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  1. Michael Vu

    My 6-inch Miss From Becoming A Hood Ornament

    The main point in using lights (including the flashy decorative ones) is for other people to see you. I always try to have a least one blinking light on me when I'm riding out on the roads even if its daytime.
  2. It really depends on how EUCs are classified when they are imported to the US. Here are some Tariff classifications that I found that could be applied to EUCs: 8703.80.00 - Motor vehicles to transport persons, w/electric motor for propulsion - Trump Tariff 8711.60.00 - Motorcycles (including mopeds) and cycles fitted with an auxiliary motor, with or without side-cars; side-cars, with electric motor for propulsion - NO Trump Tariff 8711.90.01 - Motorcycles (including mopeds) and cycles fitted with an auxiliary motor, with or without side-cars; side-cars, OTHER - NO Trump Tariff 9506.91.00 - Articles and equipment for general physical exercise, gymnastics or athletics; parts and accessories thereof - NO Trump Tariff
  3. Michael Vu

    Inmotion App for Android

    Yes I remember being able to change and upload my own custom sounds. The process basically gave me the ability to flash the micro-controller which was the same process for the side lights. Took about 5 minutes for it to flash. But it seems inmotion has removed that ability the flash anything to the wheel now.
  4. Michael Vu

    Foot Pressure Points Analyzer

    You'll be surprised to know that this was actually the cheapest system that I saw on the market. And not only was is the cheapest, but it has real-time feedback with bluetooth connected to your phone through a nice looking app. All other systems that I saw were much more expensive (>$1000), did not have real-time feedback, or only worked with a computer
  5. I've been wanting something like this for a while and I finally found it with Arion. It's a pair of foot pressure pads that give real-time feedback on the pressure points on your feet. I figured by using this while I ride, I can see how different pedal designs and riding styles contributes to foot fatigue. I also want to use this to better train new riders on how to better shift their weight on their feet when it comes to holding an EUC still with one foot and how to mount and dismount comfortably. I'm all ears if you guys have any other good ideas on how to further utilize these Arions within our activity.
  6. Michael Vu

    Austin, TX USA?

    For anybody in central Texas, please join on facebook group Central Texas Electric Unicycle Riders! https://www.facebook.com/groups/225371521541153/
  7. Michael Vu

    Bicycle to Work Day this Friday - May 18th

    I live 4 miles away from work so I'm able to ride everyday taking residential streets.
  8. Michael Vu

    beach riding

    Riding on the beach is fine. Just don't ride through the salt water. If you do, then wash with fresh water ASAP.
  9. Michael Vu

    KingSong Wheels Never Cause Faceplants - right?

    In that situation of going up a steep hill, I don't fault Kingsong or any other brand from cutting out like that. A blown fuse is still better than having to replace an entire circuit board. And I'm surprised that he actually did faceplant and was not able to run it off with how slow he was going. When I went up to the Hollywood sign, I was a little nervous when we first came up to those steep hills. We all made it but I will say all of the wheels we were riding were appropriate for our weights (~120 lbs rider was on the MCM4, 150 lbs rider on the KS16A, 200 lbs rider on the KS-16S, and me at 185 lbs on the MSuper V3s+). All wheels will eventually cutoff when pushed to its limits. Anybody saying cutoff is impossible is simply wrong. But the big thing you do not want happening are the random cutoffs under normal riding conditions.
  10. Michael Vu


    I posted this in @Rehab1 get well thread, but I'll also post it here too. In fall of last year, my friend and I made a little trip just to see Dan so we could ride with him. Initially thought we wouldn't be able to do it but in the end it worked out, and I'm very glad to have met Dan in person especially since we were the only outside electric unicyclists he has met or ridden with.
  11. Michael Vu

    Rehab1´s accident(s)

    Glad you're making a good recovery on your injury Dan. I've finally been able to compile and edit the footage from our small ride from a couple months ago. Had a great time and wish we can do it again if you are able to ride again. Monica also gives her best wishes on your full recovery.
  12. Michael Vu

    Paging Dr. Rehab1, another rider down!

    Damn unfortunate unlucky foot position the cause your knee to buckle. I've had my knees dislocate 4 times in my life with the last one just happening when I attempted to make a 180 degree turn walking. . Hopefully you just sprained your knee rather than tear any ligaments.
  13. And she says "Take care" twice in a row to try to get your attention. Unfortunately that wasn't enough to prevent my first (and worst) crash I had on an EUC.
  14. I noticed this too when I ride with my full face helmet and try to be extra cautious when going at higher speeds on a lower battery. I will also say that it would be better if Gotway included a 2nd speaker (possibly on the other side of the shell) to not only increase volume, but also have redundancy in case a speaker goes out. Kingsong's having 2 or 4 speakers is yet another case why Kingsong's are the best wheel when it comes to safety.
  15. Michael Vu

    Anyone ever used the Swagroller?

    I rode it at CES this year and last year. It is just a repackaged Inmotion V3 and their Swagtron's engineer even admitted so. It's fine for what it is at that price point.