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  1. Mine is now scheduled to be delivered Tuesday. It was previously going to come Monday. This wait is killing me haha. Why couldn't it just ship as quoted last Wednesday??? That wheel looks great.
  2. Hey John, My name is Kevin and I'm over in Ellensburg. My RS should be here this weekend. I would love to meet up and ride sometime.
  3. I hope mine also shows up on Saturday, just in time for winter! The weather forcast is saying 3-5 inches of snow Friday.
  4. Supposedly we were going to receive the follow-up email over this weekend with the link to pay the remaining balance on the HS. Anyone see it? Maybe it's coming today?
  5. Let's hope for no more delays.
  6. Good call on the pre-installed tire. Ill ask ewheels if its to late to do that for the motor I ordered. Edit: Jason got back to me super quickly saying the motor comes with tire pre-installed.
  7. In the process of replacing my mten3 motor after absolutely destroying the axle. No more hardcore offroading on this wheel for me I guess. I think that the control board looks okay visually, no weird smells or anything. I would love if anyone has any tips or tricks for making this process easier. Thanks all. Pictures of mten3 motor/control board
  8. I swapped from the V11 to the Rs Hs. I put in my pre-order with Ewheels halfway through September thinking it would arrive mid October as listed on the website. After contacting Ewheels and asking about the shipping time frame I got told mid November ETA. Even though I really liked the idea of a nice cushy suspension ride and waterproofing my riding style leaning towards more aggressive trail riding and I decided to switch after finding out that the Rs Hs is starting to ship this week. I swapped about a week and a half ago.
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