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  1. I met up with some friends to practice today and I got way to dizzy after only 30 seconds! I will have to get back to you guys. Damn man that was a lot of spinning.
  2. They get a bit butchered though as you can see in the clip. One of my friends used a knife. I don't know how Tobbe (my friend in the clip) did it. Motorcycle tank pads seem like a nice option and would probably provide great grip as well. I can't grip the 16X so I just slide around on the sides and mostly end up not touching them even. Works for me and I enjoy the feel. The Nikola locked me in quite well and the MSX locks me in even better. Different wheels for different feels though.
  3. Maybe I can have a nice big pole with a mirror sticking up/out from my EUC. Or use one of those that people have on their wrist. For me my best protection is riding defensively and always assuming the worst. A mirror would definitely help! Every time I ride with someone and they cut a corner or ride the inside of a blind curve that belongs to incoming traffic they get an earful from me. Path, bushes, curve. Slow down, keep to your side, assume someone is coming at speed and cutting to improve their line. Crossing. Assume cars won't stop. Bike path / pedestrian lane. Assume pedestrians / cyclists have earphones. Always use your bell anyway to announce passing. Hand held strobe at night. etc etc... But I would never lecture a stranger. YOU TURNED WRONG YOU RAN A RED YOU DID THIS YOU DID THAT. Unless they wanted advice that is.
  4. For the past 2 days I have only been riding my 16X. I went for a ride with Petra today to get some help measuring speed and comparing it with her Tesla. When we got to the track we tried each others wheels. I have tried her Tesla before and I normally have no trouble riding it and have easily gotten it to 47 kmh before. Today I was struggling at 10 kmh as the wheel was wandering left to right all over the place. Sadly I didn't get it on film. So what are your experiences with reported speed and range on the 16X? It seemed pretty accurate to me.
  5. My feet have been through many wars and if I feel discomfort it is in the arch of my left foot. As a purist I tend to ride with flat soled minimal shoes. Once I did try my Zumba shoes though and they were sooooo fluffy and comfy! Also they have a high heel which shifts my center of gravity forward on the wheel and makes acceleration easier. Perhaps some insoles with gel would do the trick or some extra comfy shoes? The front of the pedal is merely a guideline for my position and this way I rarely have to look down. The positioning has changed a bit now that I ride the 16X and my feet are wandering a bit trying to find the best spot and not be too far forward. I prefer the middle of the middle for equal bias and will continue to improve my body position so that I don't have to inch forward for higher speeds. Not required on the 16X though as it just flies away on it's own compared to the MSX.
  6. I did some slow acceleration to 45 kmh today. No problems. It's an awesome wheel. I love the way it rides. I did 60km on it today. Battery went down to 45%. 70kg riding weight and 31 PSI. A bit of a rough ride but I want to feel as much as possible / collect as much data and impressions as possible. After 10km I traded with my friend Petra and got on her Tesla. It was impossible to ride. I normally ride an MSX and I can ride her Tesla no problem. But after riding the 16X for 2 days it was very difficult for me to ride the Tesla properly and I was leaning and tilting side to side all over the place. My brain and body were confused. It was also very hard for her to tide the 16X. This was when I realised that riding a 16X is inverted from riding a regular EUC. On a regular EUC you move your upper body and the wheel moves under you and aligns with your upper body. On the 16X the wheel moves under you and your upper body aligns with the wheel. They steer differently and balance differently. If you want a faster Tesla get a Nikola+. If you want a new experience get a 16X.
  7. Or AliExpress / Intelligent Walking Store / Green and Fashion Travaling Shop.
  8. If I want a mushy ride I can ride my MSX at 20 PSI. And I spent the first 5000km riding it on 30 PSI (thinking it was 20). Anyway after my 30km ride yesterday I was totally fine with the behaviour of the 16X with 31 PSI.
  9. Thanks for the suggestions and recommendations Eddie! I just checked the tire pressure and it's at 31 PSI. I will leave it there and learn the hard way. Like I said in another thread I like making things more challenging. Just for laughs. I will probably eat my words soon enough though. I keep my weight around 140 lbs so we are quite similar in weight. So far i'm loving it. Now i'm just waiting for the rain to calm down a bit. Then it's time to cruuuiiiiise! Hahaha! Let's put some Windows XP stickers on our electric unicycles!
  10. Haha really? So on top of everything you've even seen someone loose their wheel there.
  11. Have not tried yet on my wheel as I received it yesterday late afternoon and did not feel like putting on body armor and trying 50kmh.
  12. It has not yet proven itself to me and I would never recommend it to someone else unless they explicitly ask for those priorities. When trying my friends 16X last week I got front/back oscillation at 47kmh. I got a random tilt at 43kmh. I got no tilt at 50kmh (or did I?). The stock tire will take you all over the place. I don't know if I trust it over 40kmh. So my answer to you was based on you having owned a Tesla and what would fit you as a new wheel. You said you wanted to be safe. I would also not recommend such an immature wheel from AliExpress as they will provide you with no after sales support which might be needed on such a wheel. Any problems with an MSX, 18XL or Nikola can be resolved with a dispute. The 16X is a problem wheel and it will continue to be one until it no longer is. For me it is no problem as it is 100% exactly what I wanted. A fun ride that gives me a feeling of freedom and floating with decent speed and good range.
  13. As I am taking a year off work I don't allow myself to succumb much to mental resistance. I see it as an opportunity for self improvement which is what my sabbatical is about. I feel the same regarding the Nik+, less boxy but still boxy for my small size. I still prefer the MSX though and if I had to choose between a Nik+ or MSX 100v 1845 I would get the MSX. Except I already have an 84v MSX. So maybe it would be redundant. Different skill indeed. Half of my movements are too strong and the other half too weak. It's fun to let the 16X slide around and just follow it though. Dancing wheel. I am happy I got the stock tire! Gotway 100V makes a lot more sense than the 84V versions when it comes to riding over 31mph. 40mph though... phew! That's scary.
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