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Kingsong app on Playstore

Nick R

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1 hour ago, Nick R said:

I can't find Kingsong app on playstore.. Is it under different name ? 
What should I be searching for ? 


It is not on playstore.

Because it is not that easy to download it from a chinese website, I put it on dropbox a few days ago.

Download it here:


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1 hour ago, Indigo said:

going to take out of the box my new kingsong ks-16 S,

I believe the lastest firmware on the 16S is v1.02, which is what's likely installed on your new Wheel. For setting up your Wheel, if you can get through the registration stage, then v5 App offers some enhancements, like better side light customization over the previous release.

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On 3.11.2017 at 4:37 PM, RayRay said:

What about this Kingsong_Aligned.apk that says it's a later version than KSv5.apk on my Android device?  (When did this come out?)

Hi RayRay, 

I have no idea about the release dates,  but during the App installation process the App version number is displayed:

Version 1.35(8) for KSv5.apk from ewheels.com and

Version 1.46(19) for Kingsong_Aligned.apk from kswheel.cn, which seems to be the most recent version of the "new" KingSong App. @fryman, maybe this more recent version will work for you? 

It seems that Version 1.46 had been released somewhere in end of december 2017.

Cheers, Borg

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Yes I see, so just FYI - the old "green" App from above shows (as of today) 

Version 1.4(5) for KSv4.apk from ewheels.com

With regards to the "new" App it's a petty confusing Version number policy, in my point of view. 

Besides, I have no clue what the number (5) in brackets mean, it's just displayed that way. 

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41 minutes ago, yasbean said:

Hm, the new Kingsong_Aligned.apk does not install on my Android 5.1.1.  It just says unable to open the file.

You may have to allow 3rd party apps to be installed in system settings. You could also just email it to yourself and install it from gmail.

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1 hour ago, yasbean said:

It is under Downloads, and I do have 3rd party apps turned on.

Mine does that with Chrome and google, but not with Firefox. Thats why I emailed it to myself in gmail and opened it from there. I dont know why gmail just asked me if I was sure I wanted to install a 3rd party app, but thats all it did and then I was able to install it. Not sure why Google or chrome wont do that and gmail does, but maybe I allowed it in some preference in there somehow.

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