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  1. Mystery is solved.. Fred .. informed me that the calibration is messed up. Apparently the display can only show you 2 digits ... so what I thought was calibrated at 67.2V was in fact 267.2 V. The 2 digit in front wasn't showing... (limitation of the physical LED display panel) I had to put it back in calibration mode .. and Down V from 67.2V all the way past 0.00V (which is in fact 200V mark) .. then down another 100 past another 0.00V (100V mark).. then stop at 67.2. Once I did that.. I plugged the CD back into the EUC and now the unit remains on and charging at 1.67A. Guess i
  2. Does your charger heat pretty hot ? I hadn't noticed it when I didn't have this issue.. but now I am noticing it. I have it charging right now on one of my units (without the CD). And the damn thing is pretty hot when I tried to pick it up. It doesnt burn me or anything but still pretty hot to the touch. When you have yours plugged in to charge.. how hot does it get ? Wonder if it has been damaged. Now I am afraid to use it .. might burst into flame or something ..
  3. Does it sound like the CD damaged both my chargers ? I told Jason that one of my chargers were bad.. no light at all and he has sent out a replacement for me. But now it seems the other one may not be charging at full capacity as well.. since leaving it on all night on my unit and I only got 93% last I checked.
  4. I dont see the Kingsong name on the charger .. but they came with my KS16S and KS18S from Ewheels so I assume they are Kingsong.. Could be generic brand.. 67.2V 2A charger
  5. My KS16S is at 93% now.. because I charged it last night without the CD. But my KS18S is at 40% .. so demoing this if the CD works correctly it should have stayed on.
  6. I wasnt able to use the CD to charge last night.. because it kept going out.. So I charged my unit last night with the one charger that was still working .. Although now that you mentioned it shows charging at only 0.09A .. It's been about 24 hours and I am only at 93%.. So may be my one charger that is still lighting up.. is also damaged since it is not charging at the full 2A rate.
  7. Plug out the charger ? What did you mean ? You mean reconnect the charger ? yes .. a few times.
  8. Standard brick charger that came with the Unit that I ordered from Ewheels.
  9. I didnt know what 0.09A was but it used to read 1.99 so yes .. it is quite possible that my only charger left may have also been damaged. I tried to charge one of my wheels without the CD .. just plugged in the charger directly and left it over night.. its been the entire day and I am only at 93% now
  10. A short clip of the problem I am having with the Charge Doctor. It had been working fine.. charging my EUC up to 85-88% every day up until yesterday... What happened yesterday was I put another charger on the CD to dual charge... Then in the morning.. I noticed that one of the charger is dead. (No LED) And now the Charge Doctor is acting all crazy on me. My KS16S was at 50% battery.. and plugging this CD connected charger in should charge the unit and show the charging level. But the unit goes off within seconds of plugging in. Wondering if anybody had the experience something
  11. Any jerking on the dog's part will cause you to lose balance very easily. You are not holding onto the leash with both hands.. you will be pulled on either right or left side. And if you are doing even 10 mph.. That's gonna be a face plant. It doesnt take much to fall off an EUC. Walking a dog with an EUC is a bad idea. I used to "walk" my great pyranese with a bicycle.. Even with 2 wheels..I went right into a ditch as soon as he takes off running.
  12. It would be a while before I hit the 1000 km mark. Does the speed limit unlocks itself at 1000 km or there is something you have to do ? I already unlocked the unit. Even though I have never hit more than 40 kmph yet I came close a few times and got the warning to decelerate.
  13. Dog walking with an EUC probably isn't a good combination. Not sure if you are walking him or he is walking you.
  14. If the bar max can only go to 40, how were you able to set it to 50 ?
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