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  1. Myself i hit max. 30Km plus but i am a 100Kg in weight, this evening i did a short ride with the Darkness app. here are the graphs of it. I think you must calculate the weight of the rider and how is the windspeed.
  2. That's no problem, only i think that you must upgrade your battery pack if you go on higher speed.
  3. I am enjoying the wheel how it is now when you get it how to ride a wheel with the E+ i whas hitting constant the max. speed limit. Now the cruising speed is around 26 27Km/hour and it's much more fun to ride. The battery pack upgrade did the trick so i can ride a comfort distance of 20 a 30Km and i hope the hack will survive...
  4. No the 4 character is different from E to P, that's how the Ninebot get's its speed. There is no other check, the firmware hack only change the E to a P and that's it. The battery packs are made by my self, 2 packs of 15 Panasonic cells.
  5. I have my Ninebot for almost 2 months now and 660Km driven. I have modified my One with extra battery's and a total of 640Wh, also i modified the firmware to make it a P with + power. My version of the firmware is 1.4.3 and i ride a 200Km with it without any problems, a steady ride around 27Km/hour without any peeps or tiltback and a mx. speed of 30Km/hour. This is how the One must be...
  6. A total of 210 Km driven with the modified firmware and still going strong, no problems at all.
  7. The 1.4.3 version is in the prog of the russian guy. You can chose one of the first firmware all the way up to 1.4.3
  8. Daily trip with my modified One E+ to a P++..
  9. Today i have ride a total of 100Km with the new firmware and speed, no trouble at all. Very stable and no problems..
  10. No, you can pick any version you like. first you connect with J-link and download and backup your original firmware, then you open the program from the russian guy. Load your original firmware into the program and then you can choose the firmware version you like and patch the firmware to a P. The program creates a new firmware with a name, then you flash with the J-link this firmware back to your Ninebot and your done. To be clear, you don't attach the Ninebot battery when you are flashing!
  11. With the thicker legpacks there is no problem. When you ride you even don't feel them. Also the weight is no problem at all.
  12. A hell of a ride this morning with my modified Ninebot, 30,4 Km trip and 26% battery left with normal to strong wind and a cruise speed of 26Km per hour. This is how the Ninebot must be in the first place, it's a dream to ride. I say this is a keeper!
  13. The temp. from the controller is no problem, electronics do perfect in the range of 50 to 70 degrees celcius. I just road 28 Km with my modified Ninebot and the temp. was 47 degrees with a outside temp off 21 degrees. I purchase the aftermarket covers form Einratt, when you riding the covers do not give a problem when you riding. Ive someone make a STL file for the covers then you can print them yourself. I still believe that the firmware change did good for my Ninebot, verry relaxing driving and no sound and pedal lifting anymore. The only problem is that the Ninebot consumes more b
  14. Thanks I monitor the temperature . I have take apart the controller and the heatsink, apply new heat pasta and put all screws in and apply special spray for the board to protect for water damage.
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