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  1. I know what you mean. I am a bit shocked myself when I see myself smoking. Totally out of place considering everything else. Maybe that's what makes it work.
  2. Hola a todos y saludos desde Suecia! Mañana me voy a Barcelona/Badalona com mi mujer. Vamos a estar en Badalona desde lunes 14 de Octubre hasta sábado por la mañana y vamos a estar en un apartamento de AirBnB. Cerca de Plaça de Pompeu Fabra. Los días siguientes hasta el día 22 vamos a estar en Barcelona pero hemos quedado con unos amigos de mi mujer i me imagino que estaremos con ellos ja mayoría del tiempo. El día 22 volvemos a Estocolmo (estoy hasta el colmo ) por la mañana. Si alguno de vosotros quiere juntarse conmigo y con mi mujer algún día escríbeme. Sería un placer conocerles. Ciao!
  3. Mike Sacristan

    v10F Range

    Let's use bicycle numbers and a 3m/s head wind. 20 kmh = 100 watt 30 kmh = 240 watt 35 kmh = 350 watt 40 kmh = 477 watt 45 kmh = 640 watt 50 kmh = 800 watt That's a big power difference from 20 kmh to 35 kmh and most of it is due to wind resistance. If you want the advertised range you need to ride at 20~ish C degrees, 20 kmh and weigh around 60kg and ALSO stick to only flats. Otherwise you can generally get the Wh in the battery and just divide it by 20 to reach an average and the consider if you are average or not. 960Wh / 20 = 48km. 1554Wh / 20 = 77.7km. My riding weight is around 65kg. I did a 35km cruise on the V10F and the battery was at less than 30% so the fun was over. I was riding the tilt back quite a bit though as I was on the cruise with a Nikola rider and an MSX rider. And of course it was windy.. because Stockholm...
  4. Lmao! No pun indeed. Thanks! I love the Ninebot One E+ and I do ride it carefully. It is also tricked into thinking it's a P instead of an E+ so it runs a little faster. I weigh very little so it's fine but sometimes I worry about my wife. Maybe I should throttle it down again. It's an excellent trick wheel and saves my real wheels from taking an unnecessary beating.
  5. Haha thanks! Glad you enjoyed. If it's any comfort, once upon a time some of those single legged exercises did hurt my knees. I powered through though. Funnily enough EUC riding provoked a pain in my right knee but even there I just kept on riding.
  6. Here is our workout from yesterday. Unicycle stuff starts at 07:13 but most of the exercises I chose are related to general fitness and balance which should have decent carry over to EUC riding. I also understand now how extremely challenging it will be to do a handstand on a EUC.
  7. Damn I have 6300km on mine. Original MSX tyre. On my way home last night I was thinking about all those wet leaves out there... and what would happen if I tried a sharp turn on one of them. Then it would be the tyre's fault.
  8. So the wheel is in for repairs and a check up. Here is a quick recap. I ordered the wheel and received it a few days later on August 22nd. I felt that for a wheel like the 16X I would not order it from Ali and needed someone to cover my back. The wheel started getting very short range compared to what I was used to. After some troubleshooting with @US69 we came to the conclusion that 800WH of the battery wasn't being detected. I sent the wheel to 1Radwerkstatt. Big props to 1Radwerkstatt. Their service is amazing and Ulf has been incredibly helpful. They opened up the wheel and there are no signs of dust, dirt or humidity. I have been doing quite a bit of off-roading and I have also been caught in the rain a few times. I did not do excessive long rides in the rain. Rain means time to go home. Heavy rain means search for cover. I have babied the wheel more than I do my MSX. I have been up crazy hills that other EUCs have not been able to climb. I have done off-roading similar to what I do with the MSX. I have also done jumps at skate parks. It's a blast. Here is the culprit: A blasted plug. So should the fuse go first? Did it short circuit because of a metal shaving or loose connection? Hard to say. It's a "life happens" thing in my opinion. I doubt it would have mattered if I would have done anything differently or if I would have been 10 times less or more careful with it. In the 5 weeks I was riding my 16X I put almost 2000km on it. As some of you guys know I don't work. I just ride my EUC and hang out with friends and work out. I love the 16X. It is the most fun wheel I have ever been on. Now I am on my MSX again and the MSX feels great. Which is proof... that the wheel you love is the wheel you ride and there are different wheels for different feels. The MSX is a beast but the 16X unlocks new hills and areas that I couldn't reach before. The 16X is solid as a rock when I ride it and hits 50 kmh with such quickness and stability that it is an incredibly ironic experience. The Nikola+ takes way much more intent to get over 50kmh and it become less stable at those speed. Also ironic lol. As some of you guys know I am a very anxious person when it comes to headaches about stuff that I own. It was such a relief to be able to send it to 1Radwerkstatt and get such excellent service from them. They are going to do some more investigating while they have the wheel. I have no hurry to get it back as I will be going on vacation (from what though lol) to Barcelona next week. Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any questions.
  9. Yes sometimes I wonder how they got there and if they are just bums by choice here in Sweden. Considering all the safety nets.
  10. Mine is KS16X2B190628G002. I can't get it to dip. I tried dipping it at less than 50% battery and was flicking at 40kmh, I did get a please decelerate though. The only times it dipped forward was when I was playing music through the bluetooth speaker. Then it got stuck at around 3-5 degrees and I had to power cycle it. Hardly used the bluetooth speaker since and stick to my Bose Soundlink Micro. One of the battery connectors did burn up though. We still don't know why. So I spent a coupe of days riding an 800Wh 16X. Worked just fine and easily hit 45kmh+ with no issues.
  11. Very similar to the MSX. I made a clip showing some different ways. The key is that the heels are raised since the seat is so low.
  12. Oh yes.. there are quite a few. Homeless, beggars, drunks, drug addicts, etc. That skate park seemed to be a little gathering area for them as well. A couple more popped up. There are also quite a few hanging out in front of the liquor stores.
  13. Forever alone! Awwww. We had a blast. The person laughing in the background when he failed the flag was my wife Monika. Like you said.. in his head he could do it. I would never do it on such a thick pole. A body lever maybe.. a human flag... no. I did some more practice on those 2 stairs going down and with just enough speed they smoothened out like a little ramp. Just like the Alien Ride Tony Vaio tutorial that came out a little over a week ago. Now I just need to try that park again with my 16X when it comes back from repairs.
  14. Human flag tutorial included.
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