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  1. I always use Fedex Ground shipping and put my wheels in the OEM box. Where in Texas will you be vacationing?
  2. Hopefully this picture shows up for everyone (linked from my google photos). This was my display at my local "Drive Electric" event showing off EUCs as a last mile transport solution that even electric cars can't solve. I even created a spec sheet table comparing my Tesla (car, not Gotway Tesla) Model 3 with the Kingsong 18XL.
  3. Sounds like your dad is just against you riding any vulnerable vehicle (bike, motorcycle, EUC, etc.) on any road that has cars on it which is a legit safety concern that most American's have. It's the number one reason why people choose not to ride a bike but drive instead. Now if he thinks an EUC is actually more unsafe than a bike because of visibility, I would argue that the opposite is actually true because an EUC is so new and weird in the public eye that drivers can't help but stare and keep thinking to themselves "what the hell is that?". Also a person standing on an EUC should take up more visual space than a person hunched over on a bike.
  4. Completely right. You just have to get used to riding with less rubber is hitting the ground. A lower PSI causes more tire rubber to contact the surface which in turn offers more stability. I like to ride at a higher PSI not only to avoid rim damage, but it increases the wheels range and performance since the motor doesn't have to work as hard.
  5. Yes I've found that regular unicycle riders are by far the quickest to learn how to ride an EUC.
  6. So as the title suggests, can we receive notifications based off when certain keywords are posted? Using the search function in the top right is ok, but it would be very nice and convenient to be notified when a keyword is brought up again so I can immediately respond to that topic or word that actually interests me. I actually currently do something similar with Google News where it automatically emails me of any internet news item that has the keywords of "EUC" or "electric unicycle" so I don't miss how EUC are being portrayed in the mainstream news.
  7. Hey guys, I am also in San Antonio, TX. And we have a Texas Electric Unicycle Riders facebook group so please join it if you guys can. https://www.facebook.com/groups/225371521541153
  8. I live in Texas, but I was in Tulsa for July 4th to check out the Gathering Place with my girlfriend. I met one other local rider there but never saw him again. But I do know at least one rider from Muskogee that's itching to meet other EUC riders. I can try to hit you up next time I'm in Tulsa.
  9. It's all in perception. If you ride with absolutely no gear on then people will just look the EUC as if its just a little fun toy. But wear a helmet and other serious protection and all of a sudden they are viewing it as a one-wheel motorcycle. That still doesn't stop the dare-devils and/or arrogant types to want to try. I usually first ask them "Do you know how to ride a regular unicycle?" and then they immediately back off on trying.
  10. One guy I'm teaching now is using golf clubs upside down and he says it has helped him get up and running.
  11. I would ground Fedex ship your wheel to wherever you are staying at. Best if you can ship it in your original box with the original foam padding which is the main reason why I keep my EUC boxes in the first place. Make sure to remove all labels from the box too before you ship, and when they ask you what it is you're shipping just say "home electronics". Fedex has $100 default coverage but you can get more if you're fine paying more for shipping. Also make sure that the hotel even accepts packages in the first place, but also if they charge a fee for your package. It is also possible to just have Fedex hold your package at a fedex facility for you to pick up, but you'll need to time it to where they aren't holding onto your package for a long period of time otherwise they might send it back and/or charge you.
  12. This is just simply bullshit from Fedex as long as you do ground shipping. You get into trouble if you try to airship a large amount of batteries which is why they are prohibited from regular commercial airflights. I ship my wheels in the original box all the time in the states through Fedex. Costs around $40-$80 for 3-day ground depending on where it goes. When they ask me what it is, I just say "home electronics".
  13. From the LAPD website link you posted, it looks like you should be fine to ride as long as it's not the sidewalk. Seems like they are just "cracking down" on scooter riders riding on the sidewalk. Along the streets and bike lanes is completely fine no matter what you are riding. Now if you want to try to ride on the sidewalk, then you'll going to have to convince them that it's not a scooter but something else that is lawfully allowed to be on the sidewalk like an EPAMD or ADA compliant device.
  14. Thanks @houseofjob @Phraggle Where in Texas are you? You're more than welcome to test ride all the wheels I have including the Monster. I don't have a Z10 though but I know a few guys around the Austin area that do.
  15. DJ spindizzy vlog from the PEVRA ride to Hoover dam this past Sunday. This was a blast of a ride.
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