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  1. Awesome! Looking forward to more.
  2. Now I understand the misunderstanding. My formula is speed*battery. Although a 20 kmh cruise on a 2000Wh wheel and a 40 kmh cruise on 1000Wh would probably be worlds apart. Power to weight could be interesting. I wonder how much weight people would be willing to lose to improve this. Also a standard Nik+ 1800Wh weighs 25.5kg. My Nik weighs 29.5kg. They both have the same power in watts. So which one would be more fun? Mine feels more planted and makes the standard Nik feel like a sketchy toy in comparison. It does have other advantages though... I would need to include pedal height, magnet width, tyre size, pads, etc and then make the most advanced formula ever with weighted modifiers. Then I wouldn't even be able to call my document fast wheels anymore... Also bonus points would be added for having a CX-321 tyre. I think I will put that on my Nikola soon. I am sure it will be fun.. until I ride the crappiest city streets I can find at 60kmh. Or who knows maybe it will be so much fun that I will be stimulated enough at a lower speed. Oh yes.. PSI as a variable too!
  3. I don't know if you are being serious or not. Could you clarify how you feel that battery is being favoured? I didn't add a modifier to the range value.
  4. Lucky us that there are so many wheels out. I have yet to try an Inmotion V11 or any suspension wheel for that matter. Who knows... it might change my life. What I do like though... is riding trails, jumping at skate parks and riding down stairs.. for that I use my old trusty MSX but an MSP would be more solid. And what I love the most is high speed cruising and exploring. For this I use my 1Rad Nikola with a 2664Wh battery. The top speed is not that important to me as long as I can touch 60kmh now and then... which I easily can. What is important is that I can ride it at 50kmh all the way down to 10% of that huge 2664Wh battery. I have mixed feelings about my 6000km old CST C-1448 tyre I am using on it.. it behaves quite a lot like a Z10 or first batch 16X on irregular asphalt. Riding with an MSP rider he was down to 33% battery of his 1800Wh. I was down to 55% of my 2664Wh. He had 600Wh left. I had 1400Wh left. 3 donuts are better than 2. Unless you are going to only eat 2 of them. No big deal though we had some beers and he charged the wheel. For me... having a 29.5kg wheel is not so bad. One handed lifting up stairs is no problem. Trolley handle does what it should. Lights are great. Water resistance is great. SmartBMS is great. The Loomo 2660Wh Nikolas perform almost equally wheel although I do get a bit better range on my 1Rad wheel.. maybe 10%. I rode my 16X at 50kmh very often... just about every ride. So do the other 16X riders in our group. One of my battery connectors on the 16X shorted last year.. I was still riding the wheel at full speed with only one battery pack being used. Took me a while to figure out why I got so much voltage sag and lost so much range. The 16X feels like a sketchy death machine to me now. The MSP HT has an amazing feeling of power. It just goes on and on and swallows everything up. I went for a nice cruise in the city last night and the MSP behaved perfectly on all kinds of crappy asphalt. If the V11 is like a MSP HT but with suspension then that would be quite an achievement. A friend of mine has ordered the V11 and it will be fun to try it out. Who knows I might even buy one. In these times of luxury where we get to choose things we like. Big Macs or Whoppers. All it costs and money and we have to make money anyway. So we just get some of that left over money and buy a wheel. Or two. My thoughts on the Sherman... the best bang for buck wheel out there right now when it comes to speed*battery/price also known as my fun index formula. A rough document here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TXmNs9pDb99aFzv34-kSjTu5T4ttha4ZA0Y2kPcMoGY/edit#gid=0 Time stamp embedded in link:
  5. That is definitely one of the things experience teaches us haha. Sort of the same thing when learning knife combat. If possible... run. The good thing about learning how to fall is that we also learn how not to fall. I guess with enough practice we would be able to get rid of some bad habits like trying to land in a plank. Then we might look at our weight as well... and see if it would be nicer to fall without carrying an extra 50 pounds of weight. Although I do love me some donuts. Maybe add some working out into the mix... build some muscles.. build stronger bones even. Proper diet. AND get wrist guards. EUC survival lifestyle.
  6. That guy definitely knows his stuff. He takes the initial impact on his hands and then transfers to his should/back and rolls/slides it out. One of the worst types of falls is the one at the end. When you are standing relaxed and hit an invisible stump, this shifts the wheel and you get teleported to the ground. Still he fell into a push-up and then rolled it out at the very end to avoid bearing it all on his chest or chin. Out of our 50 riders in the group none have hurt their wrists except for me and that was at very low speed. I stretched out my left hand to catch myself. Scaphoid protection would have helped. Wrist guards would probably have caused me to transfer everything to the elbow. It was not a terrible injury and took a couple of weeks to heal. 3 have broken collarbones though. Most riders in the group wear gloves. Maybe two riders use wrist protection. One day I am going to get some of the riders and ask them to fall and tumble a bit... perhaps at a soccer field with some nice cushy grass. It will be interesting to see how willing they are to fall at even jogging speeds. The question sort of becomes... if I was jogging and wearing gear and someone kicked my legs out from under me... would I prefer wrist guards or plain gloves or gloves with scaphoid protection or something like the flatland 3D. I am not saying to go out and do a bunch of ninja training.. but perhaps demystifying the whole falling thing by actually doing it in controlled circumstances. Otherwise we will end up learning with broken collarbones. Our fastest riders are a bit slower now... shocker...
  7. I have done a few thousand km on the 16X in the wet, on snow, on salt water (which is used to keep the bike paths from freezing over during winter). No problems. The underside of the mainboard has a heatsink with a rubber gasket. Imagine water and snow spraying up around in there at 50kmh. It seems to work. No rider that I know of has had any problem on any wheel because of splash or spray from the inside.
