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  1. Nice work! Thanks for sharing your process with us. It must be crazy frustrating to not be able to find a place to practice in peace. Just give it time and everything will fall into place. It took me a reaaaaally long time... and I mean weeks. Others have learned in 30 minutes. I am not one of those haha. Good job starting on a Nikola it will grow with you pretty much forever!
  2. Hi! Nice to see you here. I look forward to following your V10F adventures. It's a great wheel! We ride pretty much every day but I have been collecting most of the riders in the WhatsApp group. At the least the riders that I have met anyway. Or if it's a friend of another rider already in the group. We are around 30+ people in the group now. I'm sure a lot of the Stockholm riders follow this thread as well.. but coordinating group rides here was just hell and there would probably be only 1 or 2 riders per year lol. The WhatsApp group allows for a bit more spontaneity. Like today... Thomas was gonna go for a beer. Monika and I joined, then Magnus joined. We cruised a bit afterwards. Good times.
  3. Very nicely written. I totally agree with everything you wrote and I was also shocked at some of the comments in this thread. It was a great review and he put a lot of time and effort into it. He was very diplomatic and generous with his comments and got bashed because he hinted that his personal preference is to have a bit more excitement.
  4. It depends on your priorities and also how you define riding in those circumstances. City riding: I live in Stockholm. If I am riding in the actual busy city I want to make it clear to all cars that there is no point in trying to pass me and that I am not an obstacle for them to pass. Preferably I will want a 100v wheel here. Preferably an MSP or Monster although I can get by with the Nikola+ as long as I scan carefully and have appropriate tyre pressure. A mistake would be costly though. Off-road: Definitions of off-road may vary. The best of the best would be the MSP. Then the 16X for technical stuff. Then the MSX. Then the others. I have yet to smoke an 18XL rider on my MSX or 16X despite having a superior wheel and +10000km experience. Getting on a crowded train or bus: At this point I would feel that I have failed at life. My EUC is my bus and my train. For a long bus/train trip on an exceptionally crowded train it would just be like any other luggage. If size were an issue I would start looking at measurements and comparing EUC volume/dimensions. The 18XL is still one of the best "do it all" wheels out there.
  5. Contact them regarding the protection and whether it is included or not just to be sure. I am a size small on this model and I liked the black one. Here it is in camo:
  6. Here are my measurements: chest 98cm (this would be the dictating measurement imo) body 55cm sleeve 59cm hip 88cm waist (reference) 80cm 163cm tall 62kg The size small armored hoodie I was wearing in the clip was a good fit bit I am smaller than I have been in many years. It also did not have the armor in it. It was rather snug and I would have preferred a bit looser fit. Visually the sizing was correct though. The size medium windreaker jacket (green one I wear in my videos) is a bit large. The performance hoodie I was wearing in the clip was large with elbows and shoulders in but no back armour. Following the chest measurement small would seem to be a few cm large but that would even out with armour. And that corresponds pretty well with my chest measurement. I just messaged Daniel to discuss this with him.
  7. I tried the Performance Hoodie and the Armored Hoodie today. The performance hoodie was like riding naked. Insane. It was 21C and it was too cold. It is 100% polyester so no sticky sweaty stuff going on. The armored hoodie was warmer and cotton so that would get sticky and wet on a hot day. When you put an article of clothing on and it makes you even more pretty... then you know you have found something good. I would choose the performance hoodie over the armored hoodie one million times over and just adjust t-shirt, etc under instead. Me like shiny.
  8. I have nothing better to do... and Monika is teaching online Zumba classes today... I am a tiny, tiny bit sensitive to noise... so time for me to GTFO! Some fo the guys might want to go for a cruise when they finish work.. but that's hours from now and I have 2664Wh to play with. 90km ride yesterday and 43% battery left. Some people say he's still rolling... Definitely for 25C night rides. 30C day rides would be a challenge even in a t-shirt lol... I end up wearing just a tank top on those days. But it is totally fine as long as you keep on moving.
  9. It depends on the wheel ordered. Did you check with them that the wheel was in European stock? It sounds like you did, and they answered that they had it in Poland. Communicating with foreign suppliers requires asking very specific questions and preferably one at a time. Q: Hi, I was wondering if you have MSX 84v 1554Wh in stock and what is the delivery time to Sweden. A: Hello dear, delivery time is 7 days. Those of us who order from Sweden usually get the wheels from a Spanish warehouse. The delivery takes 7-10 days. The UPS tracking number is as you say a number merely saying that a shipment has been scheduled... or rather that a shipping label has been printed. I suggest you ask them. Let us know what answer you get as well as how long it takes for them to answer. I'm sure it will be educational for all of the people in this thread.
  10. Alright man good to hear. I was sort of trying to make sense of it and thought about the NYC riders thread, how people have been writing there, etc. and then thinking; yeah well... I guess Paul is going to truly turn into a monster once his Sherman arrives so might as well leave now.
  11. LOL really? I am practically in Örby as well haha. Annebodavägen 74.
  12. I can go try it out if they have any in stock... we had a very hot week recently but now we are back to +20C. The point of the performance hoodie is it having very good airflow. They even redesigned and sacrificed the waterproof interior pocket so that it didn't block airflow. Cotton hoodies are fine but they can get a bit warm and sticky and sweaty.
  13. Prices go up and down all the time... but just now they lowered the prices bit on that body armour. It was 30 bucks more expensive last night... hmm maybe time for me to pull the trigger. I'm a bit annoyed that they were cheaper in dollars! XLMoto showroom is 2km from where I live.
  14. Yeah I would at least have expected a video of him leaving.
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