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  1. Hello all, My minipro worked fine for a few weeks and then all of a sudden it stopped displaying the battery level on the bottom of the minipro. Now when I try to connect to the app the minipro beeps once, the app says "connecting" for about 30 seconds and then says "bluetooth connection failed." I tried doing a factory reset by turning it upside down and hitting the power button but the wheels just turn in opposite alternating directions indefinitely and on one side a green light turns on. I haven't been able to find anyone experiencing this same set of issues online. Hoping someone has a method to troubleshoot this.
  2. I just received my ninebot minipro and downloaded the App version 3.7 on my iPhone7. Pairing and Activation was successful, however I cannot seem to be able to complete the tutorial. It just stuck at "Get On" step. I got on 100 times already and learned how to ride. I even complete about 5KM. The app just won't let me unlock the speed. Does anyone else experiencing this? I might need to borrow a friend's Android phone and try the tutorials again.
  3. Hi...just wondered if anybody here was having problems with the App on their phone and the 'bluetooth' connection to their EUC. Mine is extremely tempremental...It will connect for a second or two then lose it asking me to 'search again'...it takes ages to get a solid connection...to play music it seems more stable BUT if I want to change the lighting sequence and lighting colours it's impossible...the 'sequence' file will come up and a bar to show it being downloaded to the EUC but it has never gone beyond 0% before it says 'unable to transfer...please try again'(words to that effect). I've spent the best part of 1/2 day now with nil success...Has anybody else had this problem??....My phone is an Samsung Galaxy A3...Android......thankyou!..
  4. I have an hx x8 scooter and I want to change the tires size from a 10x2.125...can I go to a 10x3 offroad tire? Any advice. Also the scooter won't link up to the app..the all just can't discover the scooter..any ideas?
  5. Apps can tell the when a wheel is beeping on most Begode, Inmotion and Kingsong products. On Begode, the beeper status is indicated as a boolean, on Inmotion it's when the "Inverter Load" is at 100%, and KingSong when the "Safety Margin" reaches 0%. LeaperKim and the Veteran wheels: Sherman, Abrams and Sherman max are missing this crucial capability which allows to relay the beeps over bluetooth speakers or haptics like via smart watches. However, there is unused room in the data packets sent over BLE, so that could absolutely be added. I've contacted @Linnea Veteran over Facebook in public and Instagram as private message, to describe the value of this real-time information and how effective it is to prevent over-lean crashes when riders don't hear the beeps. Nice to see Linnea is in this forum too! I hope that Leaperkim will catch-up with other brands on this must-have safety feature, now that it is supported by @Seba's EUC World, DarknessBot, @enaon's eucWatch and my own EUC Alarm app.
  6. Hi! I'm happy to share with you a very early release of my new Android app EUC Toolkit. It controls automatically LED patterns and their speed based on the riding speed, using EUC World API and the SP110E LED strip controller. The initial reason I wrote this app is because I was sad that the LED controller on my 16X mainboard died, but I still wanted colorful patterns to adjust with the wheel speed. Nowadays a lot of new wheel models come without LEDs: Sherman, EX, EX.N and I'd like to bring this functionality to all wheels. Another valuable feature is that the whole LED strip also act as brake light to increase safety. Later on, I'm thinking about experimenting with custom smart alarm algorithms, especially to support the Veteran Sherman which lacks a bunch of safety and self-protection alarms. The current version of the app doesn't have much of a UI, but will connect to an available controller and start doing its job as soon as EUC World is running. The app is free of charge and open source (License TBD). Has no ads, no tracking. App download: Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=supercurio.euctoolkit Web: https://dl.supercur.io/apps/euc-toolkit/euc-toolbox-web-release-latest.apk (will prompt updates when available) Source code: https://github.com/supercurio/euc-toolkit-app Thanks @Seba for adding an API in EUC World!
  7. I have a 16x and use DarknessBot. When I charge using the standard KingSong 1.5A charger and monitor progress with DarknessBot, it reports the amperage as just above 0A for a while, then suddenly jumps to -1.5A. The -1.5A makes sense since current is going into the wheel, but what is happening before that point? The “Power” graph does a similar thing, holding around 12 before jumping to around 120. The changes to power and current happen at the same point in time. The wheel is charging fine and I don’t think there is a problem. I just don’t understand why it reports as it does. Are others experiencing this? Anybody have a good explanation? Is it a glitch in DarknessBot?
  8. Very simple question about the ninebot app. I can't seem to locate the option to change the units that the speed is being displayed in. I'd like to change it from Km/h to Mph. Is it hard coded to Km/h or am I just not seeing where to change it? Thanks,
  9. phatmike

    Soft Tuner

    I founded this app on the Apple Store but I can’t understand his utility ( It is all in Chinese). Can you help me? Thank you
  10. I hope to encourage @Bobwheel and Inmotion/Solowheel to share more info on the new V10 gen. app for android. Of course, some development updates/ info and expected release date would be nice to know too. As for features, can someone confirm if this app will support any tope of smart watch/wear type to show speed and maybe even a horn/bell option. The last part is high on my interest list due to road legality/ traffic laws.
