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  1. Hello readers and riders! I apologize for my English, if it has any errors. First of all, let me introduce myself: My name is Ilya, I'm the iOS Developer since 2009. Also I have Ninebot One E since April 2015. Then I decided to combine these skills into my new app - DarknessBot. The application is available only for iOS 10.0 and higher. Ninebot haven't presented any official APIs yet, so I cooperated with the GyroMetrics developer - Paco Gorina (special thanks for helping with Ninebot BLE protocol) The application from the active EUC owners! It supports the following models: ► Ninebot (One C/C+/E/E+/P/A1/S2/Z6/Z8/Z10, Segway C/E/P/R/T, Mini, Mini Pro, Mini Plus, KickScooter) ► Inmotion (V3, V3C, V3S, V3Pro, V5, V5+, V5F, V8, V8F, V10, V10F, R1, R2, L6, L8) ▶ Solowheel (Glide 3) ► Gotway (MTen2, MTen3, MCM4, MCM5, ACM, MSuper V3/X, Monster, Tesla, Nikola). ► KingSong (14, 14S, 16, 16S, 16X, 18, 18L, 18S, 18XL, N8, N10). ► Rockwheel (GT14, GT16) ► Xiaomi (M365, M365 Pro) (BLE version 0.9.1 or prior) Features: Application for free, but it has a few paid functions. So I provide 40 promocodes for this forum. Promocodes Download from Appstore Telegram chat
  2. I currently have the stock charger that came with the KS16X, which is the 84V, 2.5A charger. I am looking to add another charger to use simultaneously on the wheel to quicken the charging time. Would it be OK if I used a 84V, 5A charger and a 84V, 2.5 charger at the same time on the 16X? Ewheels recommends not charging the 16X above 5A at a time, but I've also read the 16X can do 10A safely. Thoughts on this? Any general safety concerns I should be aware of? Thanks
  3. I am selling my KingSong KS-14M euc. This wheel is basically the same as the KS-14D (with the same software) but only contains a battery pack, so there is free space on the other side for a possible upgrade. The wheel as some residual dry glue on the shell from some soft foam pads that I added to protect it, and I think it could be removed easily. It has almost 500km, and it was only used for the last mile commute to work for one year. Looking for £250 for it. New price £150!
  4. Nylonove Pedals for KingSong 16X - used, great condition. Bought from Hulaj Market (March 2022) Retails $245 Awesome Lightweight Pedals with excellent studded grip for your shoes. No Shipping. Local pickup only. Can meet in or around Great Neck, NY (Long Island / Queens Area)
  5. The wheel only has a total of 502 KM (312 Miles EUC World) according to the KS App, I'm selling it with the cover, and an extra mudguard. The body doesn't have any scratches and the wheel never got pushed to the limit. If interested, private message me for more details
  6. Gonna leave this Mooch LG M50LT test right here. This cell spot welded into 4P packs has been the common denominator in the majority of recent EUC wheel fires, and now this Mooch test shows the cell's max amp discharge significantly declines the hotter this cell gets (ie. our EUC's do not yet have a proper active cooling solution ala Tesla cars etc.) Which poses the question (smart BMS LiTech / LillyTech / LollipopTech be damned): why does this cell continue to get used in such a high power, high temp application such as a modern-day high power EUC, particularly in power-hungry, heat-building shrink-wrapped 4P configuration pack? (read: well, I actually do know why: $$$$) Obviously, this is not a bad cell outright, but perhaps it is not the right cell manufacturers should be using for our EUC purposes, especially coming from years of the tried-and-true, good old faithful 18650 flavor of cells like the once industry performance standard Panasonic NCR18650GA's. https://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/threads/bench-test-results-lg-m50lt-14-4a-4932mah-21700.974083/?fbclid=IwAR2-DMopoPvoRLKdqpQVMt0drGPXYM1UOP6bqVY8SuSxGt1iRMKrUYxhWOo Bench Test Results: LG M50LT - 14.4A 4932mAh 21700 Test Results This is a fantastic performing “energy” cell (high capacity, made for long run times at lower power levels) but be aware of the reduction in its current rating at higher ambient temperatures.This cell outperforms both the Samsung 50S and BAK N21700CG-50 at 5A. At 10A the Samsung 50S beats this cell by a few percent but the M50LT still performs a touch better than N21700CG-50. This makes the LG M50LT one of the best performing 21700’s we can buy. I have not tested its cycle life yet though.See my 21700 Ratings and E-Scores table (link below) to see how this cell performed against others.The preliminary datasheet for this cell lists a 14.4A “Max. Discharge Current” rating but that is only for 10°C-25°C room temperatures! At above 25°C the current rating starts dropping and is only 7.2A by the time the ambient temperature reaches 55°C. These higher temperatures are common in battery packs where each cell heats up the others around it and the cells are in a case or wrapped in insulating materials and heat shrink plastic. Never exceed 