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  1. Frank visited Stockholm and we spent a day cruising and fooling around. I made a little highlight clip for you guys:
  2. I'm going to meet a friend this evening and do an outdoor workout. You are welcome to join. You will feel a bit more confident if you can fall from standing into a push up... although it takes a while to get there we can do many progressions on the way. One day we can try the Ninebot One E+.. it can be powered off while riding simply by tapping the power button lol. Now THAT is exciting!
  3. Will do and yes she is quite a sight! She is currently getting her palm x-rayed... looks like the damage was worse than we thought. Hoping for the best.
  4. Good idea! I will suggest it to the team. I wore the cotton hoodie for the first time today. I prefer the Performance Hoodie with the breathable mesh. It's gonna be +27C later this week... that will be the ultimate test. For Sweden anyway.
  5. And yeah... I would guess some kind of bungee type cord so that it doesn't suddenly pull on us with force... but stretch a bit a bit more gracefully and with less shock. Then we could even keep it decently short. Of course one could always talk about a high speed scenario at 70kmh and what a fall + bungee cord would look like... but then one could always wonder what a 70kmh rolling wheel hitting a car or pedestrian implies.
  6. I don't... but I thought about it a lot today. And when I fell a few days ago the EXN went rolling for a good 10 meters. It was past midnight with no one around.. but man if it would have hit someone that would have been the end. A 33.5kg wheel though attached to my 64kg body. It would almost qualify as a new Mortal Kombat Fatality.
  7. Sounds like me except it is usually my wheel. I was mostly worried about my limited edition green slim cargo though. I got a slight rip in the sleeve of my medium sized Green Armored Jacket... I will switch to my size Small now anyway and use the Medium for winter (thick sweater under). Stupid me for wearing it during summer.. the elbow pad rotated when I fell. I work part time at Lazyrolling so I have infinite jackets and hoodies. I ride every day and have crashed the stuff quite few times.. first time I got a rip. The Leatt dual axis are great. I have never had any shearing at the knees
  8. I play with this though a lot. We are 50 riders in our group here in Stockholm. I am one of the few who will ride without a helmet. Take a rider's helmet off, knee pads, etc whatever and they will think twice about speeding. I rode without my kevlar hoodie today and it sure slowed me down lol. I have simply gotten used to it and without it I don't feel the same sense of security. They still do.. they just rarely show it anymore to avoid the HELEMEETU comments. So yeah... no armor, no helmet and an obligatory leash. Since apparently these wheels can cut off at any time! What
  9. We fall how we fall. Falling off an EUC is really something... I was riding the other day after one hell of a storm. The asphalt was beginning to dry up so I grabbed my EXN and cruised, bought some snacks, etc... dropped it off at home and then went riding in the city to see what is happening these days on a Saturday night. Well... not much since all the pubs, etc now close at 10:30 PM. At a bit past midnight I started making my way home, rode under a tunnel and was going to transition to my Speedy McSpeed bike path. Then I hit the mud patch to rule all mud patches. I looked down to see if it
  10. Wow... I just read through all of this while eating a huge bowl of chicken wings and remembering that I used to be married to a vegan. I got a feeling of deja vu. Thanks Scottie for your very sensible and charitable comments and points of view.
  11. Just use the Begode app and turn tilt-back off. You would get the exact same experience buying it from anywhere else... it would come locked without any mention and it would come with tilt back on. The only difference perhaps being the support given.
  12. Pre-production EXN had ~105kmh free spin. Early production has ~95kmh. Later versions are back to ~105... I wonder if his came with the black board (judging by dat of clip definitely not). However... I am more than happy with my EXN and I suspect that if it did go faster I would end up losing some low end grunt. As it is now it is a stupidly fast MSX and a great do it all wheel. Now I just have to learn to jump to backside 180 on it. It is quite well known amongst the EXN nerds that the speed ended up at 95kmh upon production.
  13. The Nikola Plus has a free spin of 85kmh and the 5 beeps come in at 64kmh and 100% battery. They will trigger at 63kmh though since you won't be at 100% battery and 64kmh at the same time unless you are blasting down a steep hill. Highest speed I have seen on a Nik+ is 72.3kmh by my 100kg friend riding seated. Or 75kmh by my friend crashing. Typically the Nik will run out of torque and over lean at around that speed. I normally hit the beeps on every ride despite having a 2664Wh Nik which is why I upgraded to the EXN. Sherman, Nikola Plus and Monster speeds seem inflated by around
  14. Ouch! Vitamin D helps as well. As does strength training. Lift those weights and get that D!
  15. Yes I prefer not to use the word plank as some people might confuse between basic plank (on the forearms) and plank (fully outstretched arms = bye bye shoulders). And hands will go down first anyway and then we will end up in a basic plank anyway. So yes.. the falling will usually be hands hitting first and then ending up in a basic plank on our forearms and elbows. It is our instinct to keep our elbows in during the fall. Ironically... I have found them very safe to ride especially at high speed and on crappy asphalt. It almost feels like cheating. And we can be as locked dow
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