to any force acting on it, like pushing a boulder (exaggeration to make my point to the guys who seem to take things literally on here). I'm of the mind that the motor is certainly capable, but the firmware tuning is less-than-desirable. TBF, I am partial to the zip acceleration of the C30 motor varieties, and I imagine having such bigger magnets as the C40 that this EX sports comes into play with dialing in ease of acceleration for a motors sporting bigger mags and thus more windings, aka "high torque".
  2. I tried/rode now both EX and MSP first run FW wheels, both on soft, and yes, they feel basically like hard modes. But FWIW, they changed the latest MSP FW to be spongier than the original MSP FW, but unfortunately I only felt it on hard mode on that riders' MSP.
  3. FWIW, I believe Gotway has already missed 2 estimated release dates for the EX, plus the motor manufacture for the EX hollow bore was switched to QJ (vs the RS using Gotway's old faithful partner in HB for the RS's hollow bore motor), so outside looking in, it does seem like they are having issues with this new motor FW, and IMHO, it showed in the demo. And curiously, per the ecodrift teardown, the EX hollow bore uses 40mm magnets for the outer rotor & 33mm mags for the inner stator (windings are apparently more numerous, which falls in line with high torque); vs the MSP, which uses 38mm mags for the outer rotor & 30mm mags for the inner stator. Also, the EX and the 24Pro are the only Gotway new wheel models I can remember not releasing shortly after announcement. Also, if you look at the timeline, the ex-Gotway team members that jumped ship for Veteran did so in the middle of the would-be development of these 2 new wheels.
  4. First, "torque" is a nebulous term that for the EUC world, as @mrelwood so adeptly stated, is super dependent on the riders' lean, and as said before, to keep things consistent, they would have to be superman leaning to the edge of cutout, which no one, not certainly me at my age, is willing to do. Thus, if you re-read what I wrote, I never use the term "torque", I only use acceleration. By design. You ask for a true video test, but I can tell you, watching all these supposed "tests" over 5+ years of EUC-ing, none of them are done scientifically well and unbiased enough, truly objective, to demonstrate and quantify apples to apples power numbers for comparison, esp if the input is a rider who is applying arbitrary force each time. And did I say there was no power to the EX? Nope. There is no wheel coming out on today's market that is as weak as the EUCs of 5+ years ago. They all can do the job well enough, it's just a matter of to what degree and how they compare relatively to the competition / market v price IMHO Thus, again, I repeat, if you give me the MSP and the EX, and tell me they were using the same motor, I would believe you. In NYC, really trying to punch with all my weight force the EX at speed and pump/slam the brake in traffic, all I felt was everything was super slow/sluggish to respond, as I said before. The MSP, when I did the same actions, was not to this degree of sluggishness. It has been stated over and over in these forums that motor power spec numbers is an approximation of the motor's power, not a standardized and regulated spec. There are soooo many factors to motor power: from different power signatures vs different current draw; vs different speeds, high and low; firmware tuning to address overall handling. EUC companies are notorious for rounding up specs and overstating numbers like power and battery for marketing hype, so all this is a rough estimation, not an exact math written in stone. There is no national Chinese regulatory agency to standardize EUC/motor specs. Now, was I surprised that the supposed "3500W" nom EX motor had little difference in power feel compared to the "2500W" nom MPS motor? You best believe it. But taking a minute to think back on everything I stated above regarding EUC history regarding such specs, I'm less shocked. And you keep quoting hills, and I keep telling you, I have no answers for you on hills, we do not have proper hills in NYC! Who knows, maybe this EX does amazing uphill, but on flats, which is NYC's specialty, I can say it performs poorly.
  5. This video is hardly a scientific race, I don't see anywhere where they state battery level and modes used, and actual start line to finish, stopwatch synched footage (was anyone measuring directly at the start line, not just the finish line? I can't even see the guy who stops the stopwatch on camera. And where is the side-by-side side-view footage to compare the lean angles used on both wheels?). And I dunno what other EX reviews you are referring to. This was just my impressions, echoed by many of the seasoned NYC riders who are predominantly MSX/MSP Speed riders. Consensus was the EX feels super sluggish across modes. I say this as nothing but a rider, no motivation to get you to click my EX review video, as I don't have one! You don't want to believe all this? Then don't! And again, you're not gonna get a true hills opinion from anyone in NYC, we simply don't have them compared to an SF or LA.
