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Found 87 results

  1. jojo33

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    https://www.mini-j.world/accueil/actualites-mini/new-segway-ninebot-euc/ SPECS Weight Z10 = 22kg 48lbs ninebot one z 18寸宽版 1200w 35速 580wh ¥4999. 1500w 40速 860wh ¥7999. 1800w 45速 1000wh ¥9999. Z6 TOP SPEED 35 KMH BATTERY 574WH MOTOR 1200W CHARGE NOMINALE 40-55KM 150KG ANGLE D ESCALADE/ANGLE CLIMB 20° Z8 second modele name is DARK NIGHT TOP SPEED 40 KMH BATTERY 862WH MOTOR 1500W CHARGE NOMINALE 60-80KM 150KG ANGLE D ESCALADE/ANGLE CLIMB 25° z10 final fantasy TOP SPEED 45KMH BATTERY 1000WH MOTOR 1800W CHARGE NOMINALE 80-100KM 150KG ANGLE D ESCALADE/ANGLE CLIMB 25°
  2. dismason

    The Flying Finn, Dismason

    Hello My name is Carl Irjala and I live here in the city of Kotka, which is near the Russian border. If you allow, I wish to start writing to you about my experiences as a brand new electric unicyclist. I'm a soaring pilot with several hundred landings behind me. So when I saw a video on YouTube that told that riding an EUC feels like flying I became instantly interested about it. So my first topic is about the experience of buying my first EUC and the learning process. The EUC brand is here in Finland so new that I had to search abroad to get reasonable information about it. My mother tongue is Swedish and Finnish. In those languages there is not enough information that would make me to buy an EUC. Luckily, I found this forum and the members' YouTube videos. Lots of sellers at the Internet do not communicates in English, so I was totaly dependent on the information you provide in this forum. Another matter that affected the choice of my first EUC was transport and tax costs. I have bought a lot of products directly from America and China, but sometimes the goods come with a shipping / duty surcharge that can be up to one hundred percent of the value of the product and sometimes not. So this makes the purchase a little risky. I found only one seller who provided clear information about shipping and taxation charges to Finland. After payment, it only took five days to get home the product from Poland (see image files). So in full, the whole process was quite easy. My next post will be a video about learning to ride the EUC. In that video you will see a whole new method how to do it. So, stay tuned on this topic. Kind regards Carl
  3. Hallå Verkar ju inte precis krylla av dessa manicker i Sverige ännu, men kanske är det åtminstone någon mer än jag som har köpt en och skulle vilja träffas för en "körning". Jag är boende i Bålsta och har för avsikt att göra stadskörningar nu till sommaren med sikte på Uppsala, och Stockholm som främsta platser. Samlingstråd för Svenska EUC förare på detta forum är härmed skapad. Droppa en rad ifall du också gillar att köra EUC och huserar i detta avlånga land. Med vänlig hälsning Fredrik
  4. So I’ve beem wondering a lot lately about the legality of EUC usage here in the states. I’ve seen the post about them cracking down in London and heard that China basically has an all out ban on them in public areas so it makes me wonder about the good’ol USA. I am aware of the law protecting Segways , granting them permission to be ridden pretty much anywhere an electric wheelchair can go and basically considering them to be “pedestrians “. I also know that the reason Segway-Ninebot was able to do this is because they limited the speed too speed of most of their products to 12.5mph (roughly as fast as a human being would sprint ) .So obviously most EUC’s wouldn’t technically fall in this category. I am the only person with an EUC in my town ...and as far as I know the only one in about 100miles . I commute to and from work everyday and the police office is 2 blocks from my house . Today I stared going and riding around the back parking lot of the PD/FD (they have cones and stuff that are fun to zig-zag through 😊) and have had really positive responses from them. Even passed out my 2 remaining Ewheels business cards to the officers tonight since they seemed really interested in the wheel . Offered to let them try it out but they said they couldn’t because they were on duty . So with that all said I’m just wondering how law enforcement in other areas of the county react .
  5. 😎 ANNOUNCING 😎 :: Westwheel ONE :: Join the Personal Electric Vehicle Riders Association (PEVRA) in welcoming electric unicycles, e-skateboards, Onewheels and more for a weekend of wheeling in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, August 10 - 12, 2018. Wheelers from across the west and around the world are invited to ride streets, trails and paths on routes selected in conjunction with Vegas native riders. Expected routes to include nighttime Las Vegas Strip and sunrise Red Rock Canyon rides. Limited ground transportation for wheels to and from Las Vegas available for San Francisco Bay Area riders. #WWONE #PEVRA #EUC #ESK8 #ONEWHEEL Oh and this event is 100% FREE! (Except for getting to, and staying in, Las Vegas for the weekend.) Facebook event for more info and RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/1920932577976936/ (Tentative schedule, all events, times and locations subject to change) Friday, August 10 7:30 p.m. Downtown/Arts District Ride — Children's Discovery Museum, 360 Promenade Place, Downtown Las Vegas Tons of parking right across the street (850 W. Clark, $5). Friday night's ride will be an excursion through Downtown Las Vegas, the Arts District, and other points of interest. Thanks LV locals Michael Espinosa and Mike Love for all of your assistance in helping PEVRA plan these routes and rides! Charging stops will be planned at 6-8 mile intervals. Ride will consist of at least two legs, looping back to our starting point. Riders with more range can continue ride afterward. Saturday, August 11 6 a.m. Sunrise ride – Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area ($15/car admission charged by National Park Service) 8 p.m. Night ride – Downtown Las Vegas to Las Vegas Strip Sunday, August 12 10 a.m. Hoover Dam ride :: WESTWHEEL ONE :: is the debut riding event organized by the Personal Electric Vehicle Riders Association (PEVRA). PEVRA is a membership organization launching in July 2018 to advocate on behalf of legality, safety, and infrastructure for all types of personal electric vehicles. PEVRA's goal is universal, 100% legal status for safe operation of personal electric vehicles in all countries, states, districts and municipalities. PEVRA will work to initiate, support, and follow through local efforts to adopt legal status for a growing range of personal electric vehicles. More details on PEVRA membership, benefits and activities will be available in July at http://www.pevra.org and https://www.facebook.com/pevra.org/. Contact: Jesse Garnier, Executive Director Personal Electric Vehicle Riders Association (PEVRA) jesse@pevra.org
  6. POLL: If you could have just one EUC, what would you choose?
  7. Liam MSuperV3

