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  1. Hi, Where is this and who is selling? 600 euro is very cheap for a 2000 euro wheel. Nobody would sell it for that cheap whether it is a Nikola or Nikola plus. It looks like a Nikola+. If that is the case then 75V means the battery is way below zero. 100 volt wheels use 24S. The usable V range for Gotway is 4.2 to 3.3. 24*4.2V = 100.8 (100% charge) 24*3.3V = 79.2 (0% charge) 75.6/24 = 3.15V (around 16% charge) Not dead... but low. Can he charge it? Can you ride it? Do a lift test?
  2. I was out riding with some friends, recording with the GoPro, etc as usual. Some holes are less visible than others and I wasn't paying much attention. Usually I will scan before turning away. This time I did not.. and I adjusted my feet and posture as well which I usually do rather stiff legged. And also.. I was riding squishy FW 1.05. I went down into a little hole... and out again.. the wheel slowed down going out... my body continued forward... I started to fall off the front, the wheel tried to speed up but I fell off the front anyway. Took a few steps, rolled my left ankle on the fourth step. Fell down on my right forearm and knee, then my right hip made contact and my body did a corkscrew so that I ended up on my right side towards my back. So.. some scrapes... but man.. the wheel fell badly. I would have rather taken more hits just spare the wheel man!!! Spare the wheel! Take me instead! Here is what the wheel sounds like now. There is a big difference in noise between FW 1.05 and FW 2.02. The pedal hanger is a bit bent but it is good enough. I will suit up tomorrow or the day after and ride it. After 8400km I can't really be bothered to throw money at this wheel.. even though I do love it. Here is a clip I made... the first 45 seconds contains the important parts. I didn't have any pictures of myself in shock that I could use as a thumbnail so I hope a shot of the internals will suffice.
  3. Was thinking the same thing. Must be a big cuntry.
  4. There was an adjustment made almost two years ago that allows bicycles to ride on even faster roads provided that it is more suitable having the destination in mind. For instance heading from Västerhaninge to Årsta Havsbad the bike path ends and one can go off-road through a crazy trail or just take the 70kmh road. Riding on 70kmh roads is a bit unnerving though as cars constantly swish by at high speed. The same adjustment also states that we can ride freely on 50kmh and below roads without bike lanes needing to be preferred. Transportstyrelesen has still not updated their site with this info but it can be found at regeringen.se https://www.regeringen.se/pressmeddelanden/2018/06/cyklar-och-bilar-pa-samma-bana/ The fun starts when we ride at restricted 20kmh and every single bicycle out there passes us... some at over 50kmh.
  5. Hi! No worries and thanks for letting us know how things worked out! Happy to hear that you are enjoying my vids as well. I'm glad my post was of help and I am looking forward to reading your impressions. I am sure many others are curious about the MSP High-Speed version.
  6. I agree I get nervous watching her too. For the reasons you mention. She is female and also she is inexperienced. Which I notice every time a new situation appears for her and how she handles it. Today she did some backwards practice on the Ninebot One E+ and hurt her ankle. Of all the stupid things. And she has a Zumba Masterclass on Saturday. Hope she wakes up feeling better. I will see if I can get her to wear her body armor + helmet on the next cruise if she wants to go fast. Or we just do a chill cruise and do some off-roading instead. Not everything is about going fast. She did say that we other riders were pushing her. LOL... how can I push her when i'm on the 16X. Thanks for your concern and for putting it so gently and respectfully. I appreciate it.
  7. Thanks! I like to monitor speed with an app and external speaker. Or at the very least being able to hear/feel notifications from the phone. Both EUCWorld (Android) and Darknessbot (iOS) can do this. So you could set the speed alarm to 35 kmh and practice hitting 35 kmh more and more often. Then once you hit it too often creep the alarm up to 40 kmh.
  8. Yeah that brings us to the next part. I don't really think that OP trashing an EUC manufacturer is helping the community.
