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  1. Im trying out a slight shell modification so that the fan doesn't hit the outer shell. On the little foam piece in the picture you can see the where the shell can press on the fan. I took out part of that area that was rubbing and sanded it down. Hopefully it'll make a difference.
  2. The RS is a nice wheel and I really like my RS HS. I think it'll be in your best interest to buy from a dealer that sells Eucs in your country like Ewheels or RevRides in the US. E-Rides in Europe. Easier to worth with a local dealer than waiting 2 months for parts from Ali...
  3. Depends on what you're doing with your wheel... just cruising roads, bike paths or riding seated often? No need for pads. If you like to jump up curbs, climb technical bits of trails, or ride rough offroad terrains then pads are beneficial. I have the full set up on my RS. Clarkpads + spiked pedals and I love being able to jump over things and jump up curbs. I have minimal padding on my Mcm5 so I generally just use that wheel for short commutes or teaching others to ride.
  4. Are you talking about the motor cover? I think all of the Gotway/Begode motors have a 60v stamp on them and they just run higher voltages (84v or 100v) to the motor. The RS is definitely a 100v wheel.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I'm attaching a picture of the pedal in question. The reason I think it is bent is because the grub screw has been stuck for almost as long as I've had the wheel. I used to be able to wiggle the pedal back and forth to get the rod out. Now it seems to have some resistance when opening the pedal. Luckily there was a police officer right down the road who processed an exchange of information. I'm now in the process of working with an injury attorney to settle with the at fault drivers insurance.
  6. Hello everybody, A little over a week ago I was riding my RS in the morning doing my routine daily ride like usual. This lady didn't see me and wasn't paying attention to the road... Hit me with her car. Ended up breaking my left clavicle. Now I'm in wheel repair mode. The RS is surprisingly unscathed besides the left pedal getting all beat up. Unfortunately it looks like the pedal rod is bent and thus can't be easily removed. Normally I'd just try to hammer it out but one of the grub screws is pretty stripped and won't come out of the pedal. This pretty much rules out the hammer method f
  7. I think that you'd be happy with either wheel. I've tried the Sherman and it felt great. Very stable but it doesn't feel as zippy as the RS HS. The RS HS feels like a sports bike, super quick and smooth whereas the Sherman would be the Honda Gold Wing cruiser. Riding at 30-40mph on the RS you'll get 20-25 miles out of it. The Sherman might be the way to go if you can afford it solely for the extra range capability. Both wheels do fine offroading though the RS can be feel more sporty.
  8. If slime doesn't fix it then you can probably swap the tube out yourself. The process isn't to difficult if you get yourself some plastic tire irons. This video details the process of replacing the tire/tube.
  9. Contact the company you bought the wheel from. You could probably ship it back for repairs. It's probably in your best interest to learn how to fix the Euc yourself if you want to ride them. Since it's such a niche electric vehicle there's not many repair shops. Luckily Eucs are pretty easy to work on, especially the RS. Do you know what happened/failed on your RS?
  10. I'd take the stock seat and add 3-5inches of yoga block foam on the top. You could even add more height than that if you really wanted. The yoga block foam should be pretty easy to work with and cut to shape. Once you like the height wrap it in duct tape and cover it up with baby foam. It'll probably look similar to what a couple of these guys have done. I think the black colored baby bumper foam looks pretty good.
  11. Unfortunately I can't help with translation... If this is a pre-production Monster Pro it could be possible that this in another case of the wheel shorting out because of improper cleaning procedures after completing the soldering on the control board. That's why the NYC Monster Pro blew it's board. It's likely a little metal shaving caused an arc on the board. This seems to be a worst case scenario....
  12. Wow that's crazy! The freespin on the wheel is only about 36 mph. at 30+mph I would expect it to cut out. I've only taken it up to 28 mph and I think that's pretty fast for a 14in. wheel.
  13. I have the C30 RS and I think it heats up faster than the C38. If they have the torque version it very well could be a totally different experience than what I've had. While I was running the Noctua it was pretty nice to have a dead silent wheel, besides the 8khz ring from the motor.
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