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  1. Actually I'm not a Photoshop user. I've used this app for Android which is optimized for recognizing people. Open the picture in the app, run it and apply the transparent alpha channel to a new photo. I've been riding something new for the last 120+ miles. While the RadRunner was in shipping transit I took a grocery run on the Monster. A jogger was using the sidewalk....I transitioned to the wide shoulder of the road, hit a fist sized rock, tumbled in an unplanned but we'll executed Parkour-like move onto my back and noticed the Monster's pedal broke. I was
  2. I should have said some remaining monarchy's exist in Europe....anyway ... thanks for the explanatory map.
  3. @Coco66 A bit off the topic of ballot counting, election results delays , etc. but.... Live from the Byfield Parish(1702) burial grounds https://www.byfieldparish.org/ next town over from the town of Rowley(settled in 1639) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rowley,_Massachusetts ...not that long ago by European standards. They grew a lot of salt hay in the marshes of Newbury.
  4. @Coco66 The geopolitical landscape for places I've lived, visited or was taught about in school in the US contrasts in the timeline continuum from Europe which traces it's history to artifacts from the stone age, Neanderthal bones, castles, monarchies, various conquests and the crusades to mention a few. Timeline of statehood in US for several states : Ex. California - statehood 1850 Hawaii - statehood 1959 Alaska - statehood 1959 North Dakota - statehood 1889 As a kid in grade school I lived in Pennsylvania, moving from NY State. My Dad bought a house a
  5. "You still have horses?"🤭 Voting results as of Friday morning looked like: Maybe Europe has more significant problems with mail in ballot fraud. Maybe the smaller physical size of European countries makes showing up at a voters home voting station less of an issue than for the US which also includes Alaska and Hawaii "The conterminous United States extends 4,662 km (2,897 mi) ENE — WSW and 4,583 km (2,848 mi) SSE – NNW . It is bordered on the N by Canada, on the E by the Atlantic Ocean, on the S by the Gulf of Mexico and Mexico, and on the W by the Pacific Ocean, with
  6. First time hearing: California Dreaming https://youtu.be/8pRBM0tlXRs Monday Monday https://youtu.be/ZFmoMHkeAf0 Ain't Nobody https://youtu.be/7LyeyUIf7x8 September https://youtu.be/hfxbulRsPaY Ice Ice Baby https://youtu.be/C8jnQx5YZgI I Feel For You https://youtu.be/VJ66bgX7Fj4 War Pigs https://youtu.be/r974p1CEEO0 Start Me Up https://youtu.be/lpfa4DE59XY Gimme Shelter https://youtu.be/cGnYKYbdX1Q Play That Funky Music https://youtu.
  7. The white stuff was here for a few days Passing a heron in the salt marsh on a grocery run, the bird was still in the same place when I returned on the Monster with a camera in the 32 degree weather. My finger seemed to need extra thought to make it squeeze the shutter button in the low light at iso 3200, tweaking the RAW file back to this pic: Today the temps are 60ish and the sidewalks snow free. Falling on my face a couple weeks ago at a snail's pace after hitting a leaf covered hole in the sidewalk-curb junction my armchair thoughts turned to my knees, which become
  8. A recent YouTube release ....
  9. Next train to Boston.... 2:52 pm
  10. You should check out the instructional kizomba vid: https://youtu.be/A5eru3E5SAY Or one of the synchronous lady style videos https://youtu.be/lAbntBHJWns to look for the elements of the kizomba dance in the kizomba/country video.😏👯
  11. https://youtu.be/ZrTE6UNIuwY Something like kizomba/country boot skootin boogie. Girls are definitely hinged differently than guys at the hips.😋
  12. Outtake from an MSX Country Wobble dance session.
  13. I'm not sure why I first found and watched this video...Maybe it was the title graphic. Or finding out that Nicole Kidman lives in Nashville with her husband Keith Urban (country singer) or that she and Jimmy Fallon once dated.....
  14. It's right about here (near the McD's) 37°47'20"N 122°24'06"W if you need to refresh your memory (Google Street view) about pre CoVid times at the address.
  15. From a prescription refill run to Boston earlier this week. After putting 10 miles on the folding bike yesterday (relative drudgery), with all kinds of positive feedback from people, I went for a night Monster ride (electrifying) out onto Nahant (island connected by causeway). The negative feedback started on the bike path, continued onto a pedestrian walk and crescendoed on the return ride where from the unseen darkness of a playground near a state University the words 'a one wheel mann' were heard. I didn't say anything back to the voice in the darkness but it's worth n
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