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  1. fully charge in five minutes https://newatlas.com/asphalt-lithium-metal-batteries/51587/
  2. The one night I decided not to use my additional strobe headlight.😱 So....I bought my 1st eBike in Nov following a tumble on the Monster after hitting a fist sized rock. I wasn't hurt but the idea of falling off the Monster onto the hard surface of the road for such a minor reason was irritating. The Monster's pedal broke, the eBike was on it's way....it all seemed to be working in my favor....eVehicle wise. After 400 miles day/night on the eBike I hit a nail, punctured a tube and learned what pushing a 60 lb eBike with a flat 'fat tire' was really like. A patch over the small puncture he
  3. So....After patching my eBike tire following a nail puncture near a housing construction site (60 lbs of flat fat tire eBike is a tough push back home) I took it out again to the beach, the day before the Northeasterly storm hit yesterday. Today...the surf is up, inches of snow fell and the roads are still snowpack with temps in the twenties (F). On a short ride to the grocery store on the eBike I learned quickly that my eBike is not a wise idea on snow covered roads shared with traffic. On the plus side I saw a new $2 local-only ride share service sponsored by my town. The app
  4. I was born prior to 1960.....my legs sort of don't work nimbly or strongly as when I was younger. Here is a picture from the 1990s. Rise early....drive 3 hr to New Hampshire...climb its highest mountain by 1:30 pm....down climb (hardest part).....drive home....arrive back by 10pm.....sleep in bed at home....great ... exhausting FUN.. No kids...fewer responsibilities than yourself....go for it man....enjoy.
  5. @Bridgeboymaybe the phrase 'two types of riders' is a carryover from motorcycling. Lots of the euc fall discussions began with lower powered machines. Here's one Google search link https://www.3euc.com/gear/#:~:text=There are two types of,wish they had suited up. Good luck !
  6. Agreed Debatable....old saying was something like ...there are two kinds of riders....those who have fallen and those who eventually will.....but perhaps it's not valid with the Sherman.
  7. My feelings about heavy wheels include the inevitable bail out or fall. No other occupations of time for motorized fun accept loss of control of the ridden device as part of the norm (with a few talented EUC rider exceptions). So....this opens the possibility of your wheel impacting something unintended while you are not riding upon it.
  8. Heavy battery shipping reference for 84 volt Monster 2 batteries = 30 lbs total (less packing material when installed) for a 1600 WHr configuration Weight distribution is on a vertical-orientation and extending from the base of the pedal column to almost the top of the case. One 800 WHr battery for Monster (Monster can use up to 3 for 2400 WHr) Shipping weight from eWheels The contribution of the motor weight (less packing material but without the weight of the tire) to the total 84 Volt Monster
  9. The battery chemistry adds lots of weight to the otherwise light, small radius and mobile (in battery solvent) lithium ion. Some Lithium battery chemistries: Lithium NCA (LiNiCoAlO2) (Lithium, nickle, cobalt, aluminum oxide) Li: 6.9 (molar mass in grams) Ni: 58.7 Co: 58.9 Al: 26.9 O2: 16.0 x 2 = 32 Total: 183 grams for (LiNiCoAlO2) Lithium is 3.8 % of the total ********** Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) (Lithium iron phosphate) Li: 6.9 (molar mass in grams) Fe: 55.8 P: 30.9 O: 16.0 x 4 = 64 Tota
  10. So...I've been following this rider on Instagram. He does big jumps. His latest from one of his posts (as a gif) https://www.instagram.com/tv/CIWcow8qbXh/?igshid=d8nepbrma274 EUC on a bike jump! Me....I've been riding an eBike, being careful in traffic, checking out what's covered on Medicare supplemental plans and following a PhotoPills moonrise workshop for imaging the moon at a specific place.
  11. There's a LinkedIn profile matching your name. If you don't mind my asking did you graduate from a school in Binghamton around 2007 ? I-Dad-Mother-Grandfather were born in Binghamton. https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/58113162/catherine-b.-eisenmann
  12. @Casey DeanFor the last few hundred miles I've been riding an eBike. My Monster has taken a back seat to it. After texting with a Junior High friend (1960s) who moved to North Carolina recently , nearer to his father, I rode the RadRunner eBike along a route to Boston I've used many times on the Monster. Just before arriving at Harvard Square there is a bike shop. An eBike made by Batch ($2199) sits in the window. A review of the bike said it has good range but an uncomfortable seat. I'd window shopped at the spot several times but decided not to buy the Batch seen (barely) in the wi
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