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  1. My long ride of 32 miles on Sunday involved riding a 4 mile stretch of old RR plus a wildlife preserve. Hunting season for pheasant had dissuaded me from taking this route a few days before as one Hunter wearing hunters orange walked the trail with two dogs, each wearing collar bells. So....I took the trail in the opposite direction on Sunday. Nearing the end of the wildlife preserve trail a thirty ish year old looking woman walking two dogs appeared. The quiet Monster did not come to her attention until I was twenty feet or so behind. She turned....chuckled at the silly appearance of an EUC rider and looked at one of her (confused looking) dogs , saying (almost laughing) 'What is that' as I rolled by with about 25 miles yet to go on my ride.
  2. EUC activities aside...last night at 3:00 am a female Tennant two floors below had summoned assistance. The 74 year old woman's request was met by a fire engine, a Police cruiser and an ambulance. The responders needed to break the door to gain entrance to a two apartment hallway. As they escorted her away , the second time in a few weeks, the disheveled woman said ' oh my God' but wasn't in any other physical distress. Official responses for health care costs money.....
  3. Having taken one EUC related trip to the hospital on state funded insurance I now get envelopes asking for donations to the hospital frequently. Above age 65 in my state the free health care funding ends. Riding without health insurance is both risky monetarily as well as 'illegal' in terms of mandated requirements by the state to carry health insurance...pending income tax penalties for failing to buy the insurance
  4. Only if the undesigned concept of perhaps a hi and lo gear were feasible
  5. I spent some time in the health care work environment. Plan B in women's health care connotes something with an essentially destructive outcome.
  6. @Anetageared turbodans seem to be making a go of it despite uneven cool down patterns resulting in longer startup times. What about a geared EUC?🤔
  7. I like the idea of ebikes Two long rides ago on the Monster several 'packs' of color coordinated regular bike rider's were using my route in the opposite direction. The lead riders and I seemed equally fascinated by each other's speed and interests.
  8. One could say that the recent B17 crash supports the 3 out of 4 engines were not enough power thought... http://www.aviationmuseum.eu/World/North_America/USA/Massachusetts/Stow/gallery.htm Dual redundant MBs powering one motor and splitting the amperage output load sounds plausible but I've read that Kingsong protects the motor with a fuse so in a sense redundant MBs might not be feasible from a motor protection point of view. While tits up (flight attitude) might be a nightmare for a pilot it is the preferred anatomic orientation for an euc rider.
  9. While not fitting your defined topic.. My Monster , not a fun favorite for many, has rolled a long way....no cutouts...beefy motor....1600 WHr...84 volt...heavy....$1300 for batteries ($650 x2) My Ninebot.....the opposite...mud guard not required..kinda squirrelish in comparison to Monster....different points of rotation in legs..ankles..hips...a different ride...lots of miles on it... But....the EUC...while fun....tends not to win approval in my neck of the woods... where cars dominate and mopeds and motorcycles win in Sumner. Next best looks to be a beefy ebike like a 'Radpower'. https://www.radpowerbikes.com/pages/ebikes?gclid=Cj0KCQjw9fntBRCGARIsAGjFq5F1MhYBeSGPL6OQ0RSVdCT16cJ96Z3bB3aq2Qv8NMuQ3I68_zbLBnMaAhaOEALw_wcB&utm_campaign=Brand_Google_US_age-all_newengen_ME1&utm_source=AdWords @LanghamPrides an ebike
  10. One motor , dual redundant MB's ? Add $200 to the base price ?
  11. 42 ish degrees F performance for 1600 WHr Monster with new 800 WHr battery (1 of 2), the other 800 Whr battery has 230+ cycles ****** Range calculation: Miles: 28.5 miles 63% depleted battery Start@95% End@33% (after sitting , started at 28 %) 0.45 miles per % battery Temperature@39 F - 45 F Pace was 14 mph average moving speed *****
  12. So.....I bought an inexpensive (< $100) vacuum cleaner a few years ago (green vacuum on the left). The price was right, it uses a filter capture bin rather than custom paper bags to collect floor dust and is not too heavy. In practice, using the green vacuum was a less optimal cleaning experience than I wished for. It's function as a replacement for the ailing belt drive Hoover upright vacuum had some issues. Firstly the rotating brushes spool was half the Hoover's diameter, barely could be used on shag carpet and clogged the brushes with carpet fiber. Secondly, over time, as the polysynth fiber filter in the bagless dust collection bin (which traps dirt and allows clean filtered air to pass back out) became clogged with dust. Replacement filters were not an option and cleaning the filter with a toothbrush and running water was a messy task. Thirdly, the extra amperage required to power the motor to pull air through the filter and collection bin caused the green vacuum cleaner to auto shut off after only a few minutes of hardwood floor cleaning. The vacuum's self reset time for the vacuum cleaner was hours long. Disassembly of the 'hot' motor from the vacuum and manual turning of the motor seemed to remedy the auto shut down. However, in minutes the motor burnout scenario would repeat due to over amperage issues related to a clogged air filter in the collection bin. Moving into a new apartment 'a few years ago' left floor cleaning a mix of manual dust mop use with short bursts of the green machine vacuum. So....the dust had been collecting to a noticeable level in the bedroom, atop baseboard heaters, shelf surfaces, etc. It was time to reinvest in a new vacuum cleaner. Having checked out the local Target's inventory of vacuum cleaners a range of models was found ( both less than $100 and much greater than $100) I mounted my Gotway Monster and set off to the Target store a mile away. I selected the red Dirt Devil seen on the right in the photo. The 12 pound item carried well in my arms as I rode the Monster back to the apartment. After assembly I set about to the task of cleaning a much neglected room. After a few hours of meticulous searching for dust behind, atop and around room objects my first Dirt Devil vacuuming experience was done. And the canister contents emptied into the trash. My new Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner survived burnout bedroom dust collection with it's efficient motor , matched appropriate motor amperage, clear dust bin filtering and easy collection dust disposal. Why buy a Roomba ..... At least for now.😄
  13. @meepmeepmayerI was a teacher in a private boarding school (Winchendon, MA) from about 1979-1985. One of my students in that time period was Chris Lorant. The director of studies, my brother in law, said his father was an well known author of a book about Nazi Germany (I was Hitler's Prisoner) and was old, as father's go. Here are some links about Stefan Lorant, my student's Dad, who married several times. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/obituaries/obituary-stefan-lorant-1294687.html https://www.nytimes.com/1997/11/18/arts/stefan-lorant-96-author-and-magazine-editor.html https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stefan_Lorant https://prabook.com/web/mobile/#!profile/3746162
  14. Monster just turned the WheelLog odometer past 16,000 km which means the original MB , one 800 WHr battery (of 2) , pedal columns, shims and the tire from the original purchase have gone that distance. The rest of the Monster (motor, shell, inner tube, 800 WHr battery (1 of 2), pedals) has been replaced over that time period and the MB recorded the elapsed distance since the purchase. The miles per percent of battery charge in 50 ish F weather has been about 0.45 to 0.5 miles per % or 4.5 to 5.0 miles per 10% depletion of the battery charge. Last Range calculation Miles: 30 miles 60% depleted battery Start@95% End@35% 0.5 miles per % battery Temperature@52 F Pace was slow
  15. Anyone else enjoy watching the Lucas Oil off road race series ? The jumps....the turns...
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