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  1. OliverH

    Update KS16

    Also with the latest updated App no Firmware for Update available. This KS16 is first gen. Can this board be upgraded?
  2. OliverH

    Update KS16

    Yes, 16A. The first FW releaes having problems with cut off in standing position..
  3. OliverH

    Update KS16

    Thanks for the hint. A transparent error message from the app would be nice.
  4. OliverH

    Update KS16

    I‘ve a KS16 with firmware 1.15 and would like to update. The last 2 Apps on iOS doesn‘t give me a new firmware. I‘m also not able to register an account. Any suggestions?
  5. While registering the iOS App crash by clicking on „Register“. Cleaned cache, tried Version check. Tried with gmail and web.de eMail. Tried to update but it only shows Version 0.00. Tried it several times. Is there an option to check if the server is up? Or do I need to register first, which was not possible? by the way: I like chinese master pieces...
  6. It protected your battery. But this is not a safety (overall) behaviour to deal with this issue. On a proper design a treshold would cause a warning/ limitation that you don‘t get in an unsafe condition.
  7. Just a note from current work: PLEV goes on for a stable version but the process to release the standard is difficult/ complex. I see the light In the end of the tunel..
  8. Dampers would be better
  9. A quick overview on possibilities; There're motors available with dual stator so one stator needs to be driven from each motor driver. 6 phase motor with 2x 3 phases double layer winding with 2x 3 phases (shouldn't work properly) In general will give us the new models with tubeless tires and wider tires/ rims more possibilities to create redundant concepts. Motor, motor driver, control board, Gyro, battery - all can be build redundant.
  10. In Europe we're excluded from type approval anyway (if you read the scope of the european type approval regulation). That's why we're handled by product saftey law and Machinery Directive/ Safety of machinery. There is/ are manufacturer(s) care about us. But manufacturers big today and not having a PLEV certified device will not participate from scale in sales and will loose sales numbers. And depending if they can compensate with other non European markets they can keep on the production level of today. But the question is how low can be the sales to survive? PLEV is a (self) certificati
  11. To make it more clear. There’re laws in Europe which are harmonised and than we’ve laws which are implemented on a national base. If nothing is specified on European layer countries can implement national laws (different to other national laws)
  12. A car is not a self balancing vehicle and cars are type approved and based on ISO 26262 (Safety for autonotive). Pedestrian mode is a request from France gov. Need to be clarified how to implement it.E.g. In Germany/ Switzerland it will have no use as we’re not allowed to ride on pavement/ sidewalks (lobby of walkers restrict it). This will be implemented in hardware and be part of the user manual. As I was with my EUC in Paris on my way to Brussels (gare du Lyon (TGV) to gare Nord (Thalys)) I tell you it’s a good point to restrict it in France.
  13. If we like to ride legal on public road we can use the route of PLEV. All EUC not in scope of PLEV are sport vehicle and not legal on public road. But all products sold in Europe must comply to machine directive (2006/42/EC). But as of today there will be possibilities to import them (pseudo EC labels covering parts of EMC) or at least for some time.
  14. Why do you think regulation is that bad? We could wait for national regulations. Each different to each other. Or we can do it the EC style: harmonised. I like to take my EUC to France, Germany, Sweden , Spain or what ever country and ride my EUC - without problems and just ride it.
  15. Situation is different in Europe. European/ national product safety laws are very clear. Regulation gives access to strong markets where EUC riders are not allowed because no regulation available (e.g. Germany and even small Switzerland (the public transportation country)). Looking on the statistics from Eco Drift shows one part of the dilemma: Quality issues at it's best. As a PLEV device manufacturer you need very fast to act to prevent withdrawn of your decleration of conformity/ or get hit with a sales ban up to the moment you can with trust show off you've fixed the issue. The r
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