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  1. I received this in late March from a landlord regarding a lease renewal offer. Mine is 'DocuSign.com' though.🙄😕🤫 https://i.ibb.co/cyk1bTS/Screenshot-20200406-225053.png
  2. So....I ignored the guidelines and rode to the beach. Parking along the coast is no longer allowed for cars to enforce the social distancing. This guy on roller blades had a breezy idea: A few weeks ago my doctor increased my blood pressure meds which leaves me sometimes groggy. The beach ride and a few other times the bend over to extend the pedals and then standing motion leaves me light headed. Riding this way is not healthy although it seems to usually pass. Come to think of it this beach ride was the worst (feeling) I've ever had. After leaving the beach I felt better...perhaps a legal effect as well as a health only effect. I read about Venus (easy to find) and the Pleiades star cluster conjunction (Fri Sat ,Sun) so I tried my luck on a cloudy night. I shot both jpg and raw format and cropped the processed image that overexposed Venus. This was much safer than riding light headed. Jpg Processed RAW Nothing like staying inside the apartment all day.... Pleiades (aka 7 sisters, m45, ) looks like this in the app
  3. @Hunka Hunka Burning Love From the Spark drone forum (a Calgary video)
  4. I think LUTs (many available) are fun but it's easy to go overboard without noticing what other changes you make. I like minimal adjusting when shooting and correcting with my new camera (Auto adjust and not much more). A forum I joined gave me a flatering award for a Narcissus! I'm learning that some pictures I take have little audience interest.🙁 by Bob Eisenman https://www.viewbug.com/photo/88586447
  5. In D. Resolve, once you make a color adjustment in a certain way you can export the adjustment as a LUT (look up table) and then use LUT in one step (using a node adjustment) with other similar clips.😊
  6. https://euc.world/ https://euc.world/getapplication
  7. @n2eus Fiddling with DaVinci Resolve BEFORE: AFTER: (decreased saturation plus color wheel changes esp. Gamma)
  8. @n2eusdropping the saturation gives this effect
  9. From an internet news story: https://www.popville.com/2020/03/band-of-electric-unicycle-riders-spotted/ 21st and Pennsylvania Ave, NW. (Washington D.C.)
  10. @travsformation several times this week I've travelled to a Boston hospital. Each time , in order to gain entry to the hospital to pick up prescription meds (running out in a staggered fashion), I was required to be screened by answering several questions about COVID-19 and then issued a green visitors sticker. Rather than wait till running out of one med later next week I made and early request on Friday in order to avoid whatever crisis might be looming as time went on in the virus crisis. I was in and out by noon. At 2 pm this batch email was dispatched. "Dear Patient Gateway User, As part of Mass General Brigham's (Partners HealthCare) COVID-19 response efforts, all scheduled non-urgent appointments and procedures will be deferred or shifted to a virtual appointment for the duration of the State of Emergency in Massachusetts. All urgent and essential appointments will remain as scheduled, however, if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, please call your health care provider before your visit. For your safety and the safety of others, please do not come to clinic or emergency room unless you have been instructed to do so. As always, if you are experiencing a medical emergency please continue to call 911 or go to your closest Emergency Department. Your provider's office will contact you regarding any modifications to upcoming appointments. Thank you for helping us keep our community safe by limiting the spread of the virus and allowing our teams to care for the sickest patients." On a different note 'Harvard University's commencement will be held online in 2020 and their students (and some other schools) have been asked not to return from spring break....working in classes online instead. Strange times indeed for 2020 so far. I have an appointment in May that seems to be affected by the email message....not sure what to make of it yet in terms of compliance. Someone I used to work with used to vacation in Barcelona...it must be nice! And another managing coworker (from Toronto) would travel frequently to Italy for vacations. Speaking of Canada...the nightly news says that the US/Canadian border is now closed except for specific types of traffic.
  11. "You can also book a stay or an activity for summer 2020." https://www.sepaq.com/pq/msb/nouvelles/nouvelle.dot?id=37374830-131a-4371-a026-45151e4d5c1c
  12. 🙈🙉🙊
  13. I found the foil surfboard kind of interesting to watch...very fast..no wake The ability to foil surf independent of an external sail (or motor) was news to me. Here are four interesting videos I found on YouTube that use foil surfboards and waves (as power): foil starts at 1:03 in the first video
  14. 🧐😨😱🤧😷🤮🤢 https://www.sepaq.com/pq/msb/nouvelles/nouvelle.dot?id=37374830-131a-4371-a026-45151e4d5c1c "March 20, 2020 COVID-19: closure of access to territories until further notice We know that we can count on a clientele that has everyone's health at heart and who wants the exceptional situation related to the context of COVID-19 (coronavirus) to be behind us so that we can start to connect with others and the nature. For security reasons and in order to avoid public gatherings, we must close access to the national parks, wildlife reserves and tourist establishments of Sépaq. You will therefore no longer be able to access it from March 21, 2020 and until further notice." https://www.sepaq.com/pq/msb/nouvelles/nouvelle.dot?id=37374830-131a-4371-a026-45151e4d5c1c
  15. I rode towards Boston on Wednesday recording part of the return ride on EUC World. https://euc.world/tour/584702469206149 Locally the grocery stores are short on some items... at multiple locations. Yesterday (Thursday), a trip to a pharmacy in Boston by bus/train with a stop for coffee at the hospital area food court found the social distancing rules applied to one public eating area....only a few well spaced tables and much free space....take out food orders are ok. The ride back along the beach on Wednesday found this guy practicing social distancing while having fun. Looks like one of those boards with a flying fin underneath.
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