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Apple Watch support?

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After the Apple special event from today it's clear that Apple got me - need to order two Apple watches on Friday. Having them I like to use it for GPS tracking and also for notifications from the ACM. Wondering if there's no plan from Gotway to support Apple Watch with the next release. What I know it's a compiling option only if they use the Apple SDK.

@Linnea Lin Gotway @Jane Mo Can you give us a roadmap?

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As i have apple stuff also, that would be nice!

It's just that when i see the Quality of the Gotway IOS App and the timeline  (where they needed about 1,5 years to develop) i think we will see apple watch series 3 first :-)

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I started to look on Apple dev documentstion. We can use native apps since WatchOS2. No interaction with the iOS app necessary. I think I need to take the ACM with me to the office talk to one of the mobile app developers to see if he can do a prototype. With @esaj reverse engineering work done it should be made with moderate resource invest. Doing it by self would make it possible to have all necessary language translations in place.

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No need to wait for Gotway, I think what they have is ok. For me it's just a utility app that I use occasionally to change settings & check the battery.

The one App I'm using regularly is called Speed Tracker:

While it's not perfect, it displays a speedometer on my watch that I can check at a glance without taking out my phone. The other paid features are nice too.

It maps your route and if you save your trips, under statistics, it will show you your total distance traveled, time, max speed, avg speed, etc.
It also will display in Kilometers, but I'm not sure if it's available in Apple's App Store in your country.

SpeedTracker_ - 2.jpg

SpeedTracker_ - 1.jpg

SpeedTracker_ - 1 (1).jpg

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Many thanks @WheelRunner. But I expect an update of the app from gotway in order to see on my Apple watch 4 informations :

- Curent Speed

- Average speed

- Total distance

-... and remaining battery

It was possible with Ninebot with 9botmetrics app... Nothing crazy ;) 

This last information is not available from apps with gps based info.

Other optional interesting feature on the watch : management of ACM front llight (nice to have)

@Jane Mo : release date ?? :) 

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6 hours ago, Paco Gorina said:

If you are in a hurry you may downlad the source code and compile it with XCODE. It supports Kingsong. Soon Gotaway .

It updates correctly the AppleWatch. Anyway I am not very happy with the battery level in Kingsong

I wonder what's needed to support gotway?

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Just FYI: I was able to connect to my Gotway Msuper V3 with 9B Metrics v1.1 from the Apple App Store (see images). Unfortunately, other than bluetooth connection, no data comes through. If I have time, I'd like to try build 2 from Github.

9bmetrics1.1_ - 1.jpg

9bmetrics1.1_ - 2.jpg

9bmetrics1.1_ - 3.jpg

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I've juste done the same test with my ACM. I can connect my ACM with the 9metrics app from the App Store but after connection no info received too. 

By the way @Paco Gorina : will it be possible to use the app with Ninebot Mini pro too ? I've tested and it doesn't work with current release.

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