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  1. Slim cargo armored pants with level 2 knee and hip protectors. Ski pants on top. Rash guard, sweater, armored jacket with level 2 pads. Toasty and happy. Slippy and slidey.
  2. You'll get over it and be back to your old self in no time. And yes I agree on the gear... sucks when shoulder pads or knee pads move about... they protect from the initial impact but road rash just plain sucks.
  3. Congrats on the Nik! You should set the minimum to 79.2v. Sure you can go down to 78.x and get tilted back at 20-30kmh but that is not a good idea and it only buys you an extra 1-2km of range. The Sherman simply allows a deeper discharge in firmware. The 18XL and 16X even deeper than that.
  4. @Ek. here is my latest episode showing Monika wearing the 30/30 casual, slim cargo, size small jacket, and her chest, natural waist, jeans waist and hip measurements are in the video description.
  5. Super kind and nice of you to write such a thing. I am very terrible when it comes to punishing myself. Working my ass off helping LR to catch up! Pretty much back on track now... just gotta hit the gym. It's my only therapy. I can't hide behind doing 180's on the MSX forever. I lol:ed at the archetypal thing...
  6. I had never heard it before. I googled it though and found a music video and a wikipedia article.
  7. I grabbed myself some casual 30/28 yesterday. 30/30 is out of stock. But i'm a short guy so they work perfectly. Here is Monika riding in the casual 30/30 and a size Small Armored Reflective Jacket. I would say of all the jackets the reflective is the least flattering because of the way the reflective material behaves and also the contrast between black and grey makes the shoulder and upper chest look bigger than it is. I'll get her measurements tomorrow and also take some photos with the casual and the slim cargo. She is an A/B cup. Here is a link to her Instagram so
  8. The one with the pants. Time stamp embedded in URL or 23:33 where I start of with my XLMoto chinos and try out the slim cargo and the casual.
  9. Here's a funny story. I have been helping out Lazyrolling for the past 3 weeks now. They had a terrible backlog of tickets. I've handled worse but this was still really bad for a two man company. It has taken me 122 solid hours of grinding so far. So last Friday I brought home a pair of 30/30 armored casual pants and 30/30 armored slim cargo in black. I tried both on and they fit perfectly. I got home, asked Monika to try them on and they fit her perfectly. Not only that but they looked great on her. Though for some reason she prefers the level 1 knee pads, while I prefer the level 2. Per
  10. Thanks! I don't use it but I know exactly how it works. Because it is EUC related. I have an android and a pebble for testing purposes. There are many riders in the group and I help them with their EUC World settings so that we can keep accidents to a minimum, have proper representation of battery usage, etc.
  11. You would have to go back a year to find a 1.4 board so I am pretty sure it will be a 1.5! Finding a 1.4 would be quite a challenge today.
  12. I would imagine something like permatex black silicone would work quite well. Just be aware of the long curing time / drying time. https://www.permatex.com/products/adhesives-sealants/sealants/permatex-black-silicone-adhesive-sealant/ Or you can just use an EUC shower cap. I have yet to hear of any water coming in from inside the wheel... only through the power button / front panel area and in heavy rain.. and this was early batch 16X.
  13. Looks like they don't show up. I usually just paste my pictures. So you can open them in an imaging viewing program and then copy to clipboard and paste from clipboard.
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