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Found 7 results

  1. Hi guys, After having an EUC for 3 years, I still have bits to learn. I currently have my first wheel; MSuper V3 and my current wheel; MSX. I have my first two alarms and tiltback disabled on my MSX and haven't taken it to top speed at all, therefore, I haven't heard the warning beeps for my last alarm. What I was wondering is at 100 percent battery, it's possible to hit the last alarm at say 30mph (Not sure what it's set by default) and slow down, but if I had say 50 percent battery, would the alarm still come on at 30mph or relevant to the output power, warning you from overpowering? Is it just speed based alarms? Will the wheel allow you to overpower it, or will it always beep depending on what output it's giving? How do you know how much power output you have left, relevant to what battery percentage you have left? It's really hard to write what I'm asking haha, hopefully it comes across okay and someone can give me a solid answer. The scenario is, when I'm riding at full battery, I'm not concentrating fully on speed as I know the alarm will sound if I go too fast, whereas when the battery power is lower, I take note and slow down as I don't want to Overpower the wheel and not hear an alarm. I'm hoping the last alarm sounds when you're close to maximum output and not a set speed. If this wasn't the case, riding at 40 percent battery would be really dangerous as the wheel has less to give and possibly not even reach the speed your alarm is set at. Please can someone firstly fathom out what I'm trying to say and possibly come up with a clear answer! Thank you! Liam.
  2. Like some other people here on the forum I have tried to install a gsm/gps tracker in my EUC (A Kingsong KS-16), but I gave up last year since I did not find anything small enough to fit anywhere inside the tiny space under the shell. My new idea is to buy the Deeper Lock. It's a bike lock that has a gps/gsm tracker built in and also is charging itself with solar power. They are looking for funding right now on Kickstarter: The drawback might be that it is much easier to get rid of it since it is clearly visible. But on the other hand, this also has a loud alarm that will trigger when someone tries to tamper with the lock or move the bike. There are still quite a many thousand dollars to collect before the campaign reaches it's funding target (wink wink nudge nudge ), but I hope they will make it so that I can probably have it in my hands some time next year. While waiting for Deeper Lock, I am using another kind of bike lock, from Ali Express: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Bluetooth-Smart-Lock-with-Alarm-Bicycle-Smart-Lock-Bicycle-Motorcycle-Keyless-Lock-APP-Control/32803360594.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.IwWEyB I know it's Ali Express and quality could be anything between bad and par. But it's not sold for one dollar or something, it actually costs some $25 USD. I cannot really say much about it since I have only had it for a few days. But it feels pretty solid. I have no doubt that the cable could be cut off, but as with the before-mentioned Deeper Lock that would trigger an alarm. The sound level of the alarm is quite high, if you stand close you don't want that sound ringing in your ears for very long. It is locked/unlocked by an app that is bluetooth connected to the lock. There is an autolock feature in the app that will automatically unlock it as soon as there is a bluetooth connection and lock it if the phone is too far away from the lock. It lacks the GPS/GPRS function. But since I always never leave my EUC unattended other than for very very short periods, I feel that the most likely cause of loss of my EUC would be a robbery, and in that case the alarm would trigger when me and my phone are too far away (or I believe I can probably trigger it manually in the app), which I think will give me an increased likelihood of confuse and scare a robber so that I might be able to get it back.
  3. Hello, I have a KS16s with an odd voice alarm, which I've noticed after the last firmware update and calibration. Whenever I hit a bump at a certain speed (like a lip between connecting sidewalk slabs), I get a repeating voice alarm which sounds to me like "Bluetooth Fault". It may be saying something completely different, but that's what it sounds like to me. The alarm repeats about every 6-7 seconds until I come to a stop and turn off the wheel. The alarm doesn't effect the riding or speed of the wheel. There are no funny mechanical noises and I don't think anything happens to the lights. There is no feedback through the app either. I couldn't find anything in the Google-verse about this alarm, nor on KingSong's user manual or web site. Anybody have a similar experience?
  4. I recently purchased a King Song 18XL. I'm using the Darknessbot app since the King Song app was pulled from the app store, and I have a little over 30 miles on my wheel. I'm not completely understanding how the three speed alarms work in Darknessbot. I had all three set to 25 mph, but one explanation from another rider indicated to me that each alarm had a specific function attached to it. For example alarms 1 and 2 are beeps and alarm 3 is tilt back. I take that to mean that if I disable alarm 1 I will only get one beep alarm before I get tilt back. If I disable both alarms 1 and 2, then I will only get tilt back. So in order for these alarms to work properly, I must set them in successively increasing limits. Am I understanding the speed alarms correctly?
  5. I sold a year old Inmotion V5F which worked amazingly for 2 years /1,000 miles commuting to work and putting it in my closet. Bought a new a SoloWheel Glide 2. Every time I charge, at around 75-80% the charger gets extremely hot and starts making a high-pitched noise which I assumed was an overheat alarm or could also be some type of whine. Customer support at eWheels is claiming this is normal...... For a test I put a fan on the charger during the entire cycle to keep it cool and surprisingly no funny noises from the charger. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it an issue with the charger overheating, or just a funny noise?
  6. I'm trying to understand the warning beeps on my new 84v acm. I tried disabling the first alarm - when i tested it, when i reached 30+ km/h, i heard 3 beeps. (i occasionally heard single beeps also, which i shouldn't be hearing since i disabled the first alarm in the app, right? maybe this is a bug?) But anyway, is the second alarm 2 beeps or 3 beeps? and what's the final alarm? I thought final was 3 beeps based on several youtube videos and posted messages, but then i thought i read somewhere recently that the final alarm is 5 beeps, so i'm just trying to verify what's going on. I shouldn't be anywhere near my final alarm at 30-35km/h, right? This is with 90% battery, cool afternoon, flat pavement, 170lb rider. is it 1-3-5 beeps, or 1-2-3??
  7. I noted today when breaking really hard, that I got the 80% power beeps from a fully charged EUC. As I've had two instances when the 80% power warnings have led to tilt-backs, I wonder if that could happen while breaking? I really hope it can't... @Yi Chen or @陈小杰 is it possible to get a tilt-back (tilt-forward?) while breaking? If so, I would suggest changes in firm-ware. If you're breaking hard enough for the alarm to trigger, you're doing it for a reason. In my case it was a BMW-driver that came into a roundabout about 15mph faster than legal, almost moving me down in the process. Only fast reactions and power-breaking put me behind him rather than under him... I suppose it isn't an issue, just checking.
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