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  1. Yes, there was a minor small bunching up of the inner tube, but nothing I could feel squeezing the outer of the tire or while riding.
  2. First, I wouldn't worry about it. Stuff like tire load rating, max psi air pressure, these things are more shades of grey, not black & white. Just because you go 1 psi or 1 lb over the rating doesn't mean all of a sudden your tire will blow out the next day. For example, I've pumped certain tires a little over max psi rating just because at my body weight, I needed to, to have the appropriate pressure, zero issues. And if you're this concerned, the Bridgestone HOOP is actually what you should be going for anyways, because all the Chinese tires are typically less thick, lesser rubber c
  3. "Carving" usually means basically turning, but with the intent of keeping travel in the same general direction, say for example, to avoid briefly an obstacle in your path. If your feet are still stationary when you turn or "carve", you're not really getting anywhere near the degree of turn you can, as compared to someone who allows the wheel to bend at a deeper angle to the ground, which requires you to lift a heel up (among other foot and leg positioning), otherwise, your leg catches the wheel shell, not allowing the wheel to angle deeper independent of your body. This is why I don'
  4. EUC foot pain = hypoesthesia of the foot arch muscle, ie. numbness from over-usage/over-flexing of this muscle. This is common for guys who ride feet flat-footed, zero movement on the pedals, and gets worse when you are riding over less stable/trustworthy terrain, as your feet naturally want to "grab" onto the pedals for safety, in conditions of such instability (toes and heels tensing closer together like fingers of a hand grabbing onto something; same phenomenon when escooters or bikes crash, ppl will instinctively grab on for dear life onto the handlebars) Simply alternating heel
  5. Same, wanna see that whole @EcoDrift teardown for sure.
  6. Veteran definitely is an independent company, full split. Extreme Bull, no clue, all I know is what I said above on them.
  7. Not sure if I can say, I can DM you the answer. Veteran apparently was some fallout, while Extreme Bull is with Gotway's blessing. I'm sure you have disagreement with your relatives too, especially if you are in business with them, no difference here. Copying: nothing new to EUC market, as the market was birthed from copying *cough* *SoloWheel* *cough* *then* *cough* *AirWheel* *Gotway* *iPS* *cough* Easy answer, you can see the similarity between Gotway and Veteran Shermona parts alone, down to the BT module. Almost guarantee you all the Gotway off
  8. Some notes on free mounting: In my experience, it's infinitely better if you can mount with the heel slightly out, so that the foot starts to point into the wheel body/shell, so you get a little more of the left-right balance plain. The common mistake is to have the foot completely parallel to the wheel when mounting. While you are able to mount like this, because you don't have incorporate any of that left-right balance plane by having your foot slightly at a diagonal to the wheel plane, it will be harder. This is the same thing when you do board sports where you need balance: you n
  9. It's not really different brands. China has a naming convention for businesses by law, and it is in Chinese (obvious reason), which goes: [Registered Location] [Company Brand Name] [Company Field of Business] [Company Type] eg. Shenzhen Kebye Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. ... but the Company Brand Name is in Chinese, so the translation seldom sounds compelling and/or correct translating it to English, hence for the ex-China international market, companies there will come up with a different, unofficial, but more English-sounding/palatable brand name, which for Kebye is/w
  10. I don't claim to be a battery expert, but it's pretty easy to tell, cell vs cell, that Molicel P42A is a much better high drain cell than the Samsung 50E's (this is well known in the vape and flashlight communities, where they need to rely on high drain single cells; some other good high drain candidates would be the LG 30T, and to slight lesser degree the 40T). You can see on the below drain charts that the 50E towards 15A+, you get some significant voltage droppage, whereas the P42A, the bands are tighter packed holding higher voltage even towards 20A & 30A. But what the
  11. 🤷‍♂️ Full heel up going uphill, there are a million China videos of riders doing this on steep inclines pre-pad boom (not really my interest). But I sense a lot of sarcasm here, so no thanks!
  12. Welcome! You're never gonna wanna waste your time walking to somewhere ever again, too slow, that left-foot, right-foot thing is waaay over-rated You're gonna feel right at home then, this is like the entire demo of NYC EUC riders LOL, most of them are former & current fixie / motorcycle guys It ruins you from the other side. I have no sense of timeframes or reasonable walking distance any more when I have the occasion I need to take mass transit / walk somewhere, I'm always late ha! This part is because no one has perfected the best teaching me
  13. Skateboards have four wheels and are not locomotive via gyroscopic response, it's much different than this. It's more about the mode input response being softer, and how you orient the body lean force. Instead of pushing on a relatively immovable brick wall (hard mode pedals), it feels more similar like pulling the resistant cable of a rowing exercise machine, where the tail end no longer has resistance, hence the alternation / retake. The premise is that initial "tug/pull" is IMHO a greater force, but you can't just hold it, due to the swing-based input and ending distance, hence again,
  14. I'm saying, I could take a deliberately slower rider and "drag race" him off the start lines to try to make a point that looks in my favor. I don't know if he's skilled or not, I don't know who he is, period, is the point. (I only bring this up because you linked your video here) This isn't a great controlled condition demo I'm saying. My version of a controlled demonstration of technique vs technique would controlled conditions, similar motor power wheels, ideally same diameter tires, set measured distance, same battery percentage, same bodyweight, and a test of individual time trial, so
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