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Found 27 results

  1. So back in the day most everyone of us rode the Ninebot One E+. No matter how hard I pushed the device at it's top speed despite the tilt back I was never able to get it to cut out. I did however manage to overlean the device by accelerating too hard. Was it my lack of skill back then to push my E+ beyond the max speed or is it that modern wheels don't have the same protection for riders to not reach cut out speed? Why can't the wheel just not permit the rider to go beyond a certain speed?
  2. Hi all, I'm looking to buy my first EUC. Ideally I'm looking to spend £200-£350 depending on whats available. In particular I would be interested in a Ninebot e+ or a Inmotion V5F. Ideally I'd like a Inmotion V8 but I don't think my current budget would stretch that far. I'm based in Bristol, but happy to look into postage if need be. Many thanks, Max
  3. NineTool - Program for changing the model of the euc 9bot. Program Description in Spanish Supports models C/C+/E/E+/P Supports models A1/B1/S2/Turbo(The secret model with increased power and a maximum speed of 30km/h) Supports models Z6/Z8/Z10 To change the model, you need an activation code, you can get it from me, you need to send a screenshot of the program screen on the example as in the screenshot below Download EVERYTHING YOU DO WITH YOUR DEVICE, YOU DO AT YOUR OWN RISK. Described in this topic may reduce the security of your device, and no one except you is not responsible for the execution of actions mentioned in the post.
  4. Gormash

    Not charging

    Hi guys. I have a problem and hoped some of you might help me out... I have a NineBot One E+ with a 1rattwerkstatt battery upgrade that's been running faithfully for two years now without any promlem at all.Last week I gave the wheel an overhaul, cleaning it and removing dirt and I've not had occation to use it until a few days ago after that. The wheel runs just fine, but it won't charge. The powerbrick has a tiny led that glows red while it's charging, and green when fully charged or not plugged in. It now glows green constantly, and the wheel hasn't gained any power even after several hours. The charger I have does not have any bent pins in the plug (one of the first things I checked). I've borrowed another charger from a buddy with the same wheel and it had the same problem, so the fault is definitely with the wheel itself. I've opened up the wheel and checked the cables, making sure everything is thoroughly connected. I'm not tech savvy enough to know anything about resistors or mofets or whatnots, so I can't tell if there's anything visually wrong with them, and I don't have any equipment for measuring voltages and such. Any ideas?
  5. Hi folks, I recently outgrew my starter wheel, ninebot e+ and am moving up to the z10. Interested in selling or making a trade with someone new looking to pick up the hobby. All offers are considered. The wheel is in complete working order with all necessary accessories. The wheel has been plasti-dipped black but can be peeled off easily or re-dipped. I recommend doing this after you get the hang of things . This is me changing out the tire inner tube, the wheel is in full working order, and it is most importantly reliable and safe (i've never gotten hurt).
