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do we have a name for this type of device yet?

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On 14.10.2016 at 5:34 AM, John Eucist said:

I wish there were an established name for this class of device (hoverboards that have a short steering column in the center) so that I don't have to name this sub-forum "Ninebot Mini, Segway MiniPRO, Xiaomi Mini, Airwheel S8 or equivalent ". :wacko:

You could delete the Segway forum (after moving the posts to here), and rename this forum here to something like:

"Segway and segway-like vehicles with knee- or handsteering"

Or keep the Segway forum and rename this here to just:

"segway-like vehicles with knee- or handsteering"

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19 minutes ago, P99Guy said:

How about  Minisegs or MPTs ?

Miniseg is catchy and sounds good but it's brand-name associated.  MPT seems a little too broad and means about the same as PLEV and PEV (Personal (Light) Electric Vehicle).  Anyways, unlike EUC (which I coined), I don't think we have enough influence or authority to decide or influence what this class of device should be called (although we can try).  My original post was merely wondering if "they" decided a name yet. :P 

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