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  1. Bob Eisenman


    Winter ride to Boston on the refurbished Gotway Monster.
  2. 1-12-2019 Jane has emailed a new bank and account to use for the wire transfer plus an additional bank required address in a WeChat conversation we had last night. Hopefully the next payment attempt will transfer as expected.
  3. Bob Eisenman


    I'll have to save that video for later on public WiFi...I'm on LTE wireless at $5 a GB right now.
  4. Bob Eisenman


    Pretty cool drone technology. It goes in front of and behind the subject in this video
  5. Bob Eisenman


    Looks like the smallish tree to the right of the big tree at about 1:03 caused a flight path diversion (right) into the forbidden thin stuff (next to the big tree) while tracking you. AVOID THIN STRUCTURES Also, be extra careful when flying in environments that contain thin branches, telephone or power lines, ropes, netting, wires, chainlink fencing, transparent surfaces like windows, or reflective surfaces like mirrors.
  6. Bob Eisenman


    I have that problem on one side of my Monster. I always assumed it was corrosion from road wetness bonding the bolt to the foot rest. The bolt is darkly discolored slightly along it's length ...right? Anyway....an old tool in the tool kit works well....I think it's called a pin punch https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00QV2I896/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_t1_JztoCbTVFCRAC When the pedal bolt gets to a point where it doesn't slide out freely you insert the pin punch behind the stuck bolt and hammer away gently without causing damage to the threads (used by the end hex screws) by the forced tool. This always works for me including the reassembly process.
  7. Bob Eisenman

    The Photo Thread

    Someone on the Spark drone forum said to try iso100 for two seconds for night drone photos. My red Monster is barely visible leaning against a light post next to my blue back pack. No snow to speak of yet in North Shore of Boston. Check out (click link) this photo sphere: https://panoraven.com/slider/0N5aXQCckI I have no fancy pads nor full face helmet to show ...just an old grey down parka from the 1970s...when my weekly budget in college was $5......in the days before drones....and EUCs...when I weighed 60 pounds less than I do now....and my left shoulder was anatomically correct.
  8. 12-31-2018 Payment for the Gotway Monster motor (received) was returned from the China Construction Bank with a notification that , as Jane Mo indicated, the account number used was no longer in active use....plus a message from my bank to contact Gotway for the latest account to be used for a wire transfer. 1-1-2019 Jane Mo forwards the 'new' account by email...a Hong Kong Bank "here it is. Bank Name: Hang Seng Bank Limited Account Name:kebye electronic limited Account Number xxxxxxxxxxxxx Bank Address:83 Des Voeux Road Central,HK" 1-1-2019 Jane Mo writes "Thanks" In reply to my email that the wire transfer was made 1-6-2019 Jane Mo writes "we didnt receive the payment ,can you check it with your bank?thanks in advance." 1-7-2019 I write: "Dear Jane, My bank called me today about the wire transfer. They received an email which states THE ACCOUNT (NUMBER?) THAT YOU PROVIDED DOES NOT EXIST. " 1-7-2019 My bank is refunded the $45 wire transfer fee plus the amount of payment for the Gotway Monster motor, inner tube shipping fee and a discretionary amount to cover any costs incurred by Hang Send Bank Limited
  9. https://electroway.ru/blog/news/novoe-ogromnoe-monokoleso-aikesu/ Maybe it's an EUC version (motor+pedal-columns+pedals+ shell+Lipo battery) of the sit-down rideable. "2018 Aikesu Gotway electric unicycle electric motorcycle wide tire 1000W motor,max speed 35km/h,60V 6.4AH,Aange 45km 18inch" https://m.aliexpress.com/item/32860721367.html?trace=wwwdetail2mobilesitedetail&productId=32860721367&productSubject=2018-Aikesu-Gotway-electric-unicycle-electric-motorcycle-wide-tire-1000W-motor-max-speed-35km-h-60V
  10. Bob Eisenman


    Me, my Spark drone and the Monster.
  11. Bob Eisenman

    The Photo Thread

    Upper and lower Pencarrow lighthouses from Google photo spheres
  12. Bob Eisenman

    The Photo Thread

    Some Google Street view coverage followed by several spheres, including the 'upper' lighthouse.
  13. Bob Eisenman

    The Photo Thread

    Maybe 40 - 45 km round trip?
  14. Bob Eisenman

    The Photo Thread

    Is that a prototype helmet for the 'faceplant alert system' with Bluetooth integrated helmet to phone communications ? When activated by a violent fall: Faceplant alert: can I help ? FA helmet wearer: I'm probably ok...got wobbles doing about 35 kph Faceplant alert: anything broken ? FA helmet wearer: heck no....numb shoulder...and now I'm standing up...will ride back to home Faceplant alert: okee dokee....
  15. Bob Eisenman

    The Photo Thread

    As Trump was winging his way to Iraq (or slightly after landing there) I was out on a long ride (18 ish miles). The sunset over the health clinic was colorful and I left my Monster out of the picture. Along the way at two different locations police cars were running about in traffic (and traffic lights) with their blue police lights flashing perhaps unrelated to the President's trip.