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  1. Rail shipped containers go by trans EurAsia rail to Kaliningrad, then feeder rail to Bremerhaven for transloading to ship. OOCL Logistics - OOCL and OOCL Logistics Launch Rail-Sea Service from China to US East Coast Bremerhaven is a high capacity port according to the YouTube video. Trans Eurasia rail Probably makes more sense for European markets. Supposedly faster by rail than by ship via suez but perhaps less secure than by ship only. Returning the containers from the US back to China might be an issue but that's the business of the shipper. total guess-timate
  2. @OldFartRides Definition of trick question : a deceptive question that is intended to make one give an answer that is not correct or that causes difficulty I guess it could be snoopy-christmas — ImgBB (ibb.co) Some YouTube vids look really impressive in terms of rail quality. (245) New Silk Road - Container trains from China (Part 2) - YouTube Boston upgraded it's container crane capability with a focus on larger Panama canal ships (245) Three enormous new cranes have arrived to upgrade Boston Harbor - YouTube
  3. With big agriculture and big population density, water is a problem for California. Food Grows Where Water Flows | California Farm Water Coalition I read that southern California gets its water from over 240 miles away Colorado River Aqueduct - Wikipedia "where the grass does not grow" I wouldn't want to live 24/7 near the refinery district Google Earth The professors in college teach about the hazards of 'ringed' carbon compunds that result from refining (distilling and fractionating) crude oil. Benzene (6 carbon ring) Benzene - Wikipedia a
  4. If shipping your latest Chinese EUC purchase (or Christmas stocking stuffer, an electric hedge clipper? or whatever) to the US east coast on the 'New Silk Road' (trans Eurasia container rail) was a consumer-level shipping option would you choose it? ***** OOCL Logistics promotes trans EurAsia shipping of containers by rail from Xi'an China to the US east coast. OOCL Logistics - OOCL and OOCL Logistics Launch Rail-Sea Service from China to US East Coast The route ships containers by rail to Kaliningrad, feeder rail to the port of Bremerhaven, and trans-modal container ship
  5. https://news.yahoo.com/california-law-bans-small-off-174600432.html I read yesterday that small gas engines are to be illegal in the state of California. "California law bans small off-road gas engines, including lawnmowers and chainsaws"
  6. The Microsoft Edge browser extension for translating webpages or real-time chat room translations. How to Translate a Foreign Web Page in Microsoft Edge (groovypost.com) German EUC forum post: in German: euc-without-edge-translate — ImgBB (ibb.co) German translated to English euc-with-edge-translate — ImgBB (ibb.co) ***** TwitchTV stream chat: in Russian: shenty-10-11-2021 — ImgBB (ibb.co) real time live chat translated to English shenty-10-11-2021-b — ImgBB (ibb.co) ***** Another recent translation idea: Google
  7. with all the talk about robotic dogs and lidar systems the topic of Robotic Vacuum cleaners now pits lidar vs vslam visualizations
  8. and for $1540 (1st 1000 orders) the Xiaomi Cyberdog enters the market of 'creepy robotic dogs'. Xiaomi’s terrifying new CyberDog can run and do backflips (msn.com)
  9. @meepmeepmayer When you are not busy doing admin tasks for the EUC forum check out Victoria's pole dance routine on https://m.twitch.tv/girl__fighter Pole dancing as sport must be a popular Scandanavian, European, Russian activity.
  10. Yeah.... Thanks for your comments. Tech wise I've recently had some issues with hardware I own (created). A desktop I assembled years ago , which runs Vista, seems to have died (motherboard doesn't post). Vista is so old it doesn't really connect properly to the internet with its browser version. Replacing the motherboard is not straightforward because of Vista security issues etc. and no longer supported OS. Since I'm sort of chair bound (activity wise) lately, I decided to leap at the opportunity to buy the $50 Kindle Fire tablet from a store a short bicycle ride away.
  11. @meepmeepmayer After posting my response about the NYPD contract with Boston Dynamics I got 2 consecutive 'account locked' for 14 minutes warnings.....? https://ibb.co/sFC1Q7m The search within the forum feature doesn't even get hits for account locked? I suppose that since I reset my password yesterday and it might not (yet) have been auto archived by Google for automatic web browser field insertion that the incorrect password might have been used 1x (or more) while logging back on, resulting in some kind of security flag being issued. I deliberately tried using an incorr
  12. https://www.techeblog.com/nasa-boston-dynamics-robot-mars-auspot/ Recently news post...out of this world! "NASA/JPL Caltech researchers are working with a team at Boston Dynamics to develop “Mars Dogs,” or autonomous robotic dogs that will be able to navigate the Red Planet’s rough terrain and its many underground caves. "
  13. @OldFartRidesOldFartRides "Those creep me out. They will make efficient killers." https://www.cnet.com/news/nypd-terminates-robot-police-dog-contract-with-boston-dynamics/ Same feeling in NYC for the original Boston Dynamics version NYPD terminates robot police dog contract with Boston Dynamics Following criticism over aggressive policing tactics, the NYPD has ended a $94,000 contract with Boston Dynamics to lease a robotic "Digidog." I was thinking a hands free 360 video platform of a slow moving EUC rider. Plus 'mans best friend' in the digital con
  14. https://ibb.co/dtJG61G (122) Unitree Go 1: The Robot Dog? - YouTube Unitree Robotics - 宇树科技官网 unboxing video
  15. @litewaveso....on the positive side ....I can stand up without crutches for short periods of time before the ankle/foot swells up and becomes very sore
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