  9. I thought it was a perfect bot-like response considering the previous posts from the OP.
  10. TLDR : Guy never posts here. Starts a new topic with a sensational headline. Posts links to sensational clips with thumbnails we find offensive. Could have just written a few lines instead of forcing us to watch something. Everybody got offended. After that everybody started acting like they got offended and said so. TLDRTLDR: Guy logs into the forum and offends everyone. Everyone tells him off. He doesn't apologise.
  11. Monika hit 55 kmh the other day... I am beginning to fear for her. She had Darknessbot set to 45 kmh but just kept going. Here is some footage from the ride. Both Thomas and Monika are riding MSX 84v. The MSX requires quite a lot if intent to get it to go fast... but as time passes you will become accustomed to it. Some people will reach 5 beeps on their first day. It took Monika several weeks to hit 30 kmh. Forgot to add... I once hit the 5 beeps at 45.8 kmh and 9% battery.
  12. Haha yeah. I will see what I can manage to do with it. EUCs are still a silly cheap hobby and I have had crazy fun riding the 16X. Thank you! Nice of you to say so I have infinite time so riding is a perfect hobby for me. And hanging around the forums too. I will try to unscrew the pedal hanger and rescrew it on at 180 degrees so it sticks out instead of sticking in. And see if that helps. Crazy that I was still able to ride it at 45 kmh yesterday lol.. i'm lucky I made it home in one piece.
  13. This isn't the first time I have seen a seagull fly in, take a shit and then leave. A post with a summary would have been more helpful. Just do it... write a summary. It's not too late. If the message is to buy from a reputable seller then that is it's own message and can be written and discussed. 8471 km on my 16X... I crashed it today though. Bent pedal hanger. I better ask for a refund. So.. my left pedal hanger is bent. If I brake heavily or force the wheel forward while holding on to a fence the motor fails. I was riding ~45 kmh after the accident... got home.. screwed the wheel back together nice and tight. Charged it up a bit. Rode a bit... heard some grinding (heard it on the way home as well). Pedals shifted when I went up an incline. Tried to make it happen again... it happened again. Riding down a decline... I tried to brake hard and almost fell on my ass. Grabbed a fence... tried to over lean forward and backward. The motor can't keep me level if I use force. Rode carefully home... took everything apart, discover that the left pedal hanger is bent. Sucks to be me. That is 8400+km of off-road, skate parks, hills, dropping the wheel maybe 20 times, smacked it around at low PS denting the rim in a few places, but a medium speed crash bent the pedal hanger / axle. Maybe a new motor will do the job. I really, really love this wheel. Also.. I am okay. Scraped elbow and knee, pain in my left foot. I can always get another foot... But my wheeeeeeeel...
  14. Very nice to see you riding! And zipping and leaning. I know what you mean about the CX. And we always miss what we don't have. If you were try some of those turns at 35-40 kmh on the CX you would probably not make them. I try to challenge myself a bit more now when cornering and I can definitely corner better than with the CX.. the CX just felt more reassuring because it was stable while we were leaning off the side of the wheel. Now it's more like finding the correct amount of tilt and we also get some wobble. Tensing up and looking for that perfect sideways tilt. I have even started cutting into the inside of some of my turns where on the CX I was previously getting sucked out to the side instead. I was on FW 1.07 today. Had a decent ride but 1.07 is a more nervous ride than 2.02. 2.02 just feels solid. I am quite a bit more confident on 2.02 and I get a bigger sense of freedom while having to worry less. Monika and I got the same battery usage with her on the MSX on soft mode and me on FW 1.07 on hard mode. The CX was great when the riding surface was great. Sometimes it could be very terrible though. The CYT is very good all of the time. But never great. The CYT is a bit harder than the CX and also a bit narrower with a pointier profile. We are basically riding a slick haha. My CYT also has a wobble to it but I can't say it affects my riding. For hill climbing I would still stick to FW 1.05 though. FW 2.02 and CYT is a winning combination for me. Ater riding the 16X today I got on my friends Nikola. I felt a gyro effect and tramlining that I have never felt before lol.
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