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  1. Vik's

    Rusted footplate?

    Try some CRC Freeze Off. Great stuff and works every time. I prefer this over WD-40. Soak the middle part of the bar for a good 5 minutes and hammer the bar out. The problem is that the bar could be bent so it's not just rust that holding it...
  2. Vik's

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    @EUCMania Resting in my pocket most of the time. Only getting out when I need to warn somebody about my presence And usually that's goes at around walking speed anyway so no potential problems here.
  3. Vik's

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    I've got a couple of very nice and pretty light bikebells in slim version: WOSAWE Mini Bike Bicycle Cycling Bell Aluminum Really like the sound of them! Sits nicely around one finger (when you need it, otherwise in the pocket) and not as protruding as usual bells:
  4. Looks like something only Airwheel could come up with...
  5. Vik's

    Inmotion V8 firmware

    Yep, 1009 is the latest.
  6. Vik's

    Msuper V3 1900, photos from Lukas gotway

    Quadratisch. Praktisch. Gut. Not that GW is anywhere near the gelendvagen though..
  7. Vik's

    Ninebot one e for effort

    Welcome to EUC world! What you describe is a different matter. OP mentioned stuttering while pushing the wheel (powered off).
  8. Vik's

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    I guess it's just like the V8. You choose a higher speed in the app, get the usual "no responsibility disclaimer", and off you go. No need for the app running on your phone after that.
  9. Using my trusty Giant control tower 2 HP/HV with a valve extender on all my wheels, both EUC's and Minipro's. Alternatively, - Lezyne sport drive HP micro pump (one with flexi hose included)
  10. What differences are there in chargers? Do you by any chance have some specs/images of them?
  11. Vik's

    my e+ is as fast as my s2

    Glad I could help! It sound like a killer deal for sure. Battery alone would cost more than that!
  12. Vik's

    my e+ is as fast as my s2

    Yep, great learner wheel and I really miss the adjustable pedal softness/firmness when riding on my inmotion. The wobble is most likely caused by the tire. My V8 was slightly wobbly and hoppy to begin with. Had to reseat a bead on a tire. So if your S2 developed some wobble lately I think your bead just wasn't set properly last time you pumped the tire up.
  13. Was thinking about re-using the existing connector from mini plus. Any volunteers?
  14. If the situation is the same as with mini/minipro's (most probably is) then it should be just a matter of changing the connector on a 120W 63V charger from a minipro?
  15. Vik's

    my e+ is as fast as my s2

    E+ is definitely a great EUC. Not unsusual for E+ to reach 15mph especially on earlier versions of firmware and latest revision of wheel (N20). I am getting the slight/normal tiltback at 14,5mph on mine and the strongest tilt at 16,5mph (split second or so). Almost no beeps to hear (only beeps at me in case of power surge or peaks). Check the wheel revision and firmware version (and evt. motherboard version). Looks like you've got a wheel similar to mine