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  1. TechShizzle

    V10F Review: An enthusiast perspective

    When I go to adjust the turning and forward adjustment I get an error that says it’s not enabled. iOS 11.4, iPhone X. At this point I haven’t noticed that changing the footboard sensitivity does anything at all. Also, I adjusted the sensitivity and the body of the wheel still rolls forward and backwards about a quarter inch before the wheel motor itself starts to turn. My V8 didn’t do this, and I’m starting wonder if I’ve got something loose somewhere (axle nuts or something).
  2. TechShizzle

    V10F Review: An enthusiast perspective

    The issue I’m having with lowering the pedal sensitivity is that it feels “sloppy” in that the body rolls forward and backwards about 1/4”-1/2” before the motor starts to roll. Makes the wheel feel loose to me.
  3. TechShizzle

    V10F Review: An enthusiast perspective

    I did have my foot almost slip off the pedal during a tight turn. Now I'm more conscious of keeping my feet planted on the pedals as a result, and it hasn't happened since. Nobody else has mentioned it, but I'm getting some squeaks from the body of the V10F on sharp turns when I'm putting some weight on the body with my lower legs...
  4. TechShizzle

    V10F Review: An enthusiast perspective

  5. TechShizzle

    V10F Review: An enthusiast perspective

    Got some more time on the 10F today. For my circle practice what I do is go in circles and “figure 8s” on the corner sidewalk while I wait for green lights so I can cross the street. I’m definitely getting more comfortable on the 10. It felt today like the 10 tilts back at a lower speed than the V8, but then it occurred to me to check the speed on DarknessBot. At about 13mph the 10 starts to tilt back, and the alarm goes off at about 16 mph. It doesn’t feel like I was going that fast on the 10 (definitely does on the 8, though). The V10 wants to go faster, and I cant wait to get the new app also so I can adjust the speed limit. It kind of feels like a Ferrari stuck in first gear right now.
  6. TechShizzle

    V10F Review: An enthusiast perspective

    Agree completely. After taking it out for a bit today it made me appreciate how quick and nimble the V8 is. The V8 is easily controlled with a lean, where the V10F is more lean and muscle. Maybe that’s the distinction-the V10F just takes more work to ride. Since I don’t have much experience with the bigger/heavier wheels, perhaps putting some miles on the V10F will make it easier to ride. I thought I’d retire (or at least not use) my V8 much after the arrival of the V10F, but I think @Jeffrey Scott Will is right on about the 2 wheels having different missions and use cases. I think for me, the V10F will be the commuter wheel, and the V8 will be the fun and shorter trip wheel. Now if I could only get in on the beta of the inMotion app...... Edit: I forgot to mention that while the pedals are higher than the V8 pedals, I still managed to scrape both of them today. They seem a good bit wider than the V8’s pedals, and I think that somewhat negates the added height of the V10’s pedals, at least for sharp turns.
  7. TechShizzle

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    Just got home and released mine from it’s cardboard cage. It’s definitely bigger and heavier than I expected. It’s midnight here, but I took it out for a quick spin. Almost killed myself because apparently us portly gentleman shouldn’t ride an EUC without checking the air pressure in the tire first! It was a bit low, and I struggled to keep it upright. Decided to air it up, plug in for a full charge, and ride it in the morning. I hope the V8 didn’t mind giving up its guitar stand/home to his new big brother!
  8. TechShizzle

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    Probably. I’m in Cali about an hour from Jason’s warehouse, so it would be my luck. Unfortunately I’m out of town tomorrow, but if it shows up I’ll be putting some miles on it on Saturday.
  9. TechShizzle

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    Mine is supposed to be delivered today by “End of day”, but there is no tracking info other than Order processed: waiting for UPS. This tells me it really didn’t ship out and won’t be left on my doorstep by the UPS Santa Claus. It also shows as coming from Chicago, which it can’t be.
  10. TechShizzle

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    Yep. Unfortunately, being over 16 and not a soccer mom, it pains me to watch portrait videos...
  11. TechShizzle

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    Hey, now-I never got the chance to buy (only put down the deposit)! Is there only about 6 in the first batch?
  12. TechShizzle

    CES 2018 Mini-report

    I didn’t realize there was night riding involved. I might have to drive to CES next year instead of fly so I can bring my V8 (or it’s replacement)! It was definitely fun meeting everyone face to face and getting a little wheel time with @Stan Onymous.
  13. TechShizzle

    The New Solowheel

    Joined the meet up group! However, I jut got back from CES tonight and I'll be recuperating this weekend! I'm game for the next one, however.
  14. TechShizzle

    The Photo Thread

    Just wanted to post a pic of @Jason McNeil's booth at CES. Not a great pic as I took it when he was setting up this morning, but you get the idea. Hanging out with him and @Stan Onymous and the other guys at the booth was awesome. We all know how great his customer service is (and what a tireless supporter of this hobby he is), and it was great to get to meet him face to face. I bought my V8 from Jason, and had already decided that for future wheels if he isn't selling it, I'm not buying it. Jason let me take an 18s out for a spin with @Stan Onymous around the outside of the convention center as well. Man, can @Stan Onymous sell electric unicycles! Anyway, great to meet everyone!
  15. TechShizzle

    The New Solowheel

    Ah! I didn't know about the SD meet up. I'm definitely down for the next one with my V8.