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  1. Thanks to Dmitry / EUC.NYC for arranging the Nikola demo that took place in NYC today! Some impressions for those who were curiously awaiting a chance to demo the Nikola: - The Nikola body width is as previously reported, pretty wide, but not Monster wide, so guys who are sticklers for that will probably not like this wheel. Personally, I was fine with the width, as I naturally place my feet that wide on any wheel I ride, legs touching or not touching the wheel body, plus going this wide places the rider in a good position not to wobble. - The Nikola body height was unfortunately not high enough to ride comfortably seated sans seat, which was one of the only reasons why I was entertaining this wheel in my wheel shopping; my butt still has to stick behind the wheel ala MSX, or even the KS18S to a lesser degree. - As a first brief impression, the performance of the wheel was what I expected in a Gotway, albeit I personally don't see this as such a big departure from the typical 18x3 form factor. I'm sure it will have a smidge more torque than an18" for true hill climbing folk, but as a city flatland rider, I don't see enough dramatic difference in torque from the MSX, the dramatic degree of difference you would see comparing against an MCM5, which obviously makes sense. If you told me blindfolded the tire was an MSX tire, I would believe you. For the true hill climbing test, obviously @Marty Backe has that area down pat, we'll see how he fares with the torture test 😄😄 - Nikola soft mode is softer than the MSX, but not as soft as the MCM5 or MSV3 soft modes, unfortunately😞 - Nikola hard mode is not as rock hard as the MSX in my short testing of it. - Nikola no load test via Gotway app was a solid 70kph, so the purported 50kph max I think is legit, putting it in Tesla max speed spec. - The new Nikola pedals with non-abrasive grip tape was pretty legit IMHO, less slippery than the InMotion V10F rubber insets. Size on these pedals was good too, plus no dramatic V-ing to the pedals ala MSX, albeit I kinda like a V. - Might be wrong, as I didnt closely check here, but the tire seemed to be a Chao Yang, so felt very comfortable spongy, reminiscent of the CYT tire used on the MSX. - Now I'm a fan of the scorpion style trolley, but we were all surprised that the Nikola trolley didn't lock out completely when fully extended. We weren't sure if there was more to the button mechanism that sits at the base of the trolley, but it seemed this was how it functioned(?) The build quality of the trolley handle plus shaft was legit though, sturdy. - The new speakers are damn loud and full when cranked up! Unfortunately all highs and mids, no lows, which is typical. Overall, now having experienced the Nikola, I'm still a bit puzzled what customer this wheel is exactly targeting. It's a bit on the large side for those who like compact 16's, but not tall enough for guys like me who want a faster "small" seated wheel. Again, the tire width/sizing is good, but the torque and feel doesn't make me want to trade the benefits of the larger 18x3 wheel tires, especially since they feel relatively the same, I'd rather have the bigger tire diameter to protect better against potholes. And for the typical Gotway performance hungry guys, the speed gains aren't really there over a more svelte Tesla, while you're not getting a more compact wheel. Puzzling 🤔
  2. houseofjob

    Gotway Nikola EUC.NYC Post-Demo Impressions

    You picked the right wheel I think! By no means is the Nikola a bad wheel, in fact quite the opposite, it's excellent. Just miffed about it being a 'tweener in the spec and size department. I'd be perfectly happy picking the Nikola over all the wheels you mention above (MSX, KS18XL, Tesla, V10F), mainly because: I like the Nikola looks; it's the best spec version of that Ninebot One E+/KS18XL/V10F spinning LED design I dislike the Tesla design / body shape, always looked like riding a desktop gaming computer to me I dislike the MSX design being an MSV3 re-tread / re-cycle (don't mind the looks, just don't wanna pay today money for a yesterday design) I absolutely dislike the ergonomics of the Tesla (pedals are too low) and MSX (too stiff across all modes, plus the body height vs pedal height ratio is imbalanced, since they're just shifting the pedals up higher on the existing MSV3 shell.) But I know, contrary to my tastes, that the MSX and Tesla were very popular models, so I imagine fans of those wheels would pass on the NIkola. Either way, great times we live in to have so many wheel options! Great minds think alike The Nikola is the same 💩to me as any of the other spinning LED circular designs (Ninebot One, KS14/16/18, V8/V10F), and those were popular for a reason, so I'm a bit perplexed at all the Nikola design complaints (the edge-to-edge LEDs really pop at night to me!). Personally I think it's because they kept the white borders, which don't really bother me anymore. Interesting. I always thought the majority of wheel buyers preferred round EUC's, hence the prevalence of circular designs. I don't have a preference either way on wheel shape per say. And I never understood this LED argument, as a wheel like the Nikola can be ridden in stealth mode (LEDs off), as many V8 and V10F owners do. To each their own~
  3. houseofjob

