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The FASTEST Ninebot One E+ on earth? (Max speed 33+ km/h)


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A buddy of mine has been riding his Ninebot Mini Pro daily for more than a year and he always complained about how slow and annoying because of the alarm and tiltback. Recently, he switched to EUC. He bought a BNIB Ninebot One E+ with NO modification at all. After learning and riding it for about a month later, out of curiosity I asked him whether he likes it or not, since I know that a Ninebot One E+ normally is not fast enough for regular cruising. But I was surprised when he didn't have any complain about its speed at all besides of the battery capacity, of course. Not even complained about any alarm / tiltback.

At first, I didn't believe him. But when he showed me this... should I worry about him having a defective unit or happy for him for having the fastest Ninebot One E+ on earth? :facepalm:



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I would ask your friend to show you the graphs from the Gyrometrics app for validation.

Maybe @spattex has gone this fast? I would guess that a NB1E+ that has been flashed with P firmware could hit 32.  I've hit 27kph once or twice for a brief moment and ride at 24-25 regularly, but still plan to re-flash to the P firmware when all the parts arrive and time permits. Still, speed is relative to terrain. On smooth bike paths and vacant roads, my Ninebot feels painfully slow. On flat suburban sidewalks and side streets, or other built-up areas, it seems more than up to the task. But then again, I don't weigh 100kg, nor do I yodel my way up the Zugspitze :lol:

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16 hours ago, litewave said:

I would guess that a NB1E+ that has been flashed with P firmware could hit 32.

But that is not the case, which is weird. His unit has NO modification at all. He even doesn't have any knowledge nor time to do the flashing.

I will ask for the graphs next time I see him. :cheers:

16 hours ago, steve454 said:

Mine goes that fast when I pick it up and do the lift test.  

Lol... this is not a lift up cutout speed test for sure. :roflmao:

15 hours ago, spattex said:

Myself i hit max. 30Km plus but i am a 100Kg in weight, this evening i did a short ride with the Darkness app. here are the graphs of it. I think you must calculate the weight of the rider and how is the windspeed.


His weight is around 80 kg. No flashing to make it become a P board and he has never experienced any alarm / tiltback at that speed which is even faster than yours? :shock2:

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