  6. Hi guys, I've just experienced my second shut off last week. I started the day full charged. Rode about 10miles (16km). Then I put the EUC on charge only for about 15min.(usually 99% of time I let it change completely). After that I went ridding for 1.5 miles (2.5km). I stopped for 30 min. Rode again for 1 mile(1.6km) when I passed over a small 2 inch(5cm) sidewalk, I went for another 3 feet(1m), I heard a bip and it shut off. The EUC just shut off no beeping on the ground. Luckily my speed was about 3-4mile/h (5-8km/h) when it happened. I turned the EUC back on and it worked, voltage was around 55. I still ride it, I don't feel any difference in behavior, it's running normal. But I don't feel save anymore. I will attach below my black box data the status highlighted in yellow shows the moment when the cut off occurred. I have had a motor replacement before at ~80 hours in. Since then I can see: ??(Controller) 218h 17m 21s 3 861 Hall1Òì³££¬Òì³£´ÎÊýΪ861 don't recall that something happened here ??(Controller) 386h 0m 39s 3 5506 Hall1Òì³££¬Òì³£´ÎÊýΪ5506 don't recall that something happened here ??(Controller) 497h 4m 24s 3 997 Hall1Òì³££¬Òì³£´ÎÊýΪ997 - this is where I experienced the shut off and lots of 17 code - which is an abnormal behavior of the motor but may be as a warning and doesn't trigger a shut off like 3s do ? "3" seems to be related with the Motor; What 861, 5506, 997 mean? Translated some of the last black box logs, the occurring frequency is quite often : ??(Controller) 472h 55m 44s 17 11620 Hall 1 signal is abnormal, the cumulative number of abnormalities is 45, and the abnormal condition is 6->4 ??(Controller) 482h 0m 0s 17 11841 Hall 1 signal is abnormal, the cumulative number of abnormalities is 46, and the abnormal condition is 4->1 ??(Controller) 482h 3m 18s 17 11796 Hall 1 signal is abnormal, the cumulative number of abnormalities is 46, and the abnormal condition is 1->4 ??(Controller) 482h 55m 19s 17 11875 Hall 1 signal is abnormal, the cumulative number of abnormalities is 46, and the abnormal condition is 6->3 ??(Controller) 485h 21m 53s 17 11825 Hall 1 signal is abnormal, the cumulative number of abnormalities is 46, and the abnormal condition is 3->1 ??(Controller) 497h 4m 24s 3 997 Hall1 exception, the number of exceptions is 997 ??(Controller) 497h 4m 24s 17 12128 Hall 1 signal is abnormal, the cumulative number of abnormalities is 47, and the abnormal condition is 6->0 ??(Controller) 498h 34m 22s 17 12050 Hall 1 signal is abnormal, the cumulative number of abnormalities is 47, and the abnormal condition is 1->2 ??(Controller) 505h 2m 5s 17 12065 Hall 1 signal is abnormal, the cumulative number of abnormalities is 47, and the abnormal condition is 2->1 ??(Controller) 519h 33m 6s 17 12068 Hall 1 signal is abnormal, the cumulative number of abnormalities is 47, and the abnormal condition is 2->4 Did anyone experienced this? Thanks everybody for reading this! Chris BlackData_2018-08-24-18-24-24_Fomart.csv
  7. TL;DR: Don't believe the range reporter, don't start a trip when the battery drops below 50%, and try not to push over 12 mph. Today, I decided to do a 4.5 mile ride on 50% battery. It was over flat road and the distance estimator said 9 miles, so I figure I was OK. It was smooth sailing for the first 3 miles. I ride pretty fast and my NB beeps at me to slow down, which I do, but after 3 miles the unit was down to about 25% battery and it I started getting a lot of beeps and tiltback way more extreme than the normal tiltback I get when I break 12mph. It got so bad at one point that I almost had to stop. I tried putting the speed limiter on, but it didn't really help. I basically had to limp home at about 3-6 mph. At home, the battery was around 10%. When I checked, the unit temp was 120F, which I guess is pretty hot. Ambient temp was 60F. I'm 6'2", and weigh ~230 lbs with all my gear and backpack, which is getting up there, so I think this is what I get by pushing the unit a too hard. So the big lesson is that the 9B range is probably half what is advertised for a person my size. -e
  8. Hi - are there any electric wheelsters in the South-East of England, preferably within a reasonable distance of Windsor, Berks. I've got a Ninebot One E+ and have just removed the protective fat suit as I've gotten sufficient skill not to keep falling off. Can do tight figure of eights but can't go backwards yet. Plenty of tarmac near to me - Windsor Great Park and Eton Rowing Lake. Any interest out there. I'm a mature rider, but I won't say how mature as we're all young at heart....
