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  1. That's the reason, why it does not work. Download 2.0.28 here, and check the page from time to time, because 2.0.30 will come soon, as @Seba wrote: https://euc.world/getwheellog Before you install the downloaded apk, you must uninstall the old wheellog, because update does not work.
  2. Um ehrlich zu sein, auf Asphalt, Radwegen usw ist es ein tolles Rad, aber Offroad war mein KS16S besser (die Amis nennen das, was es gern macht, "tramlining"), also wennst in einer Runse einer Forststrasse fährst z.B., dann versucht es alles, um in der Runse zu bleiben. Anfängerfreundlich ja, aber man bedenke das Gewicht. Ob ein Mädel mit 50 kg mit dem 24kg Wheel glücklich wird, weiß ich nicht. Gekauft bei Funshop.at in Wien, vor Ort. Rechnung mit Garantie vorhanden. Ich könnte mir minimal 1400€ vorstellen.
  3. Hi Leute, ich verkaufe mein 2 Monate altes Ninebot Z10 - würde mich freuen, wenn es im DACH Raum bleibt. Details hier:
  4. In Wien gehts aber schon ziemlich gut. Meine Lieblingsrunde, wenn ich in Wien bin, ist Start bei Tonis Inselgrill, runter zur Reichsbrücke und weiter bis in die Brigittenau, dann wechseln zum Donaukanalradweg, diesen quer entlang der Inneren Stadt bis zum Gaswerksteg, dort entweder rüber in den Prater und zurück auf die Donauinsel, oder aber weiter entlang den Kanal bis in die Freudenau, über das Freudenauer Kraftwerk auf die Donauinsel, und über die Steinspornbrücke zurück zum Inselgrill. Je nach Variante kann man da locker 30 bis 35 km unterwegs sein, alles Radweg.
  5. Ich hab mein KS16S an jemand in Wattens verkauft vor einem halben Jahr. Leider weiß ich nur mehr, daß er bei Swarovski arbeitet, und das wird Dir nicht viel helfen.
  6. For the great speech feature (which I first discovered a few days ago): I have the impression, regardless if I set it to time or distance, it always talks in intervals (minute) instead of distance (kilometers).
  7. ok, I took the wheel with me to Vienna, and was able to do a short 4km ride. Z10-wise everything works well, and I loved the speech feature, which I used for the first time, and tells me every km whats going on, really great! But EUC-world datatransfer is a lot worse than before, only 1 or 2 trackpoints were transmitted, in an area with great 4G reception. Looks like that this part of the program doesn't work well with Android 8.0. But I tell that just because I promised feedback, as mentioned, this part is not important for me.
  8. I would like to know more about actual firmwares used in the field. Until now I didn't get Firmware Update messages from the app for my Z10, though from several sources I heard, that there must be newer firmware around, at least for BMS. I have BMS V1.1.2, and wheel firmware 1.05. Plz can you share fw versions you use, and if you experience any problems with it ?
  9. Thanks! Unfortunately I can't test it before next saturday, but will give feedback then.
  10. Changing from KS16S to Z10 after a 6 months break was from riding point of view a big difference, it took me quite some time to get used to it. Very different to handle ! Offroad I'm still not that confident like with the KS16S, but on Asphalt I'm fine again, therefore I added my first video ever to the Internet below (since 1996), because I'm excited about the wheel ! I just used my smartphone for it, and the ninebot app with mobizen, so quality is of course weak. What cameras are you guys using, and do you keep them on the helmet, or put them on a stick ?
  11. It's a Samsung A5 (SM-A520F), Android 8.0.0, kernel 3.18.14.
  12. Today I just did a short test ride. Everything works fine again, only the upload to EUC world looks like it sends a trackpoint only every minute or so, therefore the tracks look unnatural. Because I see that others have good tracks, I think, the problem is my smartphone, for whatever reason. I tried several settings, also put wheellog in the powersave-exception list, but nothing helped. However, this doesn't matter, the app is great, I don't want to miss it.
  13. When I looked for a nickname for this forum years ago, I thought: My first name is not Herman, and I'm also not a German, so the result was clear, it was a matter of seconds. I'm an IT guy, with pure logical bit thinking, just black and white. (Therefore I hate TLC and QLC flash, because of it's unnatural 3 or 4 bit architecture ).
  14. OK, I tested today with my Z10, and Z10-wise everything looks good, values are correct as far as I can say. But I was not able to connect to euc.world with this version, it always tells me "check your internet connection". First I thought, my API key is possibly wrong, because I typed it, but then I copy/pasted it from the web, and it still didn't work. It's only a small thing, because the other functionality is more important for me.
  15. Thanks, Marty! Well, I tried to treat my spinal discs with respect for 6 months, so I think they can be challenged again for the summer half year. I think I'll sell my Z10 again in autumn, and maybe I buy the then new KS16X in spring 2020, I'll see. @sensible German: To be honest for once: I'm pure 100% Austrian, but for my nickname, I like the rhyme so much.
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