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  1. This is sort of an off topic about how I spent the day.... 'froknowsphoto.com' says that shooting RAW format photos and video is the way to go to get the best color your camera can provide. Of course processing RAW files with Adobe Lightroom CC would be the better/easier way to go using a monthly subscription. I have a YI 4K action camera, but not a DSLR, which has a shoot in jpg+raw mode. DNG (digital negative format) is YI 4K's storage format for RAW at about 5x the jpg filesize. I like the YI 4K jpg's but wanted to try DNG color correction since 'Fro' promotes shooting in RAW. Android has a (free) Lightroom app which I use a lot and which reads DNG files.. The YI 4K jpg's are ok (corrected) when optical correction is enabled on the camera. The pitch angle of the camera when shooting can make it break the jpg shot when scene lines are found to not be vertical. but the DNG's (jpg+RAW) of the same image retain optical distortion from the wide angle lens. Image color using Android Lightroom can be adjusted to the equivalent of YI 4K jpg. Blue channel and color histogram Lightroom was easy to use as an automatic color correction of the DNG's. Additional corrections can be applied too. The internet tells me that the ideal way to correct DNG color and optical distortion is with Adobe Lightroom / PS monthly subscription but options like rawtherapee exist for some RAW files. I tried using 'rawtherapee' with and without GIMP but the autocorrect distortion did not find the requisite embedded 'jpg' in the metadata of the YI 4K's DNG file....so there's no optical distortion correction benefit to using rawtherapee with YI 4K DNG files. It was fun to sort through the various aspects of shooting the YI 4K in RAW but I'll stick with the camera fixed jpg's for now. BTW...the paid version of DaVince Resolve can make a distortion free short image movie from an imported DNG file... however the free version covers the distortion free short-movie-from-DNG with a full screen watermark. The optical correction is equivalent to YI 4K jpg's.
  2. To reorganize my brain in the aftermath of a Nov hospital stay? ... Slowly getting organized. Sharps trash?
  3. I've decided that it isn't for sale. However, for a fifty dollar handling fee + shipping costs it's yours.
  4. The broken motor which you are interested in was crashed relatively few times , I think less than five. However one crash resulted from a pedal breaking while in motion. This crash probably damaged the motor axle the most as it tumbled about before stopping, leaving the pedal sheared off. A replacement pedal was used for awhile as a fix. After about a month the motor axle bend was noticably off , as seen while replacing the shell in Oct 2018 to remedy a cracked and loose blue shell. Before the pedal breaking off problem and before the motor became audibly dysfunctional it was used a little for bumpy trail rides And a semi-regularly on a longer route for which this video shows the last half of the ride. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YMNExYJJVdZ2cfmjutHqY7AU72oMQiIW/view?usp=drivesdk The motor you are interested in is both priceless and worthless to me aside from looking inside to marvel at the amount of electromagnetic tech that is inside. I transitioned to the Monster following several thousand miles on a Ninebot One E+ and a broken shoulder while riding it. The Monster, aside from the pedal sheering off episode, had been a positive experience until last November 2019 when I pitched off headfirst onto a metal guard rail post requiring some plastic surgery (stitches) to my face. I thought it would be interesting to mount the Monster, post 2019 injury, and make a short video, which you commented on. At 66 it is debatable whether riding the red Monster aggressively as a go to electric vehicle is a wise idea for me, especially in the winter while I'm still without health insurance, which is itself an ongoing endeavor, since age 65 when the health insurance rules change and my stubborn ways of thinking about getting older go head to head with the consequences of riding a self balancing one wheeled device.
