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  1. Not quite sure about it, but if my phone usually should be locked (due to display timeout, or whatever) and EUC World still is on top/in the foreground, my observation ist that the speed Imitation won't work in that condition. (I'm using the "short tap + tap&hold"- shortcut on the gauge for this) The 20 km/h setting will be useful for Germany anyway, in case to have to demonstrate the "max speed" in front of an officer... In combination with an (invalid) PLV license plate, it already prevented me from inconvenient consequences several times.
  2. The legal speed for PLEV in Germany is 20 km/h. But my last click on "enforce regulatory compliance" set the speed limit to 25 km/h, which is valid for E-Bikes only, and will bring me in trouble anyway. Btw, If the app is set "always on top", the speed setting won't work. In my case I have to unlock my phone first, before any speed setting will be applied to my 16X. Thanks for the great App @Seba!
  3. Unfortunately my dealer mounted the tire the other way around, means, actually the stripe is on the right hand side now....
  4. Does anyone knows if the rotation direction of the 1st batch CX321 matters in some way? Or is it mountable omnidirectional? What is the purpose of the green stripe positioned originally on the left Hand side? Thanks a lot Cheers, Borg
  5. I found that they propably had a staff of ~150 back in 2016? https://www.eworldtrade.com/amp/c/michealshencompany/ They mentioned somewhere that they can make their own circuit boards. Does anyone know if they could be affiliated with http://www.King-PCB.com/ - or is the similarity in name more of a coincidence? Furthermore I discovered a website which stated Mr. Lei, Junlin as their General Manager back in the days It seems that they had their online presence at http://szkingsong.com/, but the current whois don't tells too much: https://www.whois.com/whois/szkingsong.com
  6. Did anyone realized that there were two different versions of the BT patch? The first one (posted by you), released 5 Aug 2019, MD5 hash: 168d61eae3d24e5eed63105d01e8b23a The second one released 17 Aug 2019, MD5 hash: cf4671aa774ff9e4ecf6758439a6a291 Both I received via 1RadWerkstatt, back in the days. I added the release date to the file name, in order not to confuse them. I have no idea what could be their difference, if one? I'm using Version 17 Aug 2019 on my very early 1st batch 16X, with no issues at all. Usualy I keep my BT Audio disconnected anyway, because of no
  7. Hello Folks, I can highly recommend the mentioned "EUC Stand by vjapolitzer" as perfect for our KS-16X (a very nice one for KS-16S available as well) Side: EUC_Stand_Side_VJP.stl Base: EUC_STAND_BASE_20CM3_VJP.stl Base (wider), as alternative for using with some body amor: EUC_Stand_Base_21CM2_VJP.stl Cheers, Borg
  8. Hot Deal until April 21st: Get the full maps package for just €19.99. English: https://www.komoot.com/product/world-pack German: https://www.komoot.de/product/world-pack
  9. Thank you so much for your thoughts on this! I have to admit, that I find such corporate policy pretty disappointing. Why? My neighbour is a chinese man and a friend of mine works for a company in mainland china - it would be pretty likely that I could buy such a wheel from them. Or imagine any private person is buying such a wheel abroad - the same as if I would buy a Tesla car in the US. Is it really a good policy that this car wouldn't work correctly if I would haven taken it with me? Certainly not. But anyways... I just tried following: switched airplane mode on, GPS off, wifi &a
  10. Uff, that could be the reason, I'm afraid. I bought my wheel used, and faced this question already several times... If so, is there any workaround?
  11. Hello Folks! First of all @Seba, thank you so much for this amazing App and your great contribution of our little community of nerds. My question, does anyone has a clue why I can't use the wheel settings within EUR World 1.0.6 in order to setup or to update my KS-16S (build in Nov.2017, Fw 1.0.9)? The menu is greyed out Your unicycle is not supported Thanks & Greets Borg
  12. Hi bonefish, I had a pretty similar experience two weeks ago. Just waiting solved it for me. I had to go home early that day to catch my train to Oktoberfest , but I was caught by heavy rain as well, plus additional strong headwind for a distance of about 7 km. When I arrived, I stopped for several seconds, standing still with one foot on the pedal. In this moment the wheel turned off with a "beep" . I was worried, of course, so I tried to turn it on again (should have been waited instead). The wheel turned on once, but behaved as it would have been charged: No balancin
  13. fullack on @travsformation! ...my recommendation to anyone who's willing to wait until spring ~April: Get the full package for just €19.99. Regards, Borg
  14. Hier, ein Berliner Startup versucht sowohl das Produkt als such sein Image deutlich mehr an die Erwartungen der potentiellen Zielgruppe anzupassen: https://www.der-postillon.com/2019/10/suv-scooter.html
  15. Can't say because I cleared the App data as well as the entry at "my vehicle" (for other reasons) before updating to 3.19, so I had to login using my credentials, and do the unlock process again - which worked fine for me.
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