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  1. HermanTheGerman

    German Discussion Group

    Oida ! Sollt einmal irgendein Vollhammer festlegen, daß ich ein Kennzeichen für mein EUC haben muß, hör ich entweder auf oder ich wandere aus.
  2. HermanTheGerman

    KS16S Serial Number Issue

    Sorry, deleted it a long time ago, but find it in @Trucktent 's post above.
  3. HermanTheGerman

    Ks16s 1.05 firmware is here

    Today I had a bad experience with the Kingsong app (again). I turned it on, it told me to upgrade the FW, and before I could do anything, he already started upgrading. Of course I did not want to interrupt, but I didn't like it. Especially because he upgraded from 1.05 to 1.05, which should never ever happen. Again a sign, how poor the software quality of the Kingsong app is. Until now I used it only once every 2 weeks or so, but now I believe I will delete it from my phone completely. For riding I use wheellog only, and look only into the KS app to see if there is something new from time to time.
  4. HermanTheGerman

    WheelLog Android App

    I strongly second that. I have 2.09, but I can't find the download link anymore. Please edit the first post and put the download link there for the latest version.
  5. HermanTheGerman

    The Photo Thread

    What a great combination, an EUC and a SUP ! The SUP can be put into a just 10 kg rucksack, then go with the EUC to the lake carrying the SUP, then the whole day alternating, SUPing across the lake, and EUCing around the lake. Really fantastic day, I think I'll do that more often in the future.
  6. HermanTheGerman

    Ks16s 1.05 firmware is here

    Strange. So one can only upgrade if he accidentally meets the server, when it is "open" ? Strange behaviour. So it looks I was lucky.
  7. HermanTheGerman

    Android App for KS16S

    Yeah, sorry I didn't warn you about that. For some reason only the Kingsong folks know, the speed settings of the old app are ignored by the new app, and one needs a userid at Kingsong to reapply them with the new app (but it is not necessary). If you are happy with the old app, stay with it, delete the new one, if you don't intend to do a fw upgrade. Although the latest firmware is 1.05, there is no real need to upgrade, nothing useful has been added (as I have learned the new motordriver was included with 1.02 or 1.03). And the chinese servers are veeery slow, so it's often difficult to catch the new fw. If you want to try a decent wheel app, give wheellog a chance, the developers are also here in the forum, latest download is here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1U-MXRuVNMZMEnt97761abYbKB0ikAZPl/view?usp=sharing Thread about it is here: You are welcome! Have fun with the wheel, as I do.
  8. HermanTheGerman

    Android App for KS16S

    Welcome! Which firmware do you have ? And which riding mode do you use ? Be sure to set the riding to "expert mode". If you have Android 8.1, I can't help you, there are all sorts of bluetooth problems with it mentioned on the web. If you have an earlier version, make sure that your app is authorized for "location" and "storage". If it does not have "location" privileges, then bluetooth will not work, and if it does not have "storage" privileges, firmware update will not work. You should also use the latest version of the actual app, which can be downloaded from here: http://jc.cnaite.cn/data/apk/Kingsong_Aligned.apk After installing the app, ignore all the registration and login requests, and just go into "device" mode, which should connect you to the wheel.
  9. HermanTheGerman

    Ks16s 1.05 firmware is here

    Well, this is my first experience with it (in comparison with 1.00, which I had before, so compared to 1.02 or others it may be different): Torque uphill has enhanced a lot compared to 1.00, I could drive my homeroad uphill with more than 30 km/h, which was not possible before. The downside of that is it needs more juice now, I drove 19.3 km today, and battery level went from 98% to 56%. But to be fair, I need to mention altitude difference is 265m (870 feet) over these 12 miles. In flat areas I believe it will not make a difference. Another thing is that it became a little bit softer, so I needed to get used to that. Maybe that's part of the reason why it performs uphill now better (to be honest, I was already happy before with that, but now I'm excited). That's all, I couldn't find any other differences (there was a rumour, that with 1.05 one can unlock the wheel up to 40 km/h, but that's not true).
  10. HermanTheGerman

    Kingsong Vs Gotway releases:

    Yes, I had no wheel during winter, sold my KS16, therefore I rarely came here. I had the intention to buy a stronger one in spring, and did that. I tried a KS18 and even a Gotway Monster, but decided a 16" fits perfectly for my mixed purposes. As mentioned I would have bought a Tesla, but I really don't trust Gotway enough.
  11. HermanTheGerman

    Kingsong Vs Gotway releases:

    OK, I kind of agree with that. I must also say, I would have bought a Tesla instead of the KS16S, but I don't trust it enough. I meanwhile also see, how the wheel's maxspeed influences one's average speed: On my former KS16B I mostly had avg spd around 25 km/h when cruising in the flatlands, now on the KS16S I have around 29 km/h. BTW, just found out that I need to change my signature. 🙂
  12. HermanTheGerman

    KS16S Firmware upgrade doesn't work ?

    That would not be a problem, the firmware is first downloaded to the phone completely, and then transferred to the wheel. Unfortunately I cannot be of further help from remote, if I'm not there and don't see what exactly happens.
  13. HermanTheGerman

    New KS 16 - 680 Wh - noisy

    Welcome @MBIKER_SURFER ! Don't worry, I listened to it, that's absolutely normal with the KS16B. Advantage is: pedestrians think, starship Enterprise approaches from behind, and step aside. 😀 But make sure that you have at least firmware 1.23 (I hope I remember correctly, I sold mine last autumn). And calibrate the wheel approximately 3 degrees backwards (using a tubular level or a smartphone app like "bubble"). This in combination with the firmware helps with the pedals going down, and use it only in expert mode. It depends on how fast you ride and if your terrain is hilly or flat, but I only reached 40 to 45 km maximum with the KS16B (680 Wh).
  14. HermanTheGerman

    KS16S Firmware upgrade doesn't work ?

    No need to wait hours, if it doesn't work after 5 minutes, then there is a problem. I used app 1.47, and I have it from here: http://jc.cnaite.cn/data/apk/Kingsong_Aligned.apk BTW, the above is ok, don't worry about the 1.3.1 display. But I would only try it with the latest app, who knows what has been changed meanwhile. Looks like it still needs to connect to the servers. If that was successful, 1.05 will pop up and the upload resumes (possibly after confirmation). But again, do not use an old app version for the recovery.
  15. HermanTheGerman

    New Rider, New King Song!!

    I agree completely. I'm only charging to between 95-97%, because I live up on a hill, and when I leave my house, I must roll down first for quite some time. That's the only reason why I do not charge up to 100%.