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  1. The above is what the support guy replied. Hope things are okay now.
  2. Sent a ticket to invision support. Will see what they say. For the record this forum is hosted by them.
  3. New users are restricted to 3 posts in 24 hours not 2. Unfortunately this is necessary for spam prevention. However I have just changed it to 5 instead of 3. As your reputation increases due to the quality of your posts that number goes to as high as 100.
  4. As I said in a previous thread. We had a third party dark theme which worked for a while then broke the forum after forum version upgrades. I'm not tech-savvy and don't want to have a dark theme that works now but risk breaking things when the forum software is auto-updated in the future. I just use "Dark Reader" chrome extension but I know that doesn't work on mobile.
  5. This topic has been locked because it was meant to be just the forum rules pinned. Please start a new topic for whatever it is you may want to discuss.
  6. We had a third party dark "theme" that we used before for the forum but then it broke after forum upgrades. I just use this myself: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/dark-reader/eimadpbcbfnmbkopoojfekhnkhdbieeh?hl=en
  7. As Smoother pointed out he could do it himself. But I changed it for him anyways.
  8. Not sure if this should be pinned. Especially since anyone can edit anyone's entries on that map. I'll leave it to the other mods to decide.
  9. FYI this is what the emoji settings screen looks like. Apparently the first set is black and white on THIS PC but not my other one.
  10. No option to do that. It's either remove all or the way it is now. Try jumping using the "Categories" pulldown. Unless it's a HUGE problem I suggest leaving it the way it is now for a while. PS. Get a faster phone.
  11. I changed the "black and white" (although it was in color on mine) ones to "Twitter Style". Let me know if this is better. I have no option to put the custom ones on top. I can, however, delete ALL of the "Twitter Style" emojis completely but I think they might be useful as they are "standardized" and commonly used across the internet. Let me know. Example of Twitter Style emojis: ??????????‍♀️??❤️?☕⭐
  12. I still don't know what you're referring to. Can you take a screenshot of those bad smilies?
  13. They kind of automatically bumped my tier up over time automatically because the forum was exceeding thresholds. Yeah there are cheaper alternatives including self-hosting with the same forum software but I'm lazy and don't want to interrupt something that "works". No need donations. I'll ask for donations if and when one day I feel the pinch.
  14. No idea what happened. If it keeps doing this please let me know. Already been on the 200 ($130/month) plan for some time.
  15. I made some changes and everyone should be able to edit their posts indefinitely now.
  16. https://forum.electricunicycle.org/forum/61-e-scooters/
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