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  1. z3n


    I use Philips BodyCam instead. Good enough imho. Hope it helps!
  2. You can't. Unless you DIY it yourself. Just order a new motor and save the hassle. Good luck bro!
  3. InMotion provided the number in Lux while KingSong in Lumens. We can't have the same measurement without knowing the area and radius of their calculation. There is no indication nor statement that direct suspension is better. Just showing the fact that V11 and S18 use different method for applying their dampening result, as officially provided by both manufacturers. Again, these numbers are officially provided by the manufacturers. That's why I put 2 sections for these, Suspension Travel and Dampening Travel. Agreed. The IP Rating is purely based on the info provided by the manufacturers, at least what they claimed to have. InMotion claimed one, while KingSong didn't. (Please CMIIW). Dunno. Let's just wait and see then. Too many variables involved here, rider weight, riding environment, riding style, riding speed etc. That's why there is an "Up To" in the sheet. Good point. I will update it again when I get the official statement from them. Different regions have their own retail prices (different taxes etc). I'm afraid you would get shocked to know the prices in a third-world country like where I am. I am kinda hesitant as well since 20S3P doesn't look enough but who knows maybe it is when you actually ride one. 27 kg is heavy, but I have a Z10 and I am used to it. So no big deal for me here. I will update it again when I have confirmation about the motors voltage.
  4. Agreed. But unfortunately for now we are left with only these specs provided by the manufacturers.
  5. I made a comparison sheet based on data provided by both InMotion and KingSong. Hope it helps and please CMIIW. Cheers guys! Latest update: April 21st, 2020.
  6. Just trolley it backward. Trust me.
  7. Yes, complications support for newer Watch Faces please!
  8. It is always cool to see many new integrations, but when will DarknessBot support more newer Apple Watch Faces? I personally have been waiting for this for years...
  9. Models At present, we have designed 3 models of the Satiator charger optimized for different voltage ranges all sharing the same great feature set and firmware. The 48V 8A and 72V 5A models are both in full production, while the 24V 15A model is available for samples from interested OEM parties. Model Name 2415 4808 7205 Max Voltage 36V 63V 103V Max Current 15A* 8A* 5A* Typical Batteries 12-24V 24V-52V 36V-84V *Current also clamped by 360 watt power limit
  10. Cool bracket! Never seen a light with such bracket before. Now I am tempted to get one too! Where did you get it from? Do you mind to share its link, maybe? Thanks a lot!
  11. Looks nice! How did you fit it there? Glued it on?
  12. If you order enough quantities from their manufacturers, they will listen to you. Some vendors in Taiwan and Singapore only sell EUCs with max speed officially limited to 25 km/h for their various reasons.
  13. z3n

    InMotion V8f

    One major part of scooters people tend to ignore: More moving parts = higher maintenance and more replacement = higher extra cost.
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