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  1. Night timelapse of aircraft landing lights on approach to Logan. Monster leaning against the seawall.
  2. Following an system update to Android 9.....the Android app failed to perform using the 'trick'....the GoPro Fusion still operates normally in manual mode with post processing using GoPro Studio.
  3. Years ago I watched a 'Rick Steves' travel video about Munich. His tour guide and he have a meal and the phrase 'Steckerlfisch' is introduced to describe his meal (@ 11:16)! https://www.ricksteves.com/watch-read-listen/video/tv-show/munich
  4. Getting old(er)...slowing down...resting at the beach.... 360 panoramic time lapse video from Revere Beach
  5. My photo op locations are less residential. I'm envious....of the start. Yesterday's ride from Boston to Salem started with a quip from someone at North Station asking 'how much does that cost ?(Monster) My ride progressed a few blocks where I set up my new 360 camera. A group of three stopped to ask some questions....the one on the right is a scooter rider....they seemed unimpressed with the EUC and walked on. For some reason the camera took a photo while my back was turned. I rolled by the Casino in Everett then stopped at Best Buy in Everett where I had bought my new Fusion camera and talked with an employee who (after looking at my ride video with disappearing stick) told me how GoPro got started by some California surfers (Australian according to Wiki) looking for a way to capture action type video in a water tight device. (See Wikipedia) Rolling along Revere beach , two girls in head to ankle Islamic dress strolled barefoot next to the ocean. Lots of kids playing in the sand and a brother-sister pint sized duo tried passing a sponge foot ball (US type) back and forth. A moped or two whizzed along the road at Revere beach in the summer heat. Almost home, in a moment of imitative imagining , I captured a Marty inspired Tiny Planet footage for this graphic in the grocery store parking lot. By the time I reached home my odometer rolled a few miles past 8,000 miles (12,874 km). My squeaking Monster (shell cracks) seemed to enjoy the ride. Humm....maybe I should just stick with cell phone images.
  6. My Moto G6 Play was determined to be an unsupported Android device for my new GoPro Fusion. This is not surprising since the phone can't play 4k video and is limited to 1080p. As an unsupported device the Android app fails to find the Fusion camera. I followed a YouTube video 'trick' which allows the camera to be recognized and the app used in a limited context (no imagery display) with fully functional (on/off) choices for photo and video and other device settings. Since the rendering that needs to be done (merging front/back video/photo files, etc) will take place on a Windows 10 laptop running 'GoPro Fusion Studio' software the 'trick', applied once, has allowed my Android phone app to recognize the camera and run the limited interface control on subsequent video/photo sessions. Here's the trick: Of course the camera can be operated independently from the Android App by using the camera buttons or voice control. Rendering is a time consuming process on my laptop and higher output resolutions increase both rendered file size and render time. An 'overcapture' window from a 360 video at the lowest resolution (YouTube 2k) @1080p required a render time of about 16 minutes per half minute of 1080p video produced. The output (for YouTube)1080p file size using h264 encoding for a half minute of rendered/over captured 1080p video from 360 source video is about 120 MB. Actual data: 360 Clip length = 35 seconds Rendering time for 'overcapture' = 16 minutes Final 1080p video file size = 120 MB
  7. Pulling a video together after breakfast at McD's. Gotway Monster and my first GoPro Fusion video.
  8. Longfellow Bridge - Boston
  9. Gotway Monster on a Newburyport road I took video of most of the ride (Newburyport to Topsfield)....I should make more video to share.
  10. Tire rubbing against the shell. Look down at the wheel/shell space when you mount or stand on the EUC with only one foot. If it looks like the tire and shell are moving closer then that's it. It could be a sign of a cracked shell at the pedal column mount points, allowing more shell twist than normal for the (especially heavy) rider.
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