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  1. Mike Sacristan

    Recommendation for a first wheel?

    I weigh 68kg and can push my Ninebot One E+ around as hard as I like. If it wants to push me back it will. So I always feel safe on it. The V8 is a good size and weight, has lights, trolly handle and everything you need. Also if you can get it now then you have it now... instead of waiting 2 months. 500€ is a good price as long as it's in good condition. Gearbest and Aliexpress have skewed prices so what was once a good deal is no longer a good deal and buying in Europe means paying a premium.
  2. Mike Sacristan

    Recommendation for a first wheel?

    This brings us to the next question: what is the rider's weight? My only objection the V5f is the sandpaper style grip tape. If you are wearing a suit then you are wearing dress shoes. Grinding up the nice leather soles of your shoes is a sad thing indeed.
  3. Mike Sacristan

    Recommendation for a first wheel?

    Looking at mileage and "usage" is sufficient. I bought a Ninebot E+ in the end of july and have done 730km on it. I have fallen a few times but it behaves 100% new. Gearbest was selling V10 for around 700€ not too long ago. And V5f for 350€. The V8 would have to land somewhere in the middle of those prices. However shipping times for Gearbest and Aliexpress will take around 2 months now during holiday season. When people are saying safe standard they are talking about a bigger, faster wheel and a power reserve to handle high speeds without accidental cutoffs when stressing the wheel. This won't apply to the usage scenario that you have described as you will be demanding much less of it. People answering here are just trying to "look out for you" because they have been down the same road before and they have learned to "buy nice, don't buy twice". Still... the voyage and the process can be as important as the goal.
  4. Mike Sacristan

    Faceplant at 18-mph, on the Tesla

    Sorry to hear Marty. The worst part about these crashes is the landed on outstretched arms. The shoulder is going to take a beating. So it looks like you landed heavier on one side with your elbows bent and your hands outstretched. That would be the side where your sliding pad is missing and probably the side where your shoulder hurts. Maybe long elbow pads would be a better choice so that we can slide out onto our forearms instead of fall down into a push up position or plank position. I fell once att 13mph and got road rash on my forearms. I thought my shoulder was okay but it did get a bit busted up (was already busted up from before) so i'm letting it rest and then doing rehab work. Maybe it's time for us to start riding around with shoulder braces lol.
  5. Mike Sacristan

    Recommendation for a first wheel?

    My recommendation is to get the V5F as long as you can get it for cheap. It's going to take a long time to get it from Gearbest though so take that into account. The V5F will serve it's purpose for what you want to achieve for now and it will always continue to do so. Even if you buy a bigger faster wheel in the future you will still have the V5F for your little last mile voyage, a quick run to the shop and so on. Of course you will eventually end up with a bigger, heavier, faster wheel with more range but that will be a future project and using an 18XL or MSX for the last 1,5km is crazy overkill. Best Regards from Stockholm
  6. Mike Sacristan

    From E+ to P speed

    I used MRN76 app to tell my Ninebot E+ that it is a P. My top speed on it was 28.6km/h. The other day I went for a ride and my top speed was 28.3km/h. I was a bit worried about not hearing the beep and I was unsure about getting tiltback so I used Darknessbot on my iPhone to sound an alarm at 27km/h. Then I changed it to 28. The alarm from the iPhone is nice and loud but after doing my run and feeling the tiltback several times I think I now feel safe enough to just follow the tiltback. I also got better range and less voltage sag so it seems like the battery is behaving more intelligently and less sparingly. 14km total range in +2 degree cold. My riding weight was 71kg.
  7. Haha yes definitely! I feel like i'm pushing the machine out of spec and just waiting for the cut off!
  8. Just changed my E+ to a P. Went out for a ride in the rain to try it out... man it was scary going over 23-24km/h. I get phantom tilt back from memory so it felt very unnatural to go over 24km/h. I ran out of courage at 26km/h. A constant speed of 24 is enough for me. Man i'm gonna die when my MSX arrives lol. It was dark, it was wet out and also I was simply scared and felt very exposed. I'll try it again with more protection on. Thanks for the excellent work @MRN76!
  9. How much for activation code?
  10. Incredible work man! I'm gonna give this a try later in the week.
  11. Mike Sacristan

    When One EUC Isn't Enough...

    So today is 11/11 meaning tons of deals on Aliexpress. Prices on Gotway wheels are lower than they have been for a while and even Ninebot Z can be found for like €1300. I ordered a MSX last week at a nice low prices and even got a further reduction with a coupon. Today though... i've been surfing around thinking.. hmm... I wonder if I need a Z10. I wonder if I need a MCM5. And so on and son. Life problems.
  12. Mike Sacristan

    V8 or V10?

    I still see the V10 as cheaper. Maybe they adjusted, try refreshing or opening in incognito. 25% price reduction. GB4301 gives a few more $ off.
  13. Mike Sacristan

    When One EUC Isn't Enough...

    You are just hooked on buying EUCs and the deals out there aren't making things easier. A lot of people here have several EUCs. There are plenty of good deals out now on Gearbest and Aliexpress. The opportunity makes the thief! My advice is to wait until you have used the V10 a bit. Deals will come and go. If you have money to burn then that's another issue... in that case make sure you have fulfilled your other needs like protection equipment. Best Regards A voice of sanity
  14. Mike Sacristan


    Here is my attempt at trying to get my wife to learn to ride a EUC. She has an electric longboard which she prefers most of all and she also has a OneWheel+ XR. Still... EUC's are in a league of there own when it come to range and speed. Range being most important for me. Short of getting a Lacroix board which while fun is not able to go offroad, stiff at turning etc.
  15. Mike Sacristan

    Ninebot One E+ shut off in the middle of riding.

    How much do you weigh? You were riding at pretty much the top speed and if you accelerated uphill at top speed it could be possible. I weigh 68kg and no matter how much I push my E+ it always punishes me and pushes me back.