  11. Hello. I don't see this in the app settings and I searched for this topic but found nothing. Is it possible to change the voice that gives status reports? I assume that it's North American English (female). Are there "voice packs" like there are AVAS sound effects? I'd love to have other options, say French, German, Spanish, or British English. Maybe even a nice Scottish or Irish dialect would be cool. I can't be the only way who has thought about this.
  12. This is probably right in front of my eyes but I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to start a new trip. It's supposed to, I thought, begin a new trip whenever you reconnect but that's not happening for me. I ride every day but the app is still stuck on 0km/October 31. I can't get the app to start a new trip. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.
  13. I don't know what happened, but a few months ago I used to be able to have the old Kingsong App's horn on my EUC World app. Now I can't get it on either. I know there is an option to put my own horn with the EUC World App.. but the original default horn from the kingsong app was loud and perfect to me. I was at a ride this past weekend and all I had was a light bicycle sound. Does anyone have the original sound?
  14. The Insta360 One R and One X are some of the best cameras to record videos of our EUC adventures, however capturing good audio and clear voice without adding an expensive and complex setup seems difficult. I'm about to get my hands on a One R and hope to build a better solution. The idea is to start/stop recording audio with your phone in sync with the camera activity. Potential input signals: built-in mobile phone mics 4-pole JACK analog external mic USB microphone (could be stereo, maybe multi-channel) Bluetooth headset (for processed voice only) Wireless microphone, connected to the mobile phone instead of the camera Benefits compared to wireless audio transmitter/receiver on the Insta360 One R: No added weight on the camera No need for the extra ONE R Mounting Bracket with Cold Shoe Top Mount ($30) No need for the extra USB-C Mic adapter ($10) Camera remains waterproof! No need for an extra wireless microphone system Downsides compared to wireless audio transmitter/receiver on the Insta360 One R: Requires replacing the audio when editing Requires doing some (minimal, likely automated by the editing software) audio sync Benefits compared to manual external recording with the Insta360 One X: Simplified audio sync when editing Avoids content loss from operation error Carefree feeling from pressing a single button to record 😄 I'm a senior Android developer and if confirmed feasible I should be able to prototype this app pretty quick on this platform but I wonder how many of you would need an iOS version instead? Note that it might be more convenient to run the app and plug the mic to an old spare or $99 Android phone for cable management purposes. It's not uncommon to use the single (USB-C) port of a phone to charge it while recording a ride on EUC World for instance, then the port is unavailable to plug the mic adapter. I know I now need and will use this app instead of buying $200 of extra gear, so I'll try to build it. Anyone else is interested? 👋 Would you need it for iOS or Android only is fine?
  15. 2nd Batch Update We have already started shipping the 2nd batch Inmotion V11 Electric Unicycle. Please contact the local distributor to check if you are in the 2nd batch. Difference App Functions Added and Firmware Updated IOS Latest Version: v.7.5.3 ; Android Version v7.5.2; It has the same function just the different way we named it in our company. 1."Go-home" Mode Started from 2nd batch, we have offered the latest firmware 1.1.62. But you have to upgrade it mannually. 2.55km/h embeded to the official app. Step 1 Get to the "Vehicle Setting" Step 2 Click "Feature" word for five times, then it will automatically turn to the 55km/h option--"Fancier Mode" Step 3 Switch to "Fancier Mode". Then you have succed unlocking V11 to 55km/h. 3. Inmotion Smartwatch Supported It will be soon released it to the market. Please stay tuned. 4. Audio Effect Redefine(You can upgrade it by simply update it to the latest firmware) Effect Package 1st Batch: one package only 2nd Batch: multi pacakge, one click to switch DIY Sound Effect With the new firmware, you can record your one and only voice as the sound effect. Time to redefine the alarm. And it's supported to reset to default setting. Backup Effect When you reset the wheel, the sound effect will be backup and reset to it automatically. Structure and Apperance Design 1. Pedal Protective Parts. 1st Batch: Inmotion Orange 2nd Batch: Gray Rubber 2. Chrome Plate 1st Batch: White Stainless Steel Background, White Logo 2nd Batch: Black Stainless Steel Background, INMOTION Orange Logo delete on Sep 3, 2020. It was mistaken made by one of our employee transferred the wrong message. The final version of the chrome plate and the logo will stay the same as the first batch. Deeply sorry about that. 3. Redesign Valve Cover The final color of the cover will not be painted. 4. Motor Bearing 1st Batch: Z Bearing 2nd Batch: RS Bearing 5.As for the fragile breaking point at the saddle, it will be improved in the later batch by using metal hole. If you have any puzzle towards the above question, feel free to send me an email. Liam@imscv.com
  16. Does anyone know why the airwheel android app was killed if you install it and run it just says no longer available? Thanks, Brian
  17. Hi all, I am totally new in the forum, and also in the EUC world. I just received my KS 16x, and I connected it with the Kingsong App which I just downloaded from the app store. The wheel seems totally new, but the app shows 359KM already as total mileage... I am wondering if that is normal, and if someone has experienced the same in the app? Maybe a mismatch or something? Thanks!