  5. Wikipedia says Orland and it's Vermont settlers go back to the early 1834. "Orland is recognized as the first settlement in Steuben County,[7] populated by immigrants from Vermont and originally known as Vermont Settlement. Each year in late July, Orland celebrates this heritage with the Vermont Settlement Festival. Orland was settled in 1834 after a Vermont man named John Stocker had gone prospecting for his family and the families of his neighbors. Stocker chose this particular piece of land because of the rich burr-oak openings he found. Pioneers coming from Windham County, Vermont arrived shortly thereafter and built a Baptist church.[8] The town established a post office in 1837.[9]" My older cousin on my mother's side did a geneology that traces a Stephen Tucker (1794-1882) who travelled from Halifax, VT (in Windham county) in 1814 to Jackson, Pennsylvania where he started a farm. https://books.google.com/books?id=NrxCAQAAMAAJ&pg=PA134&lpg=PA134&dq=stephen+tucker+javkson+pa+halifax+vermont&source=bl&ots=nmaOfKGv_s&sig=ACfU3U19hwptn-C-Gvyjbig4pX-fzZN_dQ&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjj0IT0jfDmAhXGLs0KHbkkBjcQ6AEwAHoECAEQBA#v=onepage&q=stephen tucker javkson pa halifax vermont&f=false I still think about how the man ventured what seemed like a long distance on foot (Vermont to Pennsylvania). His daughter Clarissa (one of 11 kids )provides Tucker family details in an old book published after her death using her married name Clarissa Tucker Tracy. She became a teacher (botany) in Wisconsin at Ripon college. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clarissa_Tracy Apparently the 1834 journey to Indiana from Windham county VT (same county as the town of Halifax) was no less impressive. Vermont winters get cold and snowy and the Green Mountains have quite a few ski resorts. My cousin visited the (maternal to Stephen T.) Tucker Family gravesite in Halifax (Windham County) Vermont. My maternal grandfather's middle name was Evander. Evander was one of Stephen Tucker's (1794-1882) 11 kids.
  6. Yeah...I still have the '84 volt' motor. A year later. The axle appears not to be broken in the sense of a visibly cracked (on the motor's external side) part perpendicular to the plane of the motor/wheel. Instead, one pedal seems to free rotate independent of the other. Opening the motor housing didn't she'd any additional light on the free rotation of the pedal column. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OGATf_ikc9l0Yk66zkkS6QKfJWM-Ji39/view?usp=drivesdk https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lKgFxj7LwOHDHvAeCe6hFGx1J6cFtWdX/view?usp=drivesdk The new motor shipped with different bullet connectors than those used on the Monsters main board's (non fast power shutdown version of board) three power connectors. The old motors power connectors were cut off, used to connect the main board and spliced into the new motors power wires (less newer bullet connectors) rather than replacing the old bullets. https://flic.kr/p/2aVCuQj https://flic.kr/p/PW3oZk Hadn't thought about giving it away. No snow in the forecast for awhile. Hadn't thought about giving it away as such. The new motor/wheel/axle was several hundred $ to buy and ship. Need to focus on another (non-euc) issue this week. Maybe you could try me again in a week. I've read lots of good things about the 100 volt Monster which you claim in your profile. The 84 volt version Monster shell (internal posts) is fragile in a crash....kind of a weak point. This one (red) is a replacement of the original (blue).
  7. So....why does exercise improve blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetes? Normal is 80-100. There is a 'transporter' for glucose in muscle tissues. Glucose, when transported into the cell , is used to create ATP for muscle contraction and other cell metabolism processes. There are about 14 different glucose transporter types and several that cotransport glucose along with sodium. For muscles the GLUT4 transporter is the one affected by both insulin and vigorous muscle excertion. As I've read.... the GLUT4 is not present on the cell surface at all times. When not present on the cell surface it is inside the cells in 'vesicles' which 1_ fuse with the cell membrane when insulin binds to the insulin receptor on the cell surface...relocating the GLUT4 transporter to the cell surface 2_ fuse with the cell membrane during vigorous muscular excercise.....relocating the GLUT4 transporter to the cell surface As long as the GLUT4 transporter is present on the cell surface, a transient event rather than a permanent relocation, glucose can be taken up from the blood stream. The addition of more GLUT4 transporters due to vigorous muscular excertion increases the amount of glucose that can be transported into the cell from the blood. GLUT4 present on the cell surface due to vigorous excercise stays there for a day or so and the improvement in lowering blood sugar in type 2 diabetics can be seen (measured) for more than one day.
  8. So....I bought a folding bicycle. It rides like this 360 video shows, is good exercise, lowers my blood sugar (if I watch my diet), is too strenuous when riding uphill and fits on the train. For longer rides I find it both uncomfortable and overly tiring. Unlike the Monster it fits the community plan for bike path use. The Monster has been waiting patiently for another ride since my November crash. A short 360 GoPro Fusion video is rendering ......
  9. A picture of a Gotway Monster motor with several thousand miles of riding on it including many rides in the rain. No (in the) salt water beach rides....ever. Looks uncorroded for the most part. The 22 inch wheel keeps the motor 'above water'. The Northeast US climate is not humid , as described for a Seattle ebike motor. The axle had broken and the replacement ships as a motor/wheel/axle assembly. Happy New Year!
  10. Just when I thouhht I had all the bumps in my electric unicycle path memorized ......😲 At the site of my crash I found a mismatched sidewalk block that was obscured by leaves and the darkness of night. Sort of a speed bump effect.
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