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  1. You have to press enter twice. Petra rides a Tesla. She weighs 55kg. According to the speed reduction thread it is rated at 50kmh / 5 beeps. She gets beeps at 47kmh when freshly charged. She has hit 50.1 kmh once and that was a few days ago. She is riding the beeps more and more lately. But... those numbers on the speed reduction thread might be relevant for the wheel being on a treadmill.
  2. Haha exactly. That's why I wrote the way I did and said that we have answered this question here in the forum in different ways. The theoretical explanation and the real life explanation. Because the beeps are there. At full battery I will get beeps at around 53kmh. Same for my friend riders or maybe a bit earlier because they are heavier. Same for Tesla riders. I am very very acquainted with the speed reduction thread and I have read through most of this forum because I have no life and wheel is life. So we either listen to the beeps and respect them or we ignore them because of a theoretical max value that doesn't coincide with what we are experiencing. Check out U-Stride he is pushing the 84v MSX to 60kmh but that's a lot of beeping going on (that we can barely hear). I can drop up to to 20% battery if I ride at above 50kmh. It will recover once I stop but it still uses a chunk to go that fast. Same goes for Nikola 100V and 16X that I have been on at high speeds. You could let the wheel beep and set your alarm at 55kmh as long as your are over 50% battery. That way your max speed will be 55kmh. Or you could set it 50kmh and have it blazing and then the wheel will silently beep at 52-54kmh.
  3. Thank you! I agree! If we are lucky we get 34mph no beeps at fully charged battery. Exactly this is why in many of my clips I have mocked the MSX and said "I thought it was supposed to be faster than the 18XL. Doing calculations and negotiation with oneself at 50kmh to get to 55kmh isn't really my idea of "faster". Our universe says that nothing is free though so we can ignore the beeps and push to 60kmh and even a bit beyond that. But what a risk we are taking... Haha! That is the biggest problem! 16X and Tesla are much much louder. So I am riding at 50kmh and the turn my head to the side to minimise wind noise and see if I can hear the beeps. I might as well set Darknessbot bot at 55kmh and battery alarm at 50%. Agreed! In traffic, with a helmet, etc... forget it! We will never hear it. And riding at ~42kmh with 50% battery and pushing hard into acceleration against 8m/s wind turns into this (timestamp to relevant part) 29:05:
  4. I know this has been discussed many times on this forum and that we have made our own different answers. In the end though we have to extrapolate a little from our experiences. It's not strictly a speed alarm and I see it as a "power availability" alarm. The amount of power remaining at a a certain speed will vary depending on battery level, wind, incline, surface, rider weight and even cold. So we have quite a few variables. The alarm is rather "dynamic" or perhaps better to call it variable so it's a pity we can't transfer it to an external device because it is one of the best alarms out there. Very hard to hear on the MSX though. The beep sequence you got was the 5 beeps I am sure of that. I can ride out with a fresh battery and get 5 beeps at 53kmh so the whole 55/58kmh thing is a dream. On windier days I can get the beeps at 51kmh. If I tuck down to break some wind resistance I can get 53kmh. On a heavy acceleration to stop speed I can get the beeps at 48kmh because I am at a higher load by the time I reach high speed vs creeping up there 1kmh at a time. Also I can agree that if this is the first time you are hitting the speed alarms that there is a bit of drama and uncertainty. 80% is quite a huge buffer though and you would still be able to push from 51kmh to 55kmh with no risk. Whether that leaves us at 85% or 88.0012% or 94% is hard to tell. The MSX can be pushed quite hard and if we get close to the 100% limit it won't just cut off entirely... we will just feel the pedals getting softer. But that would require speeds of 60kmh+ at above 50%. Even my friend who is 80kg got his MSX to 58kmh with no signs of protest. We can't do a flat calculation that 50kmh = 80% and therefore 62.5kmh = 100% because wind resistance will increase to twice that. So a more generous calculation towards our survival would be to add 10% speed available from beep speed. The problem then remains if it is beeping are we at 81% or 97%? Preferably we want the 20% power reserve although it is a huge buffer. On a known road with controlled conditions we can push accordingly. At lowish battery below 40% though I would not push the wheel past the beeps. I did the other day though and did so while seated. So I was at 33% battery, seated and doing 48kmh. The wheel slightly oscillated back and forth so I slowed down. It stopped oscillating. Sped up again. Oscillated. So basically it was getting soft and no longer able to keep up with my demands. The 16X behaves the exact same way but with soft tilt-back so it won't really let us push beyond that. We can try but then we will hit the 88% alarm and eventually hard tilt-back. So in the end @Hansolo answered before me. And his answer is correct.
  5. I ride with my alarm set to 45 kmh. Once the battery runs down a bit and I can no longer hit 45 kmh I will no longer trigger the alarm. This will continue down to 66V. At 66V the wheel will be limited to 30 kmh and once again sound the speed alarm. Shortly after the voltage alarm will also start. I think the behaviour is correct because I would not want to be capped at 42 kmh (or 37 kmh or any other number lower than 45) at 72V and getting a speed alarm telling me that i'm doing 45 kmh. You can see the low battery behaviour of the 16X in my testing that I did here with FW 1.07. I have embedded the link with the timestamp to the relevant part.