    Gotway MSuper Queries?

    Hi guys, I've been wheeling around now for about 10 months and have a couple of queries about my MSuper V3. I've become a very confident rider now and I have my first two alarms disabled. Does anyone know what speed the third alarm will come on at? I've not heard it yet. Also, how is your top speed affected by battery power? I'm quite cautious whilst riding at around 20% (Normally to get home). Any advice is greatly received. Thank you Liam
  8. Los Angeles Electric Unicycle Addicts https://www.facebook.com/groups/1862054430504477/ @Sketch @NBC44 @Roll Model @enigma35 @noisycarlos @Questor @swvision @Ando Melkonyan @captainwells @Tjtripp @Sven @unowheel @Mushuukyou @YoshiSkySun @Jrkline "Wheel Whisperer" @Stan Onymous @Alsayyad @Marvin Ong @HeavyGoing @Kimosabi @zentype @serfy @n2eus @Williepimpin @Peter Q @Jon Sawa @Mike Hanna @maltocs @1Wheeler
  9. klydesign

    Inmotion V3 pro

    I just got the V3 inmotion are there any other apps I could use with it so I could customize the wheel the inmotion app keeps crashing and Bluetooth want connect
  10. klydesign

    Inmotion V3 Pro (range?)

    Does anyone know the range the Inmotion V3 Pro gets? thanks
  11. I've been riding the V5F+ for almost a year, and it's been great for recreation but I'm looking for something with more distance capability for my daily commute. I'm trying to find something with a bit more top speed to, if at least as a buffer to prevent sudden slowing, and preferably not too big and bulky. Finally, it needs to be reliable and safe. I've heard about issues with Gotway ACM involving the pedal breaking, so I'm wary of that one. Please let me know of any recommendations for these criteria for less than $3k, (preferably less than $1.5k if possible). Thanks!
  12. Jerome

    The need for Speed

    I have always been attracted more to endurance events than speed events. I have to say, however, 3.39 into the video is like the call of the wild. I am sooooo glad I am not young and foolish anymore .. I think. I should have mentioned initially Tishawn is on a 100V Monster, and the rider doing the video is on a "Kaly" ESK8.
  13. Grüß Euch / Hi All, Deutsch: Ich würde mich freuen, von anderen Einradsüchtigen in Österreich zu hören, und vor allem wo und welche trails ihr so befährt ! Ich werde von Zeit zu Zeit ebenfalls Fotos und Infos von netten EUC Touren posten, die ich gemacht hab. Postet in Englisch oder Deutsch, wie ihr wollt. English: I want to start an Austrian group. Feel free to post in English or German (I live during the week near the UN-City in Vienna, and spotted some EUC riders entering it, maybe they don't speak German). From time to time I'll post infos and fotos about nice EUC trails here in Vienna or in Styria, where I originally come from. Maybe others can do the same for the areas they live in. Cheers, HtG
  14. Scott Henley

    Yearly EUC meet convention.

