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  1. I just flipped this switch. Better? What about this? Keep as is?
  2. I hit the button to update. Didn't expect involuntary visual changes.
  3. I tweaked the bell area color for contrast. As for dark theme I don't know how to make that a choosable option. There was a third-party plugin for dark theme (which we actually used before) but forum updates break it. I just use Dark Reader plugin for Chrome and Firefox. For the most part I'm not a techie. I just pay for the forum software and hosting and press a button every now and then to update to the latest forum version and sometimes it makes changes beyond my control as part of the update (like this time).
  4. I upgraded the forum to the latest version a little over an hour ago. Have to update due to bug and exploit fixes.
  5. Yes. "Wheel" is perfect for common reference among those in our sport. EUC is just to be more specific. Of course "electric unicycle" even more clear and specific.
  6. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8216895/Man-riding-UNICYCLE-28mph-main-road-pulled-wobbling-much.html Looks like the term "EUC" has been used in mainstream news.
  7. OP got his photo embed problem fixed and edited the post. Perhaps someone can help him. (we talked in our forum discord)
  8. Okay the certificate is valid again. I have arranged something with Invision (forum maker/hosters) that should have the cert auto-renew forever (unless I stop paying them). Sorry for the hiccup everyone.
  9. I just upgraded to the latest forum version (with "critical" bug fixes). I think it will fix the notifications problem.
  10. Is this the correct and official King Song app on the Google Play Store? 1.4 rating? I wanted to see what firmware version I have for my ks14s and whether or not there's any firmware updates. It crashes on start up on Note 8 running 9.0. Is there one that works elsewhere, perhaps as an apk?
  11. Thanks. I just corrected my EUC field in the forum. Interesting they wouldn't actually print the model number somewhere on the euc itself. Is the S better and/or newer than the D? So did KS make a newer 14 inch model after mine? If there is no serious issues with the older firmware I'd rather not "fix it if it ain't broke". Perhaps @Jason McNeil knows for certain. Both were charging fine for at least half an hour. Then later I went back and one of the wheels was doing the weird LED on charger thing and the charger was much hotter than the other one. I then unpl
  12. Okay yes, as founder of this forum, I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that I haven't ridden a euc for over a year and I forgot for certain if these wheels are KS-14D. Can someone verify this based on the photo? Additionally can someone confirm if these are the appropriate chargers to charge these wheels? I was charging them but the charger got real hot and the LED on the charger was intermittently switching between red, green, and off so something is wrong. I'm not certain these are the right chargers because I have a lot of chargers from all my previous eucs. Lastly, should I upgrade
  13. The mod in question has resigned and is no longer a mod. I've always thought it was common sense (and needless to say) for mods not to reveal private info. What you have in bold is an official rule stated in mod guidelines now. That said, I think it's okay to reveal when multiple accounts used the same IP but not to actually reveal the IP address. This is to tackle shills.
  14. Frankly I thought not disclosing people's IP addresses was a "needless to say" thing. Unfortunately that wasn't the case. I have made it clear and official now.
  15. No because I cross the mainland border all the time and I'm semi-doxed.
  16. https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/ Anyone can post there and suggest this feature.
  17. How is it recently? If it's still doing it I'll file a support ticket.
  18. The above is what the support guy replied. Hope things are okay now.
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