70°C cell temperature!So while you can run this cell at 14.4A if at room temp or cooler I recommend staying at 10A or lower to help improve performance (reduce voltage sag), extend cell life, and reduce the risk of the cell getting too warm.The top contact of this cell is recessed more than most cells so these cells cannot be directly stacked in a vapingdevice. The top contact metal is also thinner than most cells and the “legs” coming down from it are narrow so I recommend not using this cell where there is a lot of pressure on the top contact.The two cells I tested delivered 4843mAh and 4850mAh. This is fantastic consistency and is typical of cells from the big manufacturers. The cells I tested didn’t meet LG’s 4923mAh typical capacity rating but they were over the 4770mAh minimum rating.I strongly recommend reading the datasheet for this cell before using it: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0481/9678/0183/files/2020-21700_M50LT_datasheet.pdf
  7. Dear riders and KingSong representatives! Maybe somebody can help me to diagnose and understand what is the issue with KS-18L? You can see everything in the video: my EUC was charging and I just started to rub and wipe it with paper napkins, suddenly I heard regular beeps (every 2-3 seconds) and when I turned it on I saw unusual red LED indicators (1st and 9th from each side). The problem is floating, it's difficult to cause it again, but it happened already few times with my KS-18L. After turning off/on everything is OK and riding is normal without any troubles. Does anybody know what is the issue and what do that red LED indicators and regular beeps mean? videocompress-016-VID_20190323_150410.mp4
  8. Grüß Euch / Hi All, Deutsch: Ich würde mich freuen, von anderen Einradsüchtigen in Österreich zu hören, und vor allem wo und welche trails ihr so befährt ! Ich werde von Zeit zu Zeit ebenfalls Fotos und Infos von netten EUC Touren posten, die ich gemacht hab. Postet in Englisch oder Deutsch, wie ihr wollt. English: I want to start an Austrian group. Feel free to post in English or German (I live during the week near the UN-City in Vienna, and spotted some EUC riders entering it, maybe they don't speak German). From time to time I'll post infos and fotos about nice EUC trails here in Vienna or in Styria, where I originally come from. Maybe others can do the same for the areas they live in. Cheers, HtG
  9. Hi everyone, I am moving to back to Europe and I need to sell my wheels. I am in San Clemente, Orange County, California All Kingsongs and all in good shape Photos available here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/v8A7rqccJ26RVtZf8 Everything was bought on ewheels.com (invoice available. no warranty left): KS14D, https://www.ewheels.com/product/new-king-song-14d-420wh-battery800w-motor/ $400 KS16X, https://www.ewheels.com/product/new-king-song-16x-1554wh-battery-2000w-motor-3-wide-tire/ $1400 KS16S, https://www.ewheels.com/product/kingsong-16-electric-unicycle/ $600 KS S18, https://www.ewheels.com/product/new-king-song-s18-1110wh-battery-2200w-motor-full-body-suspension/ $1500 KS 18XL. https://www.ewheels.com/product/new-king-song-18xl-1554wh-battery-2000w-motor/ $1200 $900 Feel free to visit me to test the wheel. I prefer in-person transaction. Feel free to ask for more details and informations
  10. Hello everyone! I want to reflash my KS-14M back Where to get the firmware on it? If you have, please share
  11. KS14M 800W 174WH, upgradeable to 348WH AFAICS 20 km/h, goes up to 30 km/h with 2 batteries So this new KS14M model seems to replace the old KS14B (quick swappable batteries). Looks like unfortunately they couldn't implement a way to once again make this model quick-swappable battery-wise, so this model seems to be targeted as a cheap price point wheel / travel wheel. Baidu KS14M post TaoBao Product pages: 1 / 2
  12. Hey i have two kingsongs for sale One has flown a lot in expertmode one very little milage 500euro cash each Barcelona Selling because i am travelling Both are perfect Great ride
  13. Hi guys, I attached some photo of my kingsong 16X, however, I just bought this EUC. Recently, I just found that the axle of wheel biased to the right side(blue pen). The space of the right hand side between the tire and the shell(blue pen) is very narrow. Is my EUC wheel axle biased to the right side, or is this normal?
  14. I recently installed a MMG motocross tire on my 18 XL and was really happy with it until the thing came half way of the rim last nite. First i noticed a bump everytime went around so i looked and there's was a small bulge where the bead was starting to come off the rim, then within a cpl hundred feet it completely came off. It was a real pain getting it outta the case and the pressure from the expanded inner tube damaged the case pretty good. As far as i could tell everything fit just fine when i installed it and i rode on it for the last cpl weeks with no issues so i don't know what caused this. Had anybody else had this happen?
