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  1. Thanks guys Segway ES4 sounds like a viable option
  2. Hey guys Can someone recommend a not so pricey scooter that my GF can ride together with her 6 year old son, doesnt have to be super fast, but not very slow and hopefully give no less than 20 miles on a charge. Their combined weight is about 75kg. I imagine the board should be wide /long enough so they both can stand on it, one behind the other? something maybe more towards entry level but still able to reach some mid range parameters. Doesnt have to be too strong of a motor i imagine and not looking for fast acceleration either. The idea is that they can somehow catch up with me a
  3. Will do! In any case the only objective test would be to fly you out here to NYC so you can ride it for 50 plus miles! Until then, the veil of mystery with reign upon it.
  4. Yes I should. Actually darknessbot shows my average speed at 12 mph , hmmm. I am not riding the wheel hard but it’s not all in a straight line either , with some moderate acceleration/ braking. I ve noticed ( and it could be deceiving) that when I get a new wheel the first about 3 full charge cycles give me a smaller range than the following ones, I am on my 2nd now , so we shall see. When I got the wheel the batteries were at almost zero, hoping that stored that way for a few months didn’t affect it that much. Need some more testing . Loving the wheel though. Not a free style wheel but an a
  5. damn.....why cant i have the same results
  6. Well i am around 190 these days, i guess 195 with clothes, so the range is understandibly shorter, traveling at around 20mph most of the time...i will keep trying to make the 50mile mark - do you drain th battery to almot zero at 50miles?
  7. May i ask you what your weight is? I am getting similar results with the ACM2 i recently got. about 15% left after 40 miles. I was hoping to squeeze about 50 miles out of it. Of course i am not always riding 20kmh at perfect conditions, so i shouldnt complain...
  8. When I had bent rims on my 14 inchers, I believe I was able to bend them back in shape with a hammer after heating them up with a torch. But it was so long ago I already don’t remember the details. I remember looking for a car repair shop that can fix bent rims only to find there were very few, they charged over $100 and didn’t guarantee the result. So I think I was able to do it myself. Just be careful with the torch so as not to affect the magnets in the motor - only heat up very locally. Edit: yeah use rubber hammer if possible
  9. Not sure what version/iteration of Msuper you have but I had the same issue with DarknessBot a few months ago with my msuper vs3+ and the app designer responded that this model was not supported yet. Not sure if this is still the case with the latest darknessbot version
  10. Gotway pedals are pretty much interchangeable across different current gotway models. I havent tried it but i believe V10 pedals are supposed to fit gotway also
  11. For my 11 size flat feet, Tesla ( ACM, mcm5) pedals are too small and make my feet hurt when riding longer than 5-10 minutes. The msuper pedals are a smidge bigger but it makes all the difference In the world for me. Its not important that the toes are supported, but the ball of your feet should be. This is why I’m getting msuper pedals for the ACM and the mcm5 (if I get one). Unless I get my hands on the v10 pedals, which are even bigger
  12. Man, when the euc bug ? bites you, there is no cure. Since you recently got your Tesla, I’d say, enjoy it for 5 weeks while your mcm5 is in transit..save the $200...use it to get bigger pedals for your Tesla and/or the mcm5. ....Well that’s just the voice of reason talking... i know , it’s easier said than done! The hell with reason , Go get them all!!!
  13. Mine will be light blue also. Aren’t we the blues brothers now...
  14. @Marty Backe, you will be surprised, but to a big extent, i made the decision after looking at your flicker account photos and comparing the way you look with Tesla against the way you look with the ACM. If vanity is a sin, I am guilty as charged.
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