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  1. Try to carefully tighten the valve first. Sometimes it got loosen up because of the pump extension. Happened to mine once. Hope it helps!
  2. Dalmatian wheel! Love it!
  3. Captain America for day rides and Ironman for night rides!
  4. LOL... wait! Isn't that our MacGyver of the EUC World AKA @Rehab1? Hilarious! But actually it does work! Put your treadmill on flat position instead and just ride your wheel freely without any attachments like this video demonstrated by Ian :
  5. Right! But it is definitely worth it for your night rides. Thanks guys! Doesn't matter. It's just numbers anyway...
  6. z3n

    Z10 Motor Sensor Fault

    Wow! I thought this so-called motor sensor was actually located inside the motor itself, and not the hall effect sensors. Thank you @Chriull, I will open it up and check the board for sure!
  7. Doing this Manual Calibration seems like a fix for me. At least in my case it has not appeared again yet. (fingers crossed)
  8. z3n

    Z10 Motor Sensor Fault

    Doing this Manual Calibration seems to make this notification goes away, at least in my case. But don't know for how long (fingers crossed).
  9. How to Manually Calibrate your Ninebot One Z6 / Z8/ Z10 without using Ninebot App. This method can also calibrate the pedals at your custom angled degree at your liking, slightly downward / upward, which is unable to achieve using the app. Hope it helps!
  10. z3n

    Z10 Motor Sensor Fault

    Kinda feel like one actually.
  11. Am I being jackpotted here?
  12. Got my new Z10 headlight replacement few days ago. Hope it helps for those interested. Enjoy!
  13. Got my new headlight few days ago. Hope it helps for those interested. Enjoy!
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