    Gotway Nikola EUC.NYC Post-Demo Impressions

    Yes, in general, I would usually agree with this sentiment, but there are fairly new options like the MSX, 2019 version Tesla, etc, that IMHO essentially cannibalize the potential market for the Nikola here, especially considering both aforementioned models have proven pretty reliable now. And since all are in the same price ballpark, if it were me purchasing my first and only wheel, I'm not sure why I would pay the same money for a master-of-none Nikola, instead of the other recent and popular models, unless I really liked the aesthetics (which I actually kinda do here). Might be just me though (?) BTW, I personally went into the demo really wanting to like this wheel. While in a vacuum, it's still a solid offering overall, it doesn't make sense, at least for me, amongst the current wheel market. My stance would totally be different if this wheel was significantly cheaper.
  4. houseofjob

    Gotway Nikola EUC.NYC Post-Demo Impressions

    I'm mildly intrigued, but nowhere near enough to buy a 16X, still looks like riding a garbage can to me. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I think. Last comment was the response from customers on a possible 16X seat was lackluster at best I believe, so dunno if one will really happen 😞 But more importantly, it's not gonna be any faster than the KS18S , and the smaller 16 will be less effective for potholes, so easy pass for me, I'll exercise patience and wait for more future unknown wheel offerings I guess. (Speaker does sound cool though, 4.1 system😄)
  5. houseofjob

    Gotway Nikola EUC.NYC Post-Demo Impressions

    Yeah, I'm right there with you on that! Yes, a little 'easier' seated on the Nikola than the MSX seated, but they're both still miserable seated, squat-a-potty experiences IMHO when comparing next to proper seated height EUCs like the Monster and KS18S; you would need to still DIY a tall Nikola seat for proper seated control height, something I'm not really interested in DIY-ing myself. The egg shape of the Nikola really compounds things, as the back section slopes downward, making it deceptively shorter on the part where you actually sit, and I'm not even that tall myself at 5'8". And besides that, unless they truly go 100v in a later version, the Nikola isn't that much faster than the great, but now long-in-the-tooth KS18S.
  6. houseofjob

    Boosted is coming out with a kick scooter

    As far as I can tell: Ebikes are still PEV king, a familiar form factor. Ekick scooters are quickly catching up to ebikes, but this is primarily in the scooter sharing space, especially since the current lineups are composed of cheaply made entry level scooters, prone to breakage within a few months of public day-in, day-out usage. Then further behind in 3rd place is eboards, led by the excellent marketing of Boosted, then followed further behind in 4th place with the equally excellently marketed Onewheel. Then at the very bottom I think sits the Segway/hoverboard category, alongside a slowly and steadily growing last place EUC category. But clearly in the past year, out of all PEV, ekick scooters have been the biggest growth PEV for sure, hence every non-ekick scooter PEV company has explored models of their own (Ninebot, Gotway, King Song, InMotion, Inboard, and now even Boosted) Wish we had actually figures though *smh
  7. houseofjob

    Gotway Nikola EUC.NYC Post-Demo Impressions

    LOL. FWIW, I didn't really agree with Kuji's general off-the-record boxiness assessment of the Nikola, and I actually like the look and over-sizedness of the form factor, albeit, I was hoping, again, for it to be taller for seated riding (might as well if you're gonna make the shell this big anyways, no?) But given what's already out in the market, Gotway and non, personally IMHO as a multi-wheel owner, the Nikola doesn't really outshine or fulfill a need better than anything else in my current rotation, to my early adopter dismay 😐 (nice single wheel owner purchase though, possibly) I'll also disclaimer that I'm, as usual, biased against 16" wheels in general, FWIW. 16 to me is still jack of all trades, king of none. After this demo, I'm even more of the mind of all big & small, no middle. Dear Lord, can these wheel manufacturers finally come to their senses and make a damn super fat 14" compact already?! 🤠
  8. houseofjob

    Gotway Nikola EUC.NYC Post-Demo Impressions

    Thanks, always about the knowledge share. Thanks! The event was a bit of a last minute announcement by Dmitry of our local EUC.NYC, as he had an initial Nikola unit shipped by Gotway early apparently. Unfortunately I didn't even think I was going to be able to go, game time audible, so no video from my end. Perhaps one of the many other attendees might have filmed after I left.
  9. houseofjob

    Z10 BMS FW 1.1.7 - Vampire Drain

    Interesting, the new 1.1.7 BMS FW claims better/lesser vampire drain, but after leaving my Z10 unridden indoors for 1+ day (42 hours), I'm seeing what translates into .14V drop per day, roughly 1% per day.
  10. houseofjob


    You own like one of the all-time best seated wheels in the Monster, why would you want to play pop-a-squat on a wheel that was a seated afterthought?
  11. houseofjob

    Inner tube size

    For EUC inner tubes, you can go smaller than the tire size, but bigger can lead to bunching up, translating into possible bumpy pockets while riding. But more importantly for most all EUC's 16" and below, the valve really needs to be bent and parallel or 0º, not perpendicular, to the wheel plane. The ones bicycles use are typically perpendicular, thus I doubt you'll be able to source locally. But if the leak is not a valve leak, why not hot patch your blow inner tube?
  12. houseofjob

