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  1. They were in Tomorrowland as a hovering version.
  2. You don't compare riding an EUC to walking...... you compare riding an EUC to driving a golf cart. It should be very reasonable, and I would even argue even better, if EUCs were allowed on only the paved golf cart path and not the green. That would mean more people riding an EUC (or bike, scooter, other PEV, etc.) and less large golf carts driving around which is a more efficient use of space on the golf cart path than a bunch of golf carts everywhere. This is even truer if you are golfing by yourself. This is the exact same argument for solving bad congestion problems in cities by prioritizin
  3. That hand control is just for the brakes. This is not a powered EUC. This is a "manual" EUC where you have to scoot with your foot as if you are on a skateboard.
  4. Electronic Warfare engineering manager at a defense contractor. I also moonlight mainly on the weekends as a live production manager (live sound and lights) for a 10-piece cover band. The EUC has really come in handy on my show gigs by enabling me to quickly get around very large venues and outdoor performance spaces. It has also helped me in expanding my radius in finding adequate parking for my cover band's large truck and trailer.
  5. Damn looks like a lot of fun. Have a great and safe time Marty and hopefully I might be able to join sometime next year!
  6. I've ridden on many golf courses including on the green sometimes..... but never to actual play golf. You can ask the golf club if you can ride your EUC and not rent a golf cart, but I don't see why they would deny you other than for liability reasons or cash grab for you to spend more money renting their cart.
  7. No I can't come this year mainly because my work will require me to quarantine for 14 days if I went to Vegas. Hope to make it out next year though or even back out to California sooner than that especially once this pandemic situation goes away.
  8. How's your tubeless mten3 holding up @Marty Backe? My 3 year old tubeless Mten3 doesn't hold air anymore which I'm assuming is because the sealant that Gotway used has dried out. Going to put on a new tire anyways (the same one you used) after I clean all this dried sealant off the rim.
  9. So how long do these tubeless sealants usually last before they become ineffective? And once they do, do you have to clean all the dried stuff out first before putting in new sealant? Whatever Gotway put in my Mten3 almost 3 years ago has dried out to the point where it doesn't hold air anymore.
  10. I'm assuming your kid has never ridden any other EUC before? If so, the Mten3 would be one of the more difficult wheels to try to learn on since there is a lot of power in a small nimble body. It would be like trying to learn how to ride a bike on a powerful pocketbike. Highly recommend training them on a bigger and slower wheel if you can like an Airwheel or Kingsong 14D that is a lot more forgiving when they are dropped.
  11. FYI for those in the Austin and the surrounding Texas area. USA cycling will hold a competition event in Austin, TX on Feb 15th which includes a category for "One Wheeled". This is the first time they are doing this and want to see how much interest there is for this type of competition category. A couple of us will be competing with our EUCs and would love anybody else to come join us. https://www.bikereg.com/full-gas-on-peddlers-pass-winter
  12. You also might find a couple of other smaller knockoff Chinese companies with their versions of EUCs.
  13. I just saw the show tonight and I enjoyed their use in the show as well. Another thing I noticed is that they all had safety straps attached to them which is very funny to think about these world class Acrobat performers still needed safety straps for the EUC.
  14. Welcome! You can also join the Texas Electric Unicycle riders on facebook for even more resources and rides around Texas.
  15. I always use Fedex Ground shipping and put my wheels in the OEM box. Where in Texas will you be vacationing?
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