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  1. Mike Sacristan


    Great test! The Tesla just ate it up!
  2. Mike Sacristan


    Thanks! Glad you guys enjoyed. Yes I am familiar with the expression. She usually gets to hear that she has a very bubbly personality. Sometimes a little too bubbly. Especially when we are drinking bubbly. So far i've been off work since the first of March. My mini-retirement has been great so far. Coffee in the morning, chill for a while, meet my friend Stefan and go out practicing for a couple of hours. Then I go for a ride on my own. After that I meet another friend and we hang out at an outdoor gym/park and exercise. I usually bring a longboard or the Onewheel so we can play around afterwards. Then dinner and chill. I met up with my friend Joakim the other day. He ordered an 18XL after seeing my MSX. I think it will arrive next week. I was a bit worried he would have a tough time learning so we met up for a session on my NB1. The first 3 clips are Joakim after 5 minutes. The clips after that is just other footage from the past week. Today I will be going to Norrköping for 2 days. Hmm... I wonder if I can bring a wheel or if it will be too much hassle.
  3. Mike Sacristan


    Finally some proper sun here in Stockholm. Most of the gravel has been swept from the bike paths so now my wife can join me on her longboard. Since it's Easter most people have left Stockholm to go celebrate somewhere else. More bike paths for me! 24km ride. 18C MSX battery: 83% (rider weight 66kg) Longboard battery: 47% (rider weight 65kg) Average speed: 16kmh Max speed: 44kmh Short version: Full version:
  4. Mike Sacristan

    Electric Unicylce for extra heavy/big people

    The crazy thing is that you almost managed to recover from the slide! Worst of all though is how you landed on your outstretched left arm even though you rolled out of it soon after impact. I guess we just hold on to things instinctively. Like people falling with a beer in their hand. Was your shoulder okay after the fall? I know it was the Tesla incident that caused you to hurt your shoulder. I was on some muddy trails today. The mud wasn't that bad though. For everything else the tire has been great. 1400km and I can't even see any wear.
  5. Mike Sacristan

    Pushing the limits :)

    Nice work! Bouncing on it's sides, sounds like it is wobbling. This is usually because of the rider. The better you get at riding the less you will wobble. This is the same for skateboards, longboards, onewheel and so on. Just keep on riding! Riding in traffic for the first time was very nerve wracking for me but no worry. Ride every day and set a goal to ride a certain time or a certain distance. Last year I would hurry home from work and then ride my Ninebot for 20km. Now I ride my MSX every day for 50km. The most fun i've ever had is riding an EUC!
  6. Mike Sacristan

    Electric Unicylce for extra heavy/big people

    I think this requires an in depth analysis. How about if you were to practice drifting? I must say though... the MSX tire is amazingly bad on mud and goo. This *sport* is still young though. Just a matter of time! I did some crop and slow mo on the vid. It's unlisted on my channel.
  7. Mike Sacristan

    The Photo Thread

    Look at them... so happy together.
  8. Mike Sacristan


    Haha sadly I didn't. Now that I think of it... the area was spookily deserted. Or maybe everyone ran away when they saw Mad Mike coming. Hey that can be my riding name!
  9. Mike Sacristan


    I bought a new backpack for my longer cruises as my baby camelbak will no longer suffice come summer. Then I will want to have more stuff with me. Food, snacks, a towel, maybe a couple of beers. 3L water system as well. I can fill it with some Xtend BCAA and pre-workout. The more I drink... the more powerful I become! Or maybe just fill it with beer lol. https://www.xlmoto.se/fox-convoy-hydration-pack-ryggsack-camo
  10. Mike Sacristan


    Today I started off with some backwards and one legged practice. I also threw in some handstands and arm balance poses. Eventually I will combine the two. Then I went off to get lost. I tried to find my way back to the trails from yesterday (when I got lost) but I got lost. When I tried to get out from being lost I took a wrong turn followed by a few more. Ever seen the movie Wrong Turn?
  11. Mike Sacristan

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    Lmao that guy was hilarious. I'm checking out his channel. @Unventor are you on some kind of pain medication? "it is justy scope is bend so it is a bit hard to succed at times"
  12. Mike Sacristan


    They were amazing! I have to find my way back there haha. Gonna look it up on google maps. And now the clip is available in 4k. Youtube took their time!
  13. Mike Sacristan


    Lost in the forest again. Found some very nice trails and had them mostly to myself.
  14. Mike Sacristan


    Here is today's practice on the MSX. In all it's unedited glory. Sorry if there are ads in the clip. Youtube always detects and flags music and will usually force ads because of that.
  15. Mike Sacristan


    Her channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCScLS8abCMOlx_QxR0x2Vuw/videos I did some practice on the MSX. It worked out. Before I couldn't even grasp it. Practicing on the Ninebot has paid off but I have yet a way to go. Gotta start somewhere!