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  1. Hi bonefish, I had a pretty similar experience two weeks ago. Just waiting solved it for me. I had to go home early that day to catch my train to Oktoberfest , but I was caught by heavy rain as well, plus additional strong headwind for a distance of about 7 km. When I arrived, I stopped for several seconds, standing still with one foot on the pedal. In this moment the wheel turned off with a "beep" . I was worried, of course, so I tried to turn it on again (should have been waited instead). The wheel turned on once, but behaved as it would have been charged: No balancing, lights turn on/off in darker/lighter conditions, possible to connect with App... BUT, it wasn't possible to turn it off again, not by pressing the power button nor by using the App. Out of curiosity I connected it to the Charger for some minutes which worked as well. But it still wasn't possible to turn it off. I had to let the wheel in that condition at home, because I had to leave urgently. When I returned 24 hours later, the wheel was standing at it's place balancing, as if nothing had happened before. Turn on/off and everything else worked as usual. My suspect for all this behavior is the sensor on/off power switch, which possibly got wet during the rain showers? I've done about 100 km since then, with no further issues... Regards, Borg
  2. fullack on @travsformation! ...my recommendation to anyone who's willing to wait until spring ~April: Get the full package for just €19.99. Regards, Borg
  3. Hier, ein Berliner Startup versucht sowohl das Produkt als such sein Image deutlich mehr an die Erwartungen der potentiellen Zielgruppe anzupassen: https://www.der-postillon.com/2019/10/suv-scooter.html
  4. Can't say because I cleared the App data as well as the entry at "my vehicle" (for other reasons) before updating to 3.19, so I had to login using my credentials, and do the unlock process again - which worked fine for me.
  5. Sry, no change log provided with the App. From a first view no obvious changes were made. Still works with my 16X.
  6. Btw, an updated App Version 3.19(Build14) for Android was released by KingSong today. (server time stamp, Sep, 28. 2019, 10:57:22 AM) Direct download link: APP.apk
  7. [in the first version of this post, I mixed up this project with the Google PlayStore-Version - sorry for that guys!] This URL from eucworld should work for downloading version 2.0.25: http://euc.world/downloads/wheellog-eucworld-2.0.25-release.apk Cheers, Borg.
  8. I'm riding on FW 1.05, and I haven't had any speed throttling, yet. But I think the reason is, that I'm a rather comfortable rider - at a "speed" of just about 30-35 kph...
  9. I hereby apply for membership to this dignified club. 😁😅😌
  10. Hallo Hannoveraner, Ist diese Micromobility-Messe bei Euch bekannt!? Falls nein, unbedingt hin - und dann bitte hier berichten. Der Veranstalter schreibt auf: https://www.micromobilityexpo.de/ Die Premiere der micromobility expo findet vom 2. bis 4. Mai 2019 auf dem Messegelände in Hannover statt. Das Format aus Forum, Ausstellung und Parcours soll die Mikromobilität im urbanen Raum fördern sowie umweltschonende und kosteneffiziente Lösungen mit elektrischen Leichtfahrzeugen für den Personen- und Lastenverkehr präsentieren. Die micromobility expo richtet sich an den ersten beiden Messetagen an Fachbesucher aus Industrie, Verwaltung und Politik, der Messe-Samstag, 4. Mai, ist für Endverbraucher geöffnet. Sie wird in Kooperation mit der Metropolregion Hannover Braunschweig Göttingen Wolfsburg veranstaltet und findet künftig jährlich statt.
  11. E-Tretroller sind zwar nicht direkt unser Thema, dennoch halte ich sie für einen ersten Schritt - einen möglichen Wegbereiter in unserer Sache... (die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt ) https://www.heise.de/amp/meldung/Oesterreich-verbannt-E-Scooter-vom-Fussweg-4408120.html
  12. I always highly recommend the KS-16S, which used to be my main wheel in nearly every circumstances: Daily commuting 2x 11km, longer "bicycle" tours incl. off road and single trails, going to the shopping mall, cruising through the City, toddling around and everything. I'm going to upgrade to an 18", but will definitely keep my 16S anyway, because of it's universal use, love that wheel! ...and it has a round shape and is availiable in white as well.
  13. My 13 yr old daughter liked her NB one S2 for the same reasons of relatively low weight and sleek Design. It was a pretty nice beginner wheel, especially for a Teen and with regards to wheel size and motor power... But over time she discovered the limited max speed and safety margin of a 500W wheel... So she's going to switch for an KS16S, once she turns 14. My point is, go for a cheap wheel or for a (technically) superior one, e.g. the 16S. For a pretty outdated wheel like the E+ I would never ever spend more than €300, for sure! I met a Guy in my hometown who offered his "used" E+ for €250 - without haggling (just 111 km on the App and 1,5 yrs "old"). Anyway, go for a quality wheel - my2ct. Cheers, Borg
  14. Hello Folks, FYI, the anounced discount price €19,99 is currently availiable - until 23rd April. Check links above. Komoot App is highly recommended, still my favorite. Cheers, Borg
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