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  1. Dancer

    Larger pedals for my INMOTION V8

    I made new pedals from standard aluminium pieces. The same principle can be used for Inmotion pedals.
  2. Dancer

    Hey folks, need some advise.

    Z6 ?
  3. Dancer

    Day 198 - new in at 99 - 4,980.70km travelled

    I go for a ride to relax. Mostly a 1 hour ride in the morning and a 1.5 hour ride in the evening.
  4. Dancer

    Day 198 - new in at 99 - 4,980.70km travelled

    I started riding in june 2016. Since then I did 15200 km on an ACM and (8400*1.25 monster mileage is 25% of) 10500 km on a MONSTER. Over ~800 days that makes 32 km/day.
  5. Dancer

    Cage of Death / Loop de Loop

  6. Dancer

    400km and still waiting on first crash

    There was no noticeable degradation in battery performance
  7. Dancer

    400km and still waiting on first crash

    15200 km on an acm: 1 crash at slow speed, doing a tight 180 on cobblestones. 4500 km on a monster: crash free
  8. Dancer

    Big Foot Pedals by Smoother

    I have been riding 26 cm long pedals on an ACM and a MONSTER for over 18000 km. Never had a problem pushing to hard. My riding weight is 75 kg.
  9. Dancer

    Mysterious imbalance in my ACM??? What is it?

    Put the pedal supports on blocks so the tire is off the floor and you can control the speed by tilting the euc by hand. If you can still feel or hear the kick, you can exclude the tire and the rim.
  10. Dancer


    I think it does.
  11. Dancer

    Gotway Monster 2400W

    Maybe you have to get used to the weight of the extra 800Wh battery on the left side of the wheel
  12. Dancer

    Big Foot Pedals by Smoother

    Once you go big foot pedalled you won't go back
  13. Dancer

    Monster Time ......

    This one is legal but expensive: https://www.press.bmwgroup.com/global/article/detail/T0272359EN/bmw-motorrad-x2city-mobility-with-a-kick-–-great-versatility-and-zero-emissions?language=en