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  1. Because they know that the geek in us would read it while riding and make us a safety hazard so they put it on the side instead. Now here we are riding with our phones in our hands instead analysing stats.
  2. I asked this question in the speed reduction thread and @meepmeepmayer answered that the 1230Wh is 24s4p. This holds true for the MSX as well and we have an MSX rider on the forum who is experiencing beeps at around 35mph on his 100V 120Wh MSX. He seems to ride very fast and aggressively though. This is in line with the 53 km/h "minimum speed" for the 100v MSX.
  3. We have a small skate park nearby. I've played around there with my Ninebot One E+. I did try some stuff with a skateboard once but it was so scary. Today we're going to go for a ride to a small beach. I just checked google maps and it is 10km away. So I will be taking the board. And letting the MSX rest.
  4. I grew up with a really shitty skateboard/longboard. A plastic cruiser haha. Damn so you ride a skateboard in parks? That's the real deal. Cool! Yes because of the design of hub motors they tend to be less smooth than the front wheel. Less urethane. That's why some people swear by eboards with belt motors. But man they are noisy, expensive and everything else. Except for the new Ownboard W2. Still like you say the wheel on the NLS seem gigantic at 100mm! That's awesome. Your feet will get less tired/numb as time passes. I just went for a 20km cruise with my wife (she always prefers to take the longboard) and she didn't mention her feet a single time. I hardly ride my boards anymore but I should. Because I know they are silly fun. I should save my MSX for long cruises instead. Today I did two 20km rides. One around lunch and one in the evening. I could have taken the longboard or the onewheel. Thanks for your answers and impressions!
  5. I eskate as well. I usually don't check the off-topic parts of the forum so didn't see this until today. The Meepo NLS Pro has been on my radar and looks like a very nice board. Eskating is definitely lots of fun and you can get quite far with those small batteries (compared to EUC). I did a range test on my old Koowheel eboard yesterday and managed 20km. My newer Ownboard W1S can manage more like 30km. Unless I go blazing around at top speed. Are you happy with it? Is the range okay? The top speed seems insane but here we are on one wheel. The Backfire G2S is old tech now. The new one is the G2T. The Backfire G2T 6Ah 30Q, Meep NLS Pro 8Ah, Ownboard W2 9Ah 30Q and WowGo 3S 6Ah 30Q all compete with eacher in this medium/low price segment. Boards are nice to have because they are not impossible for people to pick up. Cool to have an extra board for when friends come over.
  6. Awesome! Good job representing! This was a non-problem for me in the beginning because the wheel felt too clumsy, slow, like it was leaning back, etc and I had trouble getting up to speed. Now it feels too agile. I have to hold back when carving or it will take off. And I barely feel the resistance anymore so it's like sliding on ice. I have to make an effort to stay below 30. Ice ice baby.
  7. I did some riding on my MSX today. Here's how it turned out: Distance: 39.3KM Battery: 60% Riding weight: 66kg PSI: 20 Temperature: 20C Top Speed: 45.2 km/h Average Speed: 23.1 km/h Riding style looks like this: Also did some riding on the oval track. 5 minutes after riding battery recovery looks like this: 6 minutes after riding voltage recovery looked like this: I had Darknessbot set to alert me at 30 km/h. It's easy to just listen to the alarm all day and ride over 30 km/h now. But it's not a good idea. I'm already 10 km/h over the speed limit for electric vehicles but I am at the same pace as most bikes. If I start doing moped speeds at 40+ then it's really going to stand out.
  8. The size of the drill bit should be the size of the screw core. So as to not drill too large a hole. Or too small. Edit: Oops I missed the updates on the page as I hadn't refreshed and just opened the computer upon waking up. Sorry for the redundant information regarding the core as it has already been solved.
  9. Or drive with your wife on her Onewheel while she complains that 12km/h is way too fast and you accidentally become a black belt at riding slow.
  10. I read that too. But I also checked Ali and looked at the package weight from Nikola to Nikola and tried guessing the weight from that.
  11. Just wrote to my friend who has an 18XL. He told me that he went for a 30km ride and the battery was at 75%. He uses the Kingsong app. He weighs 100kg. That's better than what I get on my MSX. brb just gonna make myself pretty and jump off a bridge.
  12. Also last week only the 1840WH 100v was the Plus with the other being all vanilla Nikola. 2 days ago there were Nikola and Plus of some of the same model. And now only the 100v is the Plus. Yet we have a guy who has received a 100V vanilla Nikola.
  13. There was a ton of versions the other day. Now I can only see the 100v versions as the Nikola Plus. Looks like they have updated the photos and descriptions.
  14. 70% to 37% for 10 miles is low. Was that resting voltage after a few minutes or directly after stopping? At my weight of 63kg I would get 1km per % unless I was speeding above 20MPH. Half that if I was at 30MPH. Bigger person = more drag. For tires - I chose chose MTB For position - comparing hoods with aerobar 125 watts = 14 MPH with hoods / 16 MPH with aerobar 250 watts = 19.7 MPH with hoods / 22.7 MPH with aerobar 500 watts = 26.2 MPH with hoods / 30.5 MPH with aerobar Wind makes matters worse. Tuck those arms behind you and hope for the best! http://bikecalculator.com/what.html
  15. Mine does not creak. Even if I ride on one leg. Left or right. Are you sure it's the case and not the pedal? Some pedals have been known to creak and this can be fixed. I doubt the tire is rubbing on the shell. Are you sure it's not the cogging (growling) at low speed? I would weigh the risk of riding seated with the following formula (fun / weight * risk). There is always a risk involved. We're floating around on a tire. And yes the price for a seat is ridiculous. Mine was included but I would have bought it anyway because it gives me 2 vehicles for the price of one. A bad ass electric unicycle (standing) and a little muppet wheel (seated). I must admit that when approaching people on the bike path I tend to stand. And make myself big. Like a cat.
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