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  1. I saw the same review, and I don’t totally agree. First, the FW always gets better for Insta360, so judging by the early firmware is not representative necessarily of what the camera will be in a year’s time. Second, I’ve seen RX100 footage that is completely passable (no noise but on the dark side), so the RX100 as well being a 1” sensor, this has me hopeful for low light with the 1” mod. Also note, the reviewer is more 360 cam specialist, not so much action cam.
  2. Well, I’ve HAD that setup before, and for me, it’s not worth carrying all that all day. I’d rather just film with an action camera on pole during day or dusk, which IMHO gets more than a good enough result. It’s not as much about the weight as it is about having too many weighty bulky pieces to keep track of, plus the way these guys shoot, they’re shooting blind most of the time carrying an inverted gimbal on follow mode, unless they add an lcd monitor, which adds yet another bulky weighty piece to the equation.
  3. Personally, I'm playing a wait-and-see approach eyeing the Qoocam 8K. They don't seem to be a storied action cam company (GoPro) or have a blazing track record with software/firmware development like Insta360, so they have much work to do on the color / stabilization / software front, but like all 360 cams, they seem to have gotten their previous 4K product up to speed with the typical firmware revisions that transform all 360 cameras over time. In the end, it's really hard to out-software just bigger sensors, especially for low-light, so 8k 1" sensors are the future IMHO. This. I dunno how a Tishawn does it, but after trying to lug around Zhiyun gimbal + Sony A6500 + lens, I'd rather just bide my time waiting for the much lighter action cams to get good enough. Hopefully the One R 1" & stuff like the Qoocam 8K are this. You can't compare a GoPro's flat 4k image here because all these 5K 360 cams (minus the Qoocam 8K) flatten/zoom-in to an equivalent flat 1080P. For me, as I tend to regard 1080P as good enough (for phones and such), I'd say 360 cams are worth it for sunny daylight stuff. The only place the quality is lacking IMHO is motion night footage, which judging conventional camera sensors, will definitely require a jump to 1" sensors (ala Sony RX100 series).
  4. Argh, Insta360 One X2 due out later this year?!?!
  5. @DjPanJan the Insta360 One X I believe can charge while recording, so I don’t see why this One R wouldn’t.
  6. Probably, seeing as DarknessBot has, via Jason, been collaborating more and more with King Song
  7. 원래 질문이: 안에 휠의 뇌로 역할해주는 머더보드가 (한국어로 잘 모르겠네요~) GT16이랑 IRON-100이 같은건가요? 아니다면, IRON KOREA에서 직접 머더보드를 만드나요? 보드 사진상으로 공개 할수있나요? 전혀 더 넓은 타이어 버전 만들생각이 없나요? 요즘 3인치 휠 트렌드 인해, 대다수의 EUC Forum 회원 맴버들이 3" 넓은 타이어를 더 선호합니다, 충격을 더 잘먹고, 해외에서 길 보도가 많이 안 좋아서, 넓은 타이어가 더 안전적이어서요 (한국이랑 다르게, 많은 해외 라이더들이, 특히 도시 라이더들이, 휠을 출퇴근용 이나, 휠 타고 배달일을 많이합니다, 한국에서 주로 레져용으로 타는것 보다...) ==== 원조 GT16 사용자로서 질문을 추가 하고싶네요: 락GT16의 발판을 고정시키고 모터에달린 axle이 많이 얇았었는데 (제 GT16 axle이 평소 안전한 라이딩 하다 이유없이 부러졌거든요), IRON-100의 axle이 횔신 두꺼워지고 더 단단해졌나요, Gotway 최근 24mm axle 처럼? 락GT16 분해하는게 엄청 복잡했는데, 이 IRON-100 분해 방식이 더 나아졌나요? 미리 감사드립니다! 아,... 그리고 펀딩이라면, 해외 고객들도 포함인가요?
  8. These shots from the teaser are the Mavic mod. It does 360, hiding the drone.... like magic
  9. Me too, but the usual suspects I follow are already saying this is an upgrade from the One X. That combined with Insta360 rep for quality and constant development / updating, I'm sold. Meh, non-issue to me, as I'm sure this new One R will be priority #1 for them now, and they will pump out Firmwares to correct, as they usually do. The battery is modular and looks to be the same as the stock one(?) so I'm guessing it will be available early. Thankfully, they doubled on the delayed GPS module that the One X uses to be the same for the One R I have a feeling this camera will be in all our bags soon
  10. Aargh! H.265 1080 200 fps 1" wide angle Leica lens mod option BT earphone mic & Apple Watch control support no more low light wobbly stabilization jello improved app & object tracking reported better image quality and battery life than the OG Insta360 One X by early test unit pundits I don't usually buy camera pre-orders Kandao Qoocam 8K early issues but based on Insta360's excellent history, time to list my Insta360 One X and pre-order this One R! (so glad I dragged my feet on a GoPro Hero 8 Black buy).
  11. My first & 2nd year of riding, I would get into the whole EUC shpiel. But after 5 years of getting barraged with the same damn questions, it's as short an answer while-I-am-trying-to-run/ride-away from them as I can get away with.... if they wanna believe it's a vacuum, or a manual unicycle, so be it: even better because I can just say "Yes!"
  12. woah, woah, woah, ..... please explain how you did this, as I have a whole stash of 14" inner tubes with valves going the wrong way that I would love to correct to the proper 0º, thanks in advance!
  13. Thanks! (And nice find on a proper teardown) Any teardown that I personally make will be more geared towards the pitfalls and bare minimum amount of effort required to swap the tire. Plus, no such complete teardown posts or video existed when I made this thing FWIW.
  14. Then you haven't experienced the habits and behaviors of the EUC business enough (not one bit surprised here), .... oh, and that "2200 watt" IMHO is just marketing, if they can't fully realize that potential with their firmware and engineering.
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