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  1. The scenarios with dynamically floating pedals can turn into quite a mess. I imagine this would change my choice of lines while riding. Jumping off a rock would cause the pedals to become lower once I land, some paths have rocks everywhere and I have to make split second decisions or just push through and hope for the best. Clearance is always what has saved me most and the second factor has been agility. However... it might work better than we imagine. Introducing a new system is a change and change leads to further development. I understand what you mean. My view is that I don't like living in an apartment with a ceiling that is 164cm high and me being 163cm tall. With the ceiling slowly lowering itself as the day goes by. I would just love the possibility of being able to go faster now and then. 1- doubtful. Just like the 16X or my ex girlfriend it will say "please stop" just as the fun is getting started. 2 - No we would need much more battery for that. Almost twice as much. 3- Or maybe it will improve the longevity of the wheel! Going from A to B with a timer over my head stresses me to no end. I am very afraid of riding faster than what is comfortable for me. I always try to stay 2 step ahead. It is definitely a game changer. It also looks that they mentioned redundant systems as a safety? We have been wishing for this for a year now on the forums. The last thing I have ever needed to maintain on my MTB is the suspension. Haha yes now that you mention it... horseshoe tracks are terrible. It will all depend on their definition of off-roading. I am sure it will be comfortable to ride though. I guess I am just finding ways to dismiss this new wheel. I would probably feel different if the top speed was 60 kmh.
  2. I spent way too much time at Toys R Us just looking at the toys I could never have.
  3. Well said. I did so many stupid things when I was young. Sometimes when I go to bed I think of some of those stupid things and I my pulse starts racing, my body suddenly twitches or spasms and I feel my face get warm. Somewhere along the way we stopped being kids and turned into adults. Then we became old. Riding an EUC we can break free of that. At least now and then. Remember about those time still scare me, lol, I will never have the courage to do that again... Best sentence ever lol and describes exactly what I have felt many times.
  4. I much enjoyed reading all your posts and I didn't see you come across as angry. I just saw you come across as someone who said what he was hoping for. Then other people started saying that what you are hoping for is "wrong" or unrealistic or unsuitable. You defended your views and I admire you for that. 50kmh is slow. If people don't understand it's because they don't want to understand. It's not that they can't relate it's that they refuse to which I see as a very reoccurring behaviour. Reading things like "I don't understand why anyone would ever want to ride faster than X kmh" rubs me the wrong way to the point of utter disgust and almost hating the person (as well as calling them a pig in my mind and thinking about never talking to /write to them again and maybe find a way to ruin their life without them knowing but then I realise I don't have to because they are already doing it to themselves). Phew can I breathe now? Just about every rider in our Stockholm Cruisers group was disappointed at the speed. The fun starts at 50 kmh. I rarely feel unsafe on my EUCs unless I have too much air in my tyre. If I feel unsafe then I do less of what I am doing until I feel safe again. And practice. Until it feels safe. I ride a 16X with a CX tyre... that's almost as bad as it gets haha. Almost 7000km on it and it still freaks me out sometimes. Something about a boiling frog... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boiling_frog Something about a heap of sand... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sorites_paradox ------------------------------------- Back to the V11... the suspension is going to be a laugh. As the body moves down (or the wheel moves up) two things will change: 1. The distance from the pedals to the ground will lessen. This will cause some nice accidents when off-roading over obstacles. I don't think there was ever a time when off-roading where I thought to myself; "Wow it sure would be great if my pedals suddenly got a few cm closer to the ground right now". 2. The leverage applied to the wheel will change causing some nice changes in acceleration/slowing down. As the pedals move further away from the center of the hub we will be applying X% more leverage. My Mountain Bike has air in it's front forks, I can adjust the amount of air as well as adjust the rebound speed. I can remotely engage or disengage the suspension. There are times I want it and there are times I am trying to do a certain manoeuvre where the suspension will absorb my energy and stop me (like bouncing up a curb). Going down a hill with the front suspension on would be suicide. Maybe this will give us the excitement we are looking for after all. Variable acceleration and disorientation while riding. ---------------------- Monster, MSX (any flavour), Tesla, Nikola (any flavour), MSP can all go over 50kmh. An MCM5 could do it in a pinch as well. An unlocked Z10 can do it as well. Then we have the other top of the line wheels. 18XL and 16X. So of the top wheels there are less that do 50 and more that do more.
  5. Great encounter! Glad to hear there are more of you popping up. Cruising with buddies is fun. I started a WhatsApp group last year for Stockholm EUC riders. We are almost 20 in the group now. If someone is going to go for a cruise they post it so we can have spontaneous get-togethers. Say hi to your wife and I am happy to hear that there are people out there who understand my humour. I don't drink beer that often though I do love beer. And beer together with riding is even more fun because it allows me to loosen up just a tiny bit... a tiny, tiny bit.
