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  1. The Boston 4th of July flyover with 5 waves of aircraft going on to NYC and Philadelphia was due at 4 pm yesterday. The route was a flyover of the USS Constitution and Fenway Park. With only few other camera carrying watchers near the MIT spot I anticipating a flyover on the other side of the river but instead they flew directly overhead. The Monster and I made it all the way to the Charles river and then back to my apartment.
  2. Ride safe..... It was about 12 pm several days ago when the thud of impacting vehicles was heard several doors away. The wheel screeching sounds or ricocheting sounds from secondary object impacts was NOT heard. In two other vehicular incidents in memory (one a roll over) my attempts to call 911 immediately after were met with the response 'we are aware of the situation'. People in my neighborhood are fast phone responders. Rather than call 911 I decided to wait for the impending arrival of first responder vehicles and their flashing lights (blue=police, white=ambulance, red=fire truck). When the red flashing lights illuminated my bedroom walls I decided to look outside and saw the arriving fire truck. Several buildings away near the base of a turn followed by a vaulting commuter rail overpass was a large collection of first responder vehicles. I took a photo and went back to sleep for the night....I would read about it in the local news the following morning. The next day the morning TV news stations were all broadcasting live from the scene where an off duty officer was killed in a vehicle crash the night before. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wcvb.com/amp/article/salem-police-officer-dies-in-head-on-crash/32977299 "SALEM, Mass. — An off-duty Salem police officer has died after a head-on crash late Thursday night."
  3. I'd guess that the Monster's motor, battery and main board are a strong combo no matter how it's boxed together to give it a fresh look. One the meds I'm on sometimes makes me light headed for a short time after stepping up onto the pedals while mounting so I'm not sure raising the pedals is something I'd want to try. For me the stamina to ride long distances, especially on bumpy irregular surfaces, is becoming a health realted issue but that's another story. I'm on the second motor. Nice photos! Negative reactions from 'people' tend to bother me more, like the auto driver who, in a light fog, came to a stop mid traffic blocking his lane, laid on his horn for several seconds while I continued in the opposite direction in the breakdown lane at least ten lateral feet away on a road section called 'dead man's curve'. On the other hand 'people' at the beach think little of going knee deep into the red algae bloom at the beach seen to the left in my recent picture post.
  4. 72 degrees F...riding to Boston..picture is Nahant beach
  5. Pictures from a ride to Salisbury beach Mass., Seabrook, NH and Hampton beach New Hampshire. The beach was fogged on the ride north and upon arriving. By afternoon and after lunch the fog had lifted for the ride back. At the bridge to Seabrook one couple was enjoying a ride on a three wheeler A fisherman was returning The nuclear power plant was peacefully generating a lot of neutrons and electric power One guy was jumping waves on a jet ski And the seagulls were riding the winds over Salisbury beach
  6. @meepmeepmayerhey...I was reading about astronomy stuff and learned of Wendelstein observatory http://www.wendelstein-observatorium.de/wst_en.html And...the eRosita x Ray telescope (German/Russian) released an x ray map of the universe. Munich (as I have read) is the home of MPE (Max Planck Extraterrestrial) https://www.mpe.mpg.de/eROSITA
  7. On the commuter rail ride to Newburyport the train stops in Hamilton where a WWII tank sits (seen from the train) in Patton Park about 50 - 60 feet from. 42°36'52"N 70°52'17"W Patton is associated with Hamilton. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2012/05/13/patton-estate-becomes-part-his-adopted-hometown/ELJxnEB0itYIMFpV6n8PxI/story.html%3foutputType=amp " HAMILTON - General George S. Patton’s legacy is as stalwart in this North Shore community as the Sherman tank guarding a park named for the World War II hero in the town center. Patton came to live in Hamilton in 1928, on a country estate of fertile fields and horse trails running along the Ipswich River."
  8. Taking a break from the heat in Georgetown. An interesting falls/pond-dam along the ride.
  9. Well.....in a sense ... I've been hunting for birds the last few weeks with a camera. I saw a nest atop a 'nesting pole' several days ago in Salisbury Massachusetts and returned this weekend with a camera and tripod. Cropped part of a 300mm lens photo. Google 'Lens' says it's possibly an Osprey. A search with Google for Osprey nesting sites in that area (Plum Island) with turned up an 'Osprey nest map' website for the area. This nest (near to Newburyport) is recorded as such on the map...which shows many nests. Nest platforms are most frequently seen as without nest structures. According to this video from YouTube, the hatched Ospreys eventually flap their wings and take flight. For the Osprey, the transition to flight from the nest is in stark contrast to a species of gosling which soon after hatching fall (gosling base jump) great distances to the ground after leaping out to follow the parent. The video of the plummeting gosling is kind of gut wrenching.... I watched an Osprey (V22 that is) land on Boston Common years ago. The propwash was so forcefully that several leaf branches from a tree broke off as the V22 Osprey passed several feet above on approach to the landing zone. Maybe it was this one...
  10. Photos from the rail trail Glacial Boulder in marsh Walker in the distance Northern Blue flag (Iris) along the trail
  11. 80 degree weather along the Massachusetts coastal communities. A geese gosling group atop a marsh rock along a rail trail.
  12. It was warm today.....I'd been riding twenty five to thirty or so miles for the he last 3 of 5 days. It was so warm that arriving in Boston/Charlestown I had only used forty one percent of the Monster's 1600 wHr fully charged capacity in 22 miles...mostly flat and at 11 mph average moving speed. My battery use habits are simplistic....Monster goes on the charger (standard) when not being used....it is unplugged when the LED turns green....leaving it on the charger with a green LED for hours while I sleep has never been a problem. As a Ninebot One E+ rider, prior to the Monster, I grew tired of the BMS throttling after ten or so miles and never considered riding while on the BMS to be fun. Gotway's Monster rides from 100 to 20 percent without making a piezoelectric beeping warning sound. Riding below twenty percent is a beeping constantly experience. I tend to plan not ride the Monster when the battery is below 10% and ride much more conservatively at that battery range....hopefully within a mile or two from home. I don't really appreciate how the EUC is engineered to deliver this level of performance....Kudos to @Chriullfor posting his info.🙄 WARM WEATHER is for sure a positive riding factor for this all year long New England weather rider. A ride a few days ago took me past the strip club that remains closed due to CoVid 19 Today's ride went within a block of the Squire. An attractive buxom woman outside the Dunkin nearby wanted to know if she could take a photo of the Monster....😏 I wanted to ask if her boobs were real but thought it better to silently and softly stand beside her while she enjoyed imaging the Monster with her phone. We all recharge in different ways....😁 My ride's purpose was to buy a computer storage device at a Cambridge electronics/computer store...thank you government stimulus payment! I decided to continue to ride on through the gates of Harvard University before heading back to the commuter rail station in Boston. Arriving back at the Commuter rail station early for the 5:30 pm ride (30 minutes back to my town) the miles travelled was 29 miles with lots of battery left...(forgot how much exactly). The rail station was almost empty, benches for sitting gathered together and roped off...it looks about the same weekdays due to CoVid 19. Monster is back on the charger for the night. Some times I wake up in the middle of the night...notice that the charger's LED is green and unplug it in an abundance of caution.
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