    How cool would it be to set aside one weekend a year for everyone to meet up in one location ?? Pick a city each year and we all descend upon it like an electric plague . Lol. @outcast00096 you’re “top 5 people you’d like to ride with” post got me thinking ..why not make our dreams a reality !
  15. Hello everyone, After 2500 km with my S2 and a flat tire, I decided to do some work on my S2 like deep cleaning, new paint, try to remove all the damm anti poncture traces and grease the bearings. I would like to know if there's specials things to know before opening the motor. The wheel is IP54 so I'm wondering if there's spi joints to change or anythings special to know before opening it ☺️ Thanks
  16. Just here to give my opinions on the Ninebot Mini and why its a more dangerous than any other EUCs and see if anyone else here agrees with me. The argument: Last year before Christmas I bought a Ninebot Mini I had a go on it and realized not only was it less fun because you were required to go in a straight line but significantly more dangerous over riding any EUC. In fact I think the Mini should be speed limited to only 10-12km/h max and not 18! When riding at higher speeds and the floor is uneven you are having to adjust your body to the way the road is. For example when you ride on a slope where your only ONE of your wheels are lower or higher you would have to tilt to the direction that is higher to remain balance. For eg: If you are riding on the side walk and on your left there is a wheel chair ramp making the left wheel dip lower than the right wheel for a short bit you will have to quickly adjust your body to the right so remain balance if you stood still you will lose control. The other concern is that when you do so to maintain your centre of gravity you could knock that pole that controls the left or right, this has also become a major issue when riding on uneven surfaces. Unlike riding on an EUC the centre of gravity is between your foot at the point where the wheel hits the floor making it easy to glide over rougher terrains. On the Ninebot mini you are forced to adjust your body to the way the terrain is much more than what is required from an EUC. The benefit however of the Ninebot Mini is that you are able to pick it up quickly, and stand in place really easily. In short...after owning the Ninebot Mini I quickly sold it(without even owning it for 2 weeks) knowing the dangers that would possess with it and made a hefty profit during the Christmas season. My first actual post on the forum, thanks for reading Jack
  17. With the higher speed monster, tesla, msuper, has anyone got rid their cars yet?
  18. Hey guys! I am still alive first and foremost. Still ride near every day. My appearance here has been pretty thin lately. Between work and the store I was staying busy, probably too busy, and to add to the madness I found out I am having what will be my first child in October! Hype! If you are local you may know we are still here. We have a small community of riders that is growing. We have people who rely solely on EUC for transport in our town, which to me is amazing. It is a blast. We are doing a little restructuring with inventory. We have a small mountain of MCM4's because people love them here. We brought the price down online because they are no longer competing online with our IPS wheels which will still be available as a local only item. We are also going to be out of the store for October, a much needed half vacation (I still work full time) as I get things ready for the baby and finish up a couple small projects. The online store orders will go out as usual and repairs and pickup arrangements haven't changed. We are going to be changing the store layout, bringing in more OneSeven Merch and T's (People seem to love our shirts and logo and we want to bring more of that online). Last of all thank you to the entire forum and those who have helped us with the store. Most of our orders have mentioned finding us through the forum and that is awesome. Also a few people have reached out to make sure I am still keeping on and I appreciate that so much. As an addition to the sale we are moving all of our display units for a heavily discounted price. They all have zero miles and will have new batteries installed (They just are out to look pretty atm and are battery-less). The only difference from new is that they have been picked up a few times and maybe gathered light dust. We could likely sell them at full price but that wouldn't feel right. If you are local we have the demo units too for sale. A few miles at best, mostly in our store with a few up and down a paved street. Message me about some local specials on IPS and used wheels. I want to hold a lot of our cheapest options for local only to get more community riders. OneSeven Store Page I added our local favorite shirt as I figured a few riders might want a shirt that no one else has. We might add a few small gear items soon. Gotway October Prices: ACM $899 for the display model (Only one available) ACM $999 ACM+ (84v/1300wh) $1199 MCM4 $549 & up Monster (2400wh) $2199 display model and our last Monster Super Amazing Ultra Rare Design T-shirt $17 Message me for local specials.
  19. Hey everyone, I am trying to get policy changed in my county park system to allow EUC’s on our hiking/ bike trails. Currently they do NOT allow ANY motorized vehicles on the trails. So here are the points I can use some opinions on: 1. Their concern: Everyone enjoys our trails because there are no motorized vehicles on them. So, I need to explain how an EUC will not disrupt this atmosphere. 2. Their concern: If we allow EUC’s we will have to allow every other motorized vehicles ie E-bikes, handicap scooters, skateboards, scooters, Segway's etc. So, I need to be able to write policy that can prevent this. 3. I need opinions on what makes EUC’s different and superior to any other motorized vehicle. If anyone has any additional important points to add, please feel free to do so. Thanks
  20. Hi all! i can sell some items with good season discount price! Does anyone interested in new?: GotWAY ACM 1300+ - 1150€ GotWAY NEW Msuper V3 820 wh - 1150€ GotWAY NEW Msuper V3 1600 wh - 1450€ KingSong 16A 680 wh - 1000€ KingSong 16S 840 wh - 1150€ KingSong 18S 840 wh - 1300€ KingSong 18S 1680 wh - 1650€ +delivery: 1. EURope (any country) - 150€ 2. Overseas (US, Canada etc) - 250€ local pickup also avaible (in Estonia) after 50% prepay. And I am also can sale Zhiyun stabilizers, but only with EUC wheel (depending on shipping-handling prices). Zhiyun Crane V.2 - 550€ Zhiyun Crane 2 - 700€ I am already sold there one wheel, stay on ebay and can answer on any your questions there or in PM.
  21. vladmarks

