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1 hour ago, meepmeepmayer said:

Maybe photos and pictures can be two different things! A place for our Photoshop fans to go wild? Paging @Bob Eisenman.

I like the Alien Marty picture. I don't think it's actually a picture of Marty but somehow I figured it must be him.

That's certainly not me :) It's Larry Zarcoff, a Los Angeles rider (don't remember if he's a member of the Forum)

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8 hours ago, meepmeepmayer said:

Photoshop fans to go wild

Actually I'm not a Photoshop user. I've used this app for Android which is optimized for recognizing people. Open the picture in the app, run it and apply the transparent alpha channel to a new photo.


I've been riding something new for the last 120+ miles.



While the RadRunner was in shipping transit I took a grocery run on the Monster. A jogger was using the sidewalk....I transitioned to the wide shoulder of the road, hit a fist sized rock, tumbled in an unplanned but we'll executed Parkour-like move onto my back and noticed the Monster's pedal broke. 


I was out on the eBike last night in 32 degree weather on throttle only for 15 miles at 15+ mph with some battery charge still remaining.😁

After reading some of the recent posts like @Dzlchefburning batteries or @Mike Sacristanhaving a cut out I decided to keep Monster's pedal break (and frozen bolt) to myself....until now.

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I just couldn't help myself.  Easter egg picture in this old thread. 


Ahgg what the heck...



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