  8. I find it very challenging to slide out on wet asphalt. I tried quite hard the other day on my MSX and did not succeed. Maybe my 13500km old tyre has too much grip now that it has no tread. The 16X early batches were prone to water ingress at the front panel of the wheel. The riders in our group use backpack covers or EUC shower caps when riding in rain.
  9. There is sort of a way if we are speaking of over leaning the wheel. They tried to implement it in FW 1.06 on the 16X. What they did was reserve more power to the wheel, leaving us with a lower speed at X% battery. The community complained. Kingsong implements a soft tilt-back (defeatable) at 80% power. At 88% power there is a beep code and also somewhere around there a hard tilt-back (not realistically defeatable). A wheel with soft-tiltback at 70% power and hard tilt-back at 80% would be safer. Such as the Inmotion V10/F. The new problem that is introduced here is that if the Gotway Nikola 100V for instance has a 5 beep 80% alarm top speed of 64kmh at full battery then you would hit soft tilt-back or hard tilt-back instead of five beeps. So in a situation where you are passing a car you would be physically stopped as you are passing. Riders who ride like donkeys will over lean their wheels regardless. Now if we are talking about redundancy systems then that is a whole other story. But in the end everything would work out as it is if the wheels only let us access 70% of their power. Their is still the likelihood of a component failure while riding... but that is very unlikely.
  10. You can read more about it here: https://www.skatepro.com/en-us/374-31306.htm It is just a BMX tyre with a semi aggressive pattern. What they mean by "amortization" is less cushioning as the tyre will be thinner and not as tall as a 3" wide one. I also doubt that there will be much puncture resistance. It may sound tempting with the word "winter" used there.. not to mention the flashy colours... but in the end it is just a thin tyre with a bumpy pattern. Their use of the word winter implies snow (Poland) which I doubt you see much of. There are few times where even my slicks have left me wanting. Mud is the exception and I prefer to stay away from mud anyway. It's a dirty and messy game. Wet roots and rocks can be an issue as well especially if taken at parallel angles vs perpendicular ones but even knobbies will slip and slide. Usually lower PSI will help so that the tyre conforms rather than deflects. Still... I think you should give your S18 a few days of riding and see where it leaves you wanting regarding the tyre. I'm sure it will perform quite nicely as it is.
  11. Haha thanks man. That was a very nice way of saying it.
  12. The CST C-803 is quite nice according to this rider: https://www.espritroue.fr/topic/11348-pneu-cross-sur-msx-feed-back-après-1-an/?tab=comments#comment-224005 It is smaller than the stock tyre and he mentions that a 18"x2.5" tube should be used instead of the standard 18"x3". I have tried a CST C-186 (Kenda 262 clone) on the MSP High Torque. My friend Sebastian felt that the wheel lost a lot of it's torque. I found that out trying to go up a 23 degree ramp and falling. Now I can only imagine how much the S18 would struggle with a larger diameter tyre like that. It is after all a 20s3p 84v wheel with a 2200W motor. The CST-803 would probably be a bit zippier than the stock and also it is a true off-road knobby. We eventually tilted the pedals 3 degrees forward to even out the lost acceleration and zip. Then he moved the pads a bit and eventually reset the pedals to 0 degrees. Also the 18x3 H-666 is nowhere to be found except tec-toyz and eWheels. It just disappeared from the rest of the earth a couple of weeks ago.
  13. Thank you so much for saying that. I am also sorry if I came across too strongly. I tend to be easily offended and insulted... anxious me... my feminine side. My wounded inner child. I do mention controversial things quite often. It is my way of making them visible instead of invisible. It is my way of taking power away from words. We are a bit spoiled in Sweden because people act as if there is no virus except that we mostly stand 2 meters apart from each other when standing in line to buy groceries. So I am out riding every day.. and actually more than ever because Monika can't leave the country to teach Zumba and does it from home instead. I can't stand sounds that don't belong so I go into fight or flight mode = I grab my 2664Wh Nikola and go... Congrats on your upcoming S18!
  14. Awesome work man! I have some Malibu and pineapple juice left. If only I could make you a nice relaxing piña colada after all of this.
  15. I will try to keep it short so that we can end this. Timestamp embedded in URL or 35:10 into the clip. So here is the answer: I did not feel that I nailed that last jump. I was very nervous as I couldn't see the other side. I had already stress tested my soul enough and I was pretty much out of courage. Doing those things alone as an anxious person who overthinks things is a nightmare. I forced myself to do the last jump... uncomfortable as it was. I could not see the other side where I would land from the point where I would be jumping. I felt it in the part of my being that does not perform as a man is expected to do. In that way my comment is stereotyping men and women. I felt it in my vagina. In my feminine side (which is my dominant side). In the side of me that is afraid of taking risks. Right in the feels. Right in the vagina. If you would like to learn more about the principle of charity there is a nice write up here: https://effectiviology.com/principle-of-charity/ If you are unable to there is another good article here: https://sharischreiber.com/do-you-love-to-be-needed/ Although that one is quite complex and can take a few days to get through and properly understand. Then you can go back to the principle of charity. Your interpretation is very coloured by your own values and those values seem a bit extreme if you are imposing them on everything you see. They become a coloured lens. Finding sexism where there is none. Like people who find racism where there is none. Looking for confirmation in your partner for a word you heard in a vacuum. If you would like to continue to discuss sexism or charitable interpretations I am sure you can start your own thread and link to my clip or clips. Perhaps you can start a poll. You interpreted my words in a certain way. You put the burden on me to explain your interpretation. That is quite a lot of work you are expecting others to do for you. It is not too late for you to take responsibility for yourself. That was me keeping it short.
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