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  1. There was a post either on the forums or on facebook (can't seem to find it) where a rider spliced in a second buzzer to place on the opposite side (might've also re-positioned the buzzer atop the batteries as well). They claimed it was a significant improvement. Either way, from my knowledge of acoustics and live sound technique, sound outdoors is heavily directional and influenced by air/wind, so the optimal location for the buzzers is as high as possible, and in front, aimed at your ears. But even doing all this, it doesn't hold a candle to setting up custom alarms in wheellog with your phone connected to a bluetooth speaker.
  2. Wow, hope you're better now @Austin Baez, sorry to hear. Is this solution non-electrically conductive? And are you sure when reassembling, every metal part of the MOSFETS were isolated from the heatsink to prevent a short? I've been contemplating doing the @Phil McLaughlin Mod myself, but this part has still got me skittish.
  3. Why not just ride in a manner that negates foot fatigue? I ride with weight emphasis on forefoot or heel, never both on the same foot, thus no arch strain. Never experience foot fatigue this way, unless I subconsciously start planting my whole foot when riding over new and dubious terrain, which I then quickly snap myself out of. The only kind of footwear that gets in the way of riding for me are ones where the outsole is too thick or too cushy, reducing pedal feel.
  4. Higher PSI riding means the tire becomes thinner, so I ride with a wider stance for more balance/stability when riding high PSI or on a thinner tire EUC altogether. And I widen my stance not by the whole foot, I've been realizing, but flaring out more my heels accordingly, seeing as our whole body weight is naturally over the heels (toes/forefoot remain relatively flush with the pedals and closer to the wheel body). Turning by gripping the wheel body is a bit limited IMHO. I get much better "nimbleness" for any wheel by keeping my torso always centered over the wheel center of mass (so left leaning wheel body means the torso is over the right shell), while my legs and wheel body only, do the leaning (via exchanging knee bends leg-to-leg, and exchanging heel weight emphasis (heel is pressed by the locked leg)). Also, for me, FWIW, I aim to not be either too over-inflated, nor too under-inflated, as air pressure will be personal for all based on rider payload. To get "my PSI number" for a specific wheel model + tire, I go by feel of me on said wheel, aiming to get a feeling of "firm bounce", ie somewhere between "rock hard" and "bouncy". I find I don't get good side tread grip on turns if I over-inflate. Why? Pedal scrape is pedal scrape, and technically you have a little more angling to go, as the pedal folds up with you on it, if you're worried about the 45º cutout that prevents the wheel from rolling after a drop.
  5. DIY windmuff dude, dollar store sheet of fur, etc. That and/or you need a different lav that has rejection, as most kits include omni-directional lavs.
  6. LOL, another time, another ride.
  7. Great riding with all to K-Food in Jersey today with the Toronto folk! @Jack Frost @Diana @Ben Kim @chulander
  8. Very nice! Next V2 will look like this:
  9. Just passing comments, generalizations. The Korean Segway rep/tour guide says while the Z is a major model in the EUC category, there were many safety issue with the model. The interviewer, who is more a scooter guy, seems to misinterpret this as the risk factors inherent to EUCs in general.
  10. interesting, 2k workers, they mention briefly about the Z10 having issues
  11. Nice~ nothing like I pictured in my head
  12. Wow, many of you are very generous with your time and wheels! (not me) After 4 years of people on the street asking the same monotonous questions, these days I give quick & short answers (sometimes right, sometimes wrong), while I'm quickly trying to escape from them. I might stop and answer the occasional guy who is legitimately interested (happy to answer those), but this is very rare in my experience (immediate disqualifier first question is "how much is that?"). If anyone asks me to try the wheel? Either no speak-a English, or I-didn't-hear-you-cuz-I-always-have-an-earbud (the great anti-social tool!) in-my-ear-listening-to-music, and again, quickly try to escape, riding off. Also, carrying myself this way is possible because this is the general attitude of New Yorkers, but isn't Philly similar too @iEatRice?
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