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Found 16 results

  1. Gotway Tesla VS Ninebot One Z 16" VS 18" What do you guys think?
  2. A buddy of mine has been riding his Ninebot Mini Pro daily for more than a year and he always complained about how slow and annoying because of the alarm and tiltback. Recently, he switched to EUC. He bought a BNIB Ninebot One E+ with NO modification at all. After learning and riding it for about a month later, out of curiosity I asked him whether he likes it or not, since I know that a Ninebot One E+ normally is not fast enough for regular cruising. But I was surprised when he didn't have any complain about its speed at all besides of the battery capacity, of course. Not even complained about
  3. I just started out yesterday.. Today I managed to go the length of my entire block ... When the ninebot was cruising I had no issue with control. However as I slowed it down... the wheels began to wobble I dont mean like I am zigzagging .. I mean like it wobbles like it is warped or something.. Scared the crap out of me.. I spun the wheel and looked trying to find any bend or any kind of warping in the axis but didnt see any ... Is this normal ? Another question I have.. The speed limit that I set on the max speed ... only applies when you set Limit to ON, right ? I mea
  4. Hi guys, After reading a lot of the latest news and updated info including your great posts about Ninebot One Products, it makes me wondering which Series of Ninebot One is really considered to be Best Choice for buying at the moment. Which one would you guys choose between Ninebot One P / Ninebot One S2 / Ninebot One E+ if you happen to needing to buy one for now? Considering all three of them are available in the market and all brand new in the box with official 1 year guarantee from Ninebot. Thank you for your time and reply. Best regards, Richard
  5. [SOLD, Thanks all!] Selling a Like New, Pre-Owned NINEBOT ONE S2 Asking Price: $650 Location: NYC, USA Product Page: Ninebot One S2 (click here if you cannot see the images below)
  6. I bought Ninebot One E at the beginning of this year, and unfortunately this type of transportation is not for me. It may have some signs of cosmetic wear from learning, but is fully operational and functions as intended—only used two times. Its total mileage is 6 kilometers and total running time 2h 34m 56s. Basically still on the first charge that came from the factory. Also I am including a blue wheel wrap and wheel bag worth up to 200 dollars! (Roll Wheel Wrap- Brilliant Blue Metallic original price $65 –free and Deluxe Wheel Bag original cost $139 –free). I am asking 475. And I am in NYC
  7. $549 NINEBOT ONE E+ (reg $899) $499 NINEBOT ONE C+ (reg $749) FREE SHIPPING in the continental US www.forwardca.com FORWARD california is an authorized Ninebot distributor in California. All warranty work is done in the US not China.
  8. Thank you FORUM for all of your support! *FORUM SAVINGS* Get an additional $100 off of our already low sale price on all of our NINEBOT products. Use promo code FORUM at checkout to receive the discount. Plus you get FREE SHIPPING in the continental US. $699 LIMITED EDITION NINEBOT ONE E+ (reg $899) This is a very limited release from Ninebot inc. Get One While Supplies Last. www.forwardca.com FORWARD california is an authorized Ninebot distributor in California. All warranty service work is done in the US not China. SALE ENDS March 31, 2016
  9. This is so sad my Ninebot one C died. A bit of history. I bought the unit from a person in our local ebay-like online store (olx). I knew that it does not have any warranty so I checked it thoroughly. It was brand new with all the plastic seals -- in short an authentic brand new Ninebot once C. I tested it for any defects as we have agreed. Rode it for 30 minutes and was very very impressed coming from a generic 14-inch-unicycle-user. Checked everything -- BT connection, the tire, the lights, the knock codes -- worked as expected. That was Nov 30. Dec 12 came and my son and I have ju
  10. After seeing it for the first time at a kiosk in the mall, I won a used e+ on EBay for $600. It was described as barely used and in new condition but when I got it, I was disappointed it was cosmetically beaten up with part of the padding gone (though the padding was described by the seller). I got it the 2nd week of December and immediately got onto it outside of my apartment door (carpeted area) and it took off part of the paint on the wall immediately so I brought it back into my place and put on the training wheels that it came with and took it back outside. I'd say I spent about 45 min
  11. Just got NinebotOne C+ a month ago Dec22, 2015 thinking i would be able to use it for long time, but my health didn't co-operate as expected. No scratches, comes with the same packages and manuals and foam 3M stickers, ONLY local pickup (Detroit, Michigan), 480$ cash! Thanks
  12. Try it ! Login has gotten easier with Facebook! Share your journey with everyone ! Download it on the stores: https://itunes.apple.com/app/eunicycle/id1023113518 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appelit.eunicycle&hl=en Website App: http://eunicycle.appelit.sg
  13. Hello from Barcelona! from the last week of August I own my first EUC, a 9bot One E+. It is a wonder!! I love climbing hills in my neighborhood ... Now, the new P model has a larger battery. I don't know if there is an open forum with this issue, but I would like to know if the E + model has the same motherboard that the new model P, to acquire new battery that has the new version of Ninebot One. If you have information, I appreciate the answer.
  14. moded my Ninebot one to chrome and added led headlights and taillights pics included soon
  15. Hi, Just to share with all the thing I found useful when riding the unicycle. After getting hurt a few times on the shin, I wrap around my lower leg now with LP756 knee support, which I bought it couple of years back when starting jogging. Although meant for the knee it surprised me that it fits on my shin very well! I have since bought another one to use on both legs. The grip on my unicycle also improved and much more assuring. I'm using NinebotOne E since April few months back and have been riding it since! Have fun! (My NinebotOne E is currently with the dealer for replacing damaged inner
  16. Hi, I understand it will void the warranty if you dismentled the left-hand side of the wheel (with circuit board in it), but how about dismentling just the right-hand side of it (with battery pack)? Will it void the warranty too? I found this time-lapsed video on dismentling the right-side: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZ5QFbNqPHc. It looks do-able since there is no eletronic parts are involved (unlike the left-side). Wondering if anyone has done it before? Any things to watch out for? Happy unicycling!
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