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  1. @Holt My 2 cents: save up the money and wait for the inevitable new Monster redesign, which is exactly what I'm doing (preemptively sold my 84V Monster for this very reason). Objectively speaking, the 100V Monster & MSX are amazing wheels, but the shell designs are basically on their last legs / end-of-life (EOL), as Gotway has fully milked the typical 2-year model runs they give for their designs. Just like how the ACM design is now confirmed to be EOL, we are due probably sometime next year for a redesigned Monster (at the very least). The idea of a possible better shelled Monster with built-in trolley (MSX trolley is still crap BTW) and motor disengage switch has me eagerly waiting in anticipation... I won't even be mad if they go eggshell design like the Tesla & MCM5, so long as the seat is figured out As for the ride experience in general, the MSX, while great, will be a relatively similar physics to your KS18S, due to the same tire diameter & width (with the ability for more cut-angle turns with not having the height of the shell), but the Monster will be more of that KS18S dynamic, but on steroids (merits to both; I now think of the KS18S as a more svelt seated alternative to the Monster, both wheels that I love).
  2. houseofjob


    True. LOL, T-Pain is by no means a household name like a Beyoncé. He's most famous for popularizing the use of the software Auto-tune for vocal effect (like robot-ifying vocals), more than its intended function as actual, transparent pitch correction (Auto-tune dramatically changed pop music in the 90's where lesser singers could be "fixed" in the mix, unlike the 80's where you had to pull tricks like vocal doubling and reverb to hide lesser singers.... T-Pain can actually sing without Auto-Tune though). Cher's 1998 song "Believe" first briefly introduced the idea of Auto-tune as a vocal effect While T-Pain almost a decade later made it a cornerstone of his vocals, as seen here on probably his biggest solo hit in 2007, "Bartender" Shhh!... don't tell him...
  3. houseofjob


    Look at his channel Eddie, it's all Insta360 One (he could be stitching with an older app, as I've read an older Insta360 app (not sure desktop or mobile) had a stitching issue, now resolved): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCM-PabIhPY https://youtu.be/BbdfOlYNuAQ https://youtu.be/MFDHHHEIQAc https://youtu.be/M7cjdXakJFY https://youtu.be/wlidP4st_0g https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhwlIYrVCmE I've never heard a bad thing about GoPro Fusion stitching from all the 360 pundits in my research before purchasing, it's actually considered one of, if not the best (albeit, there basically is no mobile workflow for the GPF). I've worked in-and-around quite a few recording artists, as that is my trade.... you're lucky you even got the time you got, they are a super flaky bunch. Nice camera time though! One of my memories as an intern at a major record label was opening the door of the studio to find T-Pain playing around in a box of bubble wrap
  4. Dunno, mine has been excellent so far after a couple of months. The bad reviews seem to be related to the longevity of the internal battery. When/if mine gets to that point, I'll probably rip into it and DIY in a replacement battery. (plus, like all lithium battery devices, if they're selling NOS, new old stock that's been sitting around for awhile, the battery can be degraded)
  5. I have this one, except bought a smidge cheaper off AliExpress. Some of the best money I've spent in awhile.
  6. houseofjob


    LOL. The great thing I've found about shooting 360 flattened into 2D has been the ability to capture the whole subject (wheel + entire body), which is really hard using a traditional action camera, even with a really long pole. But also, shooting with the included GoPro Fusion stick, which, fully extended, places the camera at about 2' from the grab handle, I've found too short a pole creates too much fisheye warping for my liking, to get the subject properly in frame. (albeit, extending your arm while holding the ~2' GoPro Fusion stick greatly improves this) Insta360 might have the golden length here in 4', as I've been theorizing 3' might be the right minimum distance to get the subject fully in frame without this warping, while also giving you a foot on the other side to counter-balance the weightiness you feel the longer a camera pole gets.
  7. houseofjob


    Looks good,... better IMHO. The drone-like footage is good for b-roll, effect, or for groups, but in the end, the subject in our videos is ourselves riding an EUC, so better to capture this subject as big as possible in the frame (while still showing off the backdrop).
  8. houseofjob

    insta360 x latest edition ?

    Seems for consumer cameras, there's only 180º for 3D, or VR180 (per YouTube settings): Kandao Qoocam: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1430616-REG/kandao_220467_qoocam_interchangeable_3d_360_vr.htm https://www.youtube.com/results?sp=EgcIBBAB0AEB&search_query=kandao+qoocam
  9. houseofjob

    My Unboxing impression of the US Batch 2 Z10!

    Nice~ Not really surprising: Outside looking-in, Ninebot is the neglected stepchild in an imperfect merger, one that vastly prioritizes the US Segway team / 2-wheeled product initiatives more than the niche, less money-making one-wheel category. Gotway's bread-and-butter is still predominantly EUC, though they've tried their hand so far at eboards (Moonwalk), unsuccessfully. Segway/Ninebot's bread-and-butter is 1.) commercial 2-wheeled Segways, then 2.) cheap e-kick scooters (ES1/ES2), THEN maybe 3.) is a tie between Mini Pro/Plus & EUC. Look at how simplistic the Gotway construction is compared to the Z. Waaaaay more pieces to the puzzle putting together the Z as compared to, say, the MSX. All those plastic parts need molds that cost a ton of initial investment, the reason why the wheels are expensive in the beginning, then can come down a bit in price as the ROI from those molds is reached, and profit is well in the black.
  10. houseofjob


    No worries (and sorry!) I just took your post as a chance to get out something that's been irking me for awhile about this "wear a helmet" culture that always seemed to me half-baked. Yes, very aware of this!, I am always observant of those around me, and don't pretend to be any exception to life & aging. Hopefully I'll still be wheeling or flying when I get there Marty!
  11. houseofjob


    Thanks! You mean my wrist guards and elbow guard I wear every time out don't count? Show me a helmet that is concussion-proof (look up NFL & CTE) where I can hear oncoming traffic and see my blind spots, and I'll give it a try! Until then.... I use my guards + active limbs (ie. constant hands up, esp. the faster I go), instead of keeping them at my sides like a dead fish.... no one ever seems to mention this... That said, I'm not against helmets, but I am puzzled by: the lack of stressing importance on defensive-riding tactics that should go alongside helmets (like my arms point above, hand signals, line of sight... defensive street "driving" in general) the inflated sense of confidence that the "all-magical helmet" gives to some riders... if you think I look unsafe, you should see the eboarders here in full gear plus helmet, that do 40mph+ in the middle lane of busy car traffic at night, something I refuse to do. I know I'll probably get flamed for these comments, but I challenge people to think differently, not just based on the paradigms that have been ingrained in us by public education, which is not infallible (again, not a knock on helmets or the wearing of them).
  12. houseofjob

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    They all get heavy when fully extended, Eddie told me his is heavy at the full length with camera as well. I’ll look again, but pretty sure I couldn’t unscrew.
  13. houseofjob

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    Mine was this one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B074SGNWY9/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It's twist to tighten (just like the included Fusion stick) so the length is fully adjustable. The attach head isn't swappable from the GoPro style mount unfortunately