  9. Just here to give my opinions on the Ninebot Mini and why its a more dangerous than any other EUCs and see if anyone else here agrees with me. The argument: Last year before Christmas I bought a Ninebot Mini I had a go on it and realized not only was it less fun because you were required to go in a straight line but significantly more dangerous over riding any EUC. In fact I think the Mini should be speed limited to only 10-12km/h max and not 18! When riding at higher speeds and the floor is uneven you are having to adjust your body to the way the road is. For example when you ride on a slope where your only ONE of your wheels are lower or higher you would have to tilt to the direction that is higher to remain balance. For eg: If you are riding on the side walk and on your left there is a wheel chair ramp making the left wheel dip lower than the right wheel for a short bit you will have to quickly adjust your body to the right so remain balance if you stood still you will lose control. The other concern is that when you do so to maintain your centre of gravity you could knock that pole that controls the left or right, this has also become a major issue when riding on uneven surfaces. Unlike riding on an EUC the centre of gravity is between your foot at the point where the wheel hits the floor making it easy to glide over rougher terrains. On the Ninebot mini you are forced to adjust your body to the way the terrain is much more than what is required from an EUC. The benefit however of the Ninebot Mini is that you are able to pick it up quickly, and stand in place really easily. In short...after owning the Ninebot Mini I quickly sold it(without even owning it for 2 weeks) knowing the dangers that would possess with it and made a hefty profit during the Christmas season. My first actual post on the forum, thanks for reading Jack
  10. I am asking 200 dollar each if you are interested. also i will throw a flat tire ninebot E+ for 100 dollar. the thing is you need to patch the tire yourself. if you are DIY person. I guanrantee it is working. I have been riding 2 month ago.
  11. Brand New Security Sealed Ninebot One E+ Generation 2, Genuine item not a copy!! The Ninebot One E+ is a Zero Emission Transportation Device, Fantastic for Commuting to Work, Riding into Town to Meet Friends, or just Riding to your Local shops. Included In The Box: Ninebot ONE E+ Generation 2 (Latest Model) Charging Adapter With UK Spec 3 Pin Plug Protective Foam - 3M Sticky Tape Manual, Warranty Card Complete and Ready to use out of the Box A Serious Commuting Device, or Just have Great Fun using. £ 495.00 - No Offers
  12. Hello All OneWheel community together today it is my first review for the onewheel made by ninebot and inmotion First of ALL, both are for daily use VERY usefull ninebot: silent ride, fast charging, smart dimensions, easy repair, very save (this is my personal opinion) riding inmotion: illumination for traffic perfect, handle button a big +, trolley grip two big ++ Both manufacturer has BAD apps to operate the onewheel, not usefull, not easy to use, ONLY nice to have The apps don´t support not so the safety of riding Both manufacturer has not a good service in Europe Both manufacturer don´t look for approval modest/registration on streets I use the onwwheel every day for the was to work and back (in summary appr. 20km per day) and I hope the transporting tool will be in the future the same as a bicycle, even the footprint is better of the onewheel Kindly Regards to all users
  13. A buddy of mine has been riding his Ninebot Mini Pro daily for more than a year and he always complained about how slow and annoying because of the alarm and tiltback. Recently, he switched to EUC. He bought a BNIB Ninebot One E+ with NO modification at all. After learning and riding it for about a month later, out of curiosity I asked him whether he likes it or not, since I know that a Ninebot One E+ normally is not fast enough for regular cruising. But I was surprised when he didn't have any complain about its speed at all besides of the battery capacity, of course. Not even complained about any alarm / tiltback. At first, I didn't believe him. But when he showed me this... should I worry about him having a defective unit or happy for him for having the fastest Ninebot One E+ on earth?
  14. I had an accidient by a power cut off. Drove at max speed when the 9b1 E+ as pulled the pedal back, I moved back and when leaning forward again then suddenly lost power. Result: Lots of excoriations of the reight half side of my body. Mainly landed on the right hip causing a serious laceration which had to be stiched in hospital. Later clottted blut had to be taken out by an operation. 4 days in hospital. Really dont trust the device any more. Just recently my nabour had a similar expierence with another 9b1 e+ from a friend, however lower speed and injury not as serious. Date of purchase: May 21, 2017Model Ninebot One E+Firmware version, can be provide when I am out the hospitalMilage total 150kmSpeed approx. 22kmUse of app (yes or no) noweather conditions, good and sunnyroad conditions, try tar roadbattery charge 90%wear and tear,
  15. After not being on the E+ for so long I finally had to get back on it. But I realized I was only going 22km before pedal tilt back. I remember being able to go 24.8km before tilt back...did that happen? Or did an update decrease the speed?