  15. Hey Everyone! For the past 3 years I have ridden my Kingsong 18XL everywhere and anywhere. I would say I've become somewhat of an advanced rider over the 3 years with that wheel. It is the wheel that I learned to ride on, and truth be told I haven't touched any other EUC's ever aside from my 18XL. That is until yesterday! Yesterday I payed a visit to an EUC distributor and touched another EUC for the first time! In fact not only did I get to touch them, I was able to ride SIX new wheels! 😎 It might sound kind of funny to some of you, but I was like a kid in a candy shop! The wheels I tried for the first time were- M10, V8, 16X, S18, the Sherman, and the S20. Obviously coming from nothing but an 18XL, the Sherman and the S20 stole the show for me. So to get to the point of my question- I rode the S20 for maybe 30- 40 minutes (wow what a good looking wheel), and the Sherman for about 1 hour. My thoughts after riding these wheels- I expected more from the S20. It hurt my legs quite a bit (probably just the pads) but I had a hard time feeling in control of the wheel. I also thought the suspension would have been a little better. I did play around with the suspension settings, but thought it would have been a little bit better. Granted, the wheel felt quite nimble for its size. The quality of the wheel is worrisome. While visiting the show room, another customer checking out the S20 broke the power button right off the wheel. We were still able to turn it on using a pin 📌 though lol. In regards to the Sherman- I expected good things from it, and it gave me more than I expected! I went in fully thinking that the S20 would give the Sherman a run for its money, but I found myself soon drooling over the Sherman with its stable and strong stance. With what felt like endless power it became an extension of my body very easily. Yes the bumps were a bit harsher without suspension. But not as big of a factor as I thought it would be. Seated riding was a breeze, and I love the idea of a bigger battery (something that concerned me about the S20). So after riding all these wheels (with most of my time on the S20 and Sherman) I feel like I'm leaning more towards buying a Sherman over an S20. I wanted to know what your thoughts are comparing these 2 wheels! For those who have tried the S20 and or Sherman. Yeah I would rather own both, but for me that's not an option unfortunately 😕 FULL DISCLAIMER! I only had under 2 hours combined with the 2 wheels. My opinions could change if I had more time. These are just my initial thoughts. Please let me know what you think! Thanks 😊
  16. Sold today 1/26/2022. Feel free to message via here. I placed a pre-order on one of the new wheels coming out so we are selling our ole trusty 18XL. Boxed up and ready for it's new home. Details: - Ridden 440 miles - Firmware 2.12 - Charger included (stand not included) Wheel Specs: - Model: KS 18XL - 18-inch wheel - 2200W Motor - 1554Wh Battery
  17. 2 KingSong 18XL Batteries *USED* l 84v Moving need them gone ASAP. Please send offers, can go together or separately. 714.348.9962 text/call or email listed below. Mbrittany7217@gmail.com Ty!
  18. Three days ago, I bought a KingSong S18 for the Inmotion V11 as a tandem. I'm happy to have both. I recently created an upgrade for Inmotion V11. I made a similar light upgrade for my new KS-S18. Can be fitted with any accessories with gopro mount: bluetooth mini speaker, action camera, Android terminal holder, etc.
  19. Here are the facts of my KingSong KS16X 2200w Motor/1554wh Battery for sale in the SF Bay Area ($850) SOLD: I am the original owner and I purchased this wheel from eWheels in April of 2020. It has approx. 3252 miles on it. The battery charges to 100%. It has never been dropped, in a crash, ridden off-road or needed any repair work. The front headlight has scratches and tape residue from reflective tape covering the lens (see photo). The top two screws on the right side shell are missing as well as the inside mounts for them (outer shell still seals with no gap - see photo). It has needed an inner tube change twice (the current one is fine). There are no abnormal creaks, rubbing sounds or vibrations. All of the LED's, headlight, speaker, buzzer and trolley handle work correctly. Comes with original box, user manual, fuses, and charger. This sale will be for local pick-up/drop-off only and payment will be through PayPal only.
  20. The first tutorial is in! I hope you like it. It took much longer than I expected.
  21. I recently got a little mud on my s18, hosed it off, and now it’s not working. When I turn it on, the app displays a motor error along with a hall sensor error. The wheel doesn’t balance when I begin moving it and occasionally makes jerky corrections. I dried it out for a few days (which worked last time the wheel got a bit water logged), checked the control board, and opened the hall sensor cable cover. No visible signs of any issues. I even tried unplugging the control board and clearing the capacitors by pressing the power button. Any ideas on other things I should try? Images of the control board and app are here https://www.dropbox.com/sh/nsrk56xo4z7z97s/AAAeM-2TPPi3fowz-_22gIMya?dl=0
  22. Looking for euc to buy in Toronto please msg
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