    Ninebot One Z10 wobbling at higher speed

    Wobbles are the rider, not the wheel. Any wheel wobbles, immediately start to favor weight on one leg over the other, as if you were about to mount or do a one-legged trick (usually the outside turn leg). Also, narrow stance will make things worse. Get your feet wider and away from the Z shell, especially your heels particularly in the case of the Z.
  13. houseofjob

    Bummed about the Z10 and ewheels

    Riders on here complained 3 years ago how 18 x 2.5 wide tires were too big and bulky to maneuver. Now almost everyone and their mother on here has one 18" wheel. Now they say the same 💩 about the Z. Funny how that works. The tall KS-18S and the Z10 were the 2 wheels bar-none (out of the many I've owned) that forced me to learn/develop better technique,... technique that now allows me to better manipulate every other size EUC, not just these 2. This learning probably would have never happened for me if I didn't approach these 2 wheels with an open mind, swallowing any kind of pride/ego saying that it was the wheels' fault, not mine, .... and thus avoiding the temptation to think that my EUC technique was 'perfect', with nothing more to ever learn. There is always more to learn IMHO.
  14. houseofjob

    [YouTube] Dualtron X

  15. houseofjob

    NEW OneWheel Pint

    Please someone talk me out of getting this OW Pint pre-order!!! I know it's slow, but the price and weight is decent, and it could fill up my current void for a super-compact wheel to get onto trains, etc. with, plus I've been waiting for an entry point into buying a OneWheel for it's snowboard feel (I'm an intermediate snowboarder), albeit I was waiting for a bigger spec bump model.
  16. houseofjob

    Curbs ! - my biggest challenge so far...

    Nice! Yeah, exactly.
  17. houseofjob

    Curbs ! - my biggest challenge so far...

    Ah, okay, I was gonna say, knowing your risk profile, didn't seem like you were gonna go full X-games on us Yeah, the occasional jump down, etc, is fine, just try to decouple the landing buy letting the wheel land first, then you on the pedals, with bent knees trying to absorb some of the shock. Agreed. I guess it's super easy to do when they're not your wheels
  18. houseofjob

    Curbs ! - my biggest challenge so far...

    Er, I dunno about this logic. Real world, EUC axle breakage occurance has always been about habitual pounding over time, say a year, not just in a short, 1-3 day demo period.
  19. houseofjob

    I think I want to buy an euc but not convinced yet.

    Welcome @YohannFrankfurderIII! BTW, you fit the bread & butter EUC demo to a T (age, body type, extracurriculars) I imagine EUC feels closest to something like riding very high rollerblades without the effort, and more speed. When you get proficient enough, the carving on an EUC is uncannily like carving/slaloms on skis (I've been skiing for decades now). Absolutely, once you get past the beginner phase (foot pain, etc.) Once you're comfortable on EUC, the only thing demanding I'd say is being vigilant watching out for divots/potholes, especially if you're city riding I always have an earphone in one ear, turned up just loud enough for enjoyment, but still able to hear my surroundings. Also, FWIW many recent EUC's have separate bluetooth network speakers, albeit, this can put you into the public nuisance territory.
  20. houseofjob

    Tips for sitting down on MSuperX [MSX] with seat?

    Because the wheel is the one leaning more in one turn direction or the other (ie. diagonally), instead of your body (albeit, there is still some net body lean FWIW, but not as dramatically offset as a full "superlean"). Tip toes and heel angling can compensate for the dipping wheel when riding standing. (good question BTW, never fully thought of that angle from what I intuitively settled on for now in terms of technique)
  21. houseofjob

    Tips for sitting down on MSuperX [MSX] with seat?

    Agree to disagree then. Feel free to do whatever you want, of course, but if you're suggesting others to do this, I absolutely advise them against doing so. Even with motor powers equal to the Monster, all it takes is doing this maneuver while unexpectedly hitting a deep enough pothole, say at night, to run into issues, God forbid. Faceplants IMHO happen when they shouldn't happen to the degrees I've seen before, online and in person. Riders believe they need to lean both sides of their body for better acceleration when this, in my experience, is absolutely untrue: you can lean one side while the other side hangs back, so the net weight balance over the wheel is still relatively over middle center, either standing or seated. And when I stiff arm for seated acceleration, it is always coupled by reaching my other arm back, again, so my sum weight is stacked over the center of the wheel. ..... and if years is a qualifier for you, I have 3 years seated riding on several different versions of KS18's and the Monster, without issue.
  22. WePed seems to be a very niche/small e-kick scooter manufacturer in Korea, and very elusive at that, so not really sure. FWIW, eBay freemotionshop seller has the Mini R listed, but I'm always suspicious of these eBay PEV sellers due to the many horror stories for support.
  23. Woah, the new WePed GT50E will I believe be the first PEV of any kind to use the new promising Samsung 21700 50E 5Ah batteries 😮🤔
  24. houseofjob

    Z10 BMS FW 1.1.7 - Vampire Drain

    Why not? AliExpress / Green Fashion: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/pV3Y7r6