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Kenda K262 tyre (available in USA from eWheels)

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No announcement? :D

Good knobby offroad dual sport dirt mud (keywords) tire option for MSX / MSP / S18 / V11

KENDA 042621434B0 TIRE K262 2.75-14 4PLY 2.75/100-14

Looks quite similar to CST C-186

Ordered one, standby for review...



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K262 vs C-186:

  • K262 knobs are spaced slightly further apart (higher void ratio). More voids are good for loose surfaces and bad for pavement... but the difference is between the two seems marginal.
  • Slightly larger OD (sorry I don't have a virgin C-186 to measure... I recommend measuring rolling distance of 1 revolution)
  • K262 is just a tiny bit harder, 60 vs 58 via durometer-A

K262 vs H-5102 (original MSX tire):

  • Knobs! (duh)
  • Larger OD
  • (Similar harness)

Haven't mounted it yet, planning to burn down my C-186 a little further...

Media for those interested:  https://photos.app.goo.gl/BtKqUbJBxK4b4jjT9


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