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  1. I agree with everything the OP says. In general it just boils down to treating EUCs in the exact same way as regular bicycles and/or e-bikes. There should be NO discrimination in the operation of use between the two, and if anything an EUC should be permitted in more places than bikes since EUC physically take up less space.
  2. Michael Vu

    [USA] Dallas, TX

    Bump. I'll be in Dallas this weekend and seeing if any Dallas EUC riders want to meetup and ride at White Rock Lake and around.
  3. Michael Vu

    New riding gloves

    I have both kinds of Zackees gloves (winter and fingerless) and have worked wonderfully so far. It even did a good job protecting the hands of my brother when he crashed on his EUC going around 16 mph. Where in Texas are you?
  4. Michael Vu

    MPGe of EUCs

    I did a similar analysis comparing different cars with EUCs and I calculated that an EUC efficiency is 24 Wh/mile (35 miles of range from a 840 Wh battery and 100 miles of range from a 2400 Wh battery). Electric cars like my Tesla (not Gotway) get around 250 Wh/mile. In the end based on $0.11/kWh, it costs $0.03/mile to drive an electric car while it cost $0.0026/mile for an EUC. While it cost $0.07/mile to $0.10/mile for a typical gas car at $2.50/gallon.
  5. Michael Vu

    Gotway Msuper X 33MPH Crash....

    Damn hopefully your knee isn't too bad. Glad that it seems everything else is fine with the gear protecting you. Just curious, how often do you ride on the rubber track? My experience from riding on it is that any wheel will not be as responsive on a rubber track than actual asphalt road, but then again I haven't ridden the MSuperX that much.
  6. Michael Vu

    My Wife Wants To Learn!

    Awesome to hear about your wife's interest Marty! The main reason why I love talking to interested people out in public about electric unicycles is for it to gain traction from the "average" person for recreation and ultimately as a legitimate form of transport. Hopefully as more of the general public sees the "average" person (soccer moms, kids, dads with beer bellies, grandparents, etc) riding EUCs with ease, that will just convince them to put in the time and effort to learn how to ride themselves.
  7. Michael Vu

    Hit by speeding car on Z10

    Too bad you didn't get it on video. But glad you're okay from all of the protective gear you wore.
  8. She can still technically break her wrist on a bike. And she can wear wrist guards when she rides an EUC.
  9. Michael Vu

    Survey: What Size New King Song Pedal Do You Want?

    For me I naturally stand in a straight leg position so I don't need any wider pedals. But I know plenty of riders that naturally stand in a V position and it seems that the pedals right now have been just fine for the most part. Ideally if there was a way to engineer adjustable size pedals along with adjustable pedal height that would be ideal for everyone.
  10. Michael Vu


    I agree it helps with technique and can even be fun trying to cope with the surface, but there's only so much the tire and the entire wheel can handle before it bottoms out. The surface Mono was on seemed to be more shallow than the surface Lukasz was on.
  11. Michael Vu

    New Inmotion V10 / V10F

    Haven't been following this thread nor did I see the important message from Inmotion about wet weather. Luckily I was contacted by Inmotion USA directly over the phone who told me about the wet weather issue. Interestingly enough my V10F has been in damp but not wet weather and have not had any issues (including no overloading issues). It's disappointing that these issues are coming out but at least Inmotion is taking active steps to correct it.
  12. Michael Vu

    In the news...

    Links from two more news articles with very unflattering pictures of me in them..... https://therivardreport.com/city-eyes-regulatory-sweet-spot-as-e-scooters-multiply/ https://saheron.com/supporters-of-dockless-vehicles-pack-public-meeting/ But with this current discussion that is happening now in cities and on this forum, I encourage all of you guys to be in on these public meetings with your EUCs to bring as much positive light to PEVs in general. Yes we can all agree stuff needs to be done about the littering of dockless rental vehicles everywhere and with the riders who ride irresponsibly. But going along with those discussions is just the topic of where can we ride our PEVs in the first place..... which we've had many thread posts from all over the world on here about rules and regulations and police interaction. This is the time for all of us to show to a wider public audience that we should be treated no differently than bicycles, instead of trying to treat us as if we are just as dangerous as gas guzzling heavy large motorcycles and cars. Similar to what I was quoted in the story, we can't let a few bad apples (ie. the reckless e-scooter riders) ruin it for the rest of us by irrationally distorting public perception on the actual safety risks of PEVs.
  13. Michael Vu

    In the news...

    Bum-pity Bump. Attended my cities public meeting about the dockless vehicles (both scooters and bikes) today. Got a lot of attention like usual and had positive talks with city leaders about good safe usage of all Personal Electric Vehicles. My KS-18L also made the news very briefly. Good thing it didn't lock up on camera while I was trolley-ing it. ? https://www.kens5.com/video/news/local/dockless-scooters-causing-sa-problems/273-8206360 My EUC shows up at 1:23.
  14. Yes let's save political discussion somewhere else, however I'm still going to talk about my political views here......
  15. Michael Vu


    Awesome J-turns! I'm looking forward to practicing and mastering this maneuver soon.