  18. Here are a few of my favorite tips and tricks I use with Darknessbot and the Apple Watch companion app. Enjoy 😊
  19. I asked a rep of KS about the absence of the KS app from the App Store and he said, “[T]he app was pulled from the App store due to strict requirements, it's completely being redesigned and is expected to release end of the month.”
  20. Dear all, My Inmotion V5+ does not seem to charge full to 100% as indicated on the app anymore. While the light from the adapter (that rectagular block thing) switches from red to green, when I connect to the app the percentage is always only 90 something, never 100%. Moreover, when I connect to the app while charging the V5+, there seems to be no indication on the app to say that it is indeed charging. Any help? TIA
  21. I recently came across some code for communicating with KS devices. I've always wanted an Android Wear app for my KS-16S, and now I've my own app that works for me. I still need to display a few things like distance, temp. and current. The app does not require a phone, as it communicates directly with the wheel. It's KingSong only for now. I'm asking my fellow EUC enthusiasts if any of you have Android Wear, and do you have an interest in such a thing. If there is sufficient interest, I can do the extra work to test this out on a few more watch form factors, add metric units, and publish to the Google Play Store (free of course). Long run, I may try to add more wheels (I have an InMotion, so that would likely be next). If not, I'll move on to another pet project Here's a screen cap (This is from my Ticwatch-E)
  22. A mobile app is a computer program designed to run on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. With the popularity of the smartphones, a greater variety of Apps have been invented to meet the growing demands of the users. As the leader in the global portable intelligent transport industry, Airwheel has been dedicated to finding logical means to extend fun through mobility throughout the world. The Airwheel A3 not only inaugurated the sitting posture self-balancing scooter era, but also firstly introduced the mobile App. The built-in intelligent chip collects all the data of the vehicle which are transmitted wirelessly to the smart phone where calculations and analysis are made by Airwheel APP and the visual data feedback is shown to the user in real-time. Mobile apps are first tested within the development environment using emulators and later subjected to field testing. Mobile user interface (UI) Design is also essential considering constraints and contexts, screen, input and mobility as outlines for design which is primarily for an understandable, user-friendly interface. The latest product Airwheel S8 makes a stride in the mobile App. In addition to the previous functions, the App of Airwheel S8 is able to build a community for riders to share the joy of riding with the whole world Airwheel scooter lovers. And the user-friendly interface cannot ignored too. One key to connect, clear at a glance. Specific details are as follows. How do the riders download the Airwheel App? There are two ways to download the Airwheel App, either via the http://www.airwheel.net/home/app or find Airwheel in the App store (limited to Apple). It supports the smart phones with Android 4.3 or higher, IOS 7.0 or higher How to search and connect Airwheel and learn the other info? After stalling the Airwheel App, you need to confirm the Bluetooth is active. Then open the App to find the search page. Open the switch of S8, press the A key in the remote control, click the wireless icon, and operate as the steps to connect (Verify Password: 11111111). Then you can interact with your scooter via the App. What are the main functions of Airwheel App? On the main screen, current speed, mileage and scooter status are displayed and we can lock device and turn on/off lights easily by tapping the screen. Drawing out the sidebar, we can check information about battery, speed, mileage, voltage, attitude, help & support. The App is endowed with GPS function for you to check locations and track traveling path. Of course, we can change wallpapers of the APP and set speed limit and headlights according to personal requirement. It is worth noting all Airwheel products have passed the level calibration through the dedicated device. If necessary to calibrate, please ensure you are under professional’s guidance, in case of maloperation. Back to the App of Airwheel S8, why is it called an upgraded App? When the phone connecting the network, click the Cycling track, the current location and traveling path can be learnt. Click the Discovery, we will find the photos and wonderful videos from the Airwheel fans in the globe. And click Community, riders are able to enter its official community where they can have technical exchange and daily life sharing etc. Of course, the above introduction is far more enough. The App is not an auxiliary, but an assistant to achieve a better riding experience. It is believed that the IM social system enabling riders to interact and share with each other will not let you down.
  23. Hi again everyone ! I tried looking on every website and tutorial online but there just seems not to be the information , neither on blogs, vlogs, official Ninebot page and ninebot App Store tips... I am enjoying a lot my new z10 but touching the app before, I just saw this : Does any of you know what it does "max speed in limit mode" mean ? I have switched to all of them but saw no noticeable change. Also. I have the sensation I do not get the tilt back. Only sound at 45 km/h (which I barely hear and that was without a helmet!?!?!?) I think this is way too dangerous ahaha. Am I expecting to get the tilt back AFTER the sound and not DURING the alert sound as it happens on the v8 ? I kind of don' t wanna know if I am doing it wrong or the machine is... so any previous pioneer has checked it out earlier ? Thanks for the replies in advance. David
  24. I'm glad to tell you the app is back on apple store, feel free to leave your suggestions of our app here, I will forward to our app team.
  25. Hi, any idea what these new settings in the app will do? After enabling and reconnecting/restarting a wheel, both settings are disabled again (on both wheels), any suggestion? Thank you very much! Thor
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