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  1. houseofjob

    Gotway Tesla v2 Predictions

    Yup, what @Marty Backe said. You can see it in the evolution of design (especially when you take apart said wheels), where the ring LED lights progressively move towards the edge: Tesla -> MCM5 / MTen3 -> Nikola The Nikola IS the new Tesla IMHO, their new 16" mainstay wheel. Won't be surprised if the Tesla is EOL'd soon, maybe after squeezing a little more profit with a spec bump, like we saw with the last 2kW "Tesla" motor upgraded "2018(?)" MSuperV3S-whatever-you-call-it.
  2. houseofjob

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    Courtesy of our fellow Russian ridership on Telegram:
  3. Yeah, it hasn’t been Jerry’s week, but FWIW, he said his new(?) helmet prevented him from hearing the beeps. With more seasoning, you learn how to feel the wheel and sense you’re approaching max speed, even without the beeps, by referencing the wheel hum, relative car traffic speed, etc. On my old Monster, I used to be extra careful, because of the sheer mass and overall shell durability (lack of). But, what’s often overlooked is that, with seat on, you can also reach for the wheel to stabilize a Monster fall, as your hand is a third stabilizing force, along with both feet, in such an event.
  4. Great video as usual! You don't go into when the Z10 won't power back on though,... and this week's fall! And like I said before, you guys are crazy to be out there for hours on end without a battery warming solution! Even then, the Z doesn't have the range (50+ miles) for the "Warrior's" ride, and can't stock re-charge fast enough, .... better get a Monster for next year's ride!
  5. houseofjob

    Urban riding - First accidents

    @travsformation a topic I am well familiar with, riding daily here in NYC! (wow, Barcelona riding sounds a lot like NYC, hopefully I'll get a chance to ride there some day!) Seems you've discovered what most us diehard NYC EUC & esk8 guys have found out: riding with car traffic at car traffic pace is much more predictable and 'safer' than riding the poorly maintained bike lanes, which is the case in NYC as well (see Casey Neistat's NYC Bike Lane Video) First, I don't know what your car city speed limits are, but that V8 is a bit too slow, thus unsafe to ride amongst car traffic, at least here in NYC where cars travel 25-30mph / 40-50kph. Some tips out of the obvious I've learned from 3 years of NYC EUC-ing: a forward-moving car in regular city traffic will never move backwards, so the safest position is to travel with or behind their rear wheel plane. I will 'jump' / accelerate from car to car so I am always back in that same relative position aside the next car. at turn-able intersections, I will never pass a car on the same side as their potential turn direction, opting to cross behind said car, then pass them carefully on the other side, where I am 90% sure they are not going to turn into. I never ride directly behind cars, always to the side, because cars can stop suddenly. NYC Bicycle 'Technique' for Running Red Lights: while I technically don't condone this for other cities, here in NYC, most bicycles and similar run red lights (mainly when riding main streets at intersections with a one-way street). The way they typically do this is to briefly turn 90º in the same oncoming traffic direction, then turn back again to return to their original course of direction. I will say, having this mentality helps for when a driver unexpectedly cuts you off, as you can instinctively turn with them, avoiding collision. This saved me one time when a big SUV on a two-way street, briefly parked, then without any turn signals, initiated a quick K-turn, which caught me turning with it... felt like I was in the matrix *smh. Be extra cautious of all service-type cars, as they tend to be the worst at obeying traffic law (taxis, limos, delivery trucks, etc.) The best time to make more aggressive passing maneuvers is when traveling on multi-lane street traffic that is either gridlocked (bumper-to-bumper) or cars have just stopped at a red light. Smaller, one-lane / one-way streets are trickier, especially when traffic is stopped, because rampant jaywalking is a thing here in NYC. For NYC, our roads are like 80% one-way streets unfortunately. Dunno about Barcelona. Unless it's like here in NYC, where we have a ton of stupid pedestrians (majority are tourists from all over) who have been known to erratically leap into you, primarily into active bike paths.
  6. houseofjob


    @Rehab1 @US69 you guys clearly have never been to Bawstun, let alone know what a Masshole is
  7. houseofjob

    Msuper X panel screws size?

    China/Shenzhen notoriously recycles parts, super cheap, so I'm assuming the crap screws are some kind of bulk deal.
  8. Couldn't find if anyone's already posted this, but... ..... very interesting latest iteration of the seated, handlebar EUC (Ryno, Moto Pogo, Gorilla Wheel, Uno Bolt), utilizing recycled Vespa parts. There definitely is a market for retro EUC designs IMHO. bel & bel Z-One Specs look eerily similar to the Uno Bolt
  9. houseofjob

    insta360 x latest edition ?

    See here: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/joke
  10. houseofjob

    insta360 x latest edition ?

    Judging by the link, I'd say someone hacked Eddie's account
  11. houseofjob

    Faceplant at 18-mph, on the Tesla

    Yup, I agree with @LanghamP. The majority of riders here are in love with small, lightweight compact wheels, but this is the antithesis of what you need for unseen bumps / bad roads. IMHO there's room to go even bigger than the current king of EUC sizing in the 22" Monster. If you must go small (and I consider 16" still small), the tires should be at least 2.5" wide to have an adequate chance of saving oneself hitting a bump at speed (broader tire contact base giving you more time and surface area upon which to self-correct). Small & thin wheels on unseen bumps is a recipe for disaster IMHO. And the only reason why so many OG EUC's sport thin 2.125" tires, I believe, was because they were using repurposed tires from childrens' BMX bicycles and scooter/vespa front tires, not to mention OG EUC's only went 15-20kph max, later 25kph. The concept of thin tires in the non-electric, manual pedal bicycle world is apparently that the thinness has less drag to wind, and that thinner tires can be pumped up to higher PSI, creating less rolling resistance. But these effects all become negligible, even detrimental, for today's EUC's, considering there is no manual pedaling, and the motors are the most powerful amongst PEV, second only to dual 1kW+ nom motor ekick scooters. Now that we have EUC's approaching 60-70kph, the tire widths really need to get wider to adjust IMHO. All / both my recent falls happened only on my current thinnest & smallest 14" x 2.125" tire MCM5. Otherwise, I've encountered many an unforeseen bump on my wider wheels (Z10 the most, some on KS18S & V10F) and have been able to save them all due to the wider tires combined with my wider stance and offset weight emphasis (right toe/left heel and vice-versa). One of the Z10 bumps was pretty bad and deep too (during night, low visibility), even I was amazed I could save that one. This is a big reason why I'm lobbying any manufacturer rep that chimes in here to make the smaller EUC's much much wider, like my dream of an InMotion V5 successor with 14" x 3" tire (3" wides are common tire sizings for 14" & 16") Heck, ... the approx 11" x 6" Vega tire is what FutureMotion has based their OneWheel business on,... just 1" bigger but twice the width of the 10" x 2.75" MTen3 tire!
  12. houseofjob

    Faceplant at 18-mph, on the Tesla

    Well said, whole-heartedly agree~ (damn, might give the POC Artic Spin another try, try to cutout the parts that were pressing on my head,... liked the overall idea of it...)
  13. houseofjob

    Faceplant at 18-mph, on the Tesla

    The POC Artic Spin chin bar isn't soft, it's pretty substantial IMHO, and the angle of protrusion is adjustable (plus it was designed for sport, racing falls FWIW). Sure, a full-face is the ultimate, but they're all so damn big, cumbersome, and imposing, scaring off pedestrians as if you were riding a damn motorcycle. and you can't drink coffee wearing one
  14. houseofjob

    Faceplant at 18-mph, on the Tesla

    Why aren't you fully naked?