  6. He was a bit shaken afterwards so I will get all the details and start a new thread. I guess it was just a regular overlean.
  7. Pretty much what you are describing. Sounds like he may have overpowered the wheel. The pedals are supposed to be stiff and hold the wheel upright. In the case of a Gotway if you ride past the beeps the wheel will eventually not have enough power to keep the pedals stiff. Since we are leaning forward the pedals will dip forward. Or droop. However no matter which brand of wheel if the pedals no longer hold the wheel upright and resist our forces on them then obviously we would faceplant won't we? Or are we all zen masters in balancing lmao. Yeah he's alright, thanks for asking. He has fallen at much faster speeds. He has a helmet like mine (the one I rarely use) and an armored jacket like mine (the one I use often). But he has lost a bit of confidence in the wheel. We took it to a skatepark afterwards and did some jumping and smacked it around a bit so that we could torture it at low speeds just to make sure it was alright. This is a bit off-topic though and the reason I posted this was to see if any other 18XL rider has had a similar issue and whether they have seen an improvement or not in FW 2.0. We have more people faceplanting on Kingsongs than Gotways now. RIP safe wheel. Even with "0.8 power choking". He is still on 1.13 as per my last sentence in my post and he has not upgraded. I wrote the above to avoid confusion.
  8. Yesterday I went for a ride with Joakim and Simon. Both 18XL riders. I mentioned the update to them and they were worried about problems. So they were a bit hesitant and wanted to wait first to see what others report. And today I see this. Thank you so much for this report and feedback! I will let them both know. Also... Simon got soft pedals yesterday at half battery and 30 kmh. When he got soft pedals the 18XL yielded forward, he overcompensated by leaning backwards and then forward again and faceplanted. I told him this is a once in a blue moon thing on the 18XL and it is the first time it has happened to him. I have heard of people getting this at a standstill. He is on 1.13 and it's a 2000W (whine edition from july).
  9. Some new variations or refreshes of wheels come out very quickly. Nikola 100v 1800Wh with 21700 cells. New 18XL. New batch of 16X. MSX 100v 2200Wh with 21700 cells. MSX 100v 1865/1845Wh with 18650 cells. etc The only rumour we have circulating now is regarding a new wheel from Inmotion. The Tesla is a very safe bet and a great well. One of the most attractive things about it is the price and if you buy it from AliExpress it is quite cheap. Then you can pocket the extra money for the next wheel that comes out. It took months for the Nikola 84v to be "safe" to ride. Same for the 16X except it's still hardly safe for most people. So a new wheel is not just a new wheel but also first batch including all first batch problems. The way things look right now... maybe someone will release a new wheel by summer 2020. Maybe. Tesla for $1200 https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33006409669.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.76a02b228t0QKv&algo_pvid=45524034-9f0d-4ffb-914f-a486738d31ee&algo_expid=45524034-9f0d-4ffb-914f-a486738d31ee-6&btsid=8209c1a9-4033-4c79-bb70-76b405369bf1&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_5,searchweb201603_53 MSX for $1500 https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32895987076.html?spm=2114.12010608.0.0.5aac35fbkuQz18 or from Chicway shop 16X for $1699 18XL with large pedals for $1799
  10. Forgot to answer this question. It's a cover she made out of a cheap sleeping mat. It took her a few hours to figure it out but if she did it again she could probably do it faster and with a better material. She's a bit of a handygirl/woman.
  11. I tried the Nik 84V 1600Wh and i've done quite a bit of riding on the Nik+ 1845Wh 18650. This Nik was differently balanced though and with pretty high PSI so I felt there was a lot of side to side movement. Also the pads were stock and quite high. So it wasn't that easy to ride or understand the sensation of speed. I got a surprise tilt-back at ~48kmh also haha. We later turned the tilt-back off and I hit 49kmh but not more as I was unsure as to how fast I was going, did not have a helmet on, etc. I really did like it though and it felt nimble. Now i just have to try out Kenny's 2600Wh version. Thanks! I didn't think it was much of a jump until I reviewed the footage! The MSX is great at doing those kinds of jumps!
  12. Finally got to test the Nikola+ 1800Wh with the 21700 cells. Not used to the wheel so I only touched 49kmh for a brief second there. Very nice wheel though!
  13. Yeah the wind is usually fine unless it gets really cold. Haha I actually used a filter in iMovie to add a bit more contrast and pop and never really thought about it looking even more depressing. Guess i'm just used to these short gloomy days!
  14. 30kmh winds while riding at 50kmh = a lot of wind resistance. I could feel the wind pushing me upright and even wanting to push me backwards.
  15. Oh yeah almost forgot.. size comparison. 75 seconds in (timestamp embedded in URL) Petra has zero complaints about the trolley handle: Me crashing the hell out of her Tesla. Had to snap the side panel back into place. Has never moved since.
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