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  1. So how does it ride on grass? And have you tested in any off-road or MTB trails?
  2. https://www.euco.us/collections/king-song-s18-parts-online-listing/products/ks-s18-pedal-single
  3. How do you like your tire so far? Do you have any vids of you shredding trails and streets with that tire?
  4. I’m not sure. All I know is that 3psi made a difference for me. I’m approx. 150-155lbs (loaded), and at 35psi, i get high speed wobbles. At 32psi, zero wobbles. I’d suggest you release pressure a little at a time until you feel a difference with more/less wobbles or until it’s too low where the rim could get damaged on bumps. Also, keep in mind that foot fatigue plays a role too. So riding often to build up experience and endurance can also help prevent wobbles.
  5. That's awesome! Welcome to the dark side of PEV's...lol. I'm relatively new to EUC's as well and found that majority of my high speed wobbles came from inexperience and tire pressure. The more rode, the less i wobbled. I also found my sweet spot with tire pressure...which ultimately eliminated my wobbles completely. Hope to see you at our next group ride!
  6. Welcome!!! Which EUC do you have? And if you haven't done it yet, please join https://www.facebook.com/groups/HoustonEUCRiders
  7. Wow!!! Did you hit a hard bump/curb with low tire pressure? Or do you think it was already bent out of the box? Or bent while prying off old tire? I saw a post where someone said to be careful while removing EUC tires from rim because they bend easily.
  8. Damn! That does not look good. In that condition, I would think you’d get wobbles while going fast.
  9. Wow...twice. You definitely have more patience than I do. And for some reason, I can’t see the image you posted.
  10. Interesting. You'll have to refresh my memory regarding your situation. Did you receive your S18, then sent it back to eWheels due to suspension problems? I'm really curious to see what they did to your S18.
  11. No. Where did you hear this?
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