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  1. LOL, wow I'm guessing this caught a Google Alert filter? Yes, we did an impromptu trip across the George Washington Bridge into Jersey for All-You-Can-Eat (and Charge) Korean BBQ. This is Da's (OG manual unicycle guy -turned KS18XL rider) video, and the cat girl goes by Kit E Weelz on FB.
  2. The AliExpress AliPay is fine from my experience, I've won all my dispute cases with properly documented evidence, just that it takes more time than PayPal dispute resolutions (and this has been well documented on the forums).
  3. Ah thanks, so the valve is bent 0 angle.
  4. Plz tell them to do a 14 x 2.5 wide or better(!) 14 x 3 wide MCM with 2P 21700 Samsung 50E pack
  5. @Jorge RT that inner tube in your link is the wrong valve angle, no? I'm trying to figure out if the 0angle valve 14 x 2.5 inner tube exists, or if you just use the same 14 x 2.125" inner tube thanks! @RoCan same question, did you just use the regular 14 x 2.125" inner tube blow up to 2.5" wide? Or did you find a 0angle valve 14 x 2.5 inner tube (which I can't seem to find), thanks!
  6. I'm sure he'll see this with the tagging, but yes, I will pass it on. At the very least, he also received his new Nikola Plus (different purchasing venue) in perfect working order, at the same time today, so he at least has that to console him.
  7. Well, the easy solution is to ship it with the battery disconnected. But I still hear of Monsters shipping to buyers with damage around the handle from transit. When a device gets that big, IMHO they need to build a custom cage and lock it in place, ala how Onyx RCR motorbikes are shipped.
  8. Addendum: @Ben Kim found foam stuck in the motor axle, so this wheel probably did turn on while in-transit. Also, another local rider who received a Monster (not sure if from the same source) said the wheel turned on in the box when UPS set the package down *smh
  9. Probably. The Monster box and foam in general was never very well suited to transport such a massive wheel.
  10. Really feeling for @Ben Kim, whose AliExpress Green Fashion modded 2460WH Gotway Monster V3 100V arrived to him today toasted (posting with his permission). https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33045049906.html He will get made whole via PayPal dispute, but really deflating I can imagine having had to wait so long for this order.
  11. Heck no. Once upon a time I wanted to, but then I realized what I really was after was the sliding action of when I snowboard, which still doesn't properly exist for PEVs IMHO (LeifTech is one attempt, but a poorly designed one; OneWheel would be then the closest, but way too underpowered and flawed with the nose-dipping action). And yeah, I've seen too many eboard guys here in NYC crash trying to cut like we can cut on turns through obstacles.
  12. LOL, I've toyed and bought several other PEVs over the years, alongside my many EUC purchases now, but every time I've been disappointed comparing them against the overall value proposition that EUCs offer. EUCs just offer more pound for pound range and power than the comparative similar-priced PEVs, as well as comfort in portability (trolley, small footprint with arm-grab-height handle), and very little maintenance (e-scooter & e-board guys are constantly fixing their rides). The only things EUCs sacrifice compared to other PEVs I think is real suspension and comfort in maintaining high speeds. But to really achieve these 2 factors, you would really need to give up a lot of the portability and small footprint factor. Plus, no other PEV can pivot on a dime like EUCs can, due to the single wheel, small tire contact patch. I've bought other PEV, like the Dualtron Ultra e-kickboard scooter, and a Dualtronman foot scooter (also contemplated a Kaly or LaCroix eboard), but I ended up unable to use these wheels for everyday use (commuting, running errands), which then didn't justify the purchase, hence I quickly sold them thereafter (we're seeing quite a few converts here in NYC from e-scooters & e-boards for these very factors, combined with the ability to ride in rain, which the other PEVs are not adequately suited to do for some reason). As @Darrell Wesh has very well put on another post, there is nothing more freeing than to be able to ride alongside and beat NYC car traffic, then immediately transition and blend into pedestrian sidewalks at a walking pace (without scaring them), and then in one fell swoop, pop your trolley and walk straight into your building destination, all without stopping to chain up your wheel, or pick up your board, etc. There's simply no other PEV that comes close to doing this.
  13. LOL, this is probably the same tire, as this link is CYT. The whole "anti-puncture" is just marketing. At best the tire mixture is more resistant to pinch flats than others.
  14. Just guessing here, but higher PSI means less rolling resistance, hence less need for the wheel to work as hard for the same speed.
  15. Wow, this was like my main reason for selling my old MCM5, the thin tire. How much of the plastic did you remove? Is the undercarriage still sealed and intact? Thanks!
  16. I've been refining my narrative, but might not be coming across clear all the time. I definitely feel it in my body, but translating this to words is not always the easiest, as is most things in this life (BTW, do you do any other sports, like skiing or running, out of curiosity?) The pumping left-right to me always feels like shifting gears of a car or bike (I hate comparing cars to EUCs, as I don't think they relate at all, but I couldn't think of a better analogy) where each pump puts you in higher gears faster, letting you press the gas for easier acceleration quicker in the "higher gear". Also, I really can't do this effectively in Gotway Hard mode, as the pedals immediately are pushing back hard on "lower gear". Yes, but perhaps pumping was not the right word for this. It's like pushing off at an angle, more bodyweight as I said, not muscle-ing I'm glad you bring up the weight scale example, as this came up in my head as well. To get more/better acceleration, you need to keep the number moving up; a steady number just means you will reach that velocity for that given amount of force, ie. the way the gyroscopic and balance input thing works. I challenge you to do this with both legs/feet bent on a bathroom weight scale standing perfectly up. The number will just stay the same in my experience: you need to create better angles to get help from gravity (better with leveraging the heels from a tiliting higher back pedal edge) rather than push with no leverage on a perfectly flat weight scale/pedals, to keep the number moving up. And BTW, I think you're focusing on the pumping part too much, as this works even without pumping (or rather pushing off with bodyweight), just that the alternation of bodyweight push gets you to your speed faster in my experience, per my probably bad "gears" analogy above. You're comparing apples to oranges IMHO. You can't carve as deep with a bicycle as you can on an EUC, and the whole braking mechanism is not the same for both vehicles (hand lever disc brake vs body technique applying force input translated by a gyroscope). Look, I can understand your disbelief, but a few guys here in NYC, as well as a few like @Darrell Wesh (most who are experienced from other sports in how to leverage their bodies), seemed to have felt what I've felt. Again, I may not be elaborating the "why?" correctly (the big reason why I keep on answering these same questions over and over again, to get better at describing and refining this "why?" of what I am intuitively doing based on my learned skiing background, a technique that is not of my making, and over a century old). But I appreciate the challenging questions, as again, it's helping me with my narrative.
  17. What you're describing is just due to the MSX being tuned super hard, so you can lean over that way (and as I said, recipe for faceplant). Stand leaning just forward with knees bent IMHO won't be as efficient as using your bodyweight in the bracing way I described above, transmitted through alternating single locked legs (ie. pushing with a bent arm/leg is always a compromise to pushing with a straight & locked arm/leg, this is just basic physics). The way you are describing, you are actually muscling the lean. For my way, I don't really use any muscle, as I am just using my bodyweight + gravity at an angle: standing straight up with the pedals on an angle, transferring weight to the dipping pedal toe via gravity, no real active force exertion. Plus IMHO there is more to push (ask anyone who rides seated to get much more torque), but this kind of standing upright leaning forward method is not easy to control, and you end up going max too fast, leaning your bodyweight off a cliff like that.
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