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  1. A cop stopped me last night after I transitioned from the sidewalk to the bike lane. Two people were engaged in conversation and blocked the sidewalk. The cop, travelling in the opposite direction, turned on his blue flashing lights, stopped me and asked 'why I was fighting' with the couple. I responded that I'd just passed them and didn't know them. Then the cop and I went separate ways.
  2. I couldn't resist synthing some sitar:
  3. All was not well in Salem this morning when I rode the Monster to McD's and had coffee. A police car was parked diagonal in the parking lot as if taking charge of an offense....the officer stood inside the eatery pointing out something through the window to an employee. The employee was tasked by the police officer to fix the problem. And later, rehoisting the flag: I come there alot...great wifi access on most days. Spanish is often spoken as well.
  4. Sights from an annual North Shore (of Boston) event at a local airport.
  5. 9-15-2019 Mix of clouds and clear sky Lunar maria https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lunar_mare#/media/File%3AMoon_names.svg Moon 9-15-2019 Moon 9-15-2019 - higher magnification - Mare Crisium with (lower of 2 small craters) Picard crater https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mare_Crisium Note: curved left side is the eyepiece not the lunar edge Moon 9-15-2019 (night enhanced) Moon 9-15-2019 (night enhanced) at higher magnification - Mare Crisium with (lower of 2 small craters) Picard crater https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mare_Crisium Note: curved left side is the eyepiece not the lunar edge
  6. 9-14-2019 Early morning - light haze Moon (night enhanced) - 9-14-2019 early morning Lunar maria https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lunar_mare#/media/File%3AMoon_names.svg *********************** Moon (time-stamped and inverted) - morning of 9-14-2019 Moon (time-stamped) morning of 9-14-2019
  7. 9-13-2019 A good planet see'ing night for Saturn and Jupiter Jupiter's Star Walk 2 orbital model for 7:30 pm 9-13-2019 Jupiter 9-13-2019 about 7:30 pm Saturn 9-13-2019 Saturn 9-13-2019 Moon 9-13-2019 about 10:30 pm Moon (night enhanced) 9-13-2019 about 10:30 pm Lunar maria https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lunar_mare#/media/File%3AMoon_names.svg Me, the moon, Saturn and Jupiter 9-13-2019 360 photo sphere (url) : https://kuula.co/post/7qMF3
  8. 9-12-2019 Moon sequence to date for Sept. Clear night on 9-12-2019 Moon 9-12-2019 Moon (night enhanced) 9-12-2019 Lunar maria https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lunar_mare#/media/File%3AMoon_names.svg Saturn 9-12-2019 Saturn 9-12-2019 Stellarium orbital model for Jupiter on 9-12-2019 (09:03 pm) Jupiter and 3 of 4 moons 9-12-2019
  9. 9-11-2019 Nice clear night Moon - 9-11-2019 ETX 90 Moon - 9-11-2019 (night enhanced plus increased contrast) ETX 90 Lunar maria https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lunar_mare#/media/File%3AMoon_names.svg Jupiter and 4 moons 9-11-2019 Star Walk 2 orbital model Jupiter plus 4 moons 9-11-2019 ETX 90 Saturn 9-11-2019 ETX 90
  10. 9-10-2019 Some clouds, some clear Moon - 9-10-2019 Moon - (night enhanced) 9-10-2019 Lunar maria https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lunar_mare#/media/File%3AMoon_names.svg Moon 9-10-2019 (later) Moon - (night enhanced) 9-10-2019 (later) Star Walk 2 model for Jupiter's moons 9-10-2019 Android phone capture of ETX 90 view of Jupiter and 4 moons on 9-10-2019 at about 9:10 pm Saturn - inverted 9-10-2019 Saturn 9-10-2019
  11. While I confess to clipping an occasional obstacle at much lower speeds with similar consequences 😥, the excellent app features presented at https://electro.club/map/9641 Suggests that he crashed at GPS 55.7825988,37.3966897 with additional speed reports as seen : Spreadsheet values for the EUC at time of crash Battery level, speed and current levels just before the crash The battery level goes to zero for awhile. The higher battery level before and after the crash is in the mid to higher twenty ish percent (25 to 28 percent). Star trek: Captain: Scotty full power. Scotty: Captain...I don't think she can take it much longer Scotty: The dilithium cells are breaking down.... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dilithium_(Star_Trek) Crash data graph:
  12. Google lens translate... "Sold to Nicole, overload warnings not heard (maybe on emotions or because wind) p.s. Itself was not injured, a couple of scratches on the elbows, was almost without protection: only wrist protection Jeans with inserts on the knees + regular jeans on the body (one sleeve to shreds, the second small hole) log from the wheel: https://electro.club/map/9641 Was on a platoon, half a minute before scandalized with skaters who trained ride your child’s bike path tried to convince them that this is not the best place for learning (also on this road, breaking a bunch rules, cars are worn at a speed of 100+)"
  13. Fast moving clouds tonight with some breaks for lunar astrophotography. Moon 9-9-2019 A post processed image: A second post processed image (night enhancement)
  14. In and out of the clouds tonight Moon 9-7-2019 Cloudy night Saturn (near moon)
  15. It was Oct 1945....in the physical world a typhoon had beached many Navy ships in 'Buckner's Bay' Okinawa (Nakagusuku Bay). My Dad and his buddies look happy that they'd be leaving Okinawa. They had made friends with the locals too...not far from Naha. They did a 180 degree (in tour of duty) in late 1945 to early 1946 arriving in Seattle, WA and boarded a transcontinental rail car back to a 'discharge' fort in New Jersey.
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