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  1. I have the Kenda K262 2.75x17 on my monster. There is not enough space on top for the Kenda 3.00x17.
  2. It's a 84v 1600wh Monster V2. Haven't had any problems, but I am a very conservative rider, it's even crash and scratch free.
  3. 06/2016->11/2017: acm 15200 km 11/2017 -> now: monster 33250 km
  4. The circle around the W stands for the lettre G, so it's stil a GW logo.
  5. It is a big improvement off road, but it took me a few weeks to get used to the tire on paved roads. It is not as stable an the stock tire, turning takes some more leaning. I don't think the 3.00 will fit, the diameter is 14 mm bigger and i don't have 7 mm space on top of the tire. https://powersports.kendatire.com/en-eu/find-a-tire/motorcyclescooter/scooter/k262-small-block/
  6. And it's still scratch free Stock Monster tire is CST C117 2.75-17
  7. 13,000 km on my stock ACM tire: 80% on paved road, 20% off road 28,750 km on my stock Monster tire: 80% on paved road, 20% off road
  8. Kenda K262 is great at very low pressure. I am 75 kg and ride the K262 2.75-17 on my monster at 20 psi.
  9. https://eenwiel.eu/en/collections/onderdelen/products/binnenband?variant=32068823842876
  10. I Shermanised my Monster with the Kenda K262 2.75-17. First impressions are great.
  11. Monster V3 is 2.75-17 Monster Pro is 2.75-18
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