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  1. I don't have such an address, but the chances of Ninebot doing a firmware update for this after several years must be just about zero. As far as I am aware, they have stopped doing updates at all long ago, so putting resources into this would not be trivial. And they'd have to factor in whether the risk of someone setting such an option wrong and having an accident is worthwhile, compared with keeping it the way it has always been, which hasn't been enough of a risk as to cause them (as a company) any sleepless nights.
  2. " Don't miss this super early bird deal. Get up to $230 OFF retail price! Limited time and quantity! Get ready for the release of the Ninebot KickScooter MAX on Indiegogo on Tuesday, May 14, 2019 at 8:00AM PT "
  3. Today Anki announced that although they have basically closed down, they are going to keep their servers running so that existing owners' Vector robots will keep functioning, which is good news for mine! (But that's of course off topic).
  4. The demise of Anki will not help to encourage other companies to try to get into consumer robotics in the near future. In that general area, 'assistants' like Google Home and Amazon Echo actually act like immobile robots who can control other stuff to produce useful or entertaining results. Personally I'm surprised that 'telepresence' devices have not become affordable but maybe with enhanced privacy concerns these days, they too are fighting an uphill battle to be accepted.
  5. Tighten the screws under the steering bar label. I did that a few weeks ago and realised they must have been loose for many months, as a variety of steering related issues I had learned to live with went away.
  6. Maybe with confidence and practice you have started going down the hill faster? Maybe try going significantly slower and see whether it can handle that. It has to work almost as hard going downhill as going uphill. And when you say it "stops balancing" does it literally do that (so you fall off forward probably) or is it pushing you off backwards but actually staying upright itself?
  7. I'd be happy if it showed the average moving speed, so when not moving (and/or when dismounted) the time stops counting, so the average moving speed remains unaffected. That should be perfectly easy for them to do, but for some reason, they never have.
  8. I've been meaning to ask this for the last three years - if you step off the minipro after travelling some distance, then step back on (without having turned it off or anything) and travel a short distance slowly, the average speed shown in the app is the average speed you have just travelled since you stepped back on, not the average speed obtained by dividing the distance shown by the time travelled - should it? I can't decide whether it's a bug or a feature, but I wish it wouldn't do that. Occasionally I have stayed onboard when I should have got off and walked across a section of adverse ground, simply to avoid the average speed resetting. Any comments?
  9. Very interesting, especially that it handles bumps ok. Do you stand when you see a bump coming? I imagine that would be more comfortable. I'd strongly recommend you investigate the tyres as soon as you can, and ensure that they are adequately inflated (if they need it).
  10. ... tightened the four screws under the label on the steering bar. Yes, it's an old tip, but none the less this long-time user only realised my screws were loose the other day, and the improvement in control especially on transverse slopes has been significant since I tightened them - and I've had problems for perhaps a year or more.... So, give your steering bar a waggle. There should be no play where the label is.
  11. I can see the fun aspect but the big problem is that you stand on them rather than having them attached to your feet. So when you get to any kind of obstacle, you have to hop off and carry them to the next smooth surface. Lots of bending and lifting. If they were attached, you could kind of step across kerbs. But then you'd be in trouble if you needed to bail out quick. A niche product for people who have access to extensive flattish surfaces.
  12. Riding a minipro doesn't provide much in the way of aerobic exercise - heart and lungs don't do much extra, apart from at those moments when you think you are about to fall off! - but many muscles become in a state of tension and I'm sure this provides benefits in the way of extra core strength and flexibility. As for vibration - as I recall it, Tesla built a whole body vibration device, and got Mark Twain to stand on it for a while - he only just made it to the toilet afterwards and never tried it again. " For entertainment, Tesla once convinced his good friend Mark Twain to test out a vibrating platform in his Manhattan lab. Twain took him up on the offer and found it to his liking. When Tesla commanded Twain to come down off the platform Twain refused because he was having a good time. A few minutes later Twain ran from the device. It seems that Tesla had deliberately neglected to tell Twain that the vibration tended to cause diarrhea. "
  13. A point of detail, but the voice seems very "muddy' and poorly synthesized. Maybe gadgets like the Google Home are making us expect more.
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