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  1. This special tool is called a hammer. You also need a long stick to help push the pedal rods out. Some use long screwdriver, some use chopstick. Good luck!
  2. As a matter of fact, it is still called Titan in China.
  3. I knew @naldsfrom another PEV WhatsApp Group just a few days before I read this post. He did mention that he is suffering from a broken femur but I didn't know the detail at all. From my perspective, I don't think there is any benefit for him posting it here besides just sharing. So I have no reason not to believe him. Just chill guys and be safe! Cheers!
  4. This is by far the most detailed S18's rebuilt project ever made! Thank you for your great effort documenting all those! KingSong should hire you man!
  5. Woah...! What a story bro! I've been riding daily on street since 2016 and as your fellow neighbor here, there are some important points I'd like to share: Never hesitate - We are strange looking creature in the eye of others, they'd never be able to react normally like with bikes / motorcycles / cars. Always make eye contact - Get their attention and let them know which direction you are going, shout out loud if necessary. Always feel vulnerable and yield to others - Brake to stop and let others pass whenever you can't control the situation. Always be aware of your sur
  6. Very cool to know that! Do you have any rubbing noise using the H-666? This is a 2.5-18 one, right? I am wondering if anyone ever tried to go tubeless for their V11. Any good?
  7. I'm waiting for a "I ride EUCs for work". Anyone?
  8. Almost all EUC manufacturers did that already in the past. Ninebot did that with their legendary E+ for global market and C, C+, E for domestic Chinese market. Inmotion did that with their V3 series, V3 Pro for global market and V3/V3S for domestic Chinese market. Kingsong and Gotway also did that with their old product series (sorry couldn't recall the exact number/series). Why didn't they continue to do that? Because it just didn't work that way.
  9. My 5400 km old Z10 has this same gap feeling as well, but not sure about any knocking noise. I consider Z10's motor is too weak for doing pendulum, so I try my best to avoid it. If I were you, I'd try to do the manual calibration a few times first and see if it gets better.
  10. Well... it's all about feedback confirmation, right? So the most natural ways should be: Changes from actions on phone's app --> beeps/vibrates on phone Changes from actions on wheels --> beeps on wheels
  11. Welcome to Jakarta to ride with us then!
  12. Confirmation should beep on our phone's app only, not on wheels.
  13. Probably by utilizing the USB port.
  14. Should be only when it is on. Safer that way.
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