    EUC commuting infographics

    Hey guys, I've dug up an interesting piece of work that was unfortunately left unfinished by the previous designer team. The goal was to visually compare means of public and private transport to wheeling around Zones 1-2 of London. We have not been able to finalise the time of travel comparison, as it tends to be subjective around the busy city center. I am happy to evolve the conversation around what else can be put in such educational piece.
  22. Jerome

    The need for speed

    I was reading in another topic when I saw statements about the "ONEWHEEL" seeming to be slow. They go about 19-20 mph with the newest one being a little faster if you don't mine risking a face plant. The best selling "Boosted Board" eskateboard goes 22 mph. Most of the other players go 20 to ~ 26 mph. A few custom types do 30+. Escooters typically are in the 15-18 mph range with more powerful models capable of doing ~ 28 mph. The top models are in the 35 - 40 mph range. Electric bikes are mostly in the 20 - 25 mph range - throttle only. Gotway has pretty much made the EUC the dominate force on the bike-ways and roads. (If one chooses to use the speed). Other than the electric assisted recumbent featured in one of Marty's video he appears to be king of the road. Very few people don't want the availability of speed, even if they never use it. Speed is seductive, potentially addictive, and often abused. I am older than dirt, so when I got my Ninebot E+ on a super close-out deal around Xmas time, the maximum 13 mph speed was just fine. During the early learning process I didn't know it but it was limited to 6 mph. I never experienced a warning or tilt-back .. because I thought 5 mph was scary fast. Once it started to "click" I got my first tilt-back, read the manual and set the app (I had the require KM) for maximum speed. Now I ride with tilt-back occurring quite frequently, such that I handle it quickly and with little stress. I want more speed. Jason (Ewheels) has on his site that the sweet spot for the average user is 16 -18 mph. I believe this to be true and would like to cruise in that range. Gotway's range, not speed, is probably ultimately why its wheels stay in demand even with build and QA issues from time-to-time. If my E+ had twice the range I would live with it .. at least for another year or so. I , like most on this forum, am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the wheels from INmotion, King Song and Ninebot. I am, however, not looking forward to their ~$1500 price tags. There is nothing out there for me at a reasonable price. The V8 has insufficient range for my 240 lbs weight, the King Song 14s is to small a wheel for my skills and riding terrain. Only the Ninebot Z line offers me hope. I can live with the Z6 and with the Z8 for sure. What will they cost and how will they and the 4 inch tire perform? We shall see. By-the-way I am at a stage where I am starting to think about riding backwards .. Oh brother! That sound you hear in the background is cluck, cluck .. cluck.
  23. That's true. It doesn't comply with the future PLEV directive so you won't be able to ride it on public roads in EU. It can only be considered as 'sport equipment'.