  16. SOLD Selling my Ninebot one E+ it was purchased on the 24th of January 2017 from speedyfeet. Asking £550 but open to sensible offers. Free postage for UK purchases but for Europe the postage cost will be covered by the buyer. Done 146.95 miles on the unit. I fitted grip tape the the foot plates gives much better grip. Comes fitted with a Schwalbe Mad Mike tyre but will include original tyre. Has a scuff on one of the leg support covers (see picture) and a few on the foot plates and on led ring but nothing major. Will come in original box with charger and the included green protection foam. Any questions please ask. Thanks Dan
  17. Since lunchtime, my Ninebot E+ will not turn on by pressing the on/off red button. This occurred after a reasonably rough drop off a sloped box on to which I had hopped on to. Occasionally if I press the button the red ring lights will come on for around 20 seconds (but the NB does not function), after which the lights go off again. The only way I can get the NB to turn on is by disconnecting the battery and reconnecting the battery. On reconnecting the battery, the NB turns itself on and functions normally. Once on, the on/off red button appears to turn off the NB normally but, on further investigation the control board still has power as a blue light is still on and there is a red light flashing (although the self balancing has been turned off). I have performed a basic inspection of the connections (and condition of the wires) between the battery and control board, the on/off switch and control board and the control board and motor. I have swapped the battery (both are charged) and get the same issue. I assume the on/off button is some kind of momentary switch? I will do some in depth investigation this weekend but wondered if anyone had any ideas?
  18. Hi all, I'm seriously thinking about getting a ninebot one e+ or maybe s2 when I can get some proper reviews and specs for it. So my question that I hope some of you can help me out with is speed vs rider weight. E+ is supposed to go somewhere between 18 and 22 KM/H so what should I expect if I'm around 90kg /200 pounds? The second questions is how 20 km/h feels... I mean if I want to use it for commuting 20 km/h is needed but can I actually (after some training of cause) use that speed without getting a close to death experience each morning? It's really hard to tell when you're not able to try one out, as a matter of fact I have never even seen one live so I hope someone can help me out here Thanks /JB
  19. I thought it might be useful to have a checklist thread in the Ninebot section. This is a checklist for Ninebot E+. Some of this may or may not apply to other electric unicycles. This is intended to be helpful - please feel free to correct me or add anything else that you think might be useful. I have owned my Ninebot One E+ for round about 12 months, ride it every day (UK weather permitting) and think it's a fantastic machine when ridden sensibly and within the rider and machine limits. For me, one of the big selling points of the NB E+ is that it is very easy to replace damaged or worn parts. Before Buying Read reviews, have a look at You Tube and browse/ask questions through this forum. Bear in mind when using any forum that there is normally a mixture of users - newbies, enthusiasts, advertisers, sellers pretending to be enthusiasts and perhaps the occasional troll. Some posts may be designed to sow doubt about a particular product or direct you to alternative products. Do some research on any related national and/or local laws and how these are enforced. Be extremely wary of any websites which have offers that are too good to be true and those with limited contact information. You can view a list of official distributors on the Ninebot website. Before purchasing anything that's relatively expensive, it's very sensible to have a good understanding of consumer protection laws that apply in your region. As part of the purchase process Get written confirmation of which version of Firmware is to be supplied the warranty period provided, and what is covered what actions may void the warranty (E.g. maintenance tasks, usage). confirm the supplier has the product in stock before placing an order (unless you are prepared to potentially wait). On receiving the unit Check that everything is in order and the unit functions correctly: Check Firmware Version - Certain Firmware versions are "Bad" - See notes below on avoiding the temptation to update firmware without good reason Check Battery - Is the battery as advertised. Has the label been tampered with? Check the Charging Port (on Ninebot) and the charger lead. Does