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  1. Dancer

    Gotway Suspension

    Looks like a new motor, 15 inch rim without spokes?
  2. Dancer

    Gotway Suspension

    I can see benefits in combining suspension with a hollow shaft motor.
  3. Dancer

    18XL Locked

    The code to lock the wheel from a distance did not get into the kingsong app by chance, it was put in there for a purpose. The app can even lock your wheel while running in the background as it did with my friend 's wheel. He had to remove the kingsong app from his phone and use the soft tuner app to unlock his wheel before the eucworld app could connect to the wheel.
  4. The tire on the pictures is the cst c6532. It comes in both 2.75-18 and 3.00-18 (even 3.25-18). Are you sure about the 2.75? Looks wider to me.( wishful thinking ) https://www.csttires.com/int/tire/c6532/
  5. I was hoping for the 3.00-18 tire. Maybe it will fit. The 2.75-18 will make it 24.1 inch overall.
  6. With my riding style and wheel usage I have no problem with the Gotway quality. I have 25000+ km on my Monster V2 (80% on-road, 20% off-road) and it still is scratch free.
  7. 84v Monster comes in 1600 wh and 2400 wh. 100v Monster comes in 1845 wh. 84v Monster 1600wh can be upgradet to 2400wh with extra pack of 800wh.
  8. The tire looks like the CST C6532. The 3.00-18 would make ik 24.7 inch overall.
  9. I charge my Monster the same way. After 25,000+ km I still have 83.7v on a 100% charge.
  10. Op https://www.info-coronavirus.be/nl/faq/#002 vind ik " Voor de activiteiten mogen enkel rijwielen (met inbegrip van elektrische fiets) en niet gemotoriseerde voortbewegingstoestellen worden gebruikt. Deze beperking is niet van toepassing voor personen met een beperkte mobiliteit." Omdat onze monowielen onder de gemotoriseerde voortbewegingstoestellen vallen, zijn plezierritjes door de maatregelen dus verboden. Tot vandaag was ik hiervan niet op de hoogte en ben dus iedere dag een ritje gaan doen. Ik ben regelmatig politie tegen gekomen, maar geen problemen gehad. Heeft iemand andere ervaringen ?
  11. https://patents.google.com/patent/US10010784B1/
  12. Have you checked the axle nuts and the screws holding the case to the pedal hangers?
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