  6. Not a very good torque wheel at that. Just came back from the NYC EX demo, which I wasn't originally planning on going to, but went along with @chulander and the Queens crew to eat and ride after. Out of my 5 years of EUC-ing, the EX is the worst Gotway I have ever ridden on, and I'm talking primarily the overall ride feel of the unit more than the suspension part. Much of the reaction from the other demo riders were similar to mine, or lukewarm at best. Even on soft mode, the EX was super stiff, which is fine, not my taste. But if it's gonna be all hard modes, the wheel should at least have good acceleration and braking, ala MSP etc., but the EX feels like you're trying to move a huge pickup truck that doesn't have enough motor power for accel (think flooring it but stuck on gear 1 or 2), nor has strong enough brakes to stop in time; everything on that wheel is sluggish, you have to anticipate things way in advance compared to every other wheel on the market. The Shermona isn't even that far off in weight from the EX, and accel/braking is night and day from the EX, smokes the EX in both categories. If you didn't tell me the EX sported a new "3500W" motor I would have never been able to tell it was any different from Gotway's 2-2.5kW existing motors, and a much worse firmware'd one at that. Note that we are not mountain climbers here in flatland NYC, but even the reported king of hill climbing MSP Torque accelerates better on flats than the EX. I am seriously hoping the suckiness of the EX is not indicative of how Gotway is programming the feel of the 24 Pro, because if that's the case, I think my wheel buying might be done for the year.
  7. Nice~ My main issue with the Moto gloves are not having access to my thumb and index fingers, and the bulkiness of them. For winter, I sometimes use simple oversized Rollerblade wrist guards over regular gloves.
  8. Yes, they do, but IMHO, it's not very useful, as it's above the hand to restrict extreme angling of the wrist going backwards, and not under the palm for impact, ala traditional wrist guards, so I usually don't use mine with them. They're a bit overpriced for the quality, but a.) they've always done the job for me saving my wrists (guys who can't take any impact to the wrist whatsoever should look elsewhere), and b.) they're super easy to throw on, more than anything else out there IMHO. Main quality issue with flatlands is the stitching, which is easily address-able if you're handy with a sewing machine (just stitched one of my pair's fingers up, good as new )
  9. Yup, gotta love that forward tilt if you know how to leverage it! (soft mode all day, every day, zero adjustment angle)
  10. FWIW everyone forgets this design originated from the 18” MSuperV3 many moons ago, and that wheel was much more like this RS19, slightly lower pedals for a more weight balanced wheel. When they made the jump from MSV3 to MSX, they had to drop the wheel to accommodate for the extra 1” in the 19” tire. Combining that with higher pedal height that riders at the time were asking for, and the fact that the shell design was not changed (still relatively not changed with the RS19 some 3+ years later!), the pedal-to-top-of-shell height was significantly reduced, hence why they went with the pedal V angle-ing, to lock you in for the lack of side shell support. So to me, I see the RS19 as really just returning to their roots in the OG MSV3, something they were able to do redesigning the pedal arms, whereas they couldn’t do with the axled MSX/MSP paradigm.
  11. They do this, it's called soft mode, but people complain about it, claiming it's "lack of torque" or has too much "pedal dip" when these complaints are false, just requiring a different style of riding. Most riders want a hard mode, where the wheel has instant torque on first press, pedals don't move, but that doesn't leave you much headroom the farther you lean, because a hard mode brings your starting point closer to that power threshold cutoff. You can't eliminate this power threshold cutoff, you can only tune it like this. TBF, with this generation 100V top performance wheels, it's much harder to cutout a wheel than it was many moons ago with sub-1kW nom motors.
  12. Because the wheel does not have infinite power, and the gyroscopic lean principle dictates that the harder you lean, the more power is demanded, into infinite. This is compounded when the wheel battery is at reduced capacity. So it's either let the motor run until it burns out, possibly catching fire because it's trying to output power well above the rating, or cutout the motor so you can turn it back on to be used again. The real solutions are to try to get the user not to go above this threshold, hence beeps, tiltback, etc.
  13. Yes and yes. Just like you did measuring the charger pin, unplug the XT60 connectors where the arrows point below, the right is the top pack, left is the bottom side pack. After disconnecting the connectors to measure, make sure to drain the board of any remaining charge by pressing the power button until the wheel does not turn on. No!, please don't ride the wheel with this issue until you can isolate the problem. We had a local rider who had a bad pack and his wheel started a fire like this. Yes, I've done this 1,000 times now, and there is a trick to that piece: Pinch/squeeze in and attach/slide the bottom hooks into the wheel first. Then, rest the other hooks so that they are in the grooves/seams of the openings where they need to go into Then, resting the wheel on the floor on that center plastic piece from bottom, let the weight of the wheel push the hooks in fully, you might have to push down on the wheel some. Slowly rotate the wheel to fully upside down to get the top hooks in (you will hear snaps with each hook attaching). Last, the few bottom hooks near the tire might not have been pressed in, so you will need to just use your hands to firmly press them in.
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