  6. Glad you enjoyed! Yeah those guys mean business haha. The acceleration on their boards is crazy. For me to accelerate like that I would have to do some serious practice and also take some pretty big risks.
  7. Lately i've been riding more and more with some serious board riders. Their boards are no joke. If I want to keep up with them I need the MSX and risk overleaning but then I don't have the range and if I want the range the 16X gets me a bit more but not the speed. They have crazy acceleration and top speed. Some of the guys have gone DIY, one has Nazaré and another has a Kaly XL50 which isn't made anymore. If I could get a Kaly at your prices I would definitely do it. We get murdered here with shipping, taxes and customs. The Kaly can go offroad without worrying about gravel getting stuck in a belt. To compete I would need an MSX 100V or Nikola+ and then it would still be a struggle. Some of the DIY riders have foot bindings on their boards and do all kinds of crazy stuff with them. The board riders love their boards. The EUC riders love their wheels. They are the same but different. The EUC requires very little maintenance though and very little investment after the initial purchase. I like the EUC because my body is the remote. I can play with it at skate parks, do crazy offroad, climb stupid things, jump it, ride backwards or on one leg, ride seated. I like boards because I like the surfing sideways stance and with AT tyres it feels more safe than an EUC. Range * speed / money. That's a neat formula I use to determine fun factor. If you have never tried an EUC you should. Only then will you know.
  8. Great post Scottie! Thanks for the mention and i'm glad you enjoyed the videos. I was a slow learner to0 which turned out to be a good thing for me because I made just about every mistake one can make. That has helped me learn more about the don't and not just the do's and it has also made it easier for me to teach others. The MSP will definitely have a nice spot between the 16X and the Monster! The 18XL is also a very lovely wheel. Like you say the hobby isn't really that expensive because when riding we don't spend money on other things like: Going to the movies, going out drinking, etc and trying to get the stink out with money as a band-aid. Thanks for sharing!
  9. I agree about the Monster. I am a small guy. 163cm and weigh 63kg. I like smaller feeling wheels. The Tesla with the 1480Wh is definitely tempting. It was a bit cheaper 2 weeks ago though by around 100 dollars. Ali changes their prices all the time. Still.. it's a good price. A cheap 84v MSX doesn't cost much more though. https://www.chicway.shop/2019-newest-gotway-msuper-x-19inch-electric-unicycleself-balancing-scooter-one-wheel-1600wh-2000wnewest-motherboardhigh-power_p0295.html My friend Simon has been riding his 18XL since July. Lately he has tried the MSX a bit more and he really likes it. He likes that he can push it a bit more and not get tiltback or "PLEASE DECELERATE". Just some nice quiet beeps at 55kmh. Riding at 60kmh+ would be quite an experience though.
  10. Yeah I totally get you. I have the 16X and an MSX and they are very different from each other. I bought them for that reason so that I could have a totally different wheel. The Nikola rides very similar to the MSX but both 100v wheels are expensive. Going for a ride in the city with my friends I was on the 16X and they blew past me at 55 kmh. I died inside a few times haha. I might be able to keep up on the MSX (84v) but I really don't like it when the wheel beeps. The Tesla with the 1480Wh is an aftermarket modification which has been discussed in another thread but still no reviews. On the other hand it is from Loomo and they make the MSX 100v 2200Wh and Monster 100V 3108Wh that a few of the NYC riders are using. Cheap <-> Fast <-> Range You can only choose two. The fastest I have tried is 59.5 kmh on the Nikola 100v. It didn't even beep at me and that was after a 30km cruise. If you only had one year left to live and could only buy one wheel which wheel would you buy? I would buy the 100v MSX with 2200Wh or Monster 100v 3108Wh or Nikola+ with 2664Wh.
  11. Would you buy the 18XL again or would you buy a faster wheel? Could you get 40km range at 30 mph most of the time? We have a 57kg rider who gets her Tesla to beep at 48 kmh. I can't imagine her cruising that way for 40km.
  12. Don't expect to do too much riding at 31mph on a Tesla. For those speeds you should be looking at a 100v wheel.
  13. My wife and I both weigh ~63kg. She mostly rides the MSX and I mostly ride the 16X. The 18XL feels like a toy compared to the MSX especially on the softer pedal modes. It will do half of the work for you. Monika can carve and throw the MSX around like it was nothing. Petra (55kg) has been on the MSX a few times as well but coming from a Tesla she misses the zippiness. Grab an 18XL and you will be set for a long time.
  14. Thanks! I know what you mean. Hope you didn't cringe too much! Some clips on YouTube really get to me.. lately it's been the one with people riding on sidewalks dodging pedestrians.
  15. Yeah it took her ages to find a proper winter riding suit but now she is finally happy. Except it was a tiny bit small so she ordered an extra one a size up. Definitely Bond girl I would say. Wait until the summer.
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