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  1. I have 20000 km on my original Monster tire. I did 13000 km on my original ACM tire.
  2. Ice skates have no motor, still you can brake that way.
  3. You steer the wheel to go from right to left while pushing to the right with your right leg, then you steer from left to right and push to the left with your left leg. You do this while leaning back. The pushing of the legs gives extra braking power on top of the motor braking power.
  4. i think the ice skating principle applys here
  5. Try fast carving while braking.
  6. I made padels out of aluminium EN AW6060 T66 and have been riding them tot over 20,000 km without any problems.
  7. Bigger pedals on the monster also help a lot in climbing.
  8. Maybe the screws holding the case to the pedal hangers have loosened.
  9. My Monster has a 17 inch rim. 22 inch is the outer diameter of the tire. The image of your aliexpres link also says 2.75-17 on the box.
  10. https://www.amazon.com/AlveyTech-2-75-17-Scooter-Inner-Tube/dp/B01N9VIQAZ
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