the Ninebot turn on? Maintenance and ongoing checks Tyre Pressure Recommended tyre pressure = 55psi (this may depend on the actual type of tyre used - see comments below) Changing the pressure in the tyre will dramatically alter the Ninebot One ride. The tyres lose pressure over time. Doing hops or jumps may expedite pressure loss Doing hops or jumps at low tire pressures may result in damage to the wheel rim I like to keep a couple of spare inner tubes on hand in case of a puncture. If you need to change the tyre or inner tube make sure you have watched a tutorial and fully understand whether this voids your warranty. Battery Casing The battery casing can become damaged by repeated jolts and/or crashes - doing hops or jumps may therefore damage the battery casing. Several users of this forum have suggested modifications that may reduce or prevent the risk of this type of damage occurring. Battery Wires - can also become damaged by repeated jolts and/or crashes. The protective outer cover can split due to the high current. Connectors can be worked loose over time. I check the battery cover and wires on a weekly basis and always after a crash. Battery cover/leg support cover condition The battery cover/leg support can become damaged over time, especially if you do tricks. These are very easily replaced. Shell condition The shells can become damaged over time, especially if you do tricks. The bolt holes can wear though or crack. The shells can be easily replaced, although replacing these may void the warranty. Care must be taken not overtighten the screws or bolts. There are some useful tutorials available on Youtube (Speedyfeet have an excellent tutorial) Foot plate condition These wear down when turning corners and from spinning. They can also be damaged in a crash. These can be swapped over to increase their lifespan. There is a little grub screw that holds in the foot plate.This should be checked regularly to ensure that it has not worked loose. Foot plates can get very slippery in wet conditions. I check the foot plate condition on a weekly basis. Ninebot App and firmware When a new Firmware is available, the App will ask you on startup whether you want to upgrade. It is not advisable to upgrade straight away - some firmware versions have been related to NB1 problems. There is currently no means to roll back firmware - therefore the old adage, if it ain't broke, don't fix it is especially true when related to firmware. In the UK, the Speedyfeet website has a list of firmwares that are considered "safe". Ride Mode - This can be set from 0 - 9 via the App I have set at 3 and find this to be perfect for tricks Riding If you are new to electric unicycles it may at first seem almost impossible and then you will reach that first "get it" moment. There are loads of tutorials online. It takes most people an extended period of time from that first "get it" moment to developing stance, fine control and a good understanding of the limits of yourself and the machine. The first few months are likely to be the most dangerous as that "Epic EUC feeling" can overide common sense to begin with (that was certainly the case with me). Practising manoeuvres will improve your control of the machine and also help you to understand the machine and your own limitations in a controlled environment. Electric unicycles behave differently when in contact with different surfaces (E.g tarmac, grass, unsealed surfaces, snow). Falling off As with any wheel sport - learning to fall off safely (or as safely as possible) is an important part of learning to ride. You are more than likely going to fall off at some point in time, especially when learning. If you are going to do tricks then you will definitely fall off/crash as you learn. You should consider wearing appropriate protective equipment. My tip would be: don't go faster than the speed at which you are prepared to fall off. Other tips Be extremely cautious when riding near pedestrians - people who have never seen an EUC before may react in an unpredictable way. Riding in wet conditions can be extremely dangerous - other users of this forum have modified the foot plates to improve the grip in wet conditions. A trolley handle is extremely useful for taking the wheel through the public transport system. When practising tricks it is advisable to remove any accessory/handle brackets or stands as these can take chunks out of your ankles and shins. Be very careful when attaching things like action cameras to the wheel - if not secured properly these can fall off and jam up the wheel causing you to crash. Basic Tool Kit (this is what I carry when I'm out and about) 2 x Allen Keys to fit the two types of bolts 1 x Phillips head screwdriver 1 x flat head screwdriver 2 x Inner Tubes 1 x 160mm valve extension 1 x bike pump & pressure gauge 3 x plastic tyre levers 1 x roll of electrical tape 1 x Inner tube Basic spares set (this is what I keep @ home) 2 x Inner tubes 1 x replacement tyre 1 x foot plate 1 x Battery cover/leg support cover
  20. Wow.... first off let me start by saying Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I wanted to also give a big THANK YOU for those who have dedicated time to provide detailed reviews and videos of this new fascinating and growing way of mobility. This forum ROCKS! I was lucky enough to find a gently used Ninebot E+ on Craigslist literally down the street from apartment in Hollywood, and at a price 25% below market, I knew this was my time! My extreme excitement is due to getting home yesterday and after less then 2 hours of practice being able to ride around without wobbling! I was discouraged at first when the person I bought it from told me it took him WEEKS to not wobble, but i guess the amount of research and videos I've watched within the past month, coupled with finding that "sweet spot" for my feet's positioning, led to almost instant gratification of my purchase. Granted my feet and ankles were sore today but it did not stop me for riding around for a few hours again (and going for another ride later tonight). It was really between the IPS Zero, IPS 260+, and the Ninebot E+. The IPS models would have most likely shipped from China and taken weeks to get here, so paying slightly more to have an item with the most support and replaceable parts SAME DAY was a no brainer. Now that i am fairly comfortable riding i am so glad I did not let my adrenaline junkie ego convince me that the IPS 30km/h was necessary. The 9bot looks so good, even with a few scratches just knowing i could replace that part of the shell for ~$20 is insane.The ninebot one E+ feels like a tank and is almost exhausting to carry (im a smaller 160lbs guy). My weight also played a factor into the fact that I could never see myself depleting this batter on one ride. Unless my feet get extremely comfortable while riding, i rode it for nearly 3 hours and the battery was still at 75%?! For anyone who knows hollywood and the surrowding areas, i took it up the super steep hill going up to Universal Studios and it was chuggin along @ 10mph just fine (videos to come later, they are doing alot of construction in preperation for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter :D) Anyway, i just thought I would leave an initial impression and share my excitement for this revolutionary new mode of transportation for me. I honestly contemplated ordering a pizza to carry out but the site of me carrying a pizza box on this thing was just too much for day 2 LOL. Thanks again everyone for your input and knowledge, and look forward to posting some epic vids and contributing more in the future. - Elias
  21. Selling a Set of Training Wheels for the Ninebot One E+ Brand New!! Will fit other One Models Including P, E, & C $65 Shipped to the Lower 48 PM me with any questions Thanks
  22. Thought of decorating my Ninebot One so I dug up some vinyl wrap from our storage and installed the purple ring plates that came with my unit. The result was not so bad and looks nice near the christmas tree.
  23. What is the max temperature a Ninebot One e+ can operate at. I think I was getting an over heating warning. I was beeping and flashing red lights on the lower half. I was practicing going back ward. So lot of fast stops. Not much backward yet. when I finally got the App sync to the Ninebot One e+ n20 Firmware 1.2.7, which was about four minutes after stopping, it read 155F/68C..After about five or six minutes it went green and stopped beeping. I tried turning it off on several time at first sign of beeping.Hoping to stop the beeping but it did not stop it. 20 minutes later happed again. I started riding at about 105F/40.6C then started to beep at 158.4F/70.2C about ten minutes later. I am at about 42% charge on the battery
  24. *** THIS HAS NOW BEEN SOLD *** I'm selling my almost-new Ninebot One E+ Unfortunately I just didn't get on with it and couldn't master it, so it's up for sale. (Reluctant sale, as it's a superb piece of kit!) It's only a couple of months old, very low mileage, perfect except for a few small grazes on the body, pedals and shin-pad but only minor. It was £600 new, but I will let it go for £400 to the lucky buyer, given the minor grazes. I'm in Cardiff, UK. Buyer will need to collect. PM me if you're interested.
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