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  1. Are there any pictures of the KS-16S afterwards? It might be completely unrecognizable but sometimes in fires specific things can survive that might give further clues on the fires origin and spread.
  2. Welcome! Join our facebook group and we can see if we can meetup sometime. I have a few trainer wheels that you can beat around to learn on.
  3. I visit Vegas every January for CES. Love riding Red Rock and the railroad trail to hoover dam. Would love to meetup with you local guys and ride around the next time I'm in Vegas.
  4. Good to see you here @Irina! I've already seen a lot of you on instagram and was wondering when you'll finally be on these forums.
  5. Yeah I was riding the 18XL while the 18S rider was a rider that we just ran into while on the ride. He's not on here or any other forums but he's been riding for 3 years in Dallas.
  6. You coming out tonight? Weather looks good tonight
  7. Cool. I'm here now. You here?
  8. I definitely would but unfortunately I have to make my way to Houston by early afternoon. I'm going to play it by ear and look at the radar on the day of. Worst outcome is just riding another time.
  9. I understand the "not as cool" part since our culture views riding sideways as you do on a skateboard to be "cool" while riding straight and upright as you would a regular unicycle or standing Segway as stupid. For me though I look at it more as snowboarding vs snowskiing, both equally as "cool" looking and equally as fun to do. But in the end I don't give a rats ass what people think about how I look as I ride. I just let the wheel do the talking by riding faster, riding longer, turning tighter, riding in rougher terrain, riding up steep hills, jumping off curbs, etc, etc, etc. They are all (at least not the stubborn ones) in complete awe when they see all that. Even just pulling out the trolley handle leaves them in awe. It's part of the reason why I ride in Non-EUC groups such as OneWheel, eskateboards, and even bicycle groups..... just to demonstrate that this thing we ride ain't some silly toy that you pick up in the toys section at Wal-Mart.
  10. Welcome to the world of EUCs! You're going to have more Onewheelers to EUCs than the other way around with EUCs being more versatile than OneWheel. Same goes for people riding traditional e-skateboards and moving to EUCs. OneWheels are still very fun and will have their place for recreational, but an EUC is the most efficient and best form factor for actual real world transportation.
  11. Ok so I'm planning on being in Dallas this Friday night for the Dallas Critical Mass bike ride. Meetup at 7:30pm, rolling out at 8pm from the Farmers Market. It supposed to rain during the day but should clear up by night. I have no idea how long the ride will last since this will be my first time attending it. Also I want to hold an EUC group ride the next day (3/30) Saturday morning at 9:30am going through downtown Dallas to White Rock Lake and back. It will be around 25 miles for around 2-2.5 hours with no charging stops. So if you do come, make sure to have a wheel with at least 800 Wh of battery. And again, I'll have a bunch of wheels with me that any of you guys are free to test ride and ride on the route. They will be the Kingsong XL, Kingsong 16S, Inmotion V10F, Gotway Monster, Gotway Tesla, and Gotway Mten3. You guys up for it? @rwent1 @67SS @Jonesq @Marcus Matos
  12. I would like to come up to Dallas next friday (3/29) for Critical Mass and also meet you guys. I'll have a bunch of different wheels with me for all to try out including the Gotway Monster, Kingsong 18 XL, Gotway MTen3, Inmotion V10F, and Kingsong 16S. Also would be good to have our own ride in and around Dallas maybe Saturday and/or Sunday of that weekend. Anybody else up for it?
  13. Oh yeah of course. I was with a bicycling group so I stopped when they stopped. You can view that movement by looking at the "flyby" feature in Strava. https://labs.strava.com/flyby/viewer/#1615743511?c=9v1ztwr8&z=C&t=1R4_8s&a=F0pOYIAoTmDmnE9gcBhOYJIEUGC7B05gPuFIYGtSR2AiCk5g
  14. My body handled it fine. I'm used to hot and humid weather growing up in Texas. I was more concerned for the bicyclists we were with. Nearly half of them ended up not finishing the entire route since it was too hot. I also had Shampoo the entire time but I was able to shield her from the sun and give her plenty of water.
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