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  1. Urm, I'm not looking for a replacement I'm looking for what the name of the connector is.
  2. This is crazy we're like years later after the Z10 release and still no one knows the name to this damn connector *smh
  3. LOL same, I've had it in my basket for over a year Might be a wire catching slightly at the fans, I would open and see, it's a super easy fix. The flicker I dunno. I know some of these cheapo Chinese stock chargers have very uneven power delivery when measuring with a volt meter. Nice thanks! I figured as much, but no longer have Ninebots and their chargers to check. Did you possibly find out what the name of the plug for the Z10 was by chance? Still one of the remaining mysteries of EUC
  4. Ah no, I meant the double-pinning each GX16 port if you wanted to do more than 5A per charge port (thus max 15A from the Chargery charger), since GX16 single pin runs the port hot above 5A. If you just want 10A, you can leave the ports alone, and just DIY a Y splitter so the 10A selected from the Chargery charger is evenly distributed, 5A per charge port.
  5. Yes, but all the other options are typically Chinese-made and of similar, cheap build quality to the Vet stock charger unfortunately. Plus, I don't believe I've seen even those 10A 24S chargers go lower than 2kg(?) (could be wrong) I guess the ability to do 100V with quality means weight(?) (remembering that early Gotway 3A 100V chargers were riddled with issues probably because the components weren't robust enough for 24S).
  6. Haven't found a 15A 24S charger that is lighter or smaller, but if you do, let me know!
  7. You've enabled Chainsaw Mode (I agree with @Ádám Szitás, loose pedal hangars probably)
  8. @Mango FYI, there is literally almost no real "stock" charger for any EUC, with maaaaaayyyyybe the exception of Ninebots (which look the most proprietary down to their proprietary plugs); you can like 99.9% trace back the generic charger company / model XX EUC company is using, and Veteran is no exception, esp. given their Gotway roots. @null Damn, that sucks , but thanks for the FYI, I rarely use that stock charger, but def not gonna now; just keep it for future sale to make OEM. That said, though pricier, for peace of mind, you might want to start exploring the world
  9. Interesting, but sorely lacking on details, mainly what the capacity per volume sacrifice is (esp. for LFP chemistry), as @meepmeepmayer is saying. Not to mention how steady the amp discharge in parallel packs, in use at various outputs/speeds, if it's still competitive with today's preferred EUC cells like the NCA chemistry Pano GA's or NMC chemistry M50T's . I'll admit, the StoreDot 10C charge rate claim is very intriguing, given that current rates are below 1C. And FWIW, the whole heating to optimize charging isn't new, Tesla has been doing this for awhile now for Supercharging; I
  10. LOL, or go the Z10 route, make the WHOLE underbelly a Giant heatsink. Might as well, this thing is damn heavy anyways. LOL, you're gonna get even angrier if you think how they're probably still using silicon pads, instead of something like mica + thermal paste application, which @Phil McLaughlin proved a bit back is waaaay more efficient at transmitting heat from the MOSFETs to the heatsink metal, adding an even bigger heat escape bottleneck at the beginning of the chain, compounded by the ever shrinking surface area of the board heatsink. Yup. Vet, V11, heck
  11. Sure thing~ Emitter choice is kind of a personal preference thing I think. For E07: Osram will give you best throw, worse flood, and good brightness Nichia and SST20 4000K CRI95 (doesn't seem they have this SST20 available right now) will give you the best color rendering CRI (ie. no blowing colors out, most accurate color lighting) at the expense of everything else usually: throw, flood, and brightness SST20 low CRI (5000K NW & 6500K CW) will give you good throw and good flood, but high power consumption XPL Hi's (4000K NW / 5000K NW / 6500K CW) will give you
  12. Just seeing this thread; I did my flashlight deep dive awhile ago, lots of learning. Regardless of the flash you get, it's pretty key to make sure you: clean all metal connects with something like isopropyl alcohol (noticeable difference in brightness I've experienced before and after; every flash I've ever received was pretty dirty at the connects), and.. pick a good cell. the cell you use can limit or increase brightness. something like Samsung 20S's (18650) or Samsung 30T's (21700) are regarded by the flash community as having the most punch, while stuff like Panasonic GA's
  13. I give up! and I want my JD and coke 🍻
  14. My armpits smell lovely, no clue what you're talking about
  15. LOL, EUCs are ridden by human input, so that is always the frame of reference at least I'm coming from, not just the wheel. I'm not sure we were coming from the same place then. LOL, this is semantics. I meant leverage, obviously. And I'm sticking to 2-4, 8-10, cuz you don't necessarily have to operate the EUC fully upright (which I hardly do, always leaning on angles, as I've said many a time before on this forum). Hard mode most definitely pushes back equal to as much as you press (relatively speaking), otherwise